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Aries: Young Frankenstein (1974)
Taurus: Scream (1996)
Gemini: Donnie Darko (2001)
Cancer: The Craft (1996)
Leo: Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
Virgo: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)
Libra: Beetle Juice (1988)
Scorpio: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Sagittarius: Halloweentown (1998)
Capricorn: Hocus Pocus (1993)
Aquarius: The Addams Family (1991)
Pisces: Children of the Corn (1984)

Unfortunately, Hagrid’s actor Robbie Coltrane isn’t an actual giant. This means that shots of him towering above his co-stars were mainly accomplished by forced perspective, or green screen effects – but for some scenes, such as crowd shots, they simply found the tallest guy they could, put him in a giant suit, and shoved a dead-eyed animatronic puppet head on top..

With the puppet head removed, Hagrid transforms into David Byrne at a Renaissance Faire.

And speaking of Talking Heads … Now that the series has wrapped, Hagrid’s disembodied, chattering cranium is on display at the Harry Potter studio tour, primed to traumatize a new generation of children.

8 Family Movies That Were Horror Films Behind The Scenes

Big Brother!Enoch & Claire

A/N so after seeing MPHFPC I absolutely love the familial relationship between Enoch and Claire it was too cute so here. 

Enoch O'Conner hadn’t intended to become attached, rather he wanted to retreat into his own little world. Enoch never had any siblings and as a kid, the closest things he had to friends were the “customers” of his parents’ funeral parlor. So when Claire came into his life, he knew he had to protect her. 

 It started with tea parties. Claire loved them. Miss Peregrine managed to schedule time for them in their day, right after their afternoon walk around the island. It wasn’t essential to attend, but Enoch went out of his way to go. “One lump of sugar, or two?” Claire would ask, though she already knew his answer. “Three please,” Enoch would grin, before Claire rolled her eyes. It warmed Miss Peregrine’s heart to see this boy who was usually so bitter and cold to open up and show a different side of him. 

 Then, after the tea parties, he would sit with Claire and Horace and watch Hugh and Millard play football, both cheering loudly when one of the boys scored. If the ball got stuck, Enoch would lift little Claire up to grab it. 

Sometimes, Enoch would make some of Claire’s plush toys stand and dance around as he and Claire sang a tune that had no point. 

 To Enoch, Claire was a fresh breath of air. To Enoch, Claire was the little sister he never had.

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VIDEO: Jason Momoa - Canvas of My Life - (Contains Brief Justice League/Iceland Filming Footage.)

Tbh young children are the only reason I can survive family gatherings bc they don’t ask when I’m going to get a boyfriend/get married/what I’m doing with my life. They care about actual important things like Disney.

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10,16,25,26,32 xxx

Hey Nonnie, I am still working on number 25. So hang tight for that one, it’s a toughie.

But here are the other numbers in the meantime.

Also thank you to everyone who has sent through a request, there have been so many which is really encouraging for my writing. I think just about every prompt has been requested now. So hang tight guys there is still more to come.

10. Which one sings and which one dances?

Filled here.

16. Who whispers inappropriate things into the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

When the truth of Jason Blossom’s killer had been revealed he had moved back with his dad, and things were good. He was sitting now once again in the Cooper home, with his dad, Mama Cooper and Betty, smiling over at him from her seated position next to him. They had made up and made the most of their new found time together without the murder of their fellow student hanging over their heads. They had started exploring each other, during late night visits in her bedroom, the back of F.P’s pick up truck, anywhere they could catch a private moment. Alice announced to the table that it was time for dessert and FP offered to assist her with plates and such. Betty shot him a coy smile before she leaned over to him, resting her hand on his shoulder as she brought her lips to his ear, whispering gently.

“I’m not wearing any underwear.” He almost choked on his water, as she returned to her seat shrugging her shoulders and busied herself with her skirt while his eyes followed her actions, his mind racing.

“Peach pie for dessert.” Alice announced as she entered the room with FP trailing behind with the bowls and spoons. Jughead’s eyes darted from Alice back to Betty and finally his dad, seated opposite him giving him a look. He had never considered skipping dessert before, until now.

25. Most common argument?

This one is on it’s way.

26. What is their favorite feature of their partner?

Filled here.

32. Favorite non-sexual activity?

She has decided that this is her favourite thing, wrapped up under a million blankets, her boyfriend snuggled in against her watching “It Happened One Night”. It was their regular movie night, Fridays, popcorn fresh from the microwave, no Alice Cooper keeping a not so covert eye on them. Even with the craziness of the hunt for Jason Blossom’s killer this was a constant a piece of normalcy in amongst the chaos of their current lives. It was one of her favourites and even he had raised an eyebrow when she suggested it. She had reasoned that it was a classic and she was in the mood for a love story. Jughead could see so much Betty in the main character, her strength, her stubbornness and drive to not just follow her family blindly. He loved to watch her while she was watching the movie, her smiles, her laugh and the enjoyment on her face as she watched the two characters on screen fall in love. It would be his turn next week and they would continue the tradition, passing it on eventually to their children, their Friday family movie night.

i’m watching this film on netflix, it’s a family movie/children’s movie, my favourite genre since i was a kid 


and i’m so used to being closer in age to the kids in movies, not to the adults. but i’m just 6 years younger than the kids parents. her parents are 28. 

i feel really sad and uncomfortable about this revelation??? i’m an adult? how did that happen?

Pioneering artist Lotte Reiniger, born on this day in 1899, is celebrated in the MoMA children’s book Young Charlotte, Filmmaker. Her iconic animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed inspires the character of Charlotte to make her own movie. 

[Young Charlotte, Filmmaker by Frank Viva, 2015]


Final night in Willow Creek.

Generation Four: Rain Berry

Traits: Music Lover, Active, Slob


  • Master singing and athletic skills
  • Master athlete career and complete Bodybuilder aspiration
  • Have three failed relationships before finding spouse, marry a neat Sim
  • Be good friends with all of your children
  • Have family movie night with your spouse and children every Sunday