It doesn’t look like Souji-Sempai and the others have an askblog. Perhaps asking Kanji or Yosuke would be much more convenient for you since they’re around for much longer than I am.

However from what I know, it seems that Sempai’s persona (and everyone else’s) has their own, and a fellow schoolmate from the music club has one as well, and surprisingly my own Shadow as well.

((Unless you happen to know about these blogs as well ;;; ))

((Ask box is officially reopened!

I’m gonna try and post things either every Thursday or every Friday while I get my other blog set up. It’ll be a while before that tho, so don’t worry. I’ll also keep this posting once every 1-2 weeks after the other blog is set up. 

But yeah, feel free to ask whatever you want !!))

nee-chan-maya  asked:

Top 5 fav blogs?

[ That’s a tough one… I really like all the blogs I follow and some I don’t follow -for personal reasons- but I check up on from time to time… Well, I suppose I can try.

The following list is not in any particular order:

fortunesrevolver - I’m biased here, mainly because without her, I won’t be here. At all. Also helps that she’s an excellent Naoto and an awesome person in general. It’s a shame she isn’t active but well… school always come first. (AKA she’s my imouto and if anyone send hate, I shall skin you alive.)

ask-izaneighi-and-friends - Self-explanatory, I believe? When I have a bad day, looking through it always cheers me up~

mutewondergal - Funniest Minako ever. I love what she did with Minako, funny and yet capable of so much emotions. An excellent blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but certainly can if she wants to.

idolrikkun - Also pretty self-explanatory. Excellent writing AND awesome artwork and capable of so much shenanigans. Shan is hilarious but also able to extract so much more emotions out of you. Did I mention awesome artwork? Because Shan is an amazing artist!

childishshadowpony - I know they’re not coming back for a while (if ever) but this is worth checking out. Awesome art and funny replies all around. One of my favorite pony blog, along with Izaneighi~

And just because I’m really indecisive, have another blog as a runners-up:

crackedfishtank - An art blog that draws a lot of different things, some Persona 4. I just love their art style sooooo much~ <3 … I have a print of their Naoto picture and it is beautiful on my wall! Also, their 1920s series are absolutely stunning!

These are just from the top of my head so… yea. Sorry if most of them aren’t RP blogs. Seeing as my personal is attached to this, I follow other types of blog as well… ]