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Voices - Voltron Lions x Reader

Prompt: I’m not too familiar with Voltron yet but can you write the reader is friends with Pidge or one of the paladins and has been known to be weird because they caught the reader talking to themselves a couple of times but it turns out that the reader is actually talking to the lions because they’re psychic? And what would the group’s reaction be like?

You should tell the Red paladin to shut up and just mate with my paladin already.’ The voice of the Blue lion whispered in your ear.

“I’m not going to say that!” You whispered under your breath to the voice nagging in your head. A couple of the other lions rumbled annoyed comments in your head.

Well you can tell the Blue paladin that my paladin would gladly mate with him if he didn’t act so childish all the time.’ The Red lion shot back accusingly.

“Oh my god guys! Please keep me out of this!” You complained covering your ears with your hands.

Enough!’ The Black lion barked. ‘Do not bother the Orator with such trivial matters.’

“[Y/N] … Are you alright?” Pidge asked hesitantly.

“What?” You asked, looking around the room to see that all of the paladins were looking at you with varying expressions of curiosity and concern.

“You were talking to yourself.” Keith said slowly.

“Oh no! No! I can explain actually!” You said hurriedly trying to find a way to explain the voices in your head without sounding absolutely insane.

Orator, I highly advise against this. It is better the paladin’s believe they don’t have a direct line to us. It’s better the paladin’s form bonds without your assistance.’ The deep rumbling voice of the Black lion rumbled in your head. You always kind of thought the Black lion sounded a little like Mufasa, but maybe that was just you projecting human voices to these sentient mechanical lifeforms.

“I can talk with the lions, like actually talk and exchange words with them.” You confessed. “It’s actually not as cool as it sounds. They banter … a lot.” You complained. You received mixed reactions from the paladin’s and Alteans.

“So … what do they say to you?” Lance asked.

“I-Errr. Well it’s a lot of complaining, a lot of grandstanding, occasional strategy. Mostly it’s just a giant bitchfest.”

“So what were they saying just now, that you didn’t want to say?

“Oh god.” You said, your cheeks turning bright red. “Uh … how to best put this … Red and Blue were discussing how Lance and Keith should, well in the words Blue ‘just shut up and mate already.’” You said avoiding eye contact with the two paladins in question. Keith turned bright red and Lance smirked widely.

“That’s my girl Blue!” Lance hooted, slapping Keith on the back who only turned more red at the contact. The Blue lion snickered in the back of your mind while the Red lion pouted silently.

Thoughts on the Signs

Aries : Usually cool and random but also an over achiever / Don’t like doing new things if they aren’t good at them right off the bat

Taurus : Honestly they all need to calm down but they will stick up for others in a heart beat

Gemini : Stop screaming

Cancer : So nice when you meet them but can become rather annoying but it’s funny

Leo : Will either compliment you a lot or expect them a lot 

Virgo : Great listeners / normally a walking ball of anxiety 

Libra : childish most of the time and if they aren’t exactly childish they try to be a rebellious teenager ALWAYS SHARING CRAPPY MEMES

Scorpio : Great friends until you say one thing that upsets them and they turn into literal satan

Sagittarius : smart and easily amused

Capricorn : Either loves hugs or hates them and will encourage you to do your own thing

Aquarius : seems saltier than the dead sea most of the time

Pisces : Control yourself pLeAsE

People are fighting over Big Bang and EXO comebacks and I’m sitting here happy and grateful for both groups for even making a comeback

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Mikey tea 🐸🍵

⚡ Mikey has not ever been in love (according to him)

⚡ Mikey is single

⚡ Mikey has depression, anxiety (he takes medicine for it)

⚡Mikey lost his license 3 days after getting it when he hit someone while on his phone

⚡Mikey believes in ghosts

⚡As a teen mikey was very bad often not going to school or coming home for days at a time when he joined the band he started to clean up his act

⚡Mikey and his parents have a better relationship now

⚡Mikey once was dared to run a hotel hallway naked and almost got thrown out of the hotel because of it

⚡Mikey can be very insecure and does not give himself enough credit

⚡Mikey can be very childish at times but he is also very intelligent

⚡Mikey has tried pot before

⚡Mikey often says random things at the worst possible time

⚡Mikey was one of the people who suggested Ashton talking to his crush

⚡Mikey used to be closest to Luke but now is closer to Ashton and calum

⚡Mikey has argued Luke in the past because he felt Arzaylea wasn’t good enough for Luke he even told Luke open your eyes you deserve better

⚡Mikey when he is drunk is down right hilarious (often talking nonsense or being careless and knocking shit over)

⚡Mikey has tried smoking ciggerates

⚡Mikey almost got addicted to pills before as a teen

some nursey headcanons

  • he tells everyone he only listens so ~cool indie music they’ve probably never heard of~ and he legit does, but he also listens to a bunch of different shit that he’ll never tell anyone about
    • he listens to childish gambino all the time. listen. he just does. it’s his workout music
    • he had a weird pop punk phase in middle school (didn’t we all) and he listened to a lot of panic! at the disco and when death of a bachelor came out he didn’t listen to anything else for a month
    • totally does not have a top 40s station on pandora wherein he jams out to carly rae jepson (except he does and he’s a loser)
  • actually good at math & science but prefers the arts
  • legit loves theatre. a lot. especially musicals. but he only tells people about the plays he likes that are ~artsy and cool~
    • he has memorized the hamilton soundtrack but no one knows he even likes it bc hes embarrassed hes into something that’s Trendy
    • he was in a production of west side story at andover. he played bernardo. shitty knows. shitty is sworn to secrecy.
  • he loves. LOVES. slam poetry. watching it, performing it, anything. he gets caught on slam poetry video loops on youtube all the time. (his fav is andrea gibson)
  • he can play both guitar and ukulele and he can sing (see: he was a major character in a musical in high school)
    • he’s one of those hipstery assholes who sits in public areas playing his guitar but he doesn’t even do it asking for money he just likes to irritate others with his chill jams
  • he has entire notebooks filled with his poetry dating all the way back to middle school and they are Classified Info and hidden from every person he knows
  • he never had pets growing up but he’s always wanted a cat
  • he had a Not Good high school band with some other andover kids and they were terrible and all video proof has been erased, fortunately for him (unfortunately for everyone else)
  • spider-man is his favorite superhero, miss america is a close second (he’s a Big Fan of superheros of color & has read all of miss america’s and miles morales’s comics)
    • he’s very passionate about the disgusting mess that is hollywood whitewashing and has had multiple lengthy conversations with lardo & shitty about it- most recently about dr strange
  • he’s broken multiple bones (toes, elbows, feet, etc.) literally just from tripping over shit
  • queer but doesn’t like labels
    • first knew he was queer when he had a highkey crush on dean in the harry potter movies
  • TERRIBLE AT FLIRTING. LEGIT THINKS MAKING PEOPLE ANGRY = FLIRTING. he walks away from an argument w/ someone he likes & is like “yes, that went well”
  • for all you’d think he’d be all romantic n shit he’s not a very good boyfriend bc he doesn’t do serious relationships often and is Very Busy with hockey and school and life and trying to make poetry work as a career 
  • doesn’t watch a lot of tv but when he does it’s all easy to consume reality tv; he doesn’t get super into it like holster or bitty but thinks it’s hilarious (he watches project runway with them and laughs his ass off while holster yells “BRENDA YOU HAVE ONE MINUTE LEFT YOU CANNOT BE HEMMING YOUR PANTS JUST NOW. GET IT TOGETHER.”)
  • ultimate aesthetic is like man from the 1920s on a stroll in the park who just so happens to just have come from a tennis match (see: his collection of dumb hipstery hats and his tank tops)
  • doesn’t know how to cook like. at all. this poor boy. someone help him
  • it takes a lot to get to know him and get him to let you in, but once he does he loves fiercely and with his whole heart

I appreciate the work that goes in to the TFWiki to make it one of the better fandom wikis out there, but I feel like everyone there is more preoccupied with writing shitty jokes instead of actually covering the fiction.

Not to mention the people running the site can be embarrassingly childish, like the time Walky threatened to take the website down because Jim Sorenson kept writing official fiction involving the GoBots. Or just the reaction to Sorenson’s “Ask Vector Prime” in general where the higher ups at the wiki kept complaining about new fiction they’d have to cover.

Hell, they’ve actively ignored a few entire universes created specifically to help clean up the Wiki’s classification system because it’d be too much work to reclassify things.

  • Ahsoka: Barriss, there are nine hardened bounty hunters running loose in the streets, this is hardly the time for childish trash talk- It’s time for a bet, a crazy-ass bet!
  • Barriss: What are you thinking?
  • Ahsoka: Whoever catches the most bounty hunters gets to keep their room, loser moves in with the winner.
  • Barriss: All right, I’m in. I hope you like sleeping in a bed with a thousand pillows.
  • Ahsoka: Well, I hope you like sharing my one gray towel.
  • Barriss: ...Was it grey when you bought it?
  • Ahsoka: I didn’t buy it, it was in the room when I moved in.
  • Barriss: Are you sure you don’t want to just move in with me?
  • Ahsoka: We already shook on it, the bet stands, prepare to die, and by “die” I mean “move in with me." Here we go!

I got some bad news from my editor last night about my latest novel. She enjoyed the story and its characters. She even added how much she loved my voice–which is one of the biggest compliments a writer could get.

But she went on to say that–as the story is currently written–the book would be impossible to market. It’s too heavy to be a thriller, and too violent to be contemporary fiction. Also–and this is probably the biggest issue–the book isn’t quite youthful enough to be YA fiction, but also, too childish at times for the adult market.
She ended the message telling me I had a great story–In fact, I had four of them. Unfortunately, they were all in the same book.

I’ll be honest here–I wanted to quit. I wanted to burn the story and go back to writing crappy poems about horses or pen some more letters to Ross Perot. I wanted to write anything but fiction for the rest of my life.
But then I woke up early today and said, “Alright, let’s do it again.” And so here I am–Rewriting a book I thought would be finished a year ago. And maybe I’ll have to write it again ten more times–I don’t know. But I have a story to tell, so I’m gonna try my best to do that.

Last thing: As I write this today, I can’t help but notice some of my friends here beating themselves up about messing up on New Year’s resolutions already, failing Fall courses, or dealing with breaks-ups. In fact, it seems just about all of us have failed at something recently. 

But guess what? We don’t go down that easy!

So, (if you’d be so kind to lift your coffee mugs, water bottles, or morning whiskey,) Here’s to Chapter 1: A New Beginning

just once, I want the girl sent back in time or to an archaic fantasy land to be a historic costumer

so when people are all “hmph. have you ever tried sitting down in a hoop skirt?” she replies “yep” and sweeps that fucker forward with the grace of a pro

some smarmy maid who knows she’s Not A Local Girl: “well unless you know how to lace yourself into a corset-”

heroine: “let me stop you right there.”

and she does it. inside 5 minutes, which is how long it takes to lace one’s corset if one has practice.

long skirts and stairs hold no horrors for her. she wears a bonnet with no fuss. she doesn’t refuse to put her hair up and look weirdly childish the whole time (her only issue is not having modern bobby pins)

sometimes she can be heard whispering, with intense relief, “no stretch velvet. no stretch velvet anywhere.”