childish sunrise

do i miss you? yes. wallowing in it? no chance.

10 word story. 

chapter shift in my life.

not so much a compromise as a symbiotic relationship between love and moving on // starting to thrive again // genuine grins

he is what he is.

introvert selective asshole somehow decent at customer service. 

laughing finally without guilt or hatred twisting like a knife. 

this is what the bad wolf always wanted from // for him. 

to live and love as he was meant. 
the monogamy aspect created the problem. 

he fears his friendly is flirting because it does not apply to everybody.

(selectivity // my mama’s the same)

xxx SirPup Kingston // 12.16.2017

(Childish Gambino – “Sunrise”)

(Enrique Iglesias - “Subeme la Radio”)

Songs You Associate w/ Batboys

Request: Songs you associate with the Batboys

Warnings: Some songs (if you listen to them) are inappropriate and mention triggering things.

A/N: This is for you @mollyxmousey , I hope you enjoy. Also, these are just songs I either have in any of my Spotify playlists or in my Youtube playlist so I didn’t go out of the way to find songs, these are just some of the ones while scanning my playlists I thought “this kind of reminds me somewhat of them”. I’m gonna go through my rap, new songs and throwback songs.

Also, there’s a lot of emo songs bc I also went through my ‘EMO’ album too, ha. .. and so yeah. If you wonder why I picked any certain song feel free to ask <3 You guys should definitely listen to all of them and or even try to guess why I picked them. Also I did get slightly carried away with this.

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Sunrise // Childish Gambino

I Will Wait // Mumford and Sons

Don’t Look Back Into the Sun // The Libertines

I Always Knew // The Vaccines

What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club

V. 3005 // Childish Gambino

Bumblebee // Kasabian

Charlemagne // Blossoms

Lose Yourself // Eminem

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