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Name: Abigail
Age: 17 in June
Country: USA

Im Abigail! I turn 17 on June 3rd. Things im interested in are
1) psychology
2) criminal justice
3) animals
4) music
- i listen to rap, indie/ alt., and a lot of other things
- IE. lana del rey, childish gambino, russ, kendrick lamar, post malone, arctic monkeys, etc.
5) tv
- criminal minds, the office, parks and rec, law and order svu, shameless, gossip girl, any crime show really

Preferences: i dont care how old, what race, what gender, what sexuality, etc. Just as long as we have similar interests

This Cruel Fate | Yoongi | Oneshot

Genre: Prince!au, Angst, Fluff, Christmas themes, slightly smutty implications

Word Count: 9,194

Summary: You lived in the palace your entire life and so did he. The only difference was that you were a maid and he was the heir apparent. Still, that single difference brought you together and held you apart at the same time.

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From the moment Yoongi was born, he had everything he could ask for. He had been born into the lap of highest luxury and no one questioned it. Of course no one questioned it, who could? He was the only son of the King, and therefore Min Yoongi was the only prince in the kingdom. If he asked for anything, it would be swiftly brought to him. No matter how high the price, Yoongi could have whatever he desired.

Except for you. 

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It has been nearly seven months since Bleach ended and I’m still confused as to how IRs were “blindsided” or “betrayed”.

Kubo never gave any indication that the IchiRuki relationship was anything more than friendship. Never.

Especially not in the last arc. They talked like, what ??? Once or twice?? And then the rest of the time Ichigo was with Chad, Orihime, or Ishida—the Karakura gang. And Rukia was always with Renji or Byakuya or her SS fam. Ichigo and Rukia barely interacted.

Hell, ever since the SS arc had ended Ichigo and Rukia were rarely ever depicted together anymore. They would go without seeing each other for dozens of chapters and then BAM! they reunited for a page or two and suddenly fans were freaking out.

And I genuinely don’t understand this…. ?? Like, do people really think that’s beautiful or romantic?? Not seeing your supposed “true love” for possibly months at a time??? Plus, as many have already pointed out, if they were really and truly ~in love~ why did Rukia willingly choose to stay in SS instead of going back to the Human World with Ichigo?? Why did Ichigo not beg her to go with him?? They’re in love right? They can’t even live without each other?? I mean—that’s what I’ve always seen the IRs claim. And yet there were zero signs of romance between them.

Before I started Bleach I was convinced that Ichigo and Rukia were THE couple. I always saw fans flipping out over their scenes together, screaming about their beautiful OTP…

So when I started Bleach I headed into it thinking that IchiRuki was it. And I waited for the romance to pop up.

But I got nothing. I looked for the “signs” and “evidence” that IRs claimed they had for IchiRuki being endgame. I waited for an “I love you” or a flirty dialogue or even one of those “heart eyes” scenes. And I found none.

There was not one single piece of evidence that IR was going to be canon and in love. Of course everybody has a different outlook on things, but Kubo clearly indicated that IR was platonic and that he was going a different route. Tite Kubo is the AUTHOR of Bleach. HIS interpretation is what matters.

Kubo showed that he was going with IchiHime. He doesn’t owe anybody anything and he could have made Ichigo x Urahara canon if he so wanted.

TL;DR - The fact of the matter is that Kubo was always going to go with IchiHime. I’m sorry IRs, but that is the cold, harsh truth. He never indicated or stated otherwise. That’s just how it is.

Bed Peace

I think if I was to dream right now
I’d still see you
We’d be in a room
With a view of the moon
Just two bodies
Building one spark
Plenty of thoughts
Two hearts to talk
Sunrise already peaked
Scratch your head while you fall asleep
Then harmonize your Z’s
Unconsciously living the dream

We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.
—  Anaïs Nin

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#17 robron please :)

why did you make me say it when you already know?

“Robert, give me the control,” Aaron practically growled, lunging across the couch to swipe at the remote, Robert holding it as far away as he could, a cheeky grin on his face.

“I’m not giving it back until you say it,” Robert said, grateful for the marginal height difference between them as he held the remote out of Aaron’s reach. His husband could most definitely just pin Robert to the cushions and take it by force, he was ten times stronger than Robert was, but he was playing along.

Aaron glared at him, looking positively ridiculous. They were having a lazy evening in, the cold and wet November weather outside not making them want to go to the pub - he had a hoodie on, the hood pulled up around his ears, making him look like the chavvy teenager he used to be, black hoodie and tracksuit pants on.

“You can have all the control of the telly for the rest of the evening if you just say it,” Robert said, waggling the control at Aaron. There was some boring gardening program playing in the background, and Aaron had gotten bored before the title credits had even rolled, demanding they put on Netflix and watch something half decent.

Maybe he was being childish.

Robert was definitely being childish, but he didn’t mind so much. He liked being able to mess with Aaron like this, the silly domesticity of it all making his heart feel lighter in his chest.

After all they’d been through, after everything that it had taken for them to get to where they were now, happy and settled and content, well - a bit of childish silliness wasn’t a bad idea at all.

“I love you,” Aaron said, giving in to Robert’s game, to his demands that Aaron tell him he love him before he handed the remote over.

Robert beamed, passing him the remote. “See? Wasn’t that hard,” he teased, settling back into the middle of the couch, Aaron leaning against him as he turned on Netflix, flicking through their recommendations, somehow still skewed by Liv’s constant secret watching of terrible teen dramas, despite Robert setting her up her own profile. He was so sure she did it to piss him off, now.

Aaron hummed, flicking through tv show, after tv show until he settled on Prison Break, the two of them halfway through a re-watch. “Why did you make me say it?” he inquired, the title credits filling their brand new, overly large television, bought on a whim when Robert had gotten a massive bonus for landing a new client.


“Why did you make me say it when you already know?” Aaron asked, twisting so he was looking at Robert.

You already know.

Of course he already knew. Robert had always known, even when he hadn’t wanted to admit to it.

Aaron had loved him for so much longer than Robert deserved, loved him with longing looks and soft eyes and an open heart.

Still, he was only human, and he wanted to hear it sometimes, hear the words, rather than feel them.

Robert shrugged, ducking his head to hide the flush that had risen in his cheeks as Aaron had questioned him, questioned his reason for the silly game they’d just played. “I just like hearing you say it aloud, I guess.”

Terms and Conditions
One Shot
It’s always a good idea to go over the fine print when making bets with someone who loves playing with you as much as they love playing games with you.
Character: Tom Hiddleston
Genre: Smut
Rating: Mature/NSFW | Sex, Light BDSM, Teasing
A/N: Hey everyone! So instead of working on what I actually need to be working, I decided to write my first smut ever. So, uh, be kind, comments welcome and all that good stuff? I might split this up in to two parts depending on how long it gets, who knows? Yeah, this is definitely going to be two parts, so if you guys want part two, let me know?

The terms and conditions were simple. Ten minutes, bound to the head board, not a single sound. If you made a sound, time was up and who ever lasted the longest won. You weren’t new to Tom’s games, in fact, you dared to say that you loved them when you both started being more open in the bedroom. You came up with games too, of course, but somehow they never seemed as thrilling and daring as what he might concoct in that childish mind of his. For some reason though, he was being a little bit more cheeky about this game than normal, or at least you thought so, you couldn’t quite place your finger on it. But you could not argue with the opportunity to wreck him up first before he had a go at you. You liked to say you had the stronger resolve of the two of you.

So there he was, stripped down, sitting up against the head board with his hands bound to the edges, unable to make a single sound. The timer had started for the ten minutes and you were going to make him writhe in pleasure. You started slow, kissing, licking, pinching, the occasional scratch that you knew would drive him crazy. He was almost purple by the time you got down to where he needed you most, dripping over his stomach, but so far, he hadn’t made a single sound. You had to give him kudos for that, the insides of his cheeks must be raw by now with the heaving of his chest and the way his hands shook against the soft leather cuffs, but you were far from done and only three minutes in.

“I have to say Tom, you’re doing fairly well,” you cooed lightly as you seated yourself between his legs, his eyes dark and hooded as he focused on your every move, but he kept his mouth shut, earning a pout from your lips. “Aw, don’t be like that. How can I know if you like what I’m doing if you won’t talk to me,” you pouted at him all too innocently, and you had to hold back a giggle at the sharpness that came from his eyes, but they were quick to screw shut with flared nostrils as you started to stroke feather light touches up and down the underside of his length, feeling him twitch beneath your touch. He gritted his teeth and breathed heavily, and you could have sworn you heard him swallow a sound as you wrapped your hand around him, squeezing from base to head. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you,” you smiled with a bat of your eyes, and if looks could kill, you knew you’d be dead by now.

You squeezed and tugged and played with the tip, and then came the sucking, the licking, and the deep throating that you knew he absolutely couldn’t resist, but a slight panic started to kick in as he still had not made a single sound, and you had only two minutes left. You decided to pick it up and got him so close that he was all but screaming as his arms strained against the head board and his thighs shook, knowing that you’d been going so slow, you’d been building up for one of his best orgasms yet, or at least you’d like to think. With one final squeeze he came hard on your hand, his head thrown back so hard you could swear there would be a bump in a few hours, and his chest rose and fell in rapid breaths that came through gritted teeth, but even as you wrung him completely dry and rode him out for as long as he could go, not a single sound came from his lips, and the timer had gone off for a successful ten minutes.

You sat back on the edge of the bed as he came down from his high, a weight setting in your stomach. You thought sure you could have had him screaming by the time you got to around six or seven minutes, but he stayed completely quiet the whole time. “Don’t be too upset darling,” came his throaty voice as he swallowed, looking at you beneath sweaty bangs of his curly brunet hair, causing you to glare at him. “I’ll wear that pirate’s costume one day, rest assured, but that night won’t be on your terms like you’d planned,” he chuckled lightly as you huffed. “I’ve only been trying to get you to wear it for months now,” you grumbled through your teeth, crossing your arms over your bear chest. “Trust me when I say Y/N, it was quite difficult for me, you were driving me insane,” he breathed, gaining your attention at the compliments. “But alas, one of us is just a better player,” he said with a cheeky smirk and dark eyes with a tilt of his head. There it was, he could never let you have the final compliment. “Now, be a good kitten and come untie me. I do believe it’s your turn,” he almost purred, and you huffed again as you got up from the edge of the bed to move towards the cuffs, undoing only one. He could take care of the other one.

“Alright, so what do you get out of this now,” you asked crossly, watching him as he undid the other cuff and moved for you to come to his spot on the bed. “So curious, aren’t you? I’d venture to say that since you weren’t successful in your allotted time, that I’ve won this little game, so it doesn’t very much matter except for the fact that you’re going to abide by it,” he explained as you sat against the head board, though you were less than willing to give him your arms just yet. “Oh no, I get a chance to redeem myself. If I last, it’s a draw, and no one wins,” you shot back defensively, earning a chuckle from him as he stood from the bed. “Of course you do pet,” he agreed, holding out his hand for one of yours to put you in his same restraints. You hesitated though, looking up to him with a leer in your eyes. “I told you what I wanted if I won. What happens if you win,” you ask with an edge to your words, having not been given an answer all night. He pondered your question thoughtfully before taking your hand and shutting it securely in the cuff, rendering you now incapable of making too many more demands.

“For now, let’s just call it motivation for you not to make a single sound,” he smirked, moving to the other side of the bed to secure your other arm, but he could see the tentativeness in your eyes at his lack of information. “But if I last it doesn’t matter,” you countered, establishing the point again since he seemed to be doubting your ability to do so. He nodded though at your words, despite the small falter in your voice. Something about how calm he was being about all of this wasn’t sitting well with you, like he somehow knew something that you didn’t about how the next ten minutes were going to go. “That’s right. If.. you last,” he almost growled, pausing on the word ‘if’ to make sure you knew the possibility of that word. Your heart started to pick up as he came closer to you on the bed, his eyes dark and his lips lined with a mischievous smirk you knew all too well. What did you just get yourself into? “Good luck pet. Your time begins now,” he said with a wicked grin and a small peck on your nose, beginning the timer for ten minutes.

He started off slow, and for once, slow was okay with you. He sat beside you and started with small pecks before taking you in for a loving, passionate kiss, the kind that would normally have you weak at the knees and moaning for him to do something, but not this time. You had a resolve to keep. He moved passed your jaw and beneath your chin to your neck, and against your better judgement you naturally leaned to the side, giving him better access. You cursed yourself for it only a few seconds after as he licked a thin stripe from the base of your neck and shoulder all the way up behind your ear, making you shiver, and you could practically feel the smile on his lips. “You’re going to make this so easy for me, aren’t you,” he questioned with a smile on his lips, but you instead shot him a deadly glare. “Alright, alright. I’ll just have to see just how strong you’re going to be,” he chuckled, moving down the bed to between your legs, and with your eyes set on him, you were ready for his worst.

He started with feather light touches as his fingers skated up your legs from your ankles, raising goosebumps on your skin in his wake. He moved with his hands, coming to the top of your knees, and with his forefinger and his thumb he squeezed, causing you to jump. 'He wouldn’t dare’ you glowered as you kept a firm glare on him, his eyes gauging your every reaction as his hands moved up your legs again to the tops of your thighs, giving another squeeze. You squirmed only a little then, not being able to help the natural reaction to one of your ticklish spots, but the devilish smirk on his face as he ignored the V between your legs and continued up your hips caused your eyes to go from firm to helpless. 'He’s a child! This is low even for him,’ you seethed as his hands came and rested on your sides beneath your ribs. He saw the change in your eyes, and his expression changed too, from that smirk to a childish toothy grin as his fingers ghosted over your skin, causing you to lightly squirm beneath his touch.

“What? We didn’t say this wasn’t fair game,” he almost giggled as he gripped your hips between his legs, rendering you immobile as he dug his fingers into your sides. Your legs kicked behind him and your arms pulled at the restraints, anything to try and get away from the assault on your ticklish spot as you tried to squirm under his weight. Not being able to move at all only made it worse as his fingers moved up and down between your hips and your ribs, relentlessly using your weakness against you. Your eyes screwed shut as you tried not to focus your nerve endings betraying you, turning your face away from him as you bit on the inside of your cheek, anything to keep you from letting out a shriek. This went on until you were red in the face trying to hold it in, your breath heaving, but after what seemed far longer than necessary, he released his grip on you, the assault ending.

Your skin crawled as you shivered, trying to ebb the feeling away as you breathed deeply trying to compose yourself. He sat back from you then on his heels, watching your trembling body with still that childish grin on his face. “I’m impressed. That usually gets you,” he said, genuinely for what it was worth. You dared to look at him then with your deadliest glare, promising that he would pay deeply for this, but instead he only tsked at you, disappointed. “I’m afraid that means drastic measures though kitten. I’m sorry it had to come to this,” he said in his best mock disappointed voice as he moved from the bed. You glanced at the timer on the bedside table, what time could he have for 'drastic measures’ in six and a half minutes. You had to venture that you were doing good so far, he hadn’t even really touched you yet and you hadn’t made a sound. And if he was going to be all bark and no bite, how hard could this be?

You were confident in this for all of two seconds before you saw him move to the bedside drawer, and you instantly felt your stomach drop. Your eyes went wide as you watched him pull out the black silk blindfold you two used and you looked at him incredulously as he moved towards you, shaking your head. He held it out, watching you with a devious grin as you went to open your mouth, but he paused, raising an eye brow, waiting for you to speak. “What? What was that,” he teased, but you closed your mouth again not daring to let your voice betray you. Instead though you stared between him and the blindfold, wondering if he could actually be serious. This was cheating. “Oh if only you could protest, but you can’t without losing. But I would like to bring up that we never agreed that we couldn’t use.. other methods,” he said, and before you could protest with a shocked glare, he slipped the blindfold over your head, and you were left to darkness, but not silence.

You listened carefully above your own erratic breathing as he dared to rummage for something else in the drawer, and you knew there were only three more things in there. A silk scarf that you typically used as a gag, but that would defeat the purpose here, a small paddle which you were really in no position for him to use effectively on you, and… He wouldn’t… You heard him chuckle to yourself as you started to tremble, hearing a small 'click’ before the sound of vibrations filled the air around you. He would. You instantly started to fight against the head board again as you crossed your legs tight, trying anything and everything to prevent what was most likely about to be your end. “Now darling, don’t be a sore loser. Next time you’ll just have to be more specific on the rules,” he said and you could just hear that cheeky superior grin on his face. You wanted to scream at him and tell him it wasn’t fair, that he was cheating, but you didn’t want to lose that way, although your chances of winning seemed pretty slim now.

You could hear it getting closer, on the softest setting. He was not going to make this easy on you. Just hearing it though you could feel the slickness between your legs getting worse at knowing what those vibrations could do to you. There were three settings, for low, medium, and high, and then the one you always saved for last, the pulsating vibrations, and just the thought of it between your legs was enough to make you groan, but you couldn’t, you wouldn’t. You felt the bed sink beside you from his weight, and he was going to use every liberty he could, taking the tip of it down from behind your ear to the base of your neck, making you squirm under the touch as he brought it to each hardened nipple at your chest. He’d hold it there for a few moments, tweaking the other with his fingers, just enough to get you panting and squirming with the uncertainty of what he was going to do next behind the blindfold, but you had a pretty clear idea, even as you kept your legs closed shut like a vice.

From between your breasts he trailed it down your skin lightly, feeling goosebumps rise on your skin, all the way down your abdomen and your stomach, to the V between your hips, and despite your closed legs, the smoothness of the vibrator and the betrayal of your own arousal allowed him to slide it just so between your thighs, causing you to throw your head back. You couldn’t know how much time you had left, four minutes? Three minutes? But if you could keep your legs closed, maybe, just maybe you could stand a chance. He wasn’t going to let down that easy though as he began to move it in slow circles between your thighs, gauging your reaction to see when he might have hit that particularly sweet spot. Tilting it ever so slightly upward, you jumped at having it come in contact with your throbbing clit, having been without stimulation this entire time, well into having had him tied up on the bed, and he chuckled darkly. “Ah, there it is. I knew your body would betray you,” he laughed, moving the device again in those same circles but knowing now where your bud was amongst your skin.

He dared to turn the device up to it’s second setting and tilted it again, coming in contact with your clit as he started to move it up and down, creating that sweet friction that you had so desired, but needed more of. He took it achingly slow though moving it over your clit, waiting till you were writhing from the contact before slowly helping you ease your legs open, your muscles becoming weak and your mind becoming foggy. Your resolve was slipping, you couldn’t let that happen, but the feeling was too good between your legs, your body couldn’t be denied the pleasure any more. With your legs spread wide for him, he moved between them with the device clutched in his hands, moving between your folds, under your clit, ignoring the bud now, but he knew you wouldn’t last much longer as he lined your slit with the vibrations, watching your strain against the cuffs and your chest heave with heavy breaths. Your mouth was closed tight and your head shook from side to side, trying to fight your need to mewl and scream against the vibrations between your legs.

“This is as torturous for me as it is for you pet. I must say you’re doing much better than I’d thought. Two and a half minutes left,” came Tom’s voice, and you could hear how husky his voice was at watching you, knowing he must be hard again by now, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was that two and a half minutes left, but you had just forgotten about what else the device could do before he slid it into your heat with ease, and turned it up to the third setting. Your body convulsed with the sudden intense vibrations surging inside of you as you adjusted to the size, listening to it as he pulled it in and out of your slit, creating more friction. Your teeth were gritted together painfully now as your arms shook against the restraints, and you weren’t sure how much longer you could last. You couldn’t tell if you actually were doing good or if he was letting you do good up until now, but all bets were off as he switched to the final pulse setting and rested it inside of you, tilting up against that delicious spot against your walls. Each pulse sent a new wave of incredible pleasure through your body as your body moved with it, your hips bucking up with each pulse. He started to rub against that spot as he brought his thumb down on your clit, putting pressure on the ignored bud, and as soon as he started to rub up and down on the nerves there, you screamed.

Not seconds later your vision went white behind the darkness of the blindfold, and you squealed at the convulsions of your body releasing your orgasm, and he rode out your high for you with the vibrator buried inside you and his thumb drawing quick circles on your clit, and just as you had come down from your high, the timer rang. “I do believe that is game, set, and match,” Tom smirked as the vibrator left you, leaving you empty as your body trembled in the aftermath of your orgasm. He switched it off and removed your blindfold to reveal sharp eyes glaring daggers at him.

“You cheating bastard,” you seethed, your chest heaving and your skin slicked with a thin layer of sweat, but Tom only looked at you with an innocent gaze, his eyes wide at your words. “Cheating? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he feigned with a hand on his chest over his heart, as if he might actually be hurt at your harsh words. “We didn’t say we could use anything else,” you shot back. “We also didn’t say that we couldn’t use anything else,” he retorted, that cheeky grin back on his face at how easy it was to throw your own words back at you. “So what? You had to use 'other methods’ to make sure you won because you knew you couldn’t do it by yourself,” you countered, knowing exactly how to get under his skin. He had barely touched you in the expert way you knew he could, so did he really have to use something else to make sure he won? You had to laugh with yourself at the cleverness of your words, but they were met with a dark glare from his eyes that made your breath catch in your throat, and before you knew what happened your bum was perched on his thighs, your legs in the air resting on his shoulders, and his straining red cock was just above your still throbbing core.

“You’re going to regret that with what I’d had planned for my victory kitten,” he growled before easily thrusting into you due to your release, causing you to squeal at being so suddenly filled again. Any thought you might have had to question his threat left you as he began thrusting hard and steady into you, the angle allowing him to hit deeper with each thrust. He angled his hips upward after a few thrusts to make sure he hit that sweet spot against your walls, and feeling him brush and throb against you caused your body to tremble as you gave out a small stream of curses, begging him not to stop. His thrusts began to grow uneven as you continued to struggle and fight against your restraints, only wanting to touch him and run your fingers down his arms after having been denied mobility for so long, but you couldn’t form the words to ask him to release you as he brought one hand down to your clit, pinching the bud and making you cry out before applying a pressure that tilted you over the edge. Your walls contracted around him as you came, and the squeeze of your muscles caused him to grunt before releasing inside of you, his thrusts slowing before he slid out and let you down gently.

You were both heaving, sweaty messes as he moved to release you from the head board, and as you moved you winced at how sore you felt from being restrained, but Tom took care in being gentle with you as he placed soft kisses on your shoulders. However, despite how tender he was being, there was still the whole matter of what this night was actually for. You two made a bet, he never told you want he wanted, but he did cheat, would he accept that? You weren’t going to let yourself lose so easily, especially since you should have been able to use some of your 'other methods’. Before you could say much on the subject though, he got up and headed towards the bathroom for a shower you presumed, and you couldn’t ignore that a shower sounded nice.

You waited for him for only a few minutes before he was done and out, but you were drowsy and drifting off by that point before forcing yourself into the shower. By the time you were finished, your hair fresh and your skin clean of sweat, he was asleep amongst the covers, and your eyes felt heavy when you came onto the bed with him. You wanted to know what his side of the bet was, and to fight that you weren’t going to do it because he cheated, but you just felt so tired… Perhaps it could wait till the morning?

ID #59069

Name: Zaria
Age: 15
Country: USA

-Im childish and have an energetic mind.
-Im more on the optimistic side.
-Always coming up with new things and surprises
-Im shy at first but after some time i’ll open up.
-I love to bake.
-I love to watch anime. Ex: Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Yuri on Ice, and HETALIA.
-I love animals.
-I have no life.
-I’m really random.
-I like to read, mainly about Greek and Roman Mythology.
-I love SWEETS.
-I also play percussion in band class.
-Im learning how to speak french, and I would like to learn how to speak Russian, Italian, and Japanese.

Preferences: Ages: 14-17
Any gender
Nobody from the U.S.
I would really love if you could start a good conversation between us.
No Trump supporters.

the signs as sims 3 traits
  • Aries: snob, ambitious, charismatic, hot-headed, dislikes children
  • Taurus: hot headed, snob, mean, couch potato, slob
  • Gemini: neurotic, inappropriate, no sense of humor, party animal, over-emotional
  • Cancer: unlucky, over-emotional, never nude, hopeless romantic, easily impressed
  • Leo: excitable, perfectionist, snob, party animal, over-emotional
  • Virgo: neat, perfectionist, no sense of humor, workaholic, neurotic
  • Libra: good sense of humor, snob, mean, lucky, ambitious
  • Scorpio: evil, mean, kleptomaniac, flirty, commitment issues
  • Sagittarius: ambitious, charismatic, evil, genius, insane
  • Capricorn: hopeless romantic, snob, no sense of humor, grumpy, natural cook
  • Aquarius: loser, frugal, absent-minded, childish, artistic
  • Pisces: over-emotional, hopeless romantic, easily impressed, mooch, artistic
RFA: Childish MC

All of the guys + s/o who reveals she uses infantilism/ageplay as a NON SEXUAL way to cope with her problems

Thank god you said non sexual… Daddy kink just reminds me of incest… >_<


- When you dragged him to the seesaw by his sleeve, he was confused

- But he was definitely not complaining 

- That day, the two of you played on the park’s playground equipment

- Pushing each other on the swings, giggling on the seesaw, and getting stuck on the slides

- After that, the two of you went to a nearby cafe and got smoothies, sipping them as you strolled around the park

- The date ended with snuggles on a park bench, giggling when the other got a brain freeze from their drink

- Being pretty childish himself, he didn’t mind being dragged around in your childish date ideas 


- The two of you were out taking a walk on a date when you suggested something 

- “You.. want to go draw hearts on the sidewalk?” He asked, tilting his head in confusion

- He laughed a little, but went to buy some chalk at a small stationary store

- As you sketched a small heart on the street, then another, then another, Zen watched with an amused smile on his face

- “Babe, you’re so cute…” He chuckled, patting your head gently

- He gave you a little peck on the nose before putting his hand over yours, drawing a heart together

- He already thought you were adorable, but now that you began suggesting even cuter ideas, he felt like he was about to explode from love 


-  When Jaehee arrived home, she froze in the doorway

- “MC… What’s this..?” Jaehee put her bag away, and cautiously walked to the mess of cushions in the living room 

- You peeked out from under a blanket, and called her over 

- Proudly smiling, you displayed the iPad and snacks you set up 

- That night, the two of you snuggled in the warmth of the pillow fort, watching Zen musicals and eating snacks

- Jaehee was the opposite of childish, but she didn’t mind your quirky ideas 


- You pulled on the sleeve of Jumin’s suit jacket. “Jumin..? Can you do my hair for me?” 

- “But… why?” He asked, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to understand

- “Because it’s a nice thing for couples to do together!” You say, excited

- Slightly reluctant, Jumin agreed to style your hair, and sat you down in front of him

- He combed and twisted your hair, and you tried not to scream at his occasionally painful tugs

- In the end, he proudly took you to a mirror, only to see a mess of knots and pins adorning your head 

- Because he was so proud of his work, you couldn’t tell him it looked hideous

- “We should do things like this more often” He told you, smiling at you while caressing your cheek. 


- Approaching the working redhead, you hugged him from behind

- “Ah! I have been contacted by a goddess from the stars!” Seven grinner at you, and you let out a laugh in response 

- “Hey Seven, do you want to come on a date? But not any kind of date…” You smile at him mischievously, and his eyes lighted up

- “What if we went to random places and did little plays in front of the security cameras?” You asked, eyes shining as you described your plan 

- Seven agreed enthusiastically in a heartbeat, and he drove the two of you to a random restaurant 

- With your hand in his, the two of you dashed to a secluded camera 

- Throughout the night, Seven and you danced and did silent plays in front of random security cameras 

[V and Unknown]

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The night was long and still young. Chris had taken me to a little pub where we both had a couple of beers and talked about our families. It was the best bonding experience of my life. After a lovely, endearing, deep conversation. We both had a chugging contest. Surprisingly, I won. I will most definitely regret it later.

We didn’t get drunk, shit faced, annihilated. We both had a harmless light buzz. Very harmless.

Chris has my youth and keeps it alive.

“Come on (Y/N/N)! Sit, I’ll push you!” Chris runs over to a swing set, nearly slipping on slush. As soon as he reaches the chained swing, he turns to me. It’s 2 am. Only one tall street lamp illuminates the small area.

“It’s probably wet! No!” I stand a few feet away from him. My hands tucked deep into my Cotten sweater, my breath dances away from my nostrils and mouth.

“No, it’s not!” Chris wipes his hand across the rubber seat. He then lifts his hand in the air. “See! Dry!”

I let out a heavy sigh. “Fineeeee…” I take hesitant strides toward him, the ice glazing the ground sits in layers.

“There you go. Take a seat.” He says, lifting his arm away from his body, pointing toward the swing.

I walk over the wood chip chunks, taking a seat. My small hands grip onto the bone-chilling chain that holds the swing.

“And… Here we go…” Chris mutters in my right ear, his hands dance across my back, finding their place just below my shoulder blades.

He gives me a light shove on my upper back.

The swing glides forward, releasing a squeak from the joints. The swing glides, but not far.

Chris keeps his pushes light, not sending me far. It was a comfortable, consistent glide that kept him and I giggling every time.

“I feel like a child again.” I exasperate, letting my feet swing in and out, lightly. He hums.

“Hey, do you know what happened to Sebastian?” He states as if he something is wrong. Immediately I dig my heels into the wood chips and frosty dirt, leaving two mounds of mixed pine behind my heels.

I balance off the rubber seat and turn toward him. “What happened?!” I say worriedly. Sebastian is my best friend. My heart palpitates’s against my chest.

“Oh! I don’t know. I was just asking. I haven’t seen him around…” Chris’ arms hangout from his jacket pockets, shrugging with his body.

“You ass! I thought you knew something! You had me worried!” I grip onto my chest looking at the ground. A little bundle of snow sits around the radius of the Swing’s pole. Why not take a shot and throw it at him. A flirty, childish gesture. Although my mind was telling me not to and he won’t like it, my heart argues against that.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N/N)!” He laughs, not knowing what’s coming.

With my bare, warm hands I lean over and pick up the snow, forming a small ball. The ice burning at my fingertips and under my nails.

“What are y–”

I throw the mini ball of ice at his left shoulder. He lifts his forearm to cover his face, his other arm lifting away with the gesture. The snow that had made an impact with his shoulder falls off, just a bit of ice sitting in the crease of his jacket.

“You’re asking for it!” Chris runs off to the mound of grass, blanketed by snow. Untouched by human hands.

“You’re on!” I run past the swing set to the Grass patch that Chris stands on. I cut across the mound of blanketed green, wanting to hide behind a tree.

The tall pine tree could be a beloved shield.

I felt the sudden impact of pure ice on my left hip. A numbing pain of bitter, frigid, raw snow melts to the heat my body gives off. I stop in the snowy tracks to gaze down at the impact; bad idea. Another snowball obliterates on the top of my head.

Now, I have a new idea. The hit on the head gave me the bright light bulb.

“Ow!” I grip the crown of my head, the snow had already melted. My fingertips rest atop the water.

I over dramatize the pain by falling to the ground… Again… stupid idea. Now my whole body was chilled and soaked.

“Oh my god! Lauren! I’m sorry!” Chris yelps, oblivious to my stupefied plan.

I hear his hesitant running footsteps crunch across the dense snow. His heavy breathing draws closer.

“You okay!?” Immediately he takes a knee beside me.

A smirk draws on my lips. I clinch a bundle of snow in my right hand; a death grip. With the numbing condensation in my hand, I shove another it on his temple.

The force of my hand pushing him back into the snow. “Gah! (Y/N)!” He chuckles. Without thinking I continue and straddle him. My weight bearing him to the ground. My bottom presses down on his waist. My left and right resting on both side of his body.

Chris’ breathing is rapid. His chest rises and falls heavily. “You are absolutely crazy…” He huffs.

“You know you are too! Don’t lie to yourself!” I giggle, looking down at the broad man I have pinned.

He lightly hums with a heart-wrenching smile. A soft, gentle smirk.

Here’s that moment again. That moment of gazing. Getting lost in each other’s eyes. Occupying each other’s vision, not anyone else’s.

Chris lifts his hand to my left cheek, his thumb caressing the bone. My cheeks once cold, boils hot. But I press against his hand, leaning into his touch. 

Now… This feeling is a new sensation. I crave more of it. I want his touch in differents areas. Down my back, along the muscles of my thighs, through my hair roughly.

His touch. His caress. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I craved for. Any little bump, shuffle and push created hunger in my heart. Bump into me harder. Shuffle past me longer, push me farther.

After a moment of this action, we both realize our situation. “Um! Right! It’s late, I’ll take you home…” Chris’ hand pulls away, leaving my cheek numb again. And for a moment, I wasn’t numb.

“Right… I’ll help you up…” I whisper, deplorably. I push off the ground, offering my hand. He takes it generously.

“Sorry about that. You’re soaked…” I scratch the back of my neck walking beside him.

“It’s alright, it was time well spent.”


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