We are what our thoughts have made us by spannerino

Bronica ETRS hand-processed Ilford Lc-29 shanghai GP3 scanned Canon 9000f


Another great collectible of mine I wanted to feature using the Scooby-Doo blanket background. This is a pewter Scooby-Doo clock made in 2000 which is part of a limited edition of 750 produced by Warner Bros. The certificate of authenticity for this gorgeous clock indicates it’s #239 of the 750 made.


This is a very important Scooby-Doo item of mine. When I was 13, I went with dad’s side of the family to a Christian camp in Indiana. There was a woman there who owned this awesome Scooby-Doo bag. I told her about how big of a fan I was.
On the last night at the camp, she gave the bag to me after a very emotional service in the camp’s church. It’s a bag I will keep and cherish for a long time.

anonimo ha chiesto:

Hii!! I loveeee your blog but specially your space tag! What made you love space so much and learn about it?

hey, thank you!! 

ohh god, ive been in love with space since i was probably two or three years old. my dad would always take me outside when it was clear enough at night to stargaze and find constellations at that age, (hence why ‘the big dipper’/’the plough’ is so special to me, since it was the first one my dad pointed out to me).

so that’s where it all started. along with the solar eclipse that happened in 1999, that is one of the clearest memories i have. me and my dad sitting in the garden playing a game we invented which was literally chucking water into the air and it landing on us, and we watched it while we were doing that. i even have a photograph of that moment too which is my favourite photograph ever. 

the whole believing in life on other planets stemmed from when i first saw e.t. when i was four, which was like a eye-opening wonderment for me since i’d never even conceptualized the possibility of aliens and creatures on other planets. plus the x files was literally always on in my house growing up. 

from then i was fascinated with astronomy and aliens, which lead to my fascination with space exploration and nasa. i’d buy space rocket toys, watch documentaries, try to learn more about stars and constellations, i think i got a telescope at some point. then i watched apollo 13 for the first time when i was seven and fell head over heels in love with nasa and the apollo missions. 

that’s when i started learning about all the apollo missions, since we never really covered them in school (not even the moon landings). when we went on holiday to florida for the first time in 2005, my parents made sure we went to the kennedy space center for me, and i literally nearly started crying from being overwhelmed by seeing everything i’d been learning about and obsessing over actually right there in front of me. especially the hanger with the apollo missions and the launch pads. 

i’ve been twice since then, 2014 being the best so far since they’ve now got the atlantis shuttle there which i’ve been dying to see since i watched it on television. plus i got to watch a rocket launch from cape canaveral (from the villa we were staying in in orlando, we couldn’t stay around the space center to watch it launch because of the time, but luckily it was a clear enough night to see it) which was a dream come true.