Don't lose heart if your baby is premature, says Karan Johar

Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) Filmmaker Karan Johar, whose surrogate children Roohi and Yash were born almost 10 weeks before full term, says those who have premature babies must not get discouraged. He says with right kind of care, they can be nurtured towards normal growth.

Karan earlier this month announced that he has become a father of twins via surrogacy. The children have been under the care of Bhupendra Avasthi, Director, Surya Mother & Child Hospital, and Karan says they are “both on their way to a happy and healthy childhood”.

Now as someone with a voice, he wants to reach out to people about the virtues of neonatal intensive care for premature children.

In a post shared on social media on Monday, Karan said: “Millions of preemies are born every year… but babies are resilient. With the right kind of care, they stand just as good a chance of survival as anyone else.”

Karan said his children were born two months premature and were “worryingly underweight”.

“My heart sank… Knowing that there were complications with my babies’ birth owing to how soon it was, I was terrified. All I wanted to do was hold them and protect them but they needed to be in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). It was painful to see how tiny they were.”

The filmmaker, known for his family dramas, has thanked the legal and medical teams for being his “strength and spine” during the process.

Karan’s post has come in support of Surya Hospital’s #SavePreemies campaign.

“Having a premature baby is something you don’t expect to happen to you. The whole experience has ignited a passion in me to help premature babies get the best chance they can… to help those in anguish who want the best chance of survival for their early born babies,” Karan said.

“Premature babies, when provided with the right kind of care, have just as good of a shot of making it, as babies born on time. If your baby is a preemie, don’t be discouraged. Seek help… Don’t lose faith, don’t lose heart.”

A celebrity’s effort to highlight an issue can make a difference, says Avasthi.

“Premature babies are not fully equipped to deal with life in our world. Their little bodies still have underdeveloped parts that include the lungs, digestive system, immune system and skin.”

“India needs many more NICU units for its ‘preemies’ where they can survive the first few days, weeks or months of life until they are strong enough to make it on their own,” Avasthi told IANS.



There may be a correct way to swing…
But we suppoe there’s no incorrect way.
Chapter: Childhood
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Last Movie I Watched: I don’t watch movies often… so the last one was Dark
Side of Dimensions. Dubbed version though, so uhh… couldn’t take it as seriously (but I know that they did put more depth into Aigami’s motives in the

Top 3(4) Characters: (If you mean permanent favourites…)

- Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) : probably the one I have been fangirling about the longest. He’s a shounen main protagonist but he’s so likeable and unique to me. 

- Jing (King of Bandits Jing): my childhood hero. He’s not from a popular anime
nor manga (only in the west though, the fandom still seems to be strong in Japan). Jing is smart in the way that he’s a keen analyst. He’s the only one I know that doesn’t need to upgrade his powers. In the entire series, he just has one and that is enough. 

- Akane Kurashiki (Zero Escape series): The worst heroine character intentionally designed, with a character concept and development satisfyingly complex. The game series has many likeable characters, but I feel that she is the most iconic for the game. 

- Yurul (Shut Hell) : The young but mature medieval Mongolian prince who hates war. For a 10-year-old, he’s gotten a massive character development (and Quarkie just wants him to be happy with Shut Hell ;A;)

Top Three Ships: (oh boy, this is hard)

1. Shut Hell & Yurul (Shut Hell)
2. Dokidokishipping/photonshipping (Yugioh Zexal)
3. Sharbaitshipping (Yugioh Zexal)

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📝 - "story from your childhood"

Oh gosh… I was a pretty active kid (didn’t prevent my from becoming lazy) and there always was a lot going on. But I don’t know about any funny or interesting stories. 😁
I remember that as a kid, me and my brothers always wanted to have a dog. We would beg my parents to get one and my mom wasn’t too opposed to it, but my dad certainly didn’t want to adopt one. So when we asked for it again, my mom would say “If we find on at a gas staation or in a parking lot, we’re taking it home.” Guess who never found a lost dog there…
But once, when we were on vacation in Switzerland, we actually did!
Me and my family used to go hiking alot even when we were pretty young. And we kids loved it. When during one of our hikes, suddenly a German Sheperd turned up in the middle of the mountains, we were surprised. No one was around. My parents were pretty careful, but we kids bonded with him almost instantly. And after a while, it became clear the dog didn’t mean harm.
For us who wished to have a dog for years, it was an awesome experience. We gave her the name Susi (after the dog in The Lady and the Tramp) and she willingly followed us as we hiked along. She made sure everyone was fine, she got some water and some of the sausages we took with us to snack on, and even my father seemed happy. She was awesome. We even started to ask our parents about how to adopt such a dog, how to get her to Germany and so on and so on.
Sadly, when we got down again, we found out that the family of Susi had arrived. They had forgotten her when they took the cable car down the mountain and were now looking for her.
My father took the dog and left to bring her back. Me and my brothers stayed with my mom. We were so, so heartbroken. I’ve always had a love for animals and we all just wanted a pet, and our hope was shattered so quickly.
In the end I got pets. Lots of pets. But that was quite a few years after Susi. She was amazing. But as kids, we never stopped looking for dogs and other lost animals who maybe could become ours.

Thanks for asking! Feel free to send more in! It’s my birthday and I have nothing to do till the afternoon 🙈

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5 loki

5: do you have a photo of yourself when you were younger?

(Jack here. Loki doesn’t like to talk about his childhood but I spoke to Thor and he gave me one of the only remaining pictures of Loki as a child. Apparently Odin destroyed most of them when he thought Loki was dead. Freya managed to save one and Thor found it after she passed away. It’s kinda bad quality and scanning it in didn’t work out great because it’s not a “normal” photo… it’s printed on metal somehow? Anyway… here.)

(I’m uploading this late/early in the hopes that Loki doesn’t see it. This’ll probably blow up in my face but… whatever.)


Spinning top….those childhood days…still cherish those days ^_^ #spinning #top #childhood #memories #yolo #ninjaway #ninjastyle

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The Dawn Is Your Enemy

You guys all know that Adult Swim sign-off bumper “THE DAWN IS YOUR ENEMY”? There’s a reason they don’t show it anymore. The last day the bump was used as a sign-off, instead of a normal running time of (estimated) nine seconds, it ran for an extended period of time until the automated services were overtaken by manual operation.

We all know the sound that shook our childhoods (or teen years). The resonating metal, the rumbles, the sound of metal scraping against metal. Feel free to look it up if you’re a bit rusty.

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THIS IS SO WEIRD……. spoopy doll story time…. (not really hehe, i was just surprised) 

i was gonna try googling to identify one of my favourite childhood dolls (that isn’t a barbie or sindy or anything else recognisable) because i cleaned her a day ago or two and saw she has a mark saying “TONG” at the back of her head. i don’t remember anything about her box or anything like that, or her original clothes, i probably got her when i was pretty small. 

first, flashback to while i was sitting there cleaning her. i was thinking it’s a bit odd that i almost never named my dolls or toys. i just didn’t care about naming things and i still barely do (but i figure it has to do with the trans/nb gendered names thing). anyway, even though this doll was one i really liked, i still don’t think she ever had a specific name. 

so, i started thinking, maybe i should put in an effort to pick names for the dolls that i own now / am going to keep from the childhood doll box. especially this old favourite one that i won’t be tossing the head of, at the very least. so i sat there and thought, what would i name her? what sort of name does she feel like? 

“betty”, i thought after a moment. “maybe elizabeth. or something like… nah… i kind of feel like betty. i’ll think about it for a while though.” 

so, just now… i googled “tong doll”…. 

(to be fair it’s *possible* that i’ve googled tong before, like when i originally found the doll box in the storage…. but i don’t remember doing that….. who knows!)

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What was your life like as a gore??

I remember having a standard childhood. I was a simple Gore, curious about most things, albeit a bit ignorant and lazy because I haven’t been using my senses at that time.

I spent a great part of my life under my mother’s care. Her name is Ygnizem. She was the strongest, wisest and kindest mon I ever knew. I owe everything I knew to her.

She used to bring me along with her in her adventures. I could remember the first time we took off. I was scared at first, but later on enjoyed the coolness of the winds. We went to many places, and tasted all sorts of berries (except those dangerous ones like the Scatternuts). 

At some points during our travels, we would be attacked by all sorts of enemies. I wondered why they’re angry at us, we weren’t doing anything. But despite this, my mom stood strong and protected me from all of them.

Time did its course, and I became an adolescent. She taught me how to properly charge my blasts, and how to fight overall. There were no shortages in encouragement during those times.

It is a shame I had to leave her, but she said I must realize my true potential on my own, and to do that I must venture forth into the vast expanses of the mysterious world. Reluctantly, I did.

I won’t deny that I miss her so much, but I don’t know where to look for her. I have quite a lot of things to say, but I guess there’s always a right time for everything.

Perhaps the gender zeitgeist will shift from “men and women are different because of socialisation in childhood and the socialisation for men is extremely bad which is why we need to push back against it early and often” to something more nuanced, like “men and women are different because of hormones in childhood and the hormones for men are extremely bad which is why we need to push back against it early and often”.