*squints* is that a happy soccer au i see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

here’s the lowdown:

  • mari and adrien are childhood best friends™ 
  • they met through being new neighbours adrien used to be legit just a loner until he met mari who was like ‘dude play soccer with me’ and they became straight up bffs after that 
  • they both loved sour patch kids and space and drew what they thought was a genius graphic design of a space sour patch kids logo when they were young 
  • they end up going to different highschools in the same town and still live in the same neighbourhood. they both join soccer teams in the their respective schools.
  • in terms of skill and technicality, mari is the better player but adrien seriously pulls unexpected moves that make him stand out. 
  • uhmm..everyone girl is rlly gay for mari in her school they are just her fangirls lmfao same thing for adrien but mari has got like 4k followers on instagram and all she does is take a photo of her soccer ball 
  • they have this tradition to draw the space sour patch kids logo on their team shirts ever since they started soccer in high school so that neither forget the other and wow that’s romantic guys 
  • their coaches were at first like wtf no but they used permanent marker so they ended up accepting it over the years and now everytime they join new teams or get new shirts everyone is like ‘when r u having the logo’
  • their schools r so nosy on who tf the person who draws their logos is omg everyone is always trying to spy on them to figure out who adrien/mari is
  • this time it’s adrien who has a crush on mari and mari is the one to eventually fall in love 
The Great 146 Romance Tropes Aesthetic challenge

Dear Shipper who runs a whole blog dedicated to your fave OTP I challenge you to make 146 aesthetics of one specific ship before the year is over. Here are the 146 most popular romance tropes of all time. Can your OTP pull off all of them? That remains to be seen

1. abduction to love

2. accidental pregnancy

3. afraid to commit

4. all grown up

5. amnesia

6. antihero romance

7. arranged marriage

8. athlete

9. bait and switch

10. beauty and the beast

11. best friend’s lover

12. best friend’s sibling

13. best friends/ friends first

14. billionaire

15. blackmail

16. blind date

17. bodyguard crush

18. boss/employee

19. boy hates girl

20. boy meets ghoul

21. boy meets girl

22. break his heart to save him

23. brother’s best friend

24. bully turned puppy lover

25. can’t live with them, can’t live without them

26. celebrity loves commoner

27. celibate hero

28. childhood enemies fall in love

29. childhood friends

30. childhood marriage promise

31. Cinderella story/wrong side of the tracks

32. classes clash

33. clueless love

34. consanguinity

35. crazy love

36. Cyrano/matchmaker

37. damaged lead finds happily ever after

38. dark secret keeps them apart

39. different worlds

40. disguise

41. enemies to lovers

42. everyone can see it

43. fairytale

44. fake engagement

45. fatal attraction

46. first love

47. fish out of water

48. fling

49. forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet

50. friends with benefits

51. girl wants bad boy

52. guardian/ward

53. guy wants cheerleader

54. huge guy, tiny girl

55. if I can’t have you, no one will!

56. imaginary love triangle

57. impotent love

58. innocent cohabitation

59. instant/false sweethearts

60. it happened in Vegas

61. jilted bride/groom

62. law enforcement

63. long distance relationship

64. long-term lovers

65. love at first sight

66. love interest has a profession protagonist abhors

67. love interest reminds of estranged family member

68. love potion

69. love reforms villain

70. love triangle

71. love/hate

72. lovers in denial/ they’re the last to know

73. mad love

74. maid/janitor

75. mail-order bride

76. marriage of convenience

77. men in uniform

78. mistaken declaration of love leads to love

79. mistaken identity

80. noble rescuer steps in

81. nobody thinks it will work

82. not good enough for him/her

83. oblivious to love

84. older man, younger woman

85. on the rocks

86. one night stand

87. one wants true love/other wants a fling

88. oops! fall in love with the wrong person (which could ruin everything!)

89. opposites attract

90. orphan

91. overly shy love

92. parent/childcare worker

93. partners in crime

94. passionate lovers

95. Plain Jane get the hottie

96. playboy

97. politics

98. pretending to be married or engaged

99. protector

100. redemption

101. rejected as unworthy/ turns life around

102. reluctant sex worker

103. removing the rival

104. rescue romance

105. return to hometown

106. reunion romance

107. revenge

108. rich man, poor woman/ rich woman, poor man

109. rivals/ protagonist vs. antagonist

110. road trip romance

111. rock star hero

112. royalty

113. runaway bride/groom

114. scars from the past

115. second chance at love

116. second time around

117. secret admirer

118. secret baby- He doesn’t know she’s PG

119. secret that can end everything

120. sibling triangle

121. sibling’s ex-spouse

122. similarities attract

123. sleeps with everyone but you

124. sorry, I’m taken

125. stranded together

126. student/teacher

127. sudden parent

128. the one that got away

129. time travel

130. tortured hero(ine)

131. tragic love affair

132. tragic past

133. two-person love triangle (involves some mistaken identity) ex: superman

134. ugly duckling

135. unobtainable love interest/ one-sided

136. unrequited love

137. unrequited-love-switcheroo love triangle

138. unwanted harem

139. virginal/innocent

140. wallflower noticed by the rake

141. was it all a lie? (undercover love)

142. widow(er)

143. (wo)man in peril

144. working with the ex

145. workplace romance

146. She’s dating Mr. Wrong

The challenge is simple, chose a trope, make an aesthetic, tag it #146RTCH and share your genius with others. good luck guys!

This ended up being a lot less fluffy than I expected…

AU where Bakugou’s constant bullying of Izuku throughout their childhood is just his misguided way of keeping Izuku safe because quirkless people are so breakable tf do you mean you want to become a hero Deku sit your ass down right this moment or so help me!??!?!?

Since their mothers had been close friends since they were children, Izuku and Katsuki have known each other literally since before they can remember and they were completely inseparable for the first four years of their life.

They were both little menaces, with little Izuku being just as loud, brash, and endlessly confident as his best friend. They fanboyed over All Might together, talking for hours upon hours about what their hero names would be or what their costumes would look like. They would talk about opening up a hero agency together and being the coolest crime-fighting hero partners ever.

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hAHA i’m not crying you’re crying

tbh tho like

I really, really love their couple dynamic. Like, you have no idea.

In the game, we all know that Eisuke has a lot of deep-rooted issues about family, emotional support, and control in general. We see it in his POVs and even in the Childhood Promise Substory.

But I also think that MC has problems of her own as well. Now, I could just be reading into the game’s narrative a bit too deeply, but MC’s internal monologue can get a little too self-deprecating and borderline martyrlike,,,, I’m sort of led to believe that maybe she grew up believing to act selflessly at all times (in contrast to Eisuke, who grew up believing to be as utilitarian as possible). 

They both had vastly different childhoods, but I think they’re similar in the way that they like to hide their problems (Eisuke because he doesn’t want to show anyweakness and MC because she doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone). 

What makes me love their dynamic is that they complement each other beautifully. Now, they’re not a perfect couple by any means, but I feel like they help each other grow. Eisuke helps MC learn how to put herself first and speak up, and conversely, MC helps Eisuke learn how to have more regard for others and to not completely ignore his emotions. 

I don’t think it’s fair to merely classify Eisuke as just a “selfish asshole” or MC as a “weak pushover” because I feel there’s a lot more to their characters than the narrative lets on.

(Again, I could be overthinking, but lmao).

I just love these two so much.

Top 10 anime couples

Once again, thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me, this wa an absolute treat to do. Again, I’m limiting to one per series for fairness and there will be spoilers for some of these series. I admit some of these entries were based on what happened to them in the manga if the anime stopped at a certain point. Also, once again, I probably went into more detail then I needed to with some of these couples, but lets begin!

Honourable mentions that didn’t make the list: Touken (Tokyo Ghoul), Renruki, Ishihime, Ichihime, and Ginran (BLEACH), Victori (Yuri on Ice!!), Levihan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Royai (Fullmetal Alchmist), Tamaharu and Hikaharu (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Banlaine (Nanatsu no Taizai), Haku x Chihiro (Spirited Away), Hideki x Chii (Chobits), Ayame x Mine and Hatsuharu x Rin (Fruits Basket), Cielizzy (Kuroshitsuji), and Tetsuo x Kaori (Akira).

10. Hana x The Wolfman - Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

Originally posted by thebrisingr

It’s one of the most short-lived romances on the list, but by God it is so heartfelt! It’s the closest thing to the first ten minutes of Up you’ll get in anime form (in terms of how it hits you emotionally). Right off the bat the film made me care about these two so much as a couple and as individuals. The Wolfman is shrouded in mystery, a lonely figure in search of meaning and belonging, and Hana is optimisitic college student, told long ago to always smile in the face of tradegy and sadness. Together they form a quick bond that is genuine, sweet, and heartfelt. The Wolfman’s death was crushing, especially since we are left to piece together the circumstances of his death, and every scene they appear in together afterwards had me sobbing.

9. Kyoru - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by heckyeahfruitsbasket

I have to include this pairing. I watched anime when I was really young, but I didn’t seriously get into it until nine years ago. The anime that threw me beyond the point of no return was Fruits Basket. I originally shipped Tohru with Yuki, but Kyo grew on me as a character and as a result so did his relationship with Tohru. The last few epiodes of the anime pretty much solidified them as one of my firt anime ships; but coupled with the events that happened in the manga and they became an unforgettable ship for me.Their relationship initally brought them joy, pain and uncertainty, but in the end, it healed them in almost everyway possible,allowing them both to move on from Kyoko’s death and find happines together.

8. Rock x Revy - Black Lagoon

Originally posted by heartcoma

I’ve only just recently got into Black Lagoon, but one of the things I love most about the show is the complex relationship between Rock and Revy. The chemistry between these two is insane! I love the banter and dialouge they share together, and they’re two sides of the same coin in a lot of ways - Revy is nihilistic and cynical, while Rock is calculating and always tries to save those in need, even in a place as chaotic and deathly as Roanapur. Their relationship is based on an ironic twist of the ‘getting a second chance at life’ trope for both of them - Revy gave Rock a second chance at life in a hell-hole of a place, and Rock made Revy realise she has another chance to be more then just a drifter in life. Also, that cigarette kiss is near iconic at this point.

7. Nishikimi - Tokyo Ghoul

Originally posted by kishou

You would not believe how hard it was to choose between Touken and Nishikimi. In the end I went with Nishikimi because I had keep this list more anime-focused (keep in mind I only saw the first season of Tokyo Ghoul and bits of the second season) and my love for Touken has stemmed mainly from later chapters in Tokyo Ghoul: re. The moment Nishiki said he would come back from the dead to kill Tsukiyama if he hurt Kimi, I knew I had a new angsty ship to worship. This couple just hit me in the feels every time they’re on-screen together or when they mention each other when they’re apart. They gave each other a reason to keep living and have shown they will go to the ends of the earth for each other (Nishiki dragging himself, starving and weakened, to Anteiku to search for Kimi, and Kimi willing to give up her flesh to feed Nishiki). Given the events of :Re, I really hope that it ends well for them, I don’t know if my heart could take it otherwise ;_;

6. EdWin - Fullmetal Alchemist

Originally posted by vale-kirigaya

Edward and Winry are practically made for each other, and it was only a matter of time I started shipping them when I Started watchinG Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They follow a few of  the tropes I absolutely adore in romantic relationhips (childhood friend-to-lovers, promises to protect, and the fighter-healer dynamic). Winry was Edward’s healer both physically (she gave him an arm and a leg and repairs them for him) and emotionally, and Edward has been a constant in Winry’s life since she was very young, being their for her when he parents were killed and giving her a reason to put her skills to use. As the series went on, I came love every scene they were in together (of particular mention is when Winry almot hot Scar and their not-so-equivalent exchange moment at the end of the series). Also, the fact Ed might have tried to match her height as a child by using his cow-lick is priceless.

5. Rivetra  - Shingeki no Kyojin

Originally posted by jynn-da-meatball

Man I wish this gif was actually a scene from the anime. The couple that will never be. Shingeki no Kyojin made it clear from the start that it wouldn’t be pulling any punches when it came to characters’ mortality, but it really hit me when Petra died…and even more so when I saw Levi’s reaction. There was a lot of potential for a relationship to grow between these two; for me they had a lot of chemitry in the moments they were together. As per the trend with quite a few of the couples on this list, they were opposites in a lot of ways, but their differences complimented each other so well. Petra was mother-hen of sorts for the Survey Corp., while Levi was their steel-bound, stoic leader. However, I always felt Petra could see the other part of him many didn’t - that he actually cares about his comrades a great deal and has been through a lot of loss - and Levi always treated her lightly different from the others. It’s a darn shame we didn’t get more moments of them together or find out Levi’s true feeling towards Petra, but regardless, I still ship them for what could have been.

4. Takeo x Rinko - Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by psychopass

These two the very definition of ‘sweet’!! I just can’t get over how cute, fluffy, and special their relationhip is. It really helps that they are adorkable people themselves. Rinko is a kind and sweet girl with a love for baking and tall, burly men, while Takeo is biggest goofball with a heart of gold and a strong will to help others.A a result they’re a hugely likeable couple who are so sweet and funny and charming when they’re together. I loved seeing their relationship develop in both the convetional and non-conventional ways of shoujo anime. Also, their character designs just suit each other so, so well!

3. Gutsca - Berserk

Originally posted by nox-artemis

I just…oh God, these two! Their relationship is one of the reasons I loved the Berserk anime and continue to read the manga. I love how a sense of tenderness slowly grew between them, and how they healed each other in small ways when they finally got together. After the Eclipse…oh God, here come the tears again! I don’t want to spoil anything in case anyone of you are reading/watching or want to read/watch Berserk (trust it’s better if you aren’t spoiled for maximum emotional impact), but they’ve been through so much and I desperately want them to have a happy ending together (but this is Berserk, what the chance fo that actually happening? T_T).

2. Tomoya x Nagisa - Clannad & Clannad: After Story

Originally posted by lilium

The heart of Clannad is it’s characters and the little adventures they get up to, but it’s through Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship that this all made possible; it is the thread that binds every event and character in the story, including the parallel world with the girl and the robot. These two are incredibly sweet and endearing together, able to bring the best out of each other, motivate each other when they’re going through strife, and change each other for the better - Tomoya came to believe in second chances and see the goodness within himself because of Nagisa, while Nagisa learned to be more assertive and gain more self-confidence because of Tomoya. They’re such a likeable and relateable couple, to the point where fangirled for their moments of joy and sobbed up rivers when sadness or tragedy struck. I love them so much and always will!

1. HitsuHina - BLEACH

Originally posted by the-substitute-soul-reaper

This is my only OTP. The only couple that has made me inconsolable after one particular event happened to them. The only couple I have been completely rendered speechless by when I see and think about their bond. The only couple that hold a very special place in my heart. I don’t think I will ever love a ship as much as I love HitsuHina. I have done everything for them that I have never done for any other couple in any other fandom: I have written metas about them, am constantly coming up with fanfic and fanart ideas for them, and once literally sung my praises for them from a rooftop. I can not stress enough how powerful and incredible their bond is: it has survived the worst fo trials and I can practically feel the decades of history between them by just watching them interact. The effect they have on each other is also amazing: Toshiro always endevours to become stronger for Momo’s sake and would do anything for her, and Momo’s bond with Toshiro was strong enough to make her doubt the man she dearly admired. I could sit here all day tell you why I love them so much, but if you’re intereted, I have a whole bunch or ramblings and metas on my blog that can do the job for me.

And there you have it! If you guys want to do it, I tag @sakura-warrior, @xxhanabifireworksxx, @salzrand, and @herprettysmile.

A promise for a child is as powerful and binding as a contact is for an adult.
When you breach a contract there are legal consequences.
When you break a promise, not much happens to you but you kill a part of that child.
The more promises you break, the sooner the child grows up.
And as you may know well by now, growing up isn’t too fun.
—  Inspired by a conversation with the awesome @autumnsunshine10

Bullying was a big part of my life, especially on weight and size, so I made Starlight carry this back story which creates her semi-bad phase of getting in trouble for probably fighting back, as I did. One thing I wish I had was a Trixie to help me through those times. Startrix are childhood friends and they promised to be together forever. *pokemon music starts playing* OH GOD THAT’LL BE THEIR SONG FUCK IT

If you couldn’t already tell, Startrix will be the angsty couple of this college au

sparkly-eyed-dork replied to your post “if u want a starco prompt send it innnnnn”

Marco realizing his feelings for Star? (given he already broke up with Jackie)

It doesn’t happen all that quickly.

Marco doesn’t know the difference – or wouldn’t be able to much, with a lack of understanding for what love is beyond childhood infatuation, but he promised his friend he’d figure it out as he stayed by her side in trying times, so he will. Marco remembers it after the frantic argument she had against him staying there at all, after everything he did to get back to her. It had taken him a few days to figure out he actually had scissors to follow after her, brain practically swept of anything logical, instead echoing the last moment they had together. But once he stepped foot inside the castle, unwavering and desperate to talk, she had all but told him he couldn’t be there with her.

It’s dangerous now!” she had claimed, “I can’t just let you get involved in our issues because I want you to be here. I need you to be safe.

He was confused at first, and a bit angry, because she just ran off without explaining practically anything besides her crush on him. But when her mother steps in and explains that his previous captor was back and more powerful than before, his anger vanished and he was left with only determination to support his best friend. And once a call to his parents was made, with exchanges about Marco staying for the remainder of the summer and details from the Butterflys, Star had fiercely told him that they needed to talk, alone.

He could tell she wanted to yell at him as soon as they were away from her parents, scream at him until her throat was scratchy and sore, but she settled on shaky breaths and crossed her arms, shaking her head back and forth to show him how much he could not be here right now.

I wouldn’t have told you I liked you if I knew I was going to see you again,” she said, then paused. “Do you? Feel that way about me, I mean.

I don’t know what I feel…about anything right now, honestly,” he told her, and he took her hands in his to keep her from running away again. It’s the same thing he told Jackie before they settled on taking a break for awhile. “But I know I don’t want you to say goodbye again. So I’m staying. I wouldn’t be able to figure out what I feel for you if I couldn’t.

But Toffee’s –

I don’t care,” He answered immediately. “I’m not leaving you when I can help.”

He knows he told them he could help, but at the moment he doesn’t really know what he can do beyond sit within the walls of the castle and twiddle his thumbs as Queen Butterfly demonstrates a new spell to Star with the wand. It had been a little over a week since he showed up, and that’s pretty much what he’s been doing – staying by her side and supporting her in any possible way he could.

She looks over at him as her mother speaks, a stare that goes from determined and focused to just a bit silly, blue eyes shining with mischief. She tilts her head and smiles at him. “Thank you for being here,” it says.

His heart jumps.

im getting quieter and quieter. my voice is slowly getting drowned out by my regrets and fears and sadness. If the oceans of despair dont drown me, i'm afraid I might suffocate under the weight of my own ineptness. The burden of promise in childhood is twofold: you disappoint those who love you, and you kill yourself for those who may not. To have your dreams reflected out into the world of never is a worthy punishment for one who did not become all they thought he would be

Rhys’ sister Rhyanna Headcannons

This might be really stupid

1. She was born after the war, hence was much younger than Rhys

2. She was gorgeous (duh…), quirky and sassy as fuck. She had violet eyes and night blue hair just like Rhys.

3. Rhys’ mom put the boys on baby sitting duties all the time.

4. Which resulted in her getting really really close with all three of them

5. Rhys loved her like crazy, He fell in love the moment he saw her for the first time.

6. Cassian was her favourite playmate . Both of them used to wreck havoc around velaris all the time leaving Rhys’ exasperated.

7. She used to go on flying trips with Rhys all around Velaris during nights

8. Azriel probably loved her the most. When he held her in his arms for the first time he said “so this is what innocence looks like”

9. She was the little sister Mor never had. She was her partner and her secret keeper. She was the only one Mor trusted with her personal details.

10. They were besties . They together used to find new and creative ways to spend money on clothes and jewels.

11. Being the daughter of a seamstress she like her brother was an excellent designer and Mor’s trademark revealing gowns were her designs, because in her opinion “The Morrigan is a force that is not supposed to be contained”

12. She loved her adoptive brothers just as much as her real one. She bossed them around and used to be secretly terrified when they went on life threatening missions.

13. She cried all night the day she found out the details about Cassian and Azriel’s early childhood and made Rhys promise that Azriel’s brothers will be punished.

14. She almost marched to the Hewn city to punch Keir in the face and hated the Autumn court with a passion the day her mother told her Mor’s story.

15. She was secretly terrified of being sold to the highest bidder as a heir making machine just like Mor, but the high lord promised that he would never let that happened to her.

16. Rhys’ father the high lord was a cruel and terrifying male but to Rhyanna even he was soft as cotton

17. She wanted to learn to fight and idolized Mor for being a warrior but all her pleas were rejected. He father told her “Fighting is not for her because he will always keep her safe”. Her brothers taught her a few moves but she was never trained as a proper warrior.

18. She was not scared of Amren, not at all. infact she was the only one who flat out asked Amren about her history. Amren too was secretly fond of her and gave her frequent history lessons .

19. She was an artist. She loved to dance and sing and paint. She practically lived at the Rainbow of Velaris.

20. Being the youngest member of inner circle she was a little spoiled. She used to swagger around Velaris with her three elder brothers.

21. She was not subtle about bragging to other females about how she has three most beautiful and powerful males in the history of Prythian on her beck and call.

22. she was trapped in their other camp house when the high lord of spring court attacked along with his sons, she fought with all her might.

23. Even though she was young and her magic was still growing and she had no physical training she put up a very good fight.

24. She managed to break the nose of one of Tamlin’s brothers and struck a good blow to the high lord himself

25. She tried to shield her mother with her wings but high lord of the spring court was stronger.

26. He offered to spare her life if she gave Rhys’ location but she spat in his face.

27. When one of Tamlin’s brothers slit her throat, with her last breathe she told him to remember her eyes because soon he is going to see his death in the eyes identical to hers.

28. She didn’t let them touch her wings while she was alive.

29. The high lord of night court was furious beyond words. It was at this moment he realised that his power, his reputation his wealth all was worth nothing. He knew going in the revenge mission that it won’t end well but he was consumed with rage.

30. Rhys was devastated… He vowed to destroy everything and everyone Tamlin held dear. He blamed himself for everything. He was inconsolable.

31. He killed Tamlin’s asshole brothers in one blow in his rage. They begged him to spare their life upon her name but Rhys had no mercy left in him.

32. It was Rhyanna’s memories being tainted with blood that made Rhys stop. He realised that his beautiful sister who is never coming back would prefer to have a symphony in her memory rather than a bloodbath.

33. Cassian and Azriel were away on different missions and they found out a little later. They were both beside themselves in sorrow

34. Everything went silent in Cassian’s head and Azriel’s shadow engulfed him in an eternal darkness.

35. Mor kept thinking about how this felt exactly like a note being nailed to her abdomen, only this time it was her heart.

36. They wanted revenge, they wanted to wipe the spring court off the map of Prythian but on seeing how traumatized Rhys was with all the bloodshed and slaughter they decided to spare that cursed court.

37. Rhyanna is the reason why Cassian is always offering everyone chances to train. He wants everyone to be able to defend themselves,especially the ladies in the family. His dream team of an all girls aerial fighting legion is an homage to her.

38. There isn’t a day when Rhys doesn’t miss her. He had symphonies dedicated to her. He had an art center built for young girls in Rhyanna’s memory.

39. When Mor went to the spring court manor to retrieve Feyre her powers practically erupted with anger because this was the house where her cousin’s mate was being held captive by the male who condemned her baby cousin, her best friend to death. She actually wanted them to try and stop her so that he could burn that damn place down to ashes for both Feyre and Rhyanna.

40. Azriel secretly feels he failed her and prefers not to talk about it but he has vowed that he will be the first to slaughter anyone who would dare hurt his family again.

41. Rhys misses her even more after Feyre became a part of his life. He knows that Feyre would have loved her and it breaks his heart that Feyre will never get to meet his baby sister and his offsprings will never know the aunt who would have loved them to the moon and back.

galenofwater  asked:

Haikyuu fic rec part three??



As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

Get in losers, we’re going shipping.

get ripped, get laid - 13.5K; IwaOi; Personal trainer Iwaizumi should’ve known accepting Oikawa as his newest client would only end in one giant headache.

15 Minutes - 17.5K; IwaOi; Iwa-chan gets the 15 minutes of internet fame his face deserves.

i’ll fall with gravity - 61.5K (WIP); IwaOi; Iwaizumi Hajime, Assistant to Oikawa Tooru, CEO and Founder of Aoba Johsai Enterprises, really deserves a pay raise. AKA the Avengers AU you didn’t know you needed.

we can do better than that - 16.5K; IwaOi; Oikawa and Iwaizumi go on a road trip during the summer after their high school graduation.

darlin’, your head’s not right - 13.5K; IwaOi; Oikawa teases Iwaizumi about a childhood promise he made to marry him when they were older, except suddenly it’s not really a joke at all.

the language of love - 10K; KageHina; Where Hinata is from, they don’t say “I love you”. Instead, they text their friends at three in the morning saying: “I really want to lick his abs”.

if you wanna be - 15K; IwaOi;  Oikawa tries to play matchmaker for Iwaizumi and fails. Spectacularly.

drawn to you - 16K; IwaOi; Iwaizumi is a shoujo manga author, Oikawa definitely isn’t stalking him and Hanamaki and Matsuwaka manage to make falling in love look easy. AKA the GSNK crossover you didn’t know you needed.

Add New Contact - 8.5K; DaiSuga;  All Daichi’s electronics are endangered the moment he realizes he can’t get that sweet, patient, ridiculously attractive IT tech off his mind.

Saffron and Cayenne Pepper - 30.5K; KageHina; Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you.

❧ h.js | assassin!au

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pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!joshua, fluff, doctor!reader, mentions of blood

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notes; my asssassin!aus are getting waaay to fluffy for a supposedly dark au i’m sorry everyone AHAHA but hope you like this one!!

  • joshua assassin!au
  • did you think you were gunna get some dark shua
  • SIKE
  • jkjk
  • he’s the medic ??? of the team 
  • idk what you wanna call it but
  • he basically cures everyone on the team
  • and prevents them from dying lol
  • no i mean seriously joshua is seen as the florence nightingale of the group 
  • but ok he does go on the missions too
  • since he has the most advanced knowledge on medicine and stuff like that ,, he can make doses that can kill their targets
  • basically poison doses lol
  • andddd he’s always busy 
  • like 
  • he doesn’t have time to rest 
  • AT ALL 
  • because
  • every day 
  • like every single day
  • after every single mission
  • there would be at least one wounded member on the team 
  • “smh guys can’t you be more careful” 
  • “…nvm” 
  • he usually does the behind-the-scenes work and not the actions aha
  • & he usually gets really worried when someone gets injured bc he knows how bad it could get
  • it could go from 
  • “seungkwan got a scratch on his cheek”
  • to
  • like what the fuck guys
  • well 
  • no matter how busy it could get 
  • it was something he did like doing 
  • he liked the feeling of being important to the team 
  • and 
  • the fact that he could make the members feel better
  • but surprise surpriseeeeee
  • he actually didn’t plan on becoming part of an assassin team 
  • all he wanted was to become a doctor 
  • but 
  • since his group of friends pulled him into this 
  • ,,,
  • why not 
  • they were all childhood friends and had promised to stay as a group when they were still really young
  • and their friendship had remained strong throughout the years
  • so sure
  • they need someone to look after them anyways
  • it was kinda funny to imagine that they would be nowhere without him 
  • seokmin would probably have his kidney hanging out of his body or something
  • but today, it was joshua himself who got injured 
  • they were on a mission to kill the president of a corrupted company
  • so all of them went,, since the building was really big
  • and jeonghan stayed in the car as standby
  • jihoon too,,, he was just monitoring them aft hacking the building’s cctvs
  • soo for those in the building
  • they were moving tgt, although pretty spaced out
  • joshua lagged behind the group bc he was on the lookout
  • but suddenly someone just grabs him from the back and joshua managed to kick him off
  • but that man came back and just flung him
  • shua was practically thrown against a window + shelf while trying to attack back
  • and there was a huGEE gash running up his upper arm
  • resulting in his arm bleeding a waterfall of blood
  • apparently the company had higher security than they had predicted so
  • abort mission for real
  • when they were in the car + when they got back, joshua couldn’t do anything bc ,,,
  • i mean ,,,
  • how tf is he supposed to treat himself
  • soonyoung was just pressing a thick cloth onto the wound but it wasn’t of much help really
  • everyone else would be able to help with minor wounds but this one was asdfgkl
  • ,,, joshua wouldn’t be able to help even if it happened on another member
  • it was that bad
  • and ok jeonghan knew how to stitch wounds up 
  • but they don’t have anesthetic
  • so he couldn’t stitch the wound up bc joshua would probably die from the pain first before dying from blood loss
  • and joshua was just getting paler and paler by the minute
  • this wound just couldn’t get treated by any of them
  • “i think we need to get you to a hospital”
  • cue joshua pouting bc he never really liked hospitals
  • the doctors never really cared
  • shua had a few hospital visits when he was younger
  • none of them being good experiences
  • like omg the doctors act as if everything can be cured by ice packs
  • got a bruise? have an ice pack. 
  • have a stomach ache? have an ice pack. 
  • broke your neck? have a fucking ice pack.
  • like do i look like a moron to you
  • ok back to the story
  • seungcheol was kinda hesitant at first but 
  • 1. he knew their assassin group was pretty private so no one would recognize them 
  • 2. shua was gonna die and
  • 3. shua is screaming
  • ok not really screaming screaming
  • but making weird grunting noises
  • of pain
  • whatever 
  • he needed to live
  • the team needed him
  • so 
  • an hour later 
  • joshua and everyone else were in front of the local hospital 
  • andddd you worked there as a pretty experienced doctor
  • so! 
  • suddenly
  • that night
  • a horde of men just run into the hospital like a fucking tsunami was chasing them lmao
  • “is there a doctor available?!!!” 
  • you were the closest to them and you didn’t even have to ask who’s injured
  • bc this,,, brown-haired guy,,,, in the middle of all of them,,, being held up by 2 guys,,, was literally red
  • like i mean everything was red
  • except for his face which was ghostly !!! white !!!
  • but his clothes were soaked in his own blood and his flesh on his arm was cut open and it was so deep and just
  • omg it was really really gory
  • you were pretty shook
  • “did you guys murder someone or something??”
  • everyone just gave each other awkward glances 
  • like um techincally yes we did
  • you quickly led them to a room and did all the procedures
  • aka stitching of the wound
  • but you didn’t allow the whole group of them to follow you in bc you counted 13 of them in total like nonononono get out all of you
  • so only seungcheol followed
  • you stitched up joshua’s wound after injecting him with local anesthetic to numb the area
  • and seungcheol had to look away bc ew
  • joshua was still really pale tho like the amount of blood he lost was ,,, a lot ,,,
  • “i think he’s gonna have to stay here for a day or two,” you told seungcheol
  • seungcheol just nods and leaves and you try to call him back to sign the papers but he juST LEFT 
  • you were dumbfounded like okay so you’re just ?? gonna ?? leave your friend here ???
  • but joshua (you learnt his name from seungcheol while you were stitching up joshua’s wound) was asleep
  • and reasonably so
  • he would’ve been really weak and tired, considering how much blood he lost
  • you couldn’t help but stare at him for a while bc he,,, looked ,,, cute
  • there was a little frown on his face but he still looked pretty relaxed
  • and his features and everything were just so perfectly sculpted ajdskjfh
  • ok no y/n you’re a professional doctor stop it
  • so you let him sleep in the ward after updating his medical reports
  • and you were on night shift so you were gonna stay in the hospital through the night
  • you went on your daily rounds and settled more patients
  • but when you went to check back on joshua about 4 hours later
  • mEJIK
  • pOOf
  • hE wAs gONe
  • the hospital bed was empty ,,, with just a few cash notes lying on the sheets
  • o and a little handwritten note too
  • which just said “thanks for stitching up my wound & taking care of me”
  • and the amount of cash beside the note was the exact fee he had to pay
  • okay maybe a few dollars less but that didn’t really matter
  • what mattered was that hE wASN’T WELL ENOUGH TO LEAVE YET
  • the wound would open again if he does any strenuous activity omg
  • but that worry didn’t last very long bc you had other patients to take care of
  • you couldn’t keep him on your mind like that
  • fast forward a few weeks later
  • joshua’s wound !! has healed !!!
  • not completely but the stitches are out (yes he did it himself) and the wound’s pretty closed already
  • but he still wasnt in prefect condition so he was sent on a fairly simple mission
  • which involved killing someone again
  • but this target was hospitalized 
  • so it was an easy task
  • all joshua needed to do was to insert the poison,,, venom thingy,,,, into that person’s IV
  • but no 
  • it didn’t go as well as planned
  • he realized that the person was staying in the same hospital as he was previously
  • but he didn’t think much of it bc he was here for only a short while
  • and his identity wasn’t really recorded soOooO 
  • he just went into the target’s ward, acting as a visitor, a regular mask covering his nose and mouth
  • and a casual cap over his head
  • i mean he looked pretty normal
  • and the target was soundly sleeping
  • joshua pulled the tiny vile from his pocket, quietly grabbing the syringe from the nurse’ table at the corner of the room, filling it with the poison and injecting it into the IV
  • “what are you doing?” 
  • joshua threw the syringe under the bed and stuffed the empty vile into his butt pocket and turned around
  • shit 
  • out of all doctors, it had to be you
  • you ran over, pushing him aside, ripping the IV out of the patient’s arm
  • the patient had woken up, obviously alarmed and confused
  • joshua looked away, afraid of being recognized by both you and his target
  • he quickly turned and walked-jogged right out of the room
  • you quickly told the patient to just go back to sleep first and ran after joshua
  • but by the time you got out, you couldn’t see him anywhere 
  • so you just ran down the hallway, pulling out your phone and calling the hospital’s security.
  • “hello? someone just entered the—”
  • you didn’t finish your sentence
  • the door of the storeroom on your right opened and someone grabbed you, placing a hand over your mouth and pulling you in
  • your phone was snatched out of your hand and that person switched your phone off
  • the door got locked but the hand was removed from your mouth
  • you were about to scream but when you saw the perpetrator’s face ;;; 
  • “joshua….?” 
  • you recognized him almost immediately 
  • he was one of the patients you wouldn’t forget easily
  • besides, he just came in a few weeks ago
  • joshua smiles a little when you remembered him
  • “hey.”
  • “what the hell? why were you in the patient’s room? what did you put into the IV?” 
  • your voice was getting louder and louder, causing him to widen his eyes & place his hand over your mouth again
  • he shushes you
  • “stop speaking so loud!” 
  • you stare at him like ??? i’m speaking loudly?? you’re the one who just tried to kill my patient???
  • joshua couldn’t reveal anything so he just ,,
  • “that guy isn’t good.” 
  • you were so pissed like did i ask that ????
  • joshua just changes the topic suddenly like nothing happened 
  • and he thanked you for the other time
  • “i know i haven’t thanked you face to face yet, but thank you. it’s a lot better now.” 
  • you looked at his arm where the wound was, but it was covered by his sleeve so
  • nvm 
  • he smiled at you again and you wanted to scream at him like
  • stop !!! smiling at me !!!!!
  • he was so cute you really couldn’t take it 
  • and so you just snatched your phone from him and left the storeroom 
  • but not before joshua makes sure you “don’t tell anyone about anything” and “pretend he was never here”
  • like ok i totally can do that 
  • he honestly didn’t seem like a bad guy
  • he seemed to hv good reasons
  • but no your morals got to you
  • you had to report him
  • he nearly killed someone
  • but before going to the security, you went back to your patient’s room to check if he was fine
  • but the moment you stepped in
  • you got fuckign strangled
  • by your patient
  • he was shouting something like “are you from their team?! did you just try to kill me?!” 
  • you were just helplessly clawing at his hands while your lungs contracted
  • you panicked
  • but suddenly the pressure on your neck disappears and you just crUmble to the floor
  • joshua had kicked him in the face and he was sprawled on the floor now
  • joshua grabs another syringe that was from his jacket pocket and just stabbed it into the man’s neck 
  • and the man just went unconscious
  • you were still,,, on the floor,,, spluttering and wheezing
  • joshua rushed over to you 
  • “are you okay?” 
  • he pats you a bit, and he suddenly just reaches around your neck gently, his thumb caressing your sore skin
  • when you could finally breathe again, you were just
  • “what was that? did you kill him?” 
  • joshua shook his head.
  • “it was just a heavy dose of general anesthetic.” 
  • that was joshua’s back-up.
  • you heaved a sigh of relief ;;;  joshua would’ve gotten into huge trouble if the man died 
  • you got really suspicious of joshua bc of what the man had said to you so you started ,,, cautiously ,,,, questioning joshua
  • and joshua told you. bc he trusted that you wouldn’t do anything.
  • and you didn’t !!! bc he just saved your life ,,, he was obviously a good guy
  • everything he said made sense too sooo okay
  • so you became a new “partner” of his team
  • you always helped the members treat their wounds and everything whenever they got injured
  • it was fun
  • and joshua liked to make jokes about how “getting injured isn’t bad now, i get to see you” 
  • :”))))) 
Foreign line's reaction to you surprising them with tickets to their home country

Request: Foreign line reacting to you surprising them with tickets to their home country?

A/N: I wrote this like if it was their s/o who surprised them, okay? 


Johnny would be one of the calmest one in this situation. He would smile at you and hug you immediately, whispering in your ear how thankful he is to you for doing this. You would also notice that Johnny would be constantly telling everyone about lots of stories from his childhood and promising you to take you to his favorites places in Chicago, silently letting you know how excited he is for coming back.

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Yuta’s eyes would shine more than never and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling and hugging you the whole time. He would be in disbelieve at first, but then he would start thanking you again and again. “I’m so happy we’re going back, I need to tell this to my parents right now!” Unconsciously he would be more cuddly and clingy with you.

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Another baby who would be very calm but still really grateful to you, and would also let you know about it by, unconsciously, being more cuddly. Kun would also get a bit homesick and would tell you lots of cute stories about him in Chine while you’re cuddling or just talking.

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Ten would react instantly with his body and expressions. His eyebrows would raise and his mouth would be wide opened in surprise. “Are you for real, Y/N?!” He would get closer to you and hug you tighly as he thanks you again and again for doing this for him. He would be really excited about both of you getting to see his family again, and would be already thinking about nice places were he can take you on cute dates.

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Sicheng would have a confuse look in his face for five good seconds before finally understanding the whole situation. He would smile widely and hug you shyly as he thanks you for doing this for him. Once you’re in his hometown he would take you to lots of sweet dates and buy you cute stuff to show you how thankful he is.

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Mark would be in complete disbelieve at first. Even if you have the plane tickets in front of his eyes he still wouldn’t be able to believe it, but just seconds later he would hug you and thank you non stop for like a whole month. Without realizing it, he would be a lot more attentive with you, and while both of you are in  Vancouver he would take you on dates to lots of different places he remembers from his childhood so you get to know him a bit more.

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Renjun would be really happy when you show him the tickets and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from giggling and smiling the whole time. He would hug you and thank you sincerely, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he’s feeling now that both of you are going to travel to China.

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Chenle wouldn’t stop screaming and jumping around for the rest of the day. Like Yuta, he would also get a bit more cuddly but most of the time he would just be talking about how excited he is for going back to China with you and looking for cool places where he could take you on dates.

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How They Act When You’re Pregnant (Avengers Preference)

Tony Stark:

As scared as he was at the idea of being a father he feels nothing but pure excitement when you finally tell him the big news.Tony knows exactly how NOT to act, and vows to be the best father ever. He is constantly running around and buying things for the Little Stark and already has a list of the world’s best designers ready to decorate the nursery for when you find out the sex of the baby. As annoying as it can be when he brags to literally EVERYONE that he’s going to be a father (”Seriously Tony? I don’t think the Russian Mafia cares that you’re expecting”), you can’t help the way your heart swells as he smiles at the thought of holding your son or daughter in his arms. 

Steve Rogers: 

When you first tell Steve the news he’s so shocked that he collapses back into a chair and just stares into space for a few minutes. Of course he is completely excited to be a father (especially with the love of his life as the mother), but he does feel entirely unprepared. Steve buys literally every book on pregnancies and babies that he can find and reads them all in about three days. He is constantly trying to make you eat healthy and walk around and try prenatal yoga and anything else that’s supposed to be healthy for the baby. You’re touched Steve is so concerned about your unborn child but you swear if he takes away your peanut butter covered pickles one more time you’re going to snap. 

Bucky Barnes:

Bucky was so excited when you told him you were pregnant that he picked you up and spun you around, planting a passionate kiss to your lips. Bucky was the most caring daddy from day one and did absolutely everything you asked. He went on midnight craving runs, rubbed your feet, and let you scream at him when your mood swings were in full force. He was so excited and thankful that you were bringing y’all’s child into the world that he would have walked on hot coals if it made you happy. It never failed to bring a tear to your eye when Bucky would come home and immediately drop down to his knees, kissing your tummy and telling your unborn child they were already the center of his universe. 

Bruce Banner:

Bruce is honestly so surprised that you’re pregnant that he cries when you tell him the news. After everything that had happened to him he didn’t think it was possible for him to still have a child. Since he had such a rough childhood Bruce promises to be the most loving father ever and it starts from the moment you tell him your pregnant. He is always there holding your hand at doctor appointments, asking way too many questions, and he’s always got a hand resting against your stomach. Sometimes if you wake up in the middle of the night you can hear Bruce reading to your little bump and you have no doubt they’ll be just as smart as their daddy if any of the formulas and theories he’s reading are actually sinking in. 

Clint Barton: 

Clint tries to play it off, but he’s secretly scared to death. He’s been a killer for so long now he’s not sure if he’ll be able to keep that life separated from the pure little angel you’re carrying. He’s constantly thinking about how he’s going to lose your kid in a store, or someone from his past is going to come back and ruin the life he’s starting to build. All of his fear disappears when he feels that first kick though. He realizes his past gives him an advantage to better protect your child rather than taint them, and he already knows he would rather die than see anything happen to the precious gift growing in your stomach. 

Pietro Maximoff: 

Pietro is kind of stunned when you share the news about your sudden parenthood. Though he’s excited that you’re going to be the mother of his children he is kind of worried that you guys are a little young. He tries to act strong and mature and read the parenting books and ask serious questions at the doctors office, but you can see in his icy blues that he’s terrified on the inside. He continues putting on a brave front until the day you finally see a clear outline of your baby on the sonogram machine. He starts crying, and while at first they’re tears of fear at the idea of such a small little piece of perfection relying on him they soon turn into tears of happiness as the steady heartbeat reminds Pietro that he’s come a long way in life and there’s nothing he can’t do with you by his side. 

Thor Odinson:

If there was ever a proud father-to-be it was Thor. Since the day you told him he had been spreading the news around the realms and planning how he was going to show off your beautiful baby to the world. Every king and queen of every realm had been informed and Thor had already decided the order in which they could all come visit the newest heir to the Throne of Asgard. Thor was so excited you could see how his chest would swell with pride anytime someone asked you about your swollen belly. And every time you started feeling self conscious about the way you were looking, or your mood swings got you down Thor was right there to reassure you that you had never looked more beautiful than when you were bringing his child into the world.

Loki Laufeyson: 

Loki, for all his tough icy exterior, is a quivering mess on the inside. You were the love of his life and he had no idea how your body was going to handle carrying his child. He made sure that you were constantly seen by both Midgardian and Asgardian doctors to ensure the baby was completely fine. He begged you to consider bed rest starting in your second trimester and he fretted over you constantly. Loki was the only man alive who managed to make YOU feel bad for getting morning sickness and making him worry about your “fragile” condition. 

Sam Wilson:

Sam is elated at the idea of finally getting to start a family, especially with you. For so long Sam had been the wingman, watching all his friends get the girl and settle down, and now that it was his turn he couldn’t contain his excitement. He called literally everyone in his contacts when you told him the news, and every few weeks the Avengers each get a new sonogram picture of your baby. Sam is always playing classical music around the house and holding your hair back when you get morning sickness. You honestly couldn’t ask for a more perfect man to be by your side. (Except, of course, when he invites EVERYONE to touch your belly. “Sam for the last time stop telling Nick Fury to put his hand on my abdomen”) 

Scott Lang:

Scott had already gone through the pregnancy thing before, but he couldn’t help but be a little more worried this time around. Now that he was Ant-Man he knew there were some people out there who wanted him hurt, and he knew the best way to do that was to target his family. So while Scott wasn’t worried about you eating strange food combos or laying around too much he did get overly paranoid when it came to you being in public and letting people touch your stomach. You thought it was sweet until he literally slapped your Aunt’s hand away when she tried to rub your belly at your baby shower.


From the second you tell him the news T’Challa becomes the most over protective man you had ever seen. If you thought he was protective of you before it only got a hundred times worse. Everywhere you went you were escorted by at least ten guards. You had doctor appointments at least every two days. And you weren’t allowed to leave the house unless T’Challa was with you. It could be horribly annoying, but it was also very endearing that T’Challa already loved your child with such an intense ferocity that he couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to either the baby or you. 


I kind of combined the requests for how they act when you’re pregnant and they’re reaction to finding out so I hope it turned out okay!(:


effleuresense  asked:

Thanks for asking for prompt, I hope you will get this one. For Jonsa: " The water hears and understands. The ice does not forgive..." The quote is from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It always makes me think of jonsa. Thank you in advance.

She does not forgive him so easily. When Jon returns North with Brienne of Tarth and Ser Davos he is welcomed back not with warm smiles and sweet greetings, but with a castle and a Lady so ravaged by winter they are both now frozen beyond repair. Winterfell has suffered, and so has Sansa. She is stoic and rigid with him, her words and gestures so cutting and harsh Jon feels as if the Night Kings blade would sting less. Once so ethereal and pleasant, she now stands with a straightness and poise akin to both her mother and Cersei Lannister. She calls him Your Grace, never Jon. Not anymore.

He who was crowned King in the North, and named a Stark by Sansa alone now feels more an outsider in this castle than he ever had. He is once again that bastard boy seated at the back of the great hall, and she is Lady Catelyn, blue eyes harsh as ice and hair burning with the fire she holds within.

Sansa also holds winter in her bones, and buries summer in her mind within the crypt of childhood and promises. She is the ice that clings to the grey stones of Winterfell, the frost that clings to the weirwood leaves and the sharp kiss of snow that falls upon the ground. Winter is here. And summer is so far away, Sansa will not melt so easily.

Not like Arya. Arya who is like water, rushing and battling against the current of war. She has listened to Jon, understood why he has done what he had to do. Why he bent the knee. Arya has much blood on her hands, the freshest being Littlefingers; a crimson and bright stain against what little soul she has left. She should scare Jon, he knows, he can tell she is much changed when he catches that murderous glimmer in her eyes.

She will not bend the knee, she says, her sister is her only Queen. But she will fight with Daenerys Targaryen and her beasts when the time comes.

Jon is glad then, that he has one sibling who understands. Sansa will not listen, will not ally herself with the foreign invader, and all Bran does is look at Jon with a contemplating look; as if he desires to tell him something. It unsettles Jon greatly, but whatever it is that the three eyed raven wishes to say, he keeps it hidden and secret for now. Perhaps it is not the right time.

She converses with Brienne and Podrick late into the night, dark circles permanently carving themselves beneath her blue eyes and Jon can see she is weary. Weary of talk about grain stores and armories and the imminence of death. He wishes to speak with her, but he has tried and every time she throws some sharp quip at him.

You have no place to speak, Your Grace, you gave away the North. Why not go back to your Dragon Queen, she after all is the one you truly serve.

I serve you, he wants to tell her, I’ll only ever serve you. But he can not bring himself to say it, because he fears winter and it’s horror, and the Lady of Winterfell is the embodiment of it.

She does not even forgive him when the war is over and Daenerys Targaryen is dead. Not even when he knows his last name is not Stark, but one of Old Valyria. Not even when he, as the true heir to the Iron Throne, declares that there shall be Seven Kingdoms again. Or when he names her Queen in the North. She instead chooses to remain as cold as the granite likeness of dead Starks that rest beneath the crypts of Winterfell.

Bran speaks now in hushed whispers, and does not now hide ominous prophecies within his words. He prefers to sit in dark rooms and beneath trees that speak to him in riddles. Jon barely sees him anymore, and he knows there is no use looking for the brother he once knew, that Bran is gone and the three eyed raven is in his place. Sansa speaks to him just as rigid, and when Arya leaves to travel with the Baratheon blacksmith Jon is left truly alone.

Solitude is no longer rare, and Jon seeks it in the shadow of the godswood; the red eyes of gods more company than his own family. The ghosts of Ser Davos and Tormund weigh heavily on his shoulders; and their languid strides more heavy in death shadow every step he takes. The long night is over, and with the finality of it brings a warmth to the North that had not been there before.

But snow still falls, and ice still lives in the castle.

Underneath the red leaves of the weirwood, Jon feels more sheltered than he ever has and he is content to sit there all night long and polish the blade that won him a war. The dim sun makes the surface look even more smooth than it did before, the scratches and indents upon the steel all but invisible in the blur of light. He catches his reflection in it and almost stiffens, for he could have sworn it was the face of his father looking at him. Not the dragon prince; never him. His true father.

But the ghost of Eddard Stark is gone when he looks again, and the spirit of his father joins the others that stand behind him.

The sound of the soft rustling of skirts against the frozen ground makes him look up, and before his eyes walks another ghost. She is as beautiful as ever- Lady Sansa- and he feels the foreboding presence of the gods even greater than before as he eyes her. She always looks like the suns lover when its beams shine on her like a godly beacon. She is protected by some greater force, he reckons, the ethereal beauty of her a gift from above.

She walks towards him, straight backed and hard eyed and in her hands she carries a bunched up scroll. If only they knew, how in this moment they were recreating one that had happened before, one imprinted on eternity that they now walk in the steps of. But they do not know, how very like the Lord and Lady that ruled here in simpler times. Jon has heard the whispers though, of the common folk. How they wish for Jon to marry his flame haired cousin and secure the North even though there are no threats any longer. But he does well not to listen so intently, and he will not allow himself to wish for something so idle.

“Your Grace” she calls him as she stops before him, holding out the scroll for him to read. He looks up at her then, and regrets it instantly. The depths the color of the Riverlands water shows nothing of the coldness she so sharply displays around him. They hold a pain in them that Jon himself sees inside his heart.

“Sansa” he greets her, gently taking the scroll from her hands. Their fingers brush off one another’s and she bristles where she stands- her eyes tearing away from him.

“Arya is coming home” Sansa informs him before he can even read one word of the black scrawl “with Gendry. They are to be married here in Winterfell. With our blessings of course”

“Aye, she has my blessing. Gendry as well” Jon remarks fondly with a nod of his head, the smallest of smiles tugging at his lip. He thanks whatever gods he sits beneath that he can live in a world where his sister can be married. It is no longer a world full of the marching dead.

“A Baratheon and a Stark. Finally betrothed and married, it seems rather fitting, don’t you think?” she asks him, once again turning her eyes to his face. He wants to tell her how he wants it to be fitting for a Stark to marry a Targaryen, but he is not Rhaegar and she is not Lyanna. Jon will not thrust the past onto his present desires and hope that he could rectify the union that started a war.

“Aye, it is” he tells her, leaning Longclaw against the white bark of the weirwood and standing. He doesn’t miss how she steps back slightly, her eyes dropping to her feet and back again.

“I’m glad she’s coming home” Sansa says, but he knows the words that are hidden beneath the ones she has spoken. She is glad Arya is coming home so she will have some peace- a relief from all this tension the war has brought between the King and Queen. It must be some cruel jape from the gods, Jon thinks often, that he be a King and she a Queen yet he can not have her as he wants.

“I thought it’d be different” he says, black and grey eyes sweeping around the godswood.

“What would be?” she asks him, a trickle of softness melting the ice in her voice.

“Coming home” he answers plainly with a shrug “I thought when I defeated the Night King and reclaimed the North that everything would be different. That we would be different. But you still haven’t forgiven me”

“You expect me to so easily forgive the fact that you bent the knee to a foreign queen who wanted your people and your family to be submissive to her rule? You wanted me to forgive the fact that you gave away our home? The home I was raped and tortured in, the home that Theon was tortured in. The North that our brother went to war for? The North he and Mother died for? You want me to forgive the fact that you…….lay with her” the end words are a whisper and he can tell with a piercing stab to his heart that the fact he lay with Daenerys is the true reason she can not look at him longer than a minute.

“Sansa please I did it -”

“Don’t tell me you did it for the North. Don’t tell me you did for our family, or for me Jon Snow. Don’t” she warns, a hand held up as she steps away from his attempt to grab her. He is crushed as she backs away, the fact that she has finally uttered his name not even a comfort for him.

“I never stopped fighting for the North, just like I’ll never stop fighting for you. I told you once and I’ll tell you again, the North is a part of me. You, Sansa, are a part of me” he knows then as she backs away from him, eyes watering with tears, that his words have resonated something in her.

“I will write to Arya and give her our blessings” is all she says, voice wavering but hard and Jon’s heart plummets to the godswood floor as she turns and walks away in a flurry of grey cloak and red hair.

She is ice even though the summer creeps back into the North, and he knows then that the winter is eternal in her. A Stark born in summer and tempered in snow, and she, like ice does not forgive.

So in The Swedes, jake mentions that he and rosa knew each other when they were twenty. so let’s assume they went through the academy together and would often work together.

so when they graduate, jake throws a huge party bc he’s jake and of course he invites his childhood best friend gina, promising that there’s gonna be hotties from his class that she can hook up with.

gina’s having a shit night bc nobody at this party is interesting enough for her. and then rosa enters, fashionably late of course, and in her best leather jacket. to cut a very long story short, they get very drunk together and hook up in the bathroom. they never see each other again.

when rosa transfers to the 99, gina’s already been working there for a year and she remembers rosa straight away. except rosa doesn’t say anything to her so gina assumes she was too drunk to remember. rosa on the other hand, is waiting for gina to say something and gina never does so rosa assumes gina was too drunk to remember anything.

and so they work together for years, lowkey in love with each other, neither one of them bringing up that one fateful night so very long ago