childhood, anyone

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice


bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

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Iwaoi - Childhood friends

“I will never turn my back to a lollipop to lick
It’s all puppy dog kisses and hugs
So fill my cup with cotton candy, ice-cream and weekend sleepovers
I don’t wanna grow up if it means getting older”

Awhile back @destiny-hoodie and @ximenib made a beautiful izuocha au I have always wanted to headcanon for but never had the inspiration to come up with anything. Thanks to the recent increase in izuocha fandom posivity I have finally been struck by my muse and came up with a fair share for it, wanting to dole out anything I can in thanks to everyone who’s had a nice things to say or share with one another and even those who just need a little more izuocha in their life ;)

childhood friends au

  • ochako had quite a bit of trouble fitting in after transferring due in part to her accent and a bit of child cruelty but thanks to that she got to know izuku would like and accept her without dumb kid prejudices, he’s a real friend and she’s come to really value the friendship they have.
  • shared food growing up all the time, ochako still has a habit of having no reservations about snatching whatever snack izuku has on hand. Izuku will fake sulk but in truth he’ll never be upset because well its ochako (+loves seeing her happy face when she eats something she likes)
  • sleepovers usually consisted of watching hero videos and deku muttering all through them, ochako usually being at a near constance with him found when he did it softy would soothe her and even relax her into sleep. This effect still holds up today.
  • finding out how much of an interest deku has toward quirks, ochako wanted to take part in his interest by doing little kid experiments using hers. Both are considered the neighbourhood pranksters thanks to those experiments.
  • since ochako liked to dress in comfortable boyish clothes as a kid, the first time izuku sees her in her uniform he’s a little taken aback and becomes flustered at first. Thinking she looks cuter than usual and his heart clenches a lot, he has no clue why thats been happening.
  • a rumour went around that ochako & katsuki  secretly liked/were dating, mostly due to ochako’s assertive attitude toward him (anyone else would fawn or avoid him). It left deku feeling awkward and unsure for a long time until he heard from ochako herself that of course nothing was going on between them. He’s still not quite sure why he was so relieved to hear that.
  • ochako and bakugou had one talk together about izuku back in middle, it didn’t go very well and they haven’t spoken about it since still sorta ongoing for them waiting to be settled.

I have no idea what kind of hc you guys had for your AU but I hope you don’t mind these little additions of my own :’)

daddyofive and that stepmom are so obviously abusers omg i’m not that big on philip defranco sometimes his videos are good and sometimes they’re shit but those parents are doing the classic playing the victim/shifting that blame to other people. with my mother i was always to blame for why she beat me. people who tired intervene or help us had some secret malicious agenda to tear her down/our family apart. the same thing is happening with daddyofive blaming defranco.


since it’s almost summer i think it’s an appropriate time to post this

Sloth Pair AUs to consider
  • “I’ve always been a shy kid and you moved into the apartment next door when we were little and befriended me anyway and ever since we’ve been inseparable and through hell and back together and I love you so much but please don’t notice or it’ll be awkward” AU
  • “We’re college roommates and you never do anything and procrastinate and it’s super annoying but now you’re on the verge of failing all your courses and I feel morally obliged to help you” AU
  • “I’m a journalist and have been tasked to do an experiment and go on an online dating platform and go on dates with a person I seem to have nothing in common with for ten weeks to see what happens and… well, you’re weird and I don’t wanna do this either but please play along or I might lose my job” AU
  • “I deliver pizza as a part-time job and you always order the same pizza three times a day, are you okay? You never seem to eat anything BUT pizza” AU
  • “You’re an idealistic rookie superhero with more guts than skills and I’m a seasoned pro who only does this job for the money, and now we have to team up and I’m stuck babysitting you and saving your butt every five seconds, just GREAT” AU
  • “Look, I know you’re chasing after your runaway cat and everything but would you PLEASE at least take off your shoes before you climb into my apartment? This is the third time you’ve gotten my floor all dirty YOU BETTER CLEAN ALL THAT UP” AU

the ending we all deserved tbh

was a little stressed out from work and other things a while back so I rewatched my old fave barbie movies because nostalgia hits are great distractions (fairytopia was so bomb tho???) and I have a new ship lmao

they honestly make such a cute pair tho???

This was just something warm and fuzzy I had in mind for nothing else than to add some warmth to our shipper feels. Thanks for the motivation @rainyrhymm !

Imagine a cute modern AU where Lance is the 5-year old younger cousin of Allura (21) and Keith is the 5-years old younger brother of Shiro (25). Allura and Shiro have been talking to each other for awhile on an online community for astronomy enthusiasts, and both decide to meet after they find out they live only an hour away from each other. Shiro has just moved to said town few months after their parents passed away and he took full guardianship of Keith (their grandparents provide financial help too). He doesn’t know the town very well so Allura agrees to show him around on their first date. Right before meeting, however, Allura admits that she has to bring her little cousin, Lance, with her because she ended up babysitting him for the day. Shiro says that it’s fine, and proposes to bring his brother, Keith, who he thinks would benefit befriending someone his age in such a new place. 

Allura and Shiro meet in the park, and their first encounter feels like everything had frozen in time because they just can’t stop finding the other one so beautiful/handsome. Meanwhile, little Lance watches from behind Allura’s legs at the small shy boy behind Shiro, peeping at him as if he’s half-scared to death. The more Lance leans over to take a better look, the more Keith hides behind Shiro.

Lance then switches to catch him from the other side, and Keith switches position to hide from him again. This becomes like a silent game between them. Everytime Lance leans over from one side, Keith moves away to Shiro’s other leg. When he switches suddenly to catch him, Keith gives a quick yelp and hides again. Lance snickers and teases Keith by catching him more by surprise. Soon Keith is in a fit of giggles and swinging back and forth behind Shiro from one leg to another in an effort to hide from this strange boy. Lance starts to bellow in laughter. 

Finally Allura and Shiro notice the funny commotion below them and respectively ask the boys what is it that they’re playing. Lance yells out, “Hide and Seek!” and gibbers something else in Spanish at Allura, pointing at Keith. He freezes, but Allura chuckles and clarifies that Lance admits to “liking that weird but cute boy (Keith) very much.” Without hesitation, Lance approaches Keith and extends out his hand. “Be my friend?” He says in a key higher than necessary. Keith looks up at Shiro, who nods, then at this oddly eager Cuban boy, and takes his hand shakily. “O-ok.” He squeaks. “P-play again?”

“YAH!” Lance responds. Allura advices her little cousin to be responsible for Keith’s safety from now on, and Lance complies right away with a salute. She then takes out a list of places for them to visit in town, and they all head out together. Shiro never leaves her side, of course, and neither does Lance with Keith, who holds his new friend’s hand for the rest of the day. 

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Spring Days Theory (Part I)

Edit: Part II is up now!

It’s been a wild ride in the past few hours as I have watched the mv about 5 times trying to figure out what the storyline is. However, I have come to a (shaky) conclusion! This will be kind of abstract and more conceptual than anything, but it does have evidence in the mv.

First of all, this is going to contradict my original theory about Jimin committing suicide. Jimin still is special in this mv, but he probably doesn’t die. Yay!

The main gist of this mv is the theme of growing up. In the mv, every member is shown growing up in some way–except Jin (but we’ll get to him later)! Let me explain:

When I say growing up, I don’t mean that in the literal sense: I mean that each member is shown either struggling in some way (which leads to growth), getting on the train away from Omelas, or using a symbol of growth.

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Hey, any headcanons on if Kuchel and Kenny met Levi's s/o? Cause the Ackermans is love💓

  • Kenny is a weird old man, okay, so who knows what he would do. 
  • He would probably just kinda scoff and look Levi’s s/o up and down before asking how good they are with a knife.
  • Seriously, your worth to Kenny Ackerman is how well you can hold your own in a fight and if he had his way he’d probably duel Levi’s s/o just to make sure they were worthy but he won’t because he knows Levi would probably cut his hands off.
  • He’d pretend like he doesn’t care and go back to whatever weapon he was sharpening last but in reality he’s secretly happy that Levi could find the happiness he never could.
  • Kuchel…well, bless her soul, that sweet woman.
  • She only wants Levi to be happy, so he could literally bring home a street rat and she’d smile and tell him how happy she was for him.
  • She’d love to get to know his s/o and find out what their interests were, about their childhood, etc. because anyone important to Levi is important to her.
  • She’d probably become like a second mom to his s/o, okay, stop me from crying because if this were a reality then Levi’s life would be SO different, ugh. It hurts.

jennautena  asked:

Which is your pick? YoungBlood having been a child before becoming a ghost from a strong desire to play and be free? Or an old man who never got to have a childhood but didn't want anyone else to miss the wonderment?

I always assumed it was the former, but now that you bring up the latter it would make sense. And the parrot (whose name i am blanking on and am too lazy to google sorry) could be the same ghost (in a sense) because it could be the older part of himself.