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Otabek x Yurio is canon af already:

The fact that Otabek saved Yurio from his fans, and was riding around Barcelona trying to find him (Mind you now in Barcelona they said that if you ride around on your motorcycle, your likely to find true love)

Yurio’s face when Otabek called him strong, and when Otabek remembered him (Childhood crush anyone)

Otabek (someone who isn’t friendly with other skaters) going out of his way to become friends with Yurio(A good starting point to any relationship).

The fucking tea date between them, and Yurio blushing with Otabek looking at him the same way that Victor looks at Yuuri.

The fact that Yurio was looking disgruntled at the fact that everyone barged in on their date!

The 2 year age gap between them omg

These two are going to be the end of me!


bashes head through window tHIS TOOK SO LONG

Anyways, we know Reigen is pretty excellent at defending himself; he’s terrible at making real friends; and he once told Mob that he’d had a rough childhood…

Tragic backstory, anyone?

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Sloth Pair AUs to consider
  • “I’ve always been a shy kid and you moved into the apartment next door when we were little and befriended me anyway and ever since we’ve been inseparable and through hell and back together and I love you so much but please don’t notice or it’ll be awkward” AU
  • “We’re college roommates and you never do anything and procrastinate and it’s super annoying but now you’re on the verge of failing all your courses and I feel morally obliged to help you” AU
  • “I’m a journalist and have been tasked to do an experiment and go on an online dating platform and go on dates with a person I seem to have nothing in common with for ten weeks to see what happens and… well, you’re weird and I don’t wanna do this either but please play along or I might lose my job” AU
  • “I deliver pizza as a part-time job and you always order the same pizza three times a day, are you okay? You never seem to eat anything BUT pizza” AU
  • “You’re an idealistic rookie superhero with more guts than skills and I’m a seasoned pro who only does this job for the money, and now we have to team up and I’m stuck babysitting you and saving your butt every five seconds, just GREAT” AU
  • “Look, I know you’re chasing after your runaway cat and everything but would you PLEASE at least take off your shoes before you climb into my apartment? This is the third time you’ve gotten my floor all dirty YOU BETTER CLEAN ALL THAT UP” AU

Iwaoi - Childhood friends

“I will never turn my back to a lollipop to lick
It’s all puppy dog kisses and hugs
So fill my cup with cotton candy, ice-cream and weekend sleepovers
I don’t wanna grow up if it means getting older”

A PSA to the Star Trek Fandom Russian Names: You're Doing it Wrong

I love Star Trek. I love Star Trek so much. I love reading Star Trek fanfic and hearing head canons and AUs and genderbends. The Star Trek fandom is dedicated. Fanfic authors seem to do their research, and do it well, with one exception.

Motherfucking Pavel Andreivich Chekov.

I love this kid, whether it’s the TOS drama queen sass master or the AOS innocent angelic whiz kid. I love reading everything the fandom puts out on this dude. What I do not love, is the butchering of his name that goes on in this beautiful fandom. So, more out of selfishness than generosity, because if I read one more Pavel getting embarrassed at his “childhood nickname,” because of anyone writes a family fic in which Pavel’s father is named anything but Andrei, I. Will. Fucking. Scream.

Let me break this down for you.

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I think my favorite thing about Leverage is that Parker had possibly the hardest, most scarring childhood/past of anyone in the group (she was labeled “insane” at the beginning of episode 1) and yet she was able to overcome everything, including her insistence to work alone because she has finally found a group of people who she can work efficiently with. In the end, she’s with a group of people who truly care about her, and is an essentially functional member of society despite most likely being mentally ill.

I want Dean to cry to fight with Mary. I know Mary needs space and deserves it. And Dean deserves a chance to have closure to vent to his mother. To complain and share his feelings. For the first time I want Dean to fight for his feelings. To tell Mary that he never ran away, he never had the choice to get space. To be himself. He was 4 when his baby brother was given in his small arms and an obsessed absent father. He never had the chance to walk away, he chose Sam’s care and responsibility over his freedom and wishes. And he loves Sam more than anything but he never had anyone, no childhood. And he had to be a mother and a father, and as they grew he had to be a perfect soilder and a perfect son. John walked away, Sam walked away and now Mary walked away. None of them were wrong and all of them had reason to go. But Dean stayed, he’s the one who stayed and was always was left behind. No wonder he thinks he is worthless. No wonder he thought he doesn’t deserve to be saved. Cas is the only one who truly belived in him and never left. Dean was always his first priority and that’s why I love Destiel, they have been there for each other.
This is not against Mary or Sam. Favouring Dean or giving him support does not automatically make me against Mary or Sam. I love them all and I completely empathise with Mary. But I feel for Dean. How he never even had a chance to just walk away and be himself or sort his issues.

This was just something warm and fuzzy I had in mind for nothing else than to add some warmth to our shipper feels. Thanks for the motivation @rainyrhymm !

Imagine a cute modern AU where Lance is the 5-year old younger cousin of Allura (21) and Keith is the 5-years old younger brother of Shiro (25). Allura and Shiro have been talking to each other for awhile on an online community for astronomy enthusiasts, and both decide to meet after they find out they live only an hour away from each other. Shiro has just moved to said town few months after their parents passed away and he took full guardianship of Keith (their grandparents provide financial help too). He doesn’t know the town very well so Allura agrees to show him around on their first date. Right before meeting, however, Allura admits that she has to bring her little cousin, Lance, with her because she ended up babysitting him for the day. Shiro says that it’s fine, and proposes to bring his brother, Keith, who he thinks would benefit befriending someone his age in such a new place. 

Allura and Shiro meet in the park, and their first encounter feels like everything had frozen in time because they just can’t stop finding the other one so beautiful/handsome. Meanwhile, little Lance watches from behind Allura’s legs at the small shy boy behind Shiro, peeping at him as if he’s half-scared to death. The more Lance leans over to take a better look, the more Keith hides behind Shiro.

Lance then switches to catch him from the other side, and Keith switches position to hide from him again. This becomes like a silent game between them. Everytime Lance leans over from one side, Keith moves away to Shiro’s other leg. When he switches suddenly to catch him, Keith gives a quick yelp and hides again. Lance snickers and teases Keith by catching him more by surprise. Soon Keith is in a fit of giggles and swinging back and forth behind Shiro from one leg to another in an effort to hide from this strange boy. Lance starts to bellow in laughter. 

Finally Allura and Shiro notice the funny commotion below them and respectively ask the boys what is it that they’re playing. Lance yells out, “Hide and Seek!” and gibbers something else in Spanish at Allura, pointing at Keith. He freezes, but Allura chuckles and clarifies that Lance admits to “liking that weird but cute boy (Keith) very much.” Without hesitation, Lance approaches Keith and extends out his hand. “Be my friend?” He says in a key higher than necessary. Keith looks up at Shiro, who nods, then at this oddly eager Cuban boy, and takes his hand shakily. “O-ok.” He squeaks. “P-play again?”

“YAH!” Lance responds. Allura advices her little cousin to be responsible for Keith’s safety from now on, and Lance complies right away with a salute. She then takes out a list of places for them to visit in town, and they all head out together. Shiro never leaves her side, of course, and neither does Lance with Keith, who holds his new friend’s hand for the rest of the day. 

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Ciel’s annoying older siblings:
  • Lau: Always pinching his cheeks, tells him how cute he is.
  • Sebastian: Talks shit about him. All the time. Constantly. But god help you if anyone else does it.
  • Undertaker: Tells embarrassing stories from his childhood to anyone and everyone.
  • Soma: Cannot stop talking about how cool and great his little brother is, like wow have you met him? He’s so great—you wish your little brother was as great as his.
When It Rains ( Jumin x MC fic) - one shot

A/N:  Sorry if it’s super OOC. T__T
Written in Jumin’s POV.


I was watching the rain flow in streaks down my office window when your name suddenly showed up in the messenger. Truth be told, I was prepared to have you “taken care of” on the spot if you proved to be a threat.

But everybody seemed to trust you, so I just quietly watched.

You seem to be a person who’s absolutely unwary.  Staying in a stranger’s apartment and being told that you need to work for the organization…I always kept asking myself as I read your messages throughout the day.


I tried to challenge you, more than once.  And as much as I didn’t want to admit it, you really had me floored with your responses.  Nobody, not even the people from my family, my childhood, or anyone for that matter, talked back with such…fierceness.

I can’t help but smile remembering the first few days.  You were such a tough character to break.  You never got angry.  I was deliberately trying to make you show who you really were; since people tend to show their true nature under pressure.

One night, you called.  I was supposed to ignore it, but I had to admit that I was curious on what you have to say.  And when you told me, in a quiet, shaky voice that you think you’re not doing a good job, I was honestly unprepared.

For some reason, I said something to comfort you.

That was so unlike me.

I think that was when it started.


Eventually my fingers would tap your contact information on my phone whenever I feel stressed, or when I would like to have a deeper conversation about anything.  You just always had something to say.  You continued to surprise me on how much you actually understood what I was trying to say.

I have drawn the line a long time ago, and I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that someone like you would actually come along.

But everything came crashing down again when you said you needed to excuse yourself for a day.  Curious, I asked if there’s anything that was bothering you, or if there was anything you needed.

“No, thank you, Jumin,” you said, your voice slightly more cheerful. “I’m going to meet my boyfriend today!”


I wonder what this feeling is. My chest grew heavy and a lump in my throat trapped my voice.

“Hello?  Jumin, are you still there?”


I was cursing under my breath the entire day.  Why did I even think you were unattached?  Why am I even thinking this much about you having a boyfriend?

Worse, I was all over the place. I drank copious amounts of wine to try to calm my nerves.  Thankfully not a lot of people came to my office to talk to me that day; I needed the privacy. If one more thing did not go as planned that day I would have snapped.

On the way home, the rain started to pour.  This caused some traffic buildup in the highway, and I was anxious to get home. Any idle moment made me think of you. My eyes watched the rain flow in rivulets on the car window, and I still asked myself if you also found rain to be beautiful.

I felt my phone vibrate in my suit pocket.  When I saw your name, I instinctively picked it up, but for a split second I had absolutely no idea what to tell you, so I closed my eyes and calmed myself down as how I always do during business meetings.

“Yes, this is Jumin Han…is something up?”

“A-ah, oh no, I’m sorry Jumin; I might have dialed the wrong number—“

I sense distress in your voice.  “MC, where are you?”

“I’m on my way back to the apartment. D-don’t worry, I-I’m just a little cold.  I’ll be f-fine.”

“Tell me where you are, or I will have every security agency in this city look for you.”


I found you sitting under a small shed in the park.  The way you were holding your knees against your chest broke my heart.  Your hair was slightly damp, and the hood of your jacket was covering your head.  You looked up at me when you noticed my presence, your eyes were red and swollen.

“Four years, Jumin,” you looked out into the rain again, and I sat beside you to listen.  “How can someone just throw away four years?”

I didn’t know what to do when you started crying.  I was counting the tears that dropped and stained your shirt.  I did not know what I needed to do to comfort you, or what to say to make you feel better.  However, there is one thing I know for sure.

That bastard is going to pay for breaking your heart.


“So this is him?”

“Yes, sir.”

I was seething with anger.  I have never, in my entire life, resorted to something as underhanded as this, but I swear I will pay any amount just to get back at him as many times as your heart broke that day.

He looked scared.  He kept muttering nonsense.

“By right I should be punching you as many times as her tears fell…but you would be needing a new face if I did.”

I cracked my knuckles and landed a punch. Two.  Three.  Four.

Once his nose was a bloody mess, I nodded at the men to let him go.  He slumped on the floor, dazed and at the brink of unconsciousness.  

“I will never see you anywhere in this city again.  If I do…you know very well what I can do.”


Ah, this rain brings a lot of memories. Watching the raindrops run in rivulets down the window pane made me remember that day when you called.  That day when I watched your tears fall.  I counted, and counted, until you fell asleep.  Every day.  

After what seemed like forever, your grey skies finally showed a glimmer of sunshine.

I waited.  Patiently.  

I took everything you are to memory.  Every subtle hint.  Every strand of hair that is out of place.  Every uncomfortable flinch.  

I took great care to gently coax you to recognize me.  See me.  I have never worn my heart on my sleeve, but there I was, bare and open for you to take.  You were still inside your impenetrable fortress, but when I saw the tiniest opening, I had to exploit it.

And finally, that one night, I kissed you.

“Mmh,” you start to stir from your sleep, and I drift my gaze away from the window to you, your head against my chest, my arms wrapped around your shoulders.  You wrap your arm around my waist, and tangle your legs with mine under the blankets.

“Good morning,” I kissed the top of your head.  Your hair smells like my shampoo.  

You smile.  Do you honestly have any idea how you make me weak with that sleepy smile of yours?

“I love it when it rains,” you murmur against my chest, your eyes half-open, watching the steady downpour from the window.

Smiling, I run my hand up and down your arm, holding you closer to me.

“So do I.”


A/N:  I just needed a writing break from my other series…this idea popped in my head and I just had to write. >_<

tfw you learn that not only did your friend group pick you up to replace a previous friend, but that you are the last living remnant of said friend, and also all your memories of your human life are probably a lie

anyway im ready for guardians chapter book 5 how bout you guys

The Marauders’ childhoods

Has anyone ever wondered how their childhoods might have shaped those four and led to the way they treated each other?

First off, we have James, an only child raised by elderly and absolutely doting parents. He was clearly a very happy child, full of confidence that he’s a great person and likely praised often for his talent. (He’s noted to have been a gifted young man and clearly had the same ingenuity as his forebears, although he pointed it elsewhere than the potions they were known for.) I’m convinced that he grew up knowing he was special, clever and a source of great pride to his parents, and given the family’s heritage he was meant for great things. He’s charismatic, smart and not exactly ugly; that combined with growing up so utterly loved likely moulded him into the natural, generally kind-hearted* leader he became.

Then there’s Sirius, who grew up in a household where he didn’t seem to matter so much as a person as he did a future heir of the family. His mother never appeared to be very fond of him even before his break with tradition, and his father seemed to barely exist in his view of the world. He was clearly unhappy from a very young age, and didn’t seem to be particularly close to anyone (except perhaps Andromeda, given he describes her as his favourite) until he started school, so he was likely quite lonely. It’s not surprising that he attached himself so strongly to the first people his own age who showed him even a scrap of genuine friendliness. He grew up in a home of extremes and his mindset doesn’t easily allow for grey areas - he either cares deeply for you or he loathes you.

Remus, although clearly deeply loved by his parents, grew up with a horrific, isolating condition and under a cloud of guilt and shame. He, like Sirius, would have been very lonely given his parents kept him away from other children, and his life was very unsettled with the frequent moving house. Even though he was loved, he evidently longed for stability and normality; to be treated as though he was like everyone else meant the world to him. Hogwarts could well represent the stability he craved, being somewhere he knew wouldn’t be left behind after just a few months. And his loyalty to the Marauders and to Dumbledore was sealed by their unflinching acceptance of him, lycanthropy and all.

And then there’s Peter. We know practically nothing about his childhood, especially compared to the others, but a few educated guesses can be made. He doesn’t appear to have had any siblings; in fact, the only family anyone seems to have known of for him was his mother, a witch. This suggests that his dad wasn’t around - dead, disappeared or just abandoned, we don’t know, but either way an important figure was missing from his life. He seemed like the kind of kid who’d be singled out as an easy target by bullies (at least before Hogwarts), which might well have contributed to his rather nervous nature, and he’d gladly have responded to anyone who was willing to look out for him.

No wonder the other three rallied to James; he met these three other boys, all likely lonely, sad and feeling like they didn’t fit in, and freely shared his own happiness with them, making them feel like they had a place with him, even if they didn’t anywhere else. He cared about them, grew to love them like brothers, and earned their friendship and love in return.

*Please don’t yell at me about how his bullying negates everything I’ve said. I’m well aware of the fact he was obnoxious at times, and even downright nasty towards Snape. Even his closest friends admit he was a little asshole at fifteen, just a bit too impressed with himself. But he grew out of it, became a better person, and almost everyone, even people who didn’t know him well, spoke approvingly of him.

Not to mention, he was a fierce defender of Muggle-borns and half-bloods/breeds (as evidenced by the way he stood up for and looked after Lily and Remus, in particular) and volunteered to risk his life fighting one of the most evil and terrifying figures in the world just so other people wouldn’t have to suffer.

[Edit: having had some pointed comments, I have to clarify that I don’t expect anyone who sympathises with the victims of James’ bullying to approve of him. All I’m trying to do with this post is explain why I feel the people who he made happy have good reason to care about him.]

Does anyone else with repressed memories/blank childhoods get extremely nervous and guilty about the fact they don’t remember? Obviously there’s the ‘why did I repress this what happened to me’, but they’re afraid they did something they can’t even remember that was bad? I’m losing hair over this haha I feel awful all the time?