The only person who believes in you is your younger self.
Don’t disappoint the dreams  you had when you were a kid.
That kid is still there and he will never forget them.

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Wait you thought you were a reincarnation of Joan??

oh last anon was referring to this post

ie my mom was a big-time ‘spiritualist’ with a bunch of delusions and told me I was the reincarnation of Joan of arc when I was a very little girl, and kids are pretty prone to believing what their parents tell them.

So yeah, I spent some odd years thinking that it was my duty to like, save all of mankind and shit, tried to learn french, tried to talk to ‘God,’ so on.

didn’t really work out and I had to go to therapy for a long time for various reasons (not just my mom’s pressure to literally be a messiah-savior but you know)


Путешествуя по Украине или России не тяжело будет обратить внимание на разноцветные ворота, ограждающие улицу от дома. У кого выше забор и вычурнее ворота, тот и богаче.

When travelling in Ukrainian or Russian village you would notice colourful gates that divide street from the private properties. Every owner tries to be different from a neighbour hence we have this diversity in design of this structures. The bigger fence and gates are the reacher owner is.

that was a rather… lacklustre episode.

rant???? sorta in the tags


I wrote this story when I was about 8 when I got my first typewriter about a witch who escaped being executed by turning into a hare. It’s riddled with spelling errors but there it is on paper, a little one page short story from what seems like so long ago, about a healer, and someone I desperately wanted to be.

I’m pretty sure I currently have at least twice as many stuffed animals than I ever owned at any and all points of my childhood combined and tbh no one being able to tell me I already have enough and don’t need any more is legit one of my favorite things about being an adult