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Castle On The Hill (Cisco Ramon X Reader)(Platonic!Barry Allen X Reader)

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“(Y/N)? Come on (Y/N) where are you going?” 

I continued down the silver halls, keys gripped tightly in my hands. The sound of footsteps and rushing lightning barely caught me off of my stride, passing by the two meta’s who I considered to be my closest friends.

“Meet me at the Mirus Ruins.” Was all i said, sliding into a closing elevator. My gaze flicked to the two men. Barry’s eyes full of confusion, and Cisco’s full of love, as a grin spread across his face.

“What is this place?” Barry asked, walking beside Cisco as they passed through the completely lavish groves of the wooded area.

“When (Y/N) and I were kids, we dreamed up a country where no one grew old and everyone were hero’s. Everyone had an epic story. We called this little patch of land the ruins of that great civilization. The Mirus Ruins.” Cisco explained, running his fingers along the ferns that he remembered memorizing.

The sound of cracking twigs caught the men’s attention, as I rounded the corner. A half destroyed flag in hand, and a journal clasped in the other. Cisco walked towards me, placing a hand on my hips as his lips connected with my forehead.

“Come on Barry.” We said at the same time, turning and sprinting to a clearing just beyond the trees. Barry was easily able to catch up, but was taken aback by the view that greeted him.

The trees seemed to stretch out for miles past the cliff, the mountains capping and dancing across the curve of the earth, shadowing castles to the ground. Each tree shown a different shade of green, singing there songs through the wind, obscuring the waterfall and river that would have gone unnoticed just beneath the cliff.

Cisco stood at the edge of the cliff, his eyes tearing up at the familiar sight.

“I missed this place.” He whispered, holding his hands out to me. I gladly took one, moving to stand behind him.

“I was panicking, I needed to get away.” I said, glancing back at Barry as he walked forward, starstruck.

“What had you scared?” Barry asked, still enraptured by the landscape.

“Just my own thoughts Mr. Allen. Losing friends, growing old. Things of that nature.” I said as I pulled Cisco to the ground with me. Barry sat down as well, giving me a few worried glances before casting his gaze down to the river.

“Growing up means death is sooner and I’m just gonna keep losing and losing till I want to lose.” I mumbled, gripping the crisp grass in my hand.

“That’s too far from now.” Cisco mumbled back. He reached across me, taking the raggedy old flag I had found. Mirus’s flag.

“You remember making this old thing?” He laughed.

“I thought it would have been destroyed by now. Maybe this place just respects it?” I replied. 

“Nerds.” Barry chuckled, causing a scoff from Cisco and a laugh from me.

“What if it does?” I asked.

“Then I hope it respects me too.”


Yes I know it has no real plot. Yes I know it makes no sense. 

It’s a passion project spawned from a dream, Bridge to Terabithia, and my own breakdown last night.

I sobbed out the phrase, “Growing up means death is sooner and I’m just gonna keep losing and losing till I want to lose.”

Plus, Ed Sheeran. Enough said.

That’s just how it goes.

I’m sorry that I haven’t truly uploaded a fic since October. High school has been kicking my ass, and im just trying.

I hope this satisfies you all so you don’t leave for now.

Please don’t go…

Headcanons: Guang-Hong Ji/Leo de la Iglesia

I’m kind of sort of infatuated with this ship right now so have some headcanons aha

  • They have this whole childhood best friends vibe (I’ve got your back, so nothing can touch you) but they have only known each other for a couple years or so. When they first met, Phichit was confused because they acted like childhood friends but claimed they had never met. They just clicked. 
  • They video chat as often as humanly possible, when at the ice rink so they can celebrate the perfection of that short program Leo was choreographing, or when they’re both home on their beds and Ji needs help with the school work.
  • They plan trips four times a year. It was two at the start of their friendship, but quickly it became apparent that neither of them could function without the other. Their visits include sight seeing, action movie marathons, game nights, and messing around at the closest ice rink. 
  • Game nights entail Disney Scene it and RISK, which Ji kicks ass at. Leo introduces Ji to nachos, which they devour whilst playing the games. It’s always Tostitos Rounds and Salsa, sour cream, and grated cheddar cheese. Leo puts it in the microwave and the smell fills the kitchen and dining room attached, and Ji just. Melts. in his chair.
  • They promise things to each other, like “if I land this jump, I’ll help you study for exams,” and “if you ace your exams, I’ll choreograph your short program just how you like it,” and “If I win gold at Skate America, I’ll date you when you turn eighteen.’
  • They’re just waiting for his birthday now.
  • But they’ve kissed before. They let themselves kiss once during every visit because Leo admitted that yes, it’s torture to just kiss once, but he would DIE if he had to wait those years without touching him once.
  • Leo makes playlists for Ji on Spotify with the oddest titles, but he compiles workout playlists and think-of-me playlists, and you-can-pull-through playlists for when he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to survive school AND competitive skating. 
  • Leo is always ready to give a warm hug, but Ji gets embarrassed easily, so it’s always in private. When they hold each other, skin touching, heads tucked over shoulders, and eyes falling closed, they both feel like they can take on the world.
  • Leo comes from a religious family and he loves God but he loves Ji more, and he knows that’s okay. 
  • They both don’t have a lot of confidence, and constantly need reassurance that they are okay as they are. They both understand how it feels, and are always giving what the other needs because they know intimately the pain of not having it. And they never wish pain upon who they love.
  • When they are tired, they sleep with Leo on his back and Ji draped half on him. They tangle their legs and press their stomachs together, and they wrap their arms as tight as they can, and they never let go. 

I have a million more so just ask honestly. I may have to write some fics for them because they are just too cute asdfghjkl. Thanks for reading : )

Edit: omg how did I misspell Guang’s name IN THE TITLE



party favors!! (candy, bubbles, silly putty and Yo-Yos!)

getting cupcakes brought to school and passed out to all the kids

getting a birthday shoutout at school from your teacher

getting a prize at school (usually a silly pencil or something)


My Little Pony wrapping paper

handing out birthday invitations at school

cupcakes with themed toppers (like Hello Kitty and Pokemon)

a big number birthday candle for whatever age you are

themed paper plates and cups

licking the icing off your cake first

Barbie dress cakes

pointy birthday hats

sprinkles on everything

Duck Duck Goose

Bounce Houses

Party City 

getting the biggest slice of cake because its your birthday

silly string!

Disney Princess dresses

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how do you feel about kanna? like, just in general, cuz she's a kid.

This depends on what you mean about how I feel

She is definitely cute and I like her as a character, they absolutely nailed a lot of those young child vibes from Tohru and her bonding as sort of mother and daughter (which I really like I want more of that its adorable) to her wanting to go to school and seeing the world as a new medium of exploration.

Now the “In general, cuz she’s a kid” thing is what kind of confuses me here, giving me sort of “sexual or romantic vibes”

In these terms its obvious no I don’t think much sexual of Kanna (or really any of the characters really) 

Romantically I really wanna see what becomes of Saikawa’s crush on Kanna they definitely got it to seem like that cute childhood crush vibe and I can’t wait to see what she thinks when Saikawa finds out Kanna’s a dragon.


Bandaid Bubblegum

giant stacks of picture books from the library

counting with M&M’s in math and then getting to eat them afterwards

PB&J sandwiches every day for lunch

Happy Meal toys (with that distinct Happy Meal Toy smell. You know the one!)

standing on a chair to reach the freezer

warm, gooey toaster strudels

watching the Magic Schoolbus in science class

doodling on all my papers

lifting rocks to find worms and rollie pollies

shoving straws through Caprisons

freeze pops

sharing your cookie with your friends at school


Remember when YOU:

used to believe in Magic?

seriously pretended that you could fly?

played for hours with pieces of painted plastic, painted cardboard boxes, a shiny rock or a hunk of chalk?

was transfixed by the wonder of snow, the splash of the ocean and the push of the wind on your back?