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listen man, i don't really like adding opinions to these things but .. lynz was cool before she turned into this huge femin*zi. don't get me wrong i'm glad she's part of the movement but like,, she's so /extra/ sometimes.

She’s extra because she goes to protests and loves to empower other women? So you hate her because she’s had a rough childhood, constantly gets treated like shit in the art world and music industry, has seen other women in the same position get treated horribly, and is now standing up for herself and inspiring others? This is a shitty fucking ask.

Send one to ask my Muse...

🦄 - Sexuality?

🌑 - Fears?

💦 - What makes you cry?

☕️ - Hot or cold beverage?

🍼 - Ever wanted/Have any kids?

🎂 - Favorite snack/treat?

🥚 - Egg?

🍭 - Childhood memory?

🥀 - Worst time you’ve been broken hearted?

🎨 - Hobbies?

👒 - Why do you dress this way?

🖕 - Someone you despise?

🎃 - Favorite holiday?

☑️ - Are your Gender and sex the same?

🐍 - Choice of pet?

🌪 - Biggest regret?

😶 - Embarrassing memory?


BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Kendra Young (for nikii-the-slayerette & ladiesorgtfo)

But… but… Bughead is LIFE! Only chemistry like that could make a ship name like Bughead romantic! So get on the right side of history, Cole!
—  Fitting response to Cole Sprouse saying he ships Betty and Archie. (X)

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I read the solitary confinement post and that's helpful, but mine's a little different: he's put in a White Room, and he's 10 years old. He's there for 4/5 days. What mental effects would that have on him whole he's there and afterwards?

The solitary confinement sources I have are mostly from prisons or cases of serious neglect. So the victims are either a lot older or considerably younger than your character (toddlers and babies). The prison sources are much better and they generally only go down to age 15-17 for children.

I imagine that the effects on a younger child would be different.

The White Room scenario (I’m assuming this means sensory deprivation, a blank room with sound proofing and no outside stimulation-) is different again. The sources I have for that are unethical experiments conducted on adults.

Most adults would not be able to tolerate that sort of environment for a day. So 4 or 5 days (am I reading that correctly or is it 4/5 of a day?) is a considerable period of time.

I think the best I can do is tell you what an adult would probably go through and add that studies of juvenile prisoners suggest the effects on children are much worse.

If the lights are dim or out (they usually are in sensory deprivation environments/experiments) the first thing people tend to do is sleep. Usually for a few hours. Once they’re rested and they wake up things start to go down hill.

They very quickly start to panic. In the most extreme sensory deprivation environments (no light, no sound, little movement/tactic sensation) people quickly start to hallucinate. Usually within hours. Hallucinations can be auditory, visual, tactile or a combination.

I think he’d probably panic faster, but if there’s some lighting it would take longer than the experimental studies before he started to hallucinate. That’s because of light level, not his age.

Over longer periods (over 24 hours sometimes sooner), driven by panic, people tend to both self harm and attack the walls. They can become intensely violent.

If he’s there four days I would expect him to be hallucinating and to have self-harmed (scratching and biting, as well as tearing off chunks of flesh are possibilities) by the time he comes out. He might have had a complete mental breakdown and be suffering from some kind of psychosis and/or dissociative disorder.

Even in a shorter time frame this would be an intensely traumatic experience for a child. He’s going to need a lot of concerted help over a period of years to recover, if he does at all.

He’s likely to spend a lot of time after he comes out terrified. He might be full on paranoid. He will probably be afraid of ending up in the room again and might not want to be left alone. He might also find it difficult to interact positively with people, be afraid of people or be aggressive towards them.

Those things can happen at the same time.

He might continue to hallucinate after he’s out of the room. This doesn’t always happen but in some cases it continues for the rest of a person’s life.

Self mutilation at least usually stops immediately on release.

He might find normal sensory stimulation difficult to bear. Lights might be too bright, noises too loud. He might want to do ‘normal’ things but find they overwhelm him, making him anxious, afraid and possibly violent.

Basically- this kid is going to have a lot of long term problems.

You might want to consult ScriptShrink’s blog and look through some tags on treating childhood abuse/neglect to get a better idea of how to handle the aftermath with this character.

(The people to look up for sensory deprivation experiments are John Lilly and the notorious Donald Hebb.)


I fully believe that most of the black men that black women have been taught to idolize from childhood treated black women like shit behind closed doors.

I fully believe that most of our famous civil rights leaders and abolitionists were massive pieces of shit to black women in the name of “upward mobility.”

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5 Headcanons in the 'verse where Azula is the Avatar: What is Korra's life like?

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link] as well as from the drabbles linked in the first post.

1. Korra is from a sandbending family that had no idea that they were secret airbenders and that their sandbending was different from the other clan over there.  When she’s four years old, she goes “look mommy!” and firebends.

2. The Order of the White Lotus build a compound to train her in at the edge of the Si Wong desert.  Azula’s cruelty and megalomania, combined with the powers of the Avatar terrified everybody, including the White Lotus members.  Until Azula, a huge part of their purpose, as they saw it, was waiting for the Avatar to return so they could assist them.  But now they are forced to confront a world where the Avatar could be part of the problem.  Their solution is intensive ethical training as well as bending training.

Those fears are shared by her parents, by the way.  Azula scared people.

3. She is born much much sooner than in canon, after Azula’s defeat.  This means that Iroh and the White Lotus we see in Avatar: the Last Airbender are her mentors.  Pakku shows up with Katara to teach her waterbending.  Bumi and Toph teach her earthbending.  Zuko, Iroh, and Jeong Jeong teach her firebending and bicker like children.  Jeong Jeong brings Jet along.  It’s educational.  So at least she’s getting moral and ethical philosophy from someone like Iroh instead of a dry scroll.  She also gets Firelord Zuko’s rambling attempts at moralizing, which she just plain enjoys.

4. In canon, Korra is at the compound to keep her safe.  It’s stifling and isolating, and not exactly great, but it’s not like it is here, where there is this undercurrent of wariness, this sense that Korra has to be afraid of slipping up morally.  Did she lie to her mom about breaking the vase because she’s got Azula’s evil, or because that’s a normal thing kids do? (spoiler, it’s the latter).  This is a rotten way to raise a child, and the only person who seems to understand, other than Iroh, who isn’t very good at helping, is Zuko, who after all is the son of Ozai, grandson of Azulon, great-grandson of Sozin, and brother to Avatar Azula.  The day when he can get away for a little while and take her flying are the very best.

5. Bumi dies when Korra is a child.  She is devastated.  Bumi always remembered his childhood friend Aang, and treated Korra like a normal kid, and he was cool, and fun, and now he’s gone.  Toph’s not sure what to do about this, but strangely her: “Hey kid, let’s go toss some boulders around and prank Pakku,” suggestion seems to work.


• psychological mastermind
• innovative
• make-up game on point
• body of a sculpted God
• respects talent, maybe too much
• wants to fight literally anyone he claims worth his while
• Fashion Icon
• crazy beautiful
• will mentally fuck you up and then physically fuck you up
• heels
• names his tricks after his favorite childhood treats like how cute it that?
• has a soft spot for Gon// in his own very eccentric way.
• has an assassin boyfriend with gorgeous black hair
• an artist of his craft
• moans in public when he’s excited because he doesn’t give a fuck
• bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum

Oh you’re a BoruSara shipper and you’re quitting? Let’s talk.

WARNING: Pro-BoruSara, if you are an anti/hater and you still read this then don’t blame me if you get triggered. I already warned you, not my fault. Learn to stay in your lane, mofos.

Agree or disagree, this is my opinion IDGAF

Alright so earlier this morning I just learned that my friend, who is a BoruSara shipper, decided to deactivate apparently because of Boruto Episode 3. I really wanna  blog about it right away but I had to go to work so I restrained myself.

This blog is dedicated to all BoruSara shippers and more importantly, my friend @borutoverse-deactivated20170419 who I’ve been friends with since Boruto was born/created by Kishi. We would always spazz together and talk about next gen stuff specially BoruSara. Even during the times that I was hiatus, she never failed to update me everything about Boruto (she messaged me every time which I really appreciated) I am sad that you decided to gave up right away. I thought we would go down with this ship no matter what happens but unfortunately you already quit. I respect your decision however I am a bit disappointed to be honest…

I promised myself that I would not go ham regarding “BoruSara vs other ship” or “BoruSara vs haters” since I wanna stay chill and positive while enjoying my pairing. You know, I just wanna peacefully fangirl with other BS shippers while throwing shitty BS fanarts to guys that’s all. Well I’m not saying I’m going to go war now just because of what happen. I simply cannot keep my mouth shut any longer and will now share my thoughts regarding these issues even though I originally planned to stay silent.

1.) BoruSara shippers who already gave up, or giving up

Wow seriously guys? We are just 3 episodes in the anime and 11 chapters in the manga and y’all already quitting? I mean bruh, I fuckin shipped SasuSaku since like I was ten and I waited a decade to see them go canon. Even during the darkest times I didn’t leave and I didn’t lose hope. DARK-FUCKING-TIMES like:

  • Sasuke leaving Konoha - imagine the pain?! The fucking agony that Sakura can’t see Sasuke? No interaction, no communication?!
  • Sasuke going crazy, wants to kill everyone, wants to destroy Konoha - ugggh the other half of your OTP just became a villain like wtf 
  • Sasuke and Sakura tryna kill each other - BRUUUHHHHH YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH THAT BROKE MY FUCKING HEART
  • During Sasuke’s rogue times, he’s with a new team, with another female character who clearly likes him??? - Holyshit that was scary af.

I went through all of these and I didn’t give up. And you guys, just because of the introduction of a new character who is so much alike with Boruto’s mother are already calling GG? That’s it? I know you’ll all be like “OMG How rude! you just cant compare this and that” I know I sound rude rn and I am indeed comparing BUT this is the only best way that I can think of to tell you guys that PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP YET, IT’S WAY TOO EARLY TO TELL!!! I fuckin went through all this hell and shit but in the end, I became victorious since my ship became canon so please don’t lose hope yet. 

Shoutout to all my fellow SS shippers who stayed despite the darkest times! You dabest fam. And to all SS shippers who gave up early then went back when SS went canon, welcome back but ya’ll weaklings lol #sorrynotsorry

 2.) BoruSara is like NarSak or SasNar that’s why they won’t go canon

I think this triggers me the most. I don’t really get why people think like this. Yes they are the children of their parents but that doesn’t mean they are the same as them. BORUTO AND SARADA HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING IDENTITY FFS. I know they resemble them physically, and their interactions remind us about their parents BUT STILL, they are who they are, not who their parents are. Stop comparing them with these ships because they are different with each other! Each pairing have their unique relationship and dynamics. Didn’t you guys watch Boruto episode 1? Boruto was so triggered when Iwabe said that he was riding the coattails of his father. Don’t you get the point? SMH We’re in the new generation now, this is a different and new era. 

3.) Boruto would definitely choose the Class Rep because she’s just like his mother

I actually have a simple counter to this. Remember how people were saying Naruto would definitely end up with Sakura because Sakura was like his mother Kushina? Well guess what, he married Hinata, who is the complete opposite of his mother. Boruto has been saying the whole time at the beginning “This is not the story of my father, THIS IS MY STORY” What’s the point if he’ll end up doing and choosing the same things like his father did lol. So as of now,  don’t really see the Class Rep as a complete threat to BoruSara. I only see her as a caring class rep to her classmates and gets shy & nervous way too fast that’s all.

4.) BoruSara relationship dynamics was destroyed

Uhm, since the anime is during pre-Gaiden and pre-Boruto the movie, Boruto and Sarada’s relationship is nothing but rivals. Yes it was said that they were childhood friends but they treat each other nothing but as rivals. I think they will later deepen their bond when they finally become teammates and all.  So I hope, people don’t get confused about this. I mean calm yo tits guys, their relationship development will happen as time goes by. I am actually enjoying this rivalry relationship thing between them. You know unlike in the first gen where Sakura fell for Sasuke right away and Hinata to Naruto, I wanna see a different approach here in the next gen. 

For example, the thing that I mentioned in my blog last week, Sarada and Boruto as rivals who do nothing but to compete with each other then will eventually fall for each other but no one from them wants to confess because they think that the first person to fall in love is the loser and of course you can’t lose to your rival so yeah both of them try their best to hold it in until one of them can’t take it anymore (I wonder who lol)

So yeah something like that XD Nevertheless, I have no problem with their relationship towards each other rn.

5.) Let’s go down with this ship no matter what happens

This is going to be my last point. I hope that whether BoruSara goes canon or not, my fellow shippers would continue to support and love them like I do. If they won’t go canon, it doesn’t mean we can no longer ship them. As long as the fandom is alive, and we continue to love and ship them, they will always be canon in our hearts and eyes. It hurts a lot when you’re ship doesn’t/impossible to go canon, don’t worry I feel you (SuzakuxEuphy, ZeroxYuuki, GrayxLucy, RinxIzumo, IchigoxRukia) but please do not let this to be a reason to stop in shipping them.

So these are my points. At the end of the day it’s still your decision whether to stay on this ship or not. But I hope you learned a thing or two from me. I actually do not know how to end this blog since my brain is already dead and I need to sleep now since I got work @ 7am tom so yeah. 

Yours truly,

- Diane (A victor and veteran from the first generation shipping wars)


Sorry for ranting and being rude/harsh, here’s a quick and crappy BS doodle to compensate somehow


Queen Maxima made a visit to the Princess Maxima children Oncology center on May 18, 2017. 

“The Queen visits the center’s research department and got a presentation on the latest techniques to better treat childhood cancer in the future.”

Photo by Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images