childhood survival

To all the survivors out there..

Shoutout to the woman who are full of self love, who know their value, and who refuse to entertain people who don’t acknowledge their light. Shoutout to the woman who aren’t full of self love but who are on a journey to recovery and those who aren’t on a journey, may you find peace in 2017. Shoutout to the woman who recognise when to let go, who aren’t bitter and those who hold peace in their hearts. Shoutout to the women who are still angry, who aren’t over things and who still hold pain or resentment in their hearts, may you find peace soon. Shoutout to the queens who are focusing on bettering themselves so when they cross paths with a King or a Queen, they are ready to love and exchange reciprocated energy. Shoutout to queens who society deem as unworthy, ghetto or lost. You’re none of the above. FUCK them. Stay true to yourself - you are royal. Shoutout to the women who support each other and don’t tear other women down. Shoutout to the women who fight for the rights of other woman. Shoutout to the women who are patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate and empowering. Shoutout to women who aren’t familiar with these traits due to circumstances beyond their control. You are still lovable and deserving. Shoutout to the women with mental illnesses - we may never understand your daily battle but we salute you for waking up and facing another day. Shoutout to the women who conquered abusive relationships and R.I.P to those who lost their lives. Shoutout to the women who hold their families together, with or without recognition. Shoutout to the children stuck in women’s bodies who were forced to become women too soon - to those who had to become mothers to their siblings, to those who lost their innocence by force and those who never had a childhood, you survived and you will continue to strive! Shoutout to the single mothers and the necessary sacrifices you had to make in order for you to provide a better life for your children. Shoutout to the stay at home mums who have put their careers on hold to raise a family. How you did it all - we will never comprehend. But thank you. Shoutout to the grandmothers who had to become mothers to their children’s children. Shoutout to the women who had to make the most difficult decision to let go of their children. Shoutout to the women who had to bury their children - words fail me, just stay strong. Shoutout to the women who had to battle cancer. Fucking Fuck cancer. Shoutout to the entrepreneurs, the business women, the pioneers and all the professional women, you have pushed the boundaries, your struggle was not in vain. And finally, shoutout the women who are still on their journey to fulfilment.

SVTFOE FANDOM: Marco spent 16 years chasing down Hekapoo to earn those scissors. As a 30 years old man, the safe kid was forced to leave his childhood behind, learning to survive in a cruel, different world. The trauma of coming back to Earth’s timeline, which immediately reverted him back to his 14 years old-self, definitely scarred him for life. It will take days, weeks, maybe months or years for him to adjust to his old life, slowly starting to remember his family, his friends, even though deep down he will always feel like an outcast, as the 30 years old man trapped forever in the body of a teenager he is.


Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you

Ever noticed how fucked up this society is ?
I mean there are people starving because they feel ugly, because they think they deserve it.
There are people purging because they get sick of the amount they ate no matter how much it was because society tells them they’re ugly.
There are people binging because they want to numb their emotions or literally want to eat up their emotions because they can’t handle it.
There are people struggling with bad childhood memories or trauma.
There are people out there who think they don’t deserve to live anymore, who went through a lot of shit and fight a constant battle with themselves everyday.
There are people out there who try to fill up their emptiness with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.
There are homeless people everywhere on the streets begging people to give them money.
There are people that are in an abusive relationship but don’t have the strength to end it.
There are people breaking down almost every day because of our education system or their job.
How long do you think it’ll take till our society is completely fucked up ?
But let me tell you this, we’re gonna make it together!
We’re gonna survive and create a better world for the next generation!
A society where nobody bullies anybody because of how they look like, who they love, what they like nor what they think or say.
Please be kind to each other and don’t give up.

The Family of Henry VII with St George and the Dragon

At left, Henry VII, with Prince Arthur behind him, then Prince Henry (later Henry VIII), and Prince Edmund, who did not survive early childhood. To the right is Elizabeth of York, with Princess Margaret, then Princess Elizabeth who didn’t survive childhood, Princess Mary, and Princess Katherine, who died shortly after her birth.

I feel like a good-sized portion of the current DC fandom tends to prefer light-hearted, comedic stories where the villains get together and do funny, cutesy things and just generally act like they’re all close friends. And that’s great! Light fiction can be a healthy, uplifting way to decompress from everyday stresses and to distract oneself from negativity, whether it’s personal struggles or feelings of helplessness over tragic events in the news, and I highly encourage people to read and/or create content that makes them feel good. You should read what makes you the happiest and most fulfilled as a fan, whatever it is! 


I also feel like there’s this sort of thinly-veiled shaming attitude towards fans who prefer darker, more morbid portrayals of the DC Universe (particularly in the Batman fandom) and anything even remotely gritty is mocked and subsequently dismissed as try-hard and pathetic, often by people who haven’t actually read the material. I’m not even talking about polarizing comics that have courted controversy or caused outrage–I’m talking about stories that feature psychological horror, depictions of violence, and fan-favorites like Harley Quinn actually being villainous and doing bad things that cause harm. It’s perfectly understandable to not be interested in reading those comics, but others are intrigued by the concept of exploring a more bleak and less optimistic view of DC’s universe. 

It’s also worth noting that for some fans, reading heavy-themed comics is actually somewhat cathartic because they feature characters and subject matter that the reader can identify with: surviving childhood abuse, escaping abusive relationships, living with mental illness, being bullied, coping with trauma, etc. And sometimes being able to relate to someone–even if they are fictional–can help a person feel a little less alone. 

There’s a reason DC has published different types of of comics over the past several decades, from the adorable Little Gotham to more mature titles from their Vertigo brand: fans have varying preferences. What one fan deems garbage will be another fan’s favorite. We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to comics, and making fun of someone because their interests don’t align with yours is pointless at best and unkind fandom elitism at worst. 

Home Series, Part Eight

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot. 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?    Part One   Part Two  Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

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Just Wanna Hold Your Hand

This story is a (belated) birthday gift for my wonderful friend, @grapefruitwannabe! But since I’m posting it on Valentine’s Day, I figure it can be her valentine too (cc: @inuyasha-valentines). So, happy birthday, my lovely! And on this Day of Valentines, I offer you the gift of InuKag love.

Inuyasha had never faced a challenge like this one. Nothing else he’d ever come up against—surviving childhood, fighting bloodthirsty demons out to skin hanyō hide, enduring ubiquitous contempt and ostracization from both humans and demons, being pinned to a damned tree for 50 years—none of it compared to the sheer heart-pounding terror of the task ahead of him.

He was going to try holding Kagome’s hand.

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kashikoikawaiisaschachen  asked:

How intelligent do you think Zack really is? I think half of his stupidity comes from the lack of education. He did have some moments of intelligence, like when he was trying to figure out the writing of Ray's name.

Actually I think Zack isn’t that dumb. 

You’re right, half of his stupidity probably comes from his lack of education and when he tries, he can do it. He read Ray’s name, but at Eddie’s floor, he also thought of going to the other room with a crack on the wall because he deduced himself that it was connected to the room where Ray currently was. He deduced himself as well that the rock in front of Ray’s tomb was his tomb. He thought of asking Ray to get a lighter weapon for him in Episode 3 after he was hurt. He can wrap and unwrap his bandages himself. Once Ray told him that the cell bars were made of steel and he tested it once, he knew not to hit the bars again. In the game, he himself thinks of the vent as a place where Ray hasn’t searched yet in the poison room. He has survived alone during all this time without ever getting caught by the police. 

Also, the syringe’s room: he plans things out, there. If Ray dies, then he’s basically done for. However, if he dies, then Ray will have a problem, and as Cathy said, the syringe’s serum is not deadly. He think about that and that’s why he takes the two syringes. Knowing his vitality and strength, plus maybe the effect of the vitamins, he had good chances of surviving. Zack taking the two syringes was actually the best decision to get out of this dilemma. 

So yeah, he’s not an idiot. If he had received a proper education, went to school, etc. he would probably be way smarter. 

But as his resumes says, thinking is not his forte and he’s poor at planning. He just doesn’t think things through. That’s not how he works. He’s someone who acts a lot on instinct: act first and think after. He doesn’t take his time to think: when he has an idea, he goes for it.

That can be really stupid (aka breaking the card in the poison room, thinking that Ray could have gone through a locked door at B6) but that can also be really useful (aka throwing Ray into the vent) because he doesn’t ask himself too many questions.

He doesn’t hesitate often. That’s not how he works. He does things and if it doesn’t work, well fuck it. Planning is not his thing. 


So I would say that Zack is naturally not a thinking person like Ray - he wouldn’t be a top grade student for example - and his lack of education doesn’t help. However, he’s far from being a complete moron: he has an instinctive kind of intelligence and can be quite clever. 

Day 1.  General Snape Love

what do I love about severus snape?

I love that he’s a survivor. he survived his abusive father, his abusive home, his abusive childhood. he survived abuse in school - better yet, he learned from it. he strenghtened himself through his abusive existence and became a more powerful wizard.

I love that he’s a fighter. he fought until his last breath. he fought against his past, against his abusive colleagues at school, against the dark lord himself. he fought against the greatest wizard of all times, even though they were on the same side.

I love that he’s unapologetic. he gives no excuses for his acts and he acknowledges his mistakes - he accepts that he has to pay for them, and he keeps doing whatever he needs to do until the end.

I love that he’s loyal and he sticks to his word. among all the other mistakes he made, the worst was leading his former best friend to her death. and he makes no excuses for this: he did it, he regrets it and when there is something that may make up for this he accepts it promptly and he never ever gives up, even if it means he’ll have to remember his mistake every single day and never get to move on. 

I love that he is not perfect. he’s no hero. he’s no example to the others and he doesn’t want to be. he’s human, he’s flawed, he’s all grey. 

he could be any of us.

And then there was one

I usually laugh when new parents are smug about their kid’s good eating habits. They’re all like we made our own food and we make sure to expose him/her to lots of flavor. Usually in regards to an experience with another kid in their circle, often a niece or nephew but not required, who is picky.

I’ve always made our baby food. We’ve always opened them up to new and/or bold things. Kids are kids, man. There is literally NOTHING you can do to make their eating habits make sense. Part growing tastes and part control food is always a wild card.

This post brought to you by: sweet potato roasted in butter & a sprig of rosemary only enjoyed by me and the baby.

Small UF!Sans x Reader drabble I thought of

This is what my mind conjured up instead of letting me sleep. It’s stupid and I don’t know how to write dialogue properly but enjoy

Walking out into your living room, you saw Sans lounging on the couch. He was watching tv and flipping through the channels lazily, not seeming to be interested in anything particular. Deciding to have some fun you creeped up behind him, and threw yourself over the back of the sofa. He folded up with an ’oomph’’ when you landed on him, but quickly adjusted his body around you and pulled you closer.

’’Sans,’’ you said as you snuggled closer to him. ’’I’ve been meaning to ask you something.’’

’’what?,’’ he responded still not looking away from the TV.

’’You can catch stuff with your magic, right? Like if something fell, you’d be able to catch it?’’

He shifted his body until he could look at you and then raised his brows.

’’yeah? depends on the object and the speed and what not. what’re ya asking for?‘’

’’So if I fell’’,- you continued without acknowledging his answer- ’’would you be able to catch me?’’

His brows furrowed even further as he tried to see where you were going with all this.

’’if your life depended on it then probably’’, he said still looking puzzled.

You stood up on the couch, arms out to balance yourself. ’’Good,’’ you said while stepping up on the armrest. He reached a hand out for you but you shooed him away. After swaying for a while you seemed to find your balance. Sans looked at you uneasily.

’’Y/N i don’t know what the hell you’re doing but-

’’TRUST FALL!’’ you cut him off mid sentence, throwing yourself off the couch and onto the floor.

’’Y/N!’’ he yelled while reaching for you.

He was too late, and your body hit the floor with a thud. You rolled around while holding your sides and hip, groaning in agony. Sans just stared at you with a blank face as you laid there, writhing in pain from your own stupid actions. After a while he sighed and held out his hand. A red glow enveloped your body and you felt yourself become weightless. Gently floating upwards, Sans moved his hand closer to himself and the couch, making you follow suit. His magic lifted you over and placed you next to him on the couch, where he took over and wrapped you in a hug.

’’you are so fucking stupid,’’ he said as he wrapped his arms around you. ’’i don’t get how you survived childhood you moron.’’

You craned your neck to look at him.

’’You were supposed to catch me y’know’’

’’next time,’’ he said grumpily while once again keeping his eyes on the TV.

You just huffed in annoyance but couldn’t help the smile forming as you sank deeper into the couch cushions. Your bruises be damned, scaring Sans was kind of fun.


Today in History: May 16th, 1770 - Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette of Austria are married

A fourteen year-old Marie Antoinette and fifteen year-old Louis were married to form a political alliance that was supposed to stabilize often hostile relations between Austria and France. Although the marriage was always said to be amiable, Louis was very shy (it is also rumoured he suffered from phimosis, something royal doctors already stated in late 1772) and the marriage was not consummated for seven years. However, in 1778, the first of their four children was born, also the only one to survive past childhood. The couple was executed during the French Revolution, 8 months apart, after 23 years of marriage. After the death of her husband on January 21st 1793, Marie Antoinette went into deep mourning, refusing to eat or exercise. She was executed on October 16th, 1793. Their bodies were thrown in an unmarked grave. In 1815 their bodies were exhumed, and the couple is now buried at the Basilica of Saint-Dennis, a northern suburb of Paris.