childhood otp is still my otp

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Coma prompts?

Person A of your otp vividly dreamed during their coma. Person B sometimes has to remind them that they aren’t still in a hospital asleep.

Person A of your otp wakes up with no memory and a wedding ring on their finger, causing them to subsequently freak out. B just came back with a coffee and “oh my god you’re awake–”

Person A of your otp wakes up in the early morning. Person B comes to take their vitals and gets a pleasant surprise.

Person A of your otp has been in a coma for 5+ years. Person B, their childhood friend, doesn’t want to say goodbye just yet. After all, what if A woke up?


imo A La Mode should’ve gotten a damn animation like geez

  • every other OTP: best friends since childhood au :)
  • rhink: hi
  • every other OTP: high school au
  • rhink: good times
  • every other OTP: prom au???
  • rhink: what's up
  • every other OTP: camping under the stars au
  • rhink: every few months tbh
  • every other OTP: college roommate au!!
  • rhink: honestly me
  • every other OTP: business partner au tho...
  • rhink: binch please
  • every other OTP: babysitter au?
  • rhink: they're basically my kids at this point
  • every other OTP: celebrity au holy shit
  • rhink: yep
  • every other OTP: joint family au ahah kill me
  • rhink: guess who
  • every other OTP: soul... mate... au...
  • rhink: still me
List of Childhood OTPs

List of OTPs from my childhood that I still support, and in no particular order, excluding the first one

1. Taiora

2. Takari

3. Sonamy

4. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

5. SoKai

6. RokuNami

7. Mulan and Shang

8. InuKag

9. Spider-man and Mary Jane

10. Flik and Atta

11. RobStar

12. Acexi(I don’t regret this one)

So in conclusion…

Brentrick checklist!

bc we still don’t have enough Brentrick fics yet and I’m appalled that my freaking otp doesn’t have the usual otp tropes:

1. mpreg
2. A/b/o
3. Dom/sub 
4. Coffee shop au
5. roommate au
6. Soul mate au
7. Childhood friends au
8. High school au
9. College au
10. Single parent/babysitter au
11. teacher-student relationship au
12. Gang au
13. Vampire au
14. Mermaid au 
15. cute first meeting au
16. ugly first meeting au
18. enemies to lovers au

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Hak x Yona ( Akatsuki no Yona)

“Send me a ship, and I’ll let you know of they’re my otp, notp, brotp or other.”

OTP, all the way.

I’ve only read up to chapter 30 or so of the manga, and I still need to watch the final episode of the anime, but I knew the instant I saw them interact each other that I would fall in love with the ship. I have a thing about childhood friends falling in love without realising it sort of thing. I know that Hak was fully aware of his own feelings for Yona, but go with me here.

Seeing all the fluffy moments that they’ve been having recently on my dash has only made it better. <3


01/12 OTP Challenge.

Your first otp (a.k.a. your first “I’m going down with this ship!” ship)

AsuCaga (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed)


2x19/6x08 parallel So basically I just wanted to show you that. Tell you–tell you that I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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Top 5 ships?


1. Holmes/Watson, and all iterations/variations thereof — everybody from the originals in the ACD canon to interpretations as loose as Shawn & Gus in Psych. “Every conceivable flavor of Holmes + Every conceivable flavor of Watson!!!!” is what I would carve, in a heart, on a tree, if I was the type of person to carve things on trees. And, of course, if carving that wouldn’t take so fucking long. 

2. Alanna/George, Song of the Lioness. My first OTP. The OTP of my childhood. My OTP from before I knew what an OTP even was. I WILL FIGHT YOU, ALANNA/JON PEOPLE. I. WILL. FIGHT. YOU. 

3. Sirius/Remus, Harry Potter. There’s something about this pairing that suggests — or at least inspires in me, I guess — this sense of contentment and warmth. I can’t even really explain what I mean, and it’s probably because I started reading them when I was still, you know, A Teen, but ugh. Right in the emotions, every time. 

4. Troy/Abed, Community. To the degree that I couldn’t actually watch Season 5 — after slogging through Season 4!!! — once I found out Donald Glover was leaving the show. 2GETHER 4EVER. 

5. Crowley/Aziraphale, Good Omens. Bickering and biblical allegory and Queen and bookshops and Crowley being just a little bit good and Aziraphale being just enough of a bastard to be worth liking DON’T LOOK AT ME they’re too much. 

P’li appreciation Week: September 13th - 19th

P’li was a badass lady that didn’t get enough attention in the show. Let’s give Combustion Lady some love. Artwork, fics, photosets, gifsets, graphics are all welcome.


Day one: September 13th: Height

Day Two: September 14th: battle/combustion bending

Day Three: September 15th: prison

Day Four: September 16th: appearance

Day Five: September 17th: Relationships

Day Six: September 18th: favorite moment/AU 

Day Seven: September 19th: headcanons/anything goes

Tag any submissions rlappreciationweeks. 


OTP challenge - Day 7: Cosplaying

(both the gif and the normal version, because the gif killed the quality. A lot.)

I have no idea why I did that. I can hear Aoba’s “ii yo” in my head over and over and it’s driving me crazy again Dx

But I still have those Free!DMMd crossover headcanons and I wanted to draw them ;w; Haru would be Aoba, and Makoto would be Koujaku, because childhood friends duh!

The rest of the OTP challenge.