childhood otp is still my otp

  • every other OTP: best friends since childhood au :)
  • rhink: hi
  • every other OTP: high school au
  • rhink: good times
  • every other OTP: prom au???
  • rhink: what's up
  • every other OTP: camping under the stars au
  • rhink: every few months tbh
  • every other OTP: college roommate au!!
  • rhink: honestly me
  • every other OTP: business partner au tho...
  • rhink: binch please
  • every other OTP: babysitter au?
  • rhink: they're basically my kids at this point
  • every other OTP: celebrity au holy shit
  • rhink: yep
  • every other OTP: joint family au ahah kill me
  • rhink: guess who
  • every other OTP: soul... mate... au...
  • rhink: still me
OTP Prompt

A and B are preteens, who still feel the magic and wonder of childhood, but are becoming adults. One day, after playing out in the snow, they come inside and sit on a fuzzy rug on the floor in front of a cozy fireplace, warming up, their noses and ears and fingers red and stinging.

“A, my hands huuuuurt!” B complains, rubbing their hands together. “It’s all your fault for suggesting we go outside.” B has a glint of joy in their eyes though, showing that they really did have fun.

“Suck it up, B. That was fun and you know it.” A rolls their eyes, and scoots a little closer to B, as if to continue the conversation better. “Are your hands alright though?”

“They’re tingly and cold, but I think they’ll survive.” B rests their hands on the carpet, petting it.

A casually reaches over and rests one of their hands on B’s. B looks at A. A is blushing and looking intently at the fire. A replies “What? It was my fault we went outside, right? Your hands got cold. Just trying to help.” B grins and moves up against A’s side, leaning on A’s side and resting their head on A’s shoulder.

They continue to gaze at the fire for a while, listening to the crackling. They steal glaces at each other, and accidentally make eye contact a few times, before blushing awkwardly and looking away.

“I-” They both start to say, at the same time. “You go-” They say again. B laughs awkwardly, then motions for A to speak.

“This is kinda awkward, B, but I like you.” A scratches the back of their neck and looks out the window, away from B. B hugs A’s arm.

“Like like?” B asks.

“Like like.” A confirms.

“Good, because I like like you, too.” The two look at each other for a while, and slowly lean in for their first kisses, both really nervous.

“HEY KIDDOS!” Shouts C, who is looking after them and has just entered the room. “Am I interrupting anything?” C asks with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, knowing very well that they’ve interrupted A and B. A turns bright red and hides their face in their hands.

“YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT, OH MY GOD. GO AWAY. YOU’RE EMBARRASSING.” B shouts. C just chuckles and walks away.
B gently removes A’s hands from their face, and kisses A on the nose, and then on the lips.