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Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) was my favorite movie growing up. The music is marvelous, the plot is wonderfully cheesy, and Angela Lansbury is simply a goddess. And what child is not fascinated with magic? But I just realized recently how this movie depicts an important aspect of witchcraft that some stories miss.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a witch named Eglantine Price (Lansbury) who enrolls in a correspondence course in witchcraft from a Professor Emilius Brown (David Tomlinson). Prof. Brown, as it turns out, is actually a con man who just slapped together some nonsense phrases for his “spells,” and he’s shocked when he finds out that Ms. Price can actually perform magic with them. And that’s the beauty of this movie - if you believe it and you act with intent, it doesn’t matter what you say. It can be nonsense. It can just be “treguna, mekoides, and trecorum satis dee.”

This is, of course, an over-simplification of both the movie and modern witchcraft. But it’s interesting how adulthood changes your perspective on your favorite childhood movies and you learn new things from it.

Although, as we all knew as children, magic was possible from the beginning.


RE: My Endless Adoration of Costumed Characters, Anthropomorphic Animatronics (…and yes, even some statues)

Here I was, raised on Sesame Street, The Muppets, Walt Disney co-hosting the Wonderful World of Disney with Tinker Bell and Ludwig Von Drake, countless press pics of Goofy and Pluto riding rides at Walt Disney World, the Kool Aid man busting through the walls of thirsty kids’ homes, the self-sacrificing ‘eat me!’ attitudes of the McDonalds menagerie, every amazing second of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’…how could I NOT be endlessly enthralled with a world where man and his anthropomorphic creations hug and mug in predetermined photo-op spots? 

This is not a denial of reality or even the reality of the situation. I am always aware that this is a person dressed as Pluto. I know full well that I am posing for a picture with my arm wrapped around a bronze Roy Disney. This beautiful, bizarre blend of fake and real is EXACTLY what I adore. In fact, the faker the better! I LOVE the door behind the door behind the door of the creator, the craft and the creation.

This is also not about escapism. It’s not even a wish to return to the innocence of childhood or some such nonsense. It’s about the goofy grin I get on my face when I willfully extend the boundaries of my reality by allowing the imaginary to co-opt the corporeal – even if it’s only for one fleeting character breakfast.

Eating Mickey-faced waffles while Mickey looks on oughta be disturbing for all parties involved, yet somehow everyone is smiling. There’s a metaphor there, but I’ll be damned if I know what for.

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Do you think Kylo/Ben could die in episode 8/9? If not what are your reasons? Btw love your blog!!

Yes, I think it’s possible. I **highly** doubt he would die in TLJ. His story arc will not be fully realized, and we have to remember that he has to serve the main heroes in this story as much as himself.

His plot needs to help resolve both Rey’s and Finn’s, as well. So, I think we will see him live through at least TLJ.

I think it’s possible he could die in 9, but I think it’s very unlikely.

Star Wars is dark for a kid’s tale (which I love about it!), but I don’t think they’re going to end the Skywalker line in total tragedy - that’s a level of dark I, personally, wouldn’t even want to see.

Whatever happens, it’s VERY important that he informs Rey’s arc and stays central in the Force plot of things, for obvious reasons. I’d say the main thing that convinces me he’ll live - besides being the last Skywalker - is the themes of balance/yin and yang, conflict, and moral ambiguity that seem to be present in this story, in particular. I think Rey is going to find herself a bit lost at some point and Kylo - having been there before - will be able to assist her through that. And -whether romantic or not - I think they will carry on through to the end in a partnership in the Force, and I imagine the both of them together will be the founders of some new Jedi Order. Through the dark and light in both of them, they can begin to set up for a better, more balanced future of the Jedi. I also hope they will stop all this “NO FAMILY, LET’S-TAKE-YOU-AWAY-FROM-EVERYONE-YOU-LOVE-IN-CHILDHOOD” nonsense of the Jedi.

***THIS is another reason I think Reylo will become romantic - it makes a point from here on out that the Jedi can and will have families from this point onward in Star Wars. It suits not only the plot in context of these two characters searching for love and belonging, but it also helps set up a new kind of Jedi order in a very clear, discernible way that audiences of all ages can grasp easily and without too much explanation.***

So yes, I think Kylo will live through to tell his tale - albeit very sad and still regretful over what he’s done. I think he will likely end this story nearly dying, though, and that he will have been willing to sacrifice his life to save others.

I also think he and Finn will have a moment of finding mutual respect for each other, which I am looking forward to. I want to see Finn have to face that challenge, because I think it will be greatly SYMBOLIC for Finn. Once he faces Kylo I think it will be symbolic of him finally accepting his Stormtrooper past, and letting go, to realize that the Resistance IS where he is strong, a leader, and where he belongs. Being able to accept Kylo in his redemption is likely symbolic of Finn being able to accept that he came from the FO - it is a part of what defines him, and a REAL part of who Finn is as a person. Even if he is afraid or ashamed of that origin - it is a part of him. I think Finn will have to face that in TLJ, and I hope to see it resolved - in part - by his confrontation with Kylo - whether in TLJ or Ep 9.

Finally, I think that since Leia will not survive, and Luke is kind of… well, seemingly quite dark and menacing in the marketing… I think that Kylo has to be the ray of hope for the Skywalkers. That through the darkest hours of the Skywalker line, he was still able to shine through and find that goodness that lies within - to overcome the curse of that Skywalker name and redeem it for the better.

Basically, it’s a space fairy tale

So, in short, I think Kylo has a long way to go in serving the characters and plot, and that he likely will survive to the end.

“Tis most unusual,” a voice said from behind Fiona said.

The former grand enchanter turned around.

The door to her bedchambers was now ajar, and a woman in a most impractical looking outfit, a low purple blouse, and raggedy black skirt, was leaning against the doorway.

“What is unusual, Lady Morrigan?” Fiona asked boredly, looking back to her letters, trying to busy herself.

“Today, my son, Kieran told me he met his grandmother. I was fearful, of course, for Flemeth’s arrival at Skyhold would bode nothing but ill fortune. But the woman he spoke to me of was not the Flemeth I knew.“

“How interesting.”

“The woman he described, was, in fact, you. Now, I am certain that, whether she bore me or not, Flemeth is indeed my mother. Which would mean, were you truly Kieran’s grandmother, as the boy claims, you would have to be Alistair’s mother.”

Fiona stayed silent. She looked back up to Morrigan again, and waited.

“I was certain twas idle childhood nonsense. Wishing for a connection to something larger than himself. His fool of a father told us his mother was a serving girl at Redcliffe Castle. You were in the Wardens at the time when he was born. You could not be his mother.”

“But the Inquisitor told you I knew King Maric,” Fiona whispered.

“She did. You are his mother then?“

Fiona closed her eyes. “I am not his mother. A mother raises her child. I bore him. But I am not his mother. I wish I could have been.”

Morrigan let out a tisking noise and crossed her arms. “Do not be a fool,” she began, “I considered giving up Kieran when he was young. To protect him from Flemeth, and others who wished to harm him. Leaving him at a Chantry orphanage, tis the only thing such places are good for. Had I done that, I would be no less his mother than I am now. You are still Alistair’s mother. Why you would wish for a simpleton for a son, I am uncertain, but you are his mother…And you are Kieran’s grandmother.”

Fiona swallowed and nodded. “I am.”

“Tis good he has a grandmother who seems to care for him then.”

I think it’s interesting that the reaction to the Power Rangers Trailer is yet another example of a beloved product being beset with complaints about “ruined childhoods” and other such nonsense, because it somehow doesn’t capture the feel of something that happened decades ago. This is becoming a disturbing trend of franchises not being allowed the chance to be updated and find new audience, while the old audience are also not a viable or trustworthy source of profit for any “return to glory” ventures.

People have completely warped the idea of the likable main character. While people claim to still love the underdog story, it’s becoming more likely that what they truly love is the top dog story. The likeable, easy going protagonist, probably even a well mannered jock, who goes on to discover a great destiny seems to be what people prefer while the under dog stories seem to be the ones they hate.

The recently released Power Rangers trailer makes it obvious that the protagonists are social outcasts. They’re not cool, they’re picked on, they have parental and domestic issues, which is frankly, a harsh reality for a lot of people who’ll be watching this movie. However it goes without saying, that the point of the movie (because this much should be as clear as day) is that these “social outcasts” go on to become Earth’s Mightiest Defenders, they go on to, at the end of the day, defy their social standing to do great things.They go on to not be defined by their background or social status, a testament to the fact that anyone can be the hero. It doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder, you don’t need to be the obvious or popular choice, heroes can and do come from unlikely sources, who you are today is no barrier to the great person you can be tomorrow; which is the point of a true underdog story.

But it seems since these aren’t a bunch of preppy, flower smelling, smilers from Angel Grove with “attitude”, having cute sleepovers, cycling through the park or having family picnics, it’s considered yet another example of an affront to someone’s supposed clean and pristine childhood.

A rocking horse? How cute. Does it remind you of your childhood?

It does indeed. Except the rocking horse we had was way more majestic. It was something between 1m - 1,20m high, had real fur and was pretty realistic. I remember it standing around in the attic for a long while which was creepy since it was worn out but still had these brown glass eyes looking at you. It felt like visiting a family member you completely forgot about you had brought to a nursing home where no one would care for them and where they were left on their own there and all they could do was watching themselves falling slowly apart.
The attic was renovated later so my sibling and I could have our own rooms and I honestly don’t know what happened to the rocking horse.

Anon Prompt: Holiday

((AN: I hereby acknowledge this as being ridiculous. I really wanted to do a Disney World fic so when I saw this I just couldn’t resist. I hope whoever asked for this enjoys and doesn’t mind how much leeway I took with the prompt!))

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Valentine was just one villain in a chain, but he’d managed to do more damage than many. The past seven months had been one clean up mission after another, and everyone at Kingsman, in every branch, worked overtime. They weren’t trying to ensure that the “right” people got into office, but rather that the wrong ones stayed out, which would have been plenty of work if it wasn’t for the normal bombings and crime organizations they also had to keep up with.

Still, everyone took breaks when they needed them, planned or not as Merlin could see when his agents or analysts needed to not have a mission for a weekend. Even he had taken some time around the holidays. Sure, he had absolutely terrified Morgause with what he would do to her and her cats if something went wrong while he was gone, but he had taken the time.

Everyone except for Harry. The newest Arthur had arrived home in a safety helmet (heavily sedated or he’d never have put with it) with his jaw wired shut. Throughout the reconstructive surgeries the man threw himself into his work, typing orders in a way that no one dared refused, and those that questioned them were put in their place with a simple glance. Harry had never slowed down, had never taken a break, and the few times Merlin had stood up to him and demanded he take a break he simply went off and got into even more trouble than before.

It wasn’t without consequences. Harry had compensated his exhaustion with becoming increasingly surly, and his conversations were starting to become increasingly dull, focusing primarily on weather and traffic delays on his way to and from work.

Merlin was done with it.

Harry Hart needed a break or someone was going to break his face with their fist. And Marlen would probably find an archaic bylaw to make sure they got away with it.

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