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Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) was my favorite movie growing up. The music is marvelous, the plot is wonderfully cheesy, and Angela Lansbury is simply a goddess. And what child is not fascinated with magic? But I just realized recently how this movie depicts an important aspect of witchcraft that some stories miss.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a witch named Eglantine Price (Lansbury) who enrolls in a correspondence course in witchcraft from a Professor Emilius Brown (David Tomlinson). Prof. Brown, as it turns out, is actually a con man who just slapped together some nonsense phrases for his “spells,” and he’s shocked when he finds out that Ms. Price can actually perform magic with them. And that’s the beauty of this movie - if you believe it and you act with intent, it doesn’t matter what you say. It can be nonsense. It can just be “treguna, mekoides, and trecorum satis dee.”

This is, of course, an over-simplification of both the movie and modern witchcraft. But it’s interesting how adulthood changes your perspective on your favorite childhood movies and you learn new things from it.

Although, as we all knew as children, magic was possible from the beginning.

My Greatest Influence

So just now, I finished watching Channel Frederator’s 107 Facts about Yu-Gi-Oh! and it got me to reminiscing and now I felt a need to type this up.

Very few people will ever understand how deeply this anime influenced me.

Hell, I don’t even think about how much Yu-Gi-Oh! influenced me until I give it some really deep thought.

For starters, I was a tomboy growing up, and I was heavily bullied for it– I was especially bullied because I loved YGO as deeply as I did. I was even emotionally abused by my older sister over it–constantly I was told “That’s for boys” and “you’re too old for children’s cartoons” and “it’s just a cartoon” ect. It hurt– it hurt as much as you could imagine and more.

But it didn’t deter my love for the series.

And through that love, I made friends on the internet. Friends that mattered more to me and were there for me the way nobody else ever were for me in real life, at times, not even my parents. Through these friends, even if one friendship died and another friend vanished, I accidentally discovered roleplaying–though we didn’t call it that at the time, it was just “playing around” that evolved into it. These friends also gave me love and purpose– I was bullied to the point of wanting to commit suicide, but every time I spoke to them, they gave me love and strength through thick and thin.

Through them, I stayed alive. I would’ve never met them without YGO.

I started writing fanfiction. Bad, horribly written, gagworthy Mary-Sue-filled fanfiction. You know that stage– the stage in a young writer’s life where they ship themselves with the Pharaoh and are the niece of Chase Young from the completely unrelated show Xiaolin Showdown! *shudder* But I improved. Slowly at first, then more rapidly, and then eventually writing my own, original works.

I became a writer through YGO.

Through my new fandom friends, I started to draw. My drawings weren’t good by any means. I borrowed an IRL friend’s “How to Draw Anime” art books. I bought my first pair of leather pants thanks to Little Kuriboh’s YGO The Abridged Series–and now I always own a pair, I absolutely love how they look and feel. Over time, I developed as an artist and challenged myself, but I still have that clear anime influence– some people have commented that the way I draw eyes reminds them of YGO.

YGO made me an artist.

My few IRL friends started to introduce me to other mangas. Formerly, my mom was a book hoarder– I hated books and I thought they were the embodiment of Satan himself. With mangas and graphic novels, though, I found myself liking reading–in fact, by high school, I had discovered comic books and fallen in love!

I fully embraced a geeky lifestyle.

I also became fascinated with the spiritual concepts behind YGO–the idea of reincarnation,  magic and souls. Eventually it lead my dad to teach me how to read Tarot cards. Through Tarot cards I went down a rabbit hole that introduce me to a massive world of ghosts and magick. (real Magick)

I became spiritual and recently, identified as a witch.

I have no idea what my life would be like if I had never watched YGO as a kid. Yes, the 4Kids dub is awful and botched–nobody can deny that. I still loved it anyway, and I still do. I might’ve not watched it for a very long time, but the series still means so much to me. It influenced so many aspects of my life, I don’t even really know how to fully explain how much it means to me without going into my life’s story.

For this reason guys, you should never, ever degrade something someone loves to their face– you have no idea how much that thing might actually mean to them, no matter how silly or stupid it might seem. Or at least, if you’re going to criticize it, actually be fucking nice and constructive about it. That shit can really, really hurt.

tl;dr; Hey you guys YGO is like super important to me and kinda defined my entire artistic being so media is actually really fucking important to some people so be nice about people’s interests please.

Evitas gravitas nonsense

In childhood
gumballs make
fantastic chameleons
of our tongues

in spring
we bend our branches
around the hydro lines

in the fall
we hold our silk
skins from the concrete

we feast in quiet and
eat our thoughts

on the hunt
the fox flaps her downy ears
soft life in her mouth
tiny heart
tiny bird bone cage

this our holiday
strums along and
the sea picks our flesh
for its beasts

we wave to Charon like any ferry man
and we cross the waters

LR Smashnuk 5/21/17

i literally just asked my mom ‘is there any more aloo fry’ and my dad bursts in from the other room and starts yelling about how he finished it because I’m always wasting food (aloo fry is literally my favorite dish and I never waste it) and he got tired of it and he knows he’s gonna get blamed for it and blah blah basically shouting at us to avoid saying 'yeah I ate it’ like honestly I don’t CARE it’s just fucking food but stop yelling at me you angry asshole my anxiety is already bad enough because of your presence through my entire childhood without this nonsense

“Tis most unusual,” a voice said from behind Fiona said.

The former grand enchanter turned around.

The door to her bedchambers was now ajar, and a woman in a most impractical looking outfit, a low purple blouse, and raggedy black skirt, was leaning against the doorway.

“What is unusual, Lady Morrigan?” Fiona asked boredly, looking back to her letters, trying to busy herself.

“Today, my son, Kieran told me he met his grandmother. I was fearful, of course, for Flemeth’s arrival at Skyhold would bode nothing but ill fortune. But the woman he spoke to me of was not the Flemeth I knew.“

“How interesting.”

“The woman he described, was, in fact, you. Now, I am certain that, whether she bore me or not, Flemeth is indeed my mother. Which would mean, were you truly Kieran’s grandmother, as the boy claims, you would have to be Alistair’s mother.”

Fiona stayed silent. She looked back up to Morrigan again, and waited.

“I was certain twas idle childhood nonsense. Wishing for a connection to something larger than himself. His fool of a father told us his mother was a serving girl at Redcliffe Castle. You were in the Wardens at the time when he was born. You could not be his mother.”

“But the Inquisitor told you I knew King Maric,” Fiona whispered.

“She did. You are his mother then?“

Fiona closed her eyes. “I am not his mother. A mother raises her child. I bore him. But I am not his mother. I wish I could have been.”

Morrigan let out a tisking noise and crossed her arms. “Do not be a fool,” she began, “I considered giving up Kieran when he was young. To protect him from Flemeth, and others who wished to harm him. Leaving him at a Chantry orphanage, tis the only thing such places are good for. Had I done that, I would be no less his mother than I am now. You are still Alistair’s mother. Why you would wish for a simpleton for a son, I am uncertain, but you are his mother…And you are Kieran’s grandmother.”

Fiona swallowed and nodded. “I am.”

“Tis good he has a grandmother who seems to care for him then.”

I think it’s interesting that the reaction to the Power Rangers Trailer is yet another example of a beloved product being beset with complaints about “ruined childhoods” and other such nonsense, because it somehow doesn’t capture the feel of something that happened decades ago. This is becoming a disturbing trend of franchises not being allowed the chance to be updated and find new audience, while the old audience are also not a viable or trustworthy source of profit for any “return to glory” ventures.

People have completely warped the idea of the likable main character. While people claim to still love the underdog story, it’s becoming more likely that what they truly love is the top dog story. The likeable, easy going protagonist, probably even a well mannered jock, who goes on to discover a great destiny seems to be what people prefer while the under dog stories seem to be the ones they hate.

The recently released Power Rangers trailer makes it obvious that the protagonists are social outcasts. They’re not cool, they’re picked on, they have parental and domestic issues, which is frankly, a harsh reality for a lot of people who’ll be watching this movie. However it goes without saying, that the point of the movie (because this much should be as clear as day) is that these “social outcasts” go on to become Earth’s Mightiest Defenders, they go on to, at the end of the day, defy their social standing to do great things.They go on to not be defined by their background or social status, a testament to the fact that anyone can be the hero. It doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder, you don’t need to be the obvious or popular choice, heroes can and do come from unlikely sources, who you are today is no barrier to the great person you can be tomorrow; which is the point of a true underdog story.

But it seems since these aren’t a bunch of preppy, flower smelling, smilers from Angel Grove with “attitude”, having cute sleepovers, cycling through the park or having family picnics, it’s considered yet another example of an affront to someone’s supposed clean and pristine childhood.
Anon Prompt: Holiday

((AN: I hereby acknowledge this as being ridiculous. I really wanted to do a Disney World fic so when I saw this I just couldn’t resist. I hope whoever asked for this enjoys and doesn’t mind how much leeway I took with the prompt!))

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Valentine was just one villain in a chain, but he’d managed to do more damage than many. The past seven months had been one clean up mission after another, and everyone at Kingsman, in every branch, worked overtime. They weren’t trying to ensure that the “right” people got into office, but rather that the wrong ones stayed out, which would have been plenty of work if it wasn’t for the normal bombings and crime organizations they also had to keep up with.

Still, everyone took breaks when they needed them, planned or not as Merlin could see when his agents or analysts needed to not have a mission for a weekend. Even he had taken some time around the holidays. Sure, he had absolutely terrified Morgause with what he would do to her and her cats if something went wrong while he was gone, but he had taken the time.

Everyone except for Harry. The newest Arthur had arrived home in a safety helmet (heavily sedated or he’d never have put with it) with his jaw wired shut. Throughout the reconstructive surgeries the man threw himself into his work, typing orders in a way that no one dared refused, and those that questioned them were put in their place with a simple glance. Harry had never slowed down, had never taken a break, and the few times Merlin had stood up to him and demanded he take a break he simply went off and got into even more trouble than before.

It wasn’t without consequences. Harry had compensated his exhaustion with becoming increasingly surly, and his conversations were starting to become increasingly dull, focusing primarily on weather and traffic delays on his way to and from work.

Merlin was done with it.

Harry Hart needed a break or someone was going to break his face with their fist. And Marlen would probably find an archaic bylaw to make sure they got away with it.

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