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Spring Days Theory (Part I)

Edit: Part II is up now!

It’s been a wild ride in the past few hours as I have watched the mv about 5 times trying to figure out what the storyline is. However, I have come to a (shaky) conclusion! This will be kind of abstract and more conceptual than anything, but it does have evidence in the mv.

First of all, this is going to contradict my original theory about Jimin committing suicide. Jimin still is special in this mv, but he probably doesn’t die. Yay!

The main gist of this mv is the theme of growing up. In the mv, every member is shown growing up in some way–except Jin (but we’ll get to him later)! Let me explain:

When I say growing up, I don’t mean that in the literal sense: I mean that each member is shown either struggling in some way (which leads to growth), getting on the train away from Omelas, or using a symbol of growth.

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  • Some jerk: Hi Bill does homosexuality evolutionarily make sense?
  • Bill Nye: One time i read a book that said bonobos are gay. And sexuality is on a spectrum, I know a lot of gay men who are married to women and have children 🙂 So it's okay as long as gay people marry the opposite sex i heard homosexuality in animals was more common in captivity than in nature? Sometimes women say things that only make sense if our language was shaped by cis men and if not all women are cis and dyadic, but that's absurd 🙂 I am the bastion of progressiveness and scientific understanding
  • Me, a lesbian biology student who actually knows shit about evolutionary biology and the diversity of life: Bill. Uh, Bill. Social species with biparental care, such as humans and penguins + many other primates and birds have a little things called inclusive fitness that accomodates even exclusive homosexuality. Social species also use non-reproductive sexual interactions to strengthen bonds between individuals. Even in less social species, there are many cases in which bisexuality and even nigh exclusive homosexuality either don't harm or even increase an animal's fitness. Also sex is a human construct; even momentarily putting aside the humans you shat all over, where do sexual mimicry, asexual reproduction, or truly hermaphroditic species fit into your paradigm, Bill?
  • I know this is ranty and bitter but hearing a childhood icon say something shitty is even worse when they have a mangled understanding of your field. "Science says it's okay to be gay as long as you repress it for het relationships" jeez

ok so the umbrella isnt a relic and leon knew what it was, which means that either all realities are similar enough that umbra staves exist across all of them, OR the umbrella isnt some childhood item important and iconic to lup and rather just a thing that she fuckin. picked off the ground when they got to this reality like “hey ya magic fucks look what i found”