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Tom Wlaschiha Cast In TNT Drama Pilot ‘The Deep Mad Dark’!!

Thanks to @Carol Bullock for the heads up and info :)

Game of Thrones alum Tom Wlaschiha has been tapped to co-star in TNT’s hourlong mystery drama pilot The Deep Mad Dark, produced by John Wells.

In the pilot, written by Megan Martin and directed by Niels Arden Oplev, Wlaschiha will play the mysterious character of Joda.

When Joda appears in the field across from her building in Detroit’s north end, Dr. Polly Lewis is amused. He clears the field with a machete, and she watches a weird encampment grow as others join him. Is it an art installation? An eccentric group of squatters? In Detroit’s fallow fields, these things can happen. But when Polly begins experiencing threatening intrusions into her life by an estranged childhood friend, her feelings about her mysterious new neighbor change. Every interaction with him confounds her. Intense and mercurial, Joda veers from menacing to jarringly insightful, even seductively warm. Is he a lost man who has battled his own demons and is trying to build an unconventional life? Or does Joda have in him the capacity for violence that Polly senses he does?

Wlaschiha joins recently cast Jacki Weaver.

The Deep Mad Dark is produced by John Wells Productions and Fabrik Entertainment, in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television and Turner’s Studio T. Martin, Oplev and Wells executive produce with Fabrik CEO Henrik Bastin and Kristen Campo.

Wlaschiha probably is best known for playing Jaqen H’ghar on hit HBO drama Game of Thrones, for which he shared an ensemble SAG Award nomination. The Germany-born actor also toplined Ed Bernero’s international crime drama series Crossing Lines.


not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

The Wounded Moon

Moon in Aries: Feels ill equipped for the world. A temperamental, abandoned child. There is often a fight for survival, a fanatic charge by a screaming inner child who has been lacerated and left here. Suffers migraines. Coping mechanisms may not be developed, the individual may constantly lapse into the framework of the abandoned or bruised child during times of stress or
heavy emotions. 

Moon in Taurus: Strongly fears being abandoned, and despite giving an aura of calm, the insides resemble quicksand. Can privately binge, over indulge, and self destruct. Feels easily rundown or catches colds easily. Struggles letting go of anything with their emotional investment. Can be haunted by memories.

Moon in Gemini: Emotions are too confusing and complex to be made sense of. The emotional nature can feel like a personality of its own. It’s hard because the individual just wants somebody to teach them how to feel and what to do. Inner needs change rapidly. The individual neglects their own emotional needs, often invalidating their authenticity 

Moon in Cancer: Fears of being left are consuming. The emotional reactivity, fears, and demands of the inner child express the individual’s deep feelings of inadequacy regarding their own sensitivity. The individual leaves claw marks on anybody who tries to leave 

Moon in Leo: The devouring needs of the inner child charter relationships. The individual is drawn to the comfort of unconditional love, safety, and validation that was denied as a child. Severely wounded by invalidation, they search for a mother figure everywhere they go. Reacts dramatically, but fails at explaining themselves leaving people unsure of how to help 

Moon in Virgo: The temperament is a battlefield and the nervous system is in overdrive. During times of distress, the reflex is to withdraw and martyr themselves. Their agitation can be unpredictable. Emotional distress manifests through physical and digestive changes and lack of wellbeing. 

Moon in Libra: Emotional needs are disregarded and ignored. Often the individual feels that their own traumas and experiences are less valid than others. The hollowness inside could swallow the universe. Requires a very close relationship with the mother and becomes severely wounded if this is not actualised. 

Moon in Scorpio: Emotional experiences are intense and lonely. The inner child is screaming, self destructing, and demanding answers for its isolated existence. Pelvic cramps with no organic causation. Early betrayals and traumas run into deep ledges of the psyche and can rule the individual’s whole emotional life and responsiveness as an adult. 

Moon in Sagittarius: The feeling of being lost can become consuming. This can generate a powerful need to control, or be in control. Feelings of escapism infuse with rage and cause severe reactivity. The individual can struggle managing substance misuse. The moon is sentimental and fixed, the moon wants safety and security and time away to be held and nurtured. Sagittarius desires the opposite. Two conflicting needs collide. There is no safe place. 

Moon in Capricorn: Afraid to ask, the individual secretly longs for comfort and guidance. There is a frightened child in the body of a full grown adult. The individual is wounded by their lost childhood. The world feels hostile and unwelcoming, cold and unforgiving. 

Moon in Aquarius: Feelings are intense and unforgiving, the individual feels compelled to distance themselves from emotions to restrict them from becoming ultimately consuming. The condition of human existence is devastating. During severe emotional torment, the Lunar Aquarius can experience complete numbness and the sense of exit from their own bodies. 

Moon in Pisces: Loneliness is exaggerated here. An emotional compass without any direction, feelings take on a life of their own. All life, love, and suffering is born and dies here. Spiritually insatiable, can devote themselves to any guide, creed, or guru that seems to offer salvation. 



I KNOW it’s only been a couple of hours since the new Sims video went up, but bear with me. These are all just based on sad/shy Evan and forward/friendly Dab. Not necessarily shippy (because they’re toddlers!!)

- Evan is clingy towards Dab and whenever their parents take them out on a playdate, Evan holds onto the back of Dab’s shirt, following him from behind.
- Evan is the soft spoken one between the two, and is always happy to play games with Dab but he’s still quite shy every time. They play Cops and Robbers, Saving The Princess in the Tower, etc.
- They keep their drawings of each other posted on their bedroom walls. Dab’s favorite one is a crayon drawing of them as Prince and a Knight, standing on top of a scribble of a slain dragon.
- Someone at daycare hurts Dab by telling him his semi-curly long hair makes him look like a girl. Evan throws his butterfly toy at the kid’s head and they both get into trouble. When their parents arrive to pick them up, Dab is sniffling into Evan’s shirt with Evan consoling him.
- Dab introduces Evan to his first friend the large dinosaur stuffed toy in his room. Evan gets childishly jealous and comes to their next play date in a dinosaur onesie.

club penguin is shutting down im at a loss like people are tryna tell you that global warming and climate change are ‘myths’ well you know what’s gonna be a myth mate club penguin will be because global warming is killing the penguins and we couldnt stop it. we couldnt stop global warming in time and we’re being punished by having club penguin - the least problematic of sites on this accursed interweb - be shut down bc we’re killin all the penguins. i am shook guys why couldnt we save the penguins why

Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.

Ok so I’ve noticed something particularly in the DID and trauma tags on this website that I think needs to be addressed. I want everyone to repeat after me:

-Not all trauma is from abuse.

-You can be traumatized without experiencing abuse.

-You can have a traumagenic disorder without having been abused.

-Not all trauma is from abuse.

I see a lot of people on here equating trauma to abuse and, though I have dealt with various forms of abuse from various people, a good portion of my trauma is from something that couldn’t have been prevented and wasn't​ anyone’s fault (I’m a pediatric cancer survivor and that’s where about half of my worst triggers come from).
Anyway. Just a friendly reminder that equating trauma to abuse is very isolating and invalidating to those of us who have trauma from things other than abuse (and isolation and invalidation are really hard to deal with, especially in relation to traumatic experiences).

Okay but do any of you realize how much abusive parents benefit from abusing kids? Anyone parenting a child would have to put huge amounts of energy, attention, care, patience, time, resources, social skills, emotional labor, physical labour, and all knowledge they have of the world, and this is what every parent owes to their kid, if they’re not willing to do that much then not having children is the right choice. 

But abusive parent? Giving their child their own energy? It takes zero energy to inform their children they’re a burden and a nuisance if they ask for time, energy, attention, patience, or care. That is a huge benefit for the parent right there, if the child is afraid of them, or afraid of being a burden to them, child is not gonna ask for things they need, child is not gonna ask for support, comfort, care or understanding, they’re gonna be thankful if they don’t get screamed at or beaten! Abuse shuts the children up in the very start, disabling them to even ask for what they need, out of fear of being abused, even feeling like if they ask for anything, they’re asking for abuse. After being screamed at with insults for asking for something or needing something even once, they’ll be too scared to attempt it again. Do abusive parents care about keeping their child scared and troubled and deprived of attention and care? No, they just gained more time to focus on their own needs. 

Same goes for resources, ashamed and scared child will agonize and feel horrible for needing basic resources, for needing food and clothes sometimes even, they’re not gonna ask for anything on top of it! Convincing the children they don’t deserve any resources is waaay easier than actually providing proper resources, it happens at great psychological and emotional cost to the children but do the parents care? No, they just saved themselves some money they didn’t want to share with their kid. 

Raising a kid involves a big deal of physical labor and if abusive parents convince the child they don’t deserve anything done for them, and have kids work for parents instead, that is a huge benefit isn’t it? Actually gaining a “worker” they only have to keep alive, have them think that working is the only way they can ever deserve to live, having them do manual labor for nothing in return - that is the corporate dream. Also converts the child into a slave. Do they care? No, they now have to work less and eventually can gain profit from child’s labor. 

There is a more cruel way to do all of this, and it’s to convince children that no matter how much they need comfort, care, resources, attention, empathy, patience and love - the parent is the one who needs it more. Some abusive parents will convince the child to be their caretaker, to rush to any physical or emotional work, because it’s the only thing parent needs from them, to be taken care of from the side of the child, to be served and favoured, to be loved and understood and comforted and given attention and fulfillment. Can anyone see what a huge benefit this is to people who wanted a caretaker and couldn’t find one so they converted their own child to be one? How many adult people actually has a “caretaker” figure in this world who would go so far for them, sacrifice their own needs for them, rush to aid and comfort and take care of them? Nobody because people aren’t made to sacrifice themselves for others! And children aren’t either! If they’re supposed to focus on taking care of the parent, what about children’s own needs? They learn they don’t get to have needs. And to try to deserve to be loved by sacrificing everything for others.

And of course, there’s abusive parents who have held down their rage and resentment and cruelty for the times when they would have someone who is weaker than they are, who can’t fight back or leave, who has no hope of defending or winning against them. So anything is an excuse for screaming or violence, anything becomes a good enough excuse for sadism and cruelty and torture, and the child is converted to a convenient punching bag, all of the time being told they’ve deserved it and it’s for their own good, because of course, abuser doesn’t want to feel any amount of guilt for using the child as a rage outlet. Who else can have another human who is their personal punching bag? Who doesn’t sue them or is able to stop them? In what situation can you do this to another human, unless you have a child and are ready to claim all you do is “discipline”? While taking pleasure in listening the screaming and apologies and having another small human completely mortified and broken in front of them?

This is why we have to hold them responsible. We have to recognize that they’ve been taking everything from the child and giving to themselves. We have to be aware that children aren’t a burden, they have so many invaluable features, and abusive parents know this, and take it all from them. They don’t deserve their children’s love or affection or gratitude or forgiveness. They owe their children, and not the reverse. Their children deserve better. We should let them know they deserve better.


Sebastian Stan x Reader

Bucky Barnes x Reader


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He’s wearing his Avengers costume…

Does this mean that one of the first things Steve did after the Chitauri invaded was make a fitness video for high schools?

“No time for covert ops for SHIELD, there’s this new fangled 21st Century thing called ‘childhood obesity!“

This feels like something Cap would actually do


every westallen scene ever (133/?)