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The Dream Meme

Send me a symbol for me to write a headcanon, drabble, or have my muse talk about…

🌸 A good dream
⚡️ A nightmare
🌪 A dream that makes no sense
🌥 A recurring dream
🌙 A dream from my muse’s childhood
🌛 Their dream job
🌊 A dream in black and white
🌞 A dream from a nap
🍃 A dream when they’re on drugs
🌧 A dream that came true

Imagine surprising Jensen at a convention

“My, uh, my question is for Jensen,” the fan with the mic started nervously, and you watched from the back as Jensen and Jared smiled reassuringly at her, “I was wondering, what’s the hardest part of filming this season?” she finished, more confidently.

Before Jensen got a chance to answer, Jared cut in.

“You know, I’ll answer the question for Jensen,” he told her, “The hardest part for him this season is that Y/N is taking a break from the show.”

Jensen shook his head, laughing slightly, “It does suck that I don’t get to see her every day, but I’m so proud of her.”

Your heart fluttered and you bit your lip in anticipation.

“For those of you who don’t know,” he continued,  “Y/N’s left Supernatural for a bit because she got her childhood dream job. She’s always liked comics- graphic novels- or whatever, and now she gets to play Harley Quinn in a new show for the CW. She’s sent me a few teasers of the pilot episode, and unsurprisingly she’s done amazingly.”

“Not to mention she looks really hot in her costume,” Jared interjected.

You couldn’t stop a slight laugh from falling from your lips, and a couple of girls at the back turned round, their eyes widening with excitement when they saw you.

You held your finger to your lips, and they nodded in understanding turning back to face the stage.

“She does,” Jensen chuckled, “But then I think she looks hot when she’s covered in cuts and bruises on our show, so I’m kind of a biased voter here. But, yeah, of course I miss her. I love her. I’ve just got to wait until Comic Con next month, she’ll be there so I can see her then.”

“Actually,” Jared interrupted again, “You don’t have to wait another month.”

Jensen frowned, and Jared continued, “You don’t even have to wait another minute.”

Jensen was looking at him, confused, and you began walking towards the stage.

You watched realisation grow on your fiancé’s face as you got closer, and he stood up, walking towards you and helping you up on stage.

“Hey babe,” you grinned as his arms wrapped around you, picking you up and spinning around.

He kissed you firmly as he set you down, and the crowd (and Jared) went wild.

You laughed as you pulled back, stroking his cheek with your thumb.

“What-?” he asked, still bewildered, “How-?”

You smiled, placing another gentle kiss to his lips, “Surprise.”

It’s All in the Details XIII

Some miscellaneous things to think of concerning your muse. Fill in or ask others to send them to you.

  1. One topic they could talk about all day/they can tell you everything about?
  2. Hardest obstacle they’ve had to overcome in their life?
  3. Most rewarding thing they’ve ever done?
  4. Which goes on bread first: cheese or meat?
  5. A memory they wish they could forget?
  6. How are their first aid skills?
  7. How would they react in a sudden situation that required the previously mentioned skills?
  8. Do they have a favorite parent? Who, why?
  9. Based on their personality, what animal would they be?
  10. How do they learn the best?
  11. A skill they wish they had but don’t?
  12. Something they have but wish they didn’t?
  13. How good is their self-control?
  14. What kind of a person do they wish they were?
  15. Do they have a role model? Who? Why?
  16. How well would they do in their childhood’s dream job?
  • Aries: Police Officer
  • Taurus: Scientist
  • Gemini: Fashion Designer
  • Cancer: Veterinarian
  • Leo: Athlete
  • Virgo: Nurse
  • Libra: Musician
  • Scorpio: Writer
  • Sagittarius: Dancer
  • Capricorn: Doctor
  • Aquarius: Astronaut
  • Pisces: Teacher

why has glenn been around since the first episode but has barely been given major plots that aren’t gleggie-centric