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Julie Apicella has shared this heartbreaking back to school photograph to raise awareness of childhood cancer. She has urged people to take part in The Go Gold Project in which Facebook users add a gold ribbon to their profile picture. 8-year-old Emily passed away in December 2015 after a three year battle with cancer. Posting the two pictures on Facebook, Julie wrote: “School photo time – obviously someone very special missing – my daughter Emily. Her post reads:

“Imagine if your school photo this year is the LAST you will ever be able to take and will just be a memory to remember. I have asked my friends and family to change their profile pics to go gold – it takes seconds and you don’t have to donate any money or your spleen in doing so. Nearly everyone on my list has children or family members and this could be your reality in the future – one in 285 children will get a cancer diagnosis.“

Currently crying over cancer

Why is there little to no people talking about Stefan Karl Stefansson? Like wether he’s dying or not Meme Dad still needs love right now in this time. There is speculation that he is sadly going to pass away in a few days but until then let’s just show him as much love as we can ❤️ I genuinely love that man like he is my father and truly believe he can pull through,growing up watching LazyTown was my best memories! But now hearing his cancer has came back with a vengeance truly traumatized me,especially since my mother recently finished chemo therapy for breast cancer,I sometimes get scared of the possibility that the cancer might just one day come back but I have to push the negative thoughts aside and pull the positive ones to light!!!! And you guys should do the same for him,Plant Dad deserves it.

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Pediatric Cancer~

The topic of cancer and cancer related illnesses is something that I hold close to my heart. As someone who has witnessed several close friends and family go through surgery and treatment (thankfully all recovered or are in remission), I would like to ask you guys to spread the word and if possible make some kind of contribution towards helping end Pediatric Cancer. In addition to supporting the fight against childhood cancer and in light of my blog’s (mainly) educational purpose, I would like to give you guys at least a few vocabulary words pertaining to the subject matter.

암 (ahm) cancer
어린이 암 (eo rin yi ahm) pediatric cancer
백혈병 (baek hyeol byeong) leukemia
림프종 (lim peu jong) lymphoma
육종 (yook jong) sarcoma
뇌종양 (noe jong yang) brain tumor
기증물 (gi jeung mul) donation
기증자 (gi jeung ja) donor
자선 (ja seon) charity
연구 (yeon gu) research
치료 (chi ryo) cure
*희망 (hwae mang) hope

화학 요법
(hwa hak yo beob)

방사선 요법
(bang sa seon yo beob)
radiation therapy

Hope this helps and spread the word! My heart goes out to anyone who is currently or has gone through a battle with cancer.~

Reminder that 40 kids were diagnosed with cancer in the USA today

Reminder that 7 kids died from cancer in the USA today

Reminder that there are over 40,000 kids fighting cancer in the USA right now

Reminder that less than 1% of the American Cancer Society’s budget goes to childhood cancer

Reminder that less than 4% of federal cancer funding goes to childhood cancer

Reminder that approximately 71 years of life will be lost for each child that dies of cancer

Reminder that 2/3 childhood cancer survivors will have a chronic, often life threatening condition as a result of treatment

Reminder that childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the USA

Reminder that only one new drug to combat childhood cancer has been approved by the FDA in the last twenty years

Reminder that next to nobody knows the reality of all this until it affects them. I wasn’t aware until my friend Robyn fought and was killed by this horrific silent murderer. She was eleven. Fight for the kids who are too young to fight for themselves.

Why Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) is amazing (From the point of view of someone who was once dying)

This isn’t a spoiler or anything, this is just my prediction, but I think Kaori has a terminal illness and is dying. She never frowns and is always energetic and cheery and THAT is EXACTLY why I think she’s dying (and context clues). Coming from someone who was given 6 weeks to live at my initial cancer diagnosis, with a 50% chance of being brain dead if I did go through with chemo, the way they portray her is unbelievably accurate to a teenage (from MY experience, please keep that in mind; I’m not trying to generalize.) who is actively dying.

First off, Kaori doesn’t care about the future. Why would you? Why would you care about the future when you might not have one? (It is a morbid thought, but it is reality for us.) The only thing she cares about is improving the lives of her friends while she still has time on Earth. Take Kousei for example. Kaori is trying to show Kousei the world in a new way. She wants to relieve him of his suffering so that when she dies, she can leave him with some peace. She’s trying to make him see the beauty in the world (always telling him to look at the stars) and trying to show him the beauty in the power of music. She doesn’t want to leave him behind stuck in his past, or stuck in the anxious thoughts of the future. Kaori wants Kousei to see the world as she does.

Which brings me to my next point:
She sees and feels everything so deeply. The living world is so much more meaningful and bright and beautiful when you’ve touched death’s door. You can see that in everything she does. The way she looks at the stars at night, the way she played with the fireworks, the way she talks, the way music moves her…everything is deep. Everything has meaning because she was granted another moment to breathe on Earth. THAT is what it feels like to know you’re sick. She wants to share those feelings with Kousei. She wants to show him the beauty in everything in the world. She wants to leave him with the mindset that arbitrary things like school and everything don’t matter, because who knows when you’re going to be next. That is exactly the feeling and things I try to leave with everyone in my life. My family, my boyfriend, my friends, strangers…ANYONE. Kaori wants to show Kousei that he is okay.

With my extra time here on Earth I want to spread the beauty that my eyes have been opened up to thanks to the lingering thought of death. That is exactly what Kaori wants to do, and the show portrays the thoughts and actions of a dying person perfectly. Kaori is a character that will always be close to my heart.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Week

I encourage you to learn a little about Childhood Cancer. It is the main cause of death by disease among children past infancy. Roughly 16,000 children a year are diagnosed, and roughly 2,000 of them die.

So many families are affected by this a year. If you can do anything to help any of these children or families- I encourage you to help, even if it’s simply hanging out with someone who’s family is going through this.

Please don’t ignore gold. 🎗

“I stand for love! I stand for truth and justice too! I’m Sailor Moon! And in the name of the moon, I shall punish you.” -Sailor Moon

I stand for childhood cancer. I stand for the friends I have lost, I stand for the friends who are still fighting, and I stand for the survivors. This tattoo is for all pediatric cancer fighters. We’ll all fight just like my childhood (and let’s face it, adult) hero, Sailor Moon.


Emily James is just your typical little three year old princess. She loves nail polish, frilly dresses, and, when she can get her hands on it, mom’s lipstick. What makes Emily unique is that by age three her golden [brown] locks were long enough to be made into a wig for a child with cancer. As Emily states in the video, “just cut some off and give it to a kid”. What an incredible lesson to learn from a 3 year old, when we have lots of something - don’t hold onto it, give it away to someone else who needs it more. Her favorite movie is “Tangled” and she is especially fond of her Rapunzel dolly, which is why ‘Dolly’ got a hair cut too. When Emily said she would let Uncle Matthew cut her hair, she insisted that he would cut 'Dolly’s’ hair first. 

Emily’s mom and dad told her about donating hair wigs to be made for kids with cancer. They sat down and explained to her that to donate her hair, she would need to cut it fairly short, and that it would be a long time before she had long hair again. They looked at pictures together of little kids with no hair, they looked at pictures of wigs and they also looked at shorter styles - and she still wanted to make the donation. It probably didn’t hurt that in the final scenes of Tangled, Rapunzel is sporting a pretty cute bob. With that in mind, the two of them, Emily and 'Dolly’, booked an appointment with 'Uncle Matthew’.

Hey Swifties! Want to help show some love to a child fighting cancer and their siblings this Valentine’s Day? Long story short, a few years ago at the Speak Now tour, I met a little girl named Kadie, who was bravely fighting neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. Kadie passed away a few weeks after the concert, Taylor actually called her a few days before, which is incredibly special to her family. I started a project in her honor called Happy Faces ( because Kadie always told everyone to show her their happy faces.

Every year through Happy Faces,I put together Valentine’s Day packages for children fighting cancer and their siblings. It is such a simple and fun way to help out and put a smile on a very deserving child’s face! A mutual love for Taylor is how Kadie and I bonded, so I figured who better to reach out to for this project than other Swifties?

Here is how it works! At the end of this post I will include a list of children that will receive the valentine’s. You can either buy or make cards and address one for each child. Please include your name and where you are from! I want the children to see that they are getting valentine’s from all over! Then send the cards to me by February 8th.

If anyone would like to send a few dollars along with their valentines to help cover shipping costs, it would be greatly appreciated! It typically costs about $10 to mail the valentines to each child. Truly anything would help!

Please send all cards to:
Happy Faces
22 Landings Way
Avon Lake, OH

Here are the names of the kiddos recieving valentines:


–Stella (Stella LOVES Taylor. So if anyone would have fun making her a Taylor themed Valentine, go crazy!)


Alright, so I gotta tell you a bit about this awesome kid I know. His name is Corbin. He’s five years old. He’s really funny and kind and smart. And he also has neuroblastoma which is a total buzzkill!

He was diagnosed a year and some change ago at Stage IV and for a while there, things were looking pretty rough. He went through tons of intravenous radiation (he was literally injected with radioactive toxins, LIKE SUPERMAN. okay, not like superman, but he’s still my superhero) in addition to chemo and regular radiation. Little guy’s a champ, ya dig?

I met this kid a year ago because he was diagnosed with cancer two months after I was, and now that I know him pretty well, I feel like my life would not be the same without him. It’s kind of a big deal, because we come from a town where eleven kids and young adults were diagnosed with cancer in a 5 year time-frame, but that’s a story for another day. He’s the youngest of these kids, and I’m the oldest, which I think gives him and me a pretty interesting dynamic.

Tomorrow, Corbin starts the next phase in his treatment: Immunotherapy.

For those of you who don’t know what that means, if you ever heard about the little girl who’s leukemia was cured with AIDS and the handful of others, this is what immunotherapy is. One of two options: 1.) Stimulating your own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack cancer cells (i.e. by injecting certain disease strains to force the immune system to fight back) or 2.) Giving you immune system components, such as man-made immune system proteins.

He’s going to be in the hospital for at least a week getting these treatments. It’s a pretty big deal because this could literally be the turning point where he gets on top of things, gets his life back, etc. And that’s really no small potatoes.

So what am I asking for here? Prayers? Thoughts? Donations of money, souls and other goods?!

Nah, nothing that extreme. You can totally say a prayer or keep Corbin in your thoughts if you want to, BUT after giving it a bit of thinking, I’ve got a much better idea.

When Corbin was first diagnosed, his family’s motto became “Corbin Strong.” So my bright idea is to get #CorbinStrong out there!

That’s why tomorrow I propose a campaign of tweets, tumblr posts, instagram posts, facebook posts, everything under the sun to put some good vibes out there for Corbin and his family as they head into a rocky week.

Participants are encouraged to post a favorite quote about strength or courage (GET CREATIVE!) with #CorbinStrong

If you could share this post in some way, shape or form by word of mouth or via another platform, that’d be spectacular.


“I didn’t really want the doctors to tell me when my life is going to end.” - Talia Castellano (age 13 when she passed away on July 16, 2013)

September is childhood cancer awareness month. The objective of this is bring awareness to the 15,000+ children a year are diagnosed with cancer. ¼ of those kids won’t make it. Visit to donate towards research for childhood cancer.

Give Back Tuesday

No child should have to go through any kind of pain and suffering so it’s especially hard when I see children that are battling cancer and fighting for their lives. That’s why I support Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation working hard to find a cure for these children. But they still need your help. You can donate to Alex’s Lemonade Stand or get even more involved by opening your own stand to raise money and awareness for this incredible cause. 


This is my Mikey-bear, my snuggle buddy. He’s like any nine year old boy. He loves hockey and chocolate cake and feeding granola bars to moose. Unlike many other nine year old boys, he didn’t get the chance to turn ten.

Mikey lived 3557 days to their fullest potential with us. He played ice hockey, got to meet the Portland Pirates and the Boston Bruins, got to swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys, befriended a flock of chickens, and beat up his big brother on a regular basis. Mikey loved life, all 3557 days of it. But of those days, 2235 were lived by neuroblastoma’s rules. Neuroblastoma set roots in my brother’s body and he fought it for 2235 days.

There is only so much a small body can handle, there is only so much poison and so much radiation that can be pumped into a small body before it says enough and begins to shut down, there is only so much “treatment” a body can handle before leukemia take a hold. Mikey could only handle so much.

I have survived 452 days since Mikey passed away. We have survived 452 days. This is what neuroblastoma has done to us and countless of other families. 

I don’t understand where the past 452 day have gone.


Hey there taylorswift, I’m Mandi and I’m 16!! I can’t wait to see you in Houston, Texas in less than one week on September 9th! I got my tickets for Christmas this past year and have been waiting ever since for concert day!
I’ll be there passing out Rockstar Ronan bracelets for Childhood Cancer Awareness month so if you see me please come and say hi!
This is my fox costume (ears coming soon) from I Know Places. You can find me and my awesome mom and dad in Section 420. Row 16. Seats 3, 4, 5. But of course, I will be running around the stadium before the show spreading some RoLove!
See you soon, Taylor!! 💜💛
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