The Blob (by fifth grade me)

Chapter 1 

I was in my room on my bed when I saw that thing on my window, it was slimy green all over and it was alive. I said to myself “I better clean that up or my mom would get really mad.” So I headed to the bathroom to find a tissue with water and soap on it. I found a tissue so I put water and soap on it. I went back to my room but the slimey stuff was gone so I went back to the bathroom to put it back. I went back to my room and it was there. “it was the strangest thing.” I thought. I went to my sisters room and told her “Can you come in my room there is something weird in there” I said. She came in my room and I showed her the place where it was but it wasn’t there. “What are you talking about” She said. “It was there before” I said. She went back to her room. “it was very weird how the slimey green stuff was there and then it disappeared.” I thought. So I figured that if I go away and then come back it would come back. I went across the the hall and came back. When I came back it was there. I tried to touch it. But it moved. “I had to show a scientist” I thought. I could be rich. I went back in the hall and back to my room. Then I went to my parents and showed them. They didn’t think I should get a scientist to look at it we needed doctors. “OK fine.” I said. But I thought about it and if he came it wouldn’t be there because it would disappear again. So I thought “this could get interesting” My mom called the doctor. He got her 10 min later. I showed him where it was. “it isn’t there.” he said. My mom said “but it was just there” “I am leaving” The doctor said. “the doctor didn’t see it. So we can call a scientist right” I said. “I’ll see what I can do” She said. “Thanks mom” I said. So she called the scientist. He got here 20 min later. He said “OK OK vere ees eet.”“ My mom showed him to my room. This time it was there. He put his gloves on and tried to touch it. It moved. "Interesting, very interesting” he said. “What is it?” I said :I can’t tell. I think I might have to run some tests. I’ll take a sample of it" he said. He took out a tube out of his coat. He tried to put some of it in the tube. It worked. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours” he said. He went out to his car and drove away. “Mom do you think it’ll work this time?” I said. “I hope so” She said. The scientist came back. He told us that he hadn’t seen anything like it before. He told us the best thing to do is get it out of my room. So he helped us get it out. This was very difficult because when you try to touch it would move. We tried to sneak up on it. But it keeps moving. “this will be harder than I thought” the scientist said. We never got it out so we decided to move to a different house. “Good thing it’s summer” I said. We started to pack our things.

The unforetold stream

A hope, a wish

A passion, a dream

I spent years

as a child

thinking what it could mean.

And now I’m an adult

with decisions to make

I  can’t decide

What path I should take.

Should I follow that dream

Down an unforetold stream

Or take the straight road

To a nice postal code?

A beaten down track

of adventure and fear

Of choose comfort instead

And money and bread.

I’ll follow my dream

Now I know what it means:

that it’s worth the risk,

To find

a home.

Hey Interwebz!

My deepest darkest secret ever since I was a kid has been the fact that I want more than anything to BE Spider-Man. It’s not possible but its my dream. What’s even worse is the fact that since high school has began it has become a stronger wish.