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Yoyo: *naming 5 member girl groups* BIG BANG

BI: Whales are mammals? Rats are reptiles? Toronto? 

June: *washes his phone because he thinks it’s waterproof*

Bobby: *tastes ocean water* It’s salty! 

Chanu: *worries because he has no swim wear to go swimming on the plane*

Jinhwan: *buys chips because he wants something sweet* These are salty, so…

Dong: “You pabo!”

As soon as we entered the hall, firing started behind us in the hall. Our teacher said close the doors. We closed the doors and suddenly they entered, breaking the doors… As soon as we hid under tables, they fired bullets at our legs and our heads and then they burned our madam. They burned our madam. The firing continued but we didn’t move because whoever moved got shot at.
—  A student injured in the siege told NDTV from a hospital bed.
Same-Sex Couples Can Now Adopt Children In All 50 States
A federal judge ruled Mississippi's ban on same-sex adoption is unconstitutional.


*now we just need equal protection rights for housing and work!

*and I live in Michigan, one of 3 states that through “religious protection laws” or as I like to call them, “crusade to be a bigot laws” same sex couples can still be denied to adopt based solely on their sexual orientation if the adoption agency is religiously affiliated. (most adoption agencies in Michigan are religiously affiliated)

This is a victory to be proud of but the fight is not over!

Photo Of The Week: Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry visits a daycare centre for children with disabilities in Viet Nam. “All the children I met have incredible dreams. We have to help them fight for those dreams,” she said. “Investing in the most disadvantaged to give them a fair chance in life is not only the right thing to do, it is the best way to break the cycle of poverty and drastically improve children’s health, education and well-being.” © UNICEF/UN020123/Quan


Some stories were never meant for children. We tell the story of a 14-year old Syrian girl - through her eyes. ‪