Albanian Terms Of Endearment
  • I dashur / e dashur (m. /f.) : love
  • T'a hangsha zemrën: May I eat your heart  
  • Zemra (Ime)  : Heart (of mine)  
  • Dritë e syrit : Light of my eyes (Usually, it’s used by a parent to call this their children, and especially for Fathers towards their daughters)  
  • Gëzim i parë : First joy (Used by parents towards their children)  
  • Rrush : Dear (lit. Grapes)  
  • Xhan : Dear, from Arabic “Jaan” 
  • Shpirt(i im) : Soul (of mine) 
  • Vdeksha un për ty : May I die for you 
  • T'keqen : Dear, Sweetheart (lit.“the bad”, short of “Të marsha t'keqen” that means “May I take upon myself the evil meant for you)  
  • Arush: Little Bear (Used for little children) 

I wanted to share this here because, as far as commissions go, this one was pretty unique. I got a request to make  realistic-looking/feeling  Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the 4-Kids anime style.

They feel like real trading cards in thickness and rigidity and are the same dimensions as regular Yu-Gi-Oh cards so they’ll fit into card sleeves too. The template and layout I used to make these were both made by me and I used references and screenshots from the anime to help me do this.

All card artwork was obtained from the Yu-Gi-Oh wiki

Drabble 5/5

A/N: There’s only the combo drabbles left. So those will be up soon enough! As for the one-shot native-snowflake I apologize! D: I really thought I’d be able to finish it today! I promise it’ll be up tomorrow! And due to an earlier mishap, there’s two for #46. My apologies!

41. (Thomas Hickey)

“I do-” His confusion was cut off by your lips pushing roughly against his own, both legs coming up to rest on the wooden chair so you could properly straddle him. He paused for a beat, overcome with confusion and amusement, before returning the kiss. His large hands rose, pulling you closer by the back of your thighs as his tongue left a trail of desire on your lips. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning, body jerking as he pushed up to get closer. 

You were too lost in the feel of his hands and his mouth moving in tandem, your mind addled from the lust. It wasn’t supposed to be this intimate and exploratory, but damn it all, it felt too good. Using the last bit of strength, you pulled away from him, almost giving back in when his lips chased yours like a thirsty man desperate for water. 

“Now, I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying it, but what the ‘ell was that?” A breathy laugh left your lips, your racing heart beginning to return to normal.

“A distraction,” you whispered lowly, his darkened gaze following your movements as you attempted to slide off his lap. He caught you in a strong grip, keeping you above him.

“Ah, don’t tell me you’re just goin’ ta leave me aftah that.”

42. (Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad)

Had you not felt the wet trail a single, bold tear left as it slid leisurely down your face, you might’ve believed you were numb. Your head rested heavily on your knees, both arms wrapped tightly around your legs. It wasn’t often you allowed yourself to cry, but when you did, there was always a damn good reason. And today, sadly, was no exception. You closed your eyes against the whirlwind of emotion, wishing for nothing more than it all to just leave you alone. But no, you sighed, the sound of footsteps drawing closer, you couldn’t just be left alone.

“(Y/N).” Altaïr sounded unsure and scared, reminding you of a child.

“Yes?” You croaked, cursing yourself when your voice cracked. The air was heavy with confusion, Altaïr approaching you not unlike how one might approach a timid animal.

“I didn’t mean it.” He whispered, knowing he’d messed up. A ghost of a smile graced your lips, eyes once again opening to observe the man behind you. He was worried; hood down, hands fumbling, eyes shining, and lips pressed together. “Please don’t cry. It hurts me when you cry.”

43. (Desmond Miles)

“I told you this was the wrong way.” Desmond grumbled, his hand tugging you back towards the street you’d just come from. Despite the annoyance in his tone, he still had a smile on his face, his golden eyes completely focused on you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just hope this is the right way then.” You replied, a hint of teasing in your voice. He noticed it, a brilliant chuckle bubbling up his throat.

“Oh, it’s going to be the right way.” He stated firmly, the hand interlaced with your own jerking you into his chest. He dropped it, instead choosing to rest both hands on your hips. “And if it’s not,” he began, leaning down closer to your lips, “then we’ll just try another.” You managed a small smile before he closed the distance, his eyelids fluttering closed and his lips meeting yours sweetly.

44. (Connor)

You weren’t entirely sure how you’d ended up this way, but you weren’t complaining in the least. Connor’s hands were spread out along your ass, pushing you closer to him, his tongue laving at the bare skin of your neck. Your legs were locked behind Connor’s waist, head thrown back and hips surging forward in the need for sweet, sweet friction. Breathy moans were escaping your mouth, both hands tangled in his dark hair. 

Despite his obvious enjoyment of the situation, something was on his mind. Something that you were almost sure you knew. Every time a groan of  “Connor” managed to tumble from your lips, he seemed to stumble. It wasn’t that he didn’t love this, he just wanted to hear his name roll off your tongue in ecstasy; his real name. So you delivered.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton.” Your voice was breathy and laced with desire. The brown eyes that you’d spent so long gazing into were swallowed by a sea of black, disappearing in the light of pleasure. “Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you echoed, sure to grind against him at the same time. A low growl was torn from his throat, his words dark and voice husky as he leaned forward.

“If you keep that up, we’re not making it to a bedroom.” A slow smirk formed on your face, his own mirroring yours with absolute wickedness.


45. (Shaun Hastings)

Normally you’d understand Shaun’s diligence when it came to his work, but it had been weeks since there had been any word on Abstergo and peace seemed to finally be here, if only for a bit. Unfortunately, Shaun saw that as all the more reason to work. It was frustrating you to no end, your head resting on top of your fists as you looked up to him with narrowed eyes. Honestly, it wasn’t like you were asking for a whole lot. You just wanted to spend a little bit of time with him away from the whole Templar/Assassin ordeal.

“I know what you’re thinking so just stop.” He grumbled, fingers moving along the keys gracefully without missing a beat. He could be so damn stubborn sometimes. You watched silently for a moment, the insistent sound of tapping as Shaun typed filled the void, almost taunting you to think of someway to get him out of there. And think of a way you did. Biting down on your lip, you suppressed a smile. 

Schooling your expression into one of absolute innocence, you looked up at him, eyes wider than usual and sunlight shining off them like a beacon. Shaun wasn’t able to stop himself from looking, trying to figure out how he’d gotten you to be quite so suddenly. He pulled his gaze away just as quickly, trying his damndest to avoid your look. 

“Don’t you dare give me puppy dog eyes.” He bit out, resolve wavering as his fingers slowed their pace. You smiled, already knowing that you won this round.

46. (Charles Vane)

“You alright?” Vane asked, his head tilted towards you. He couldn’t see much, the sun far too bright, but from what he could see, you didn’t look to be doing too well.

“Just keep moving.” You ground out, a palm pressing roughly into your side. That had been one hell of a fight, but you’d come out more or less unscathed. As for the others, well, they wouldn’t be bothering anyone else anytime soon. You couldn’t help but chuckle darkly, the action sending jolts of pain down your spine.

“That wasn’t what I asked.” He grabbed a hold of your arm, stopping you in your shaky steps. Despite the pressure of his grip, it wasn’t painful. In fact, his touch was quite comforting.

“I’m fine.” You whispered. “But we need to get out of here.” Maybe it was the ache laced in your tone or the urgency of your voice, but he dropped the topic, however reluctantly.

“I bloody well know that.” He grumbled, walking ahead of you. You smiled at the tense muscles in his back. Even if he didn’t admit it, he was worried about you, and that was something you’d never let go of.

46. (Benjamin Hornigold)

The silence was deafening, your head cast down as Hornigold looked to you expectantly. He’d just finished some lecture on how “just” the Templar cause was but you didn’t want to hear what he had to say, too angered by his actions. Why had he betrayed you?

“Will you join me?” He questioned quietly, the smallest twinge of regret in his voice. His hand reached up for you, stopping and dropping once again when he realized it might not be welcome.

“I hate you.” There was no malice in your tone, just you stating a simple, true fact. You thought you loved the man oh so long ago, but you could never think that now. You couldn’t even look at him.

“That wasn’t what I asked.” His voice was barely audible above the sounds of waves crashing against the shore outside. Your eyes slipped shut in a shoddy attempt to stave off the inevitable pain.

“I will never join you and I will never forgive me.” You didn’t need to look up to know he had dropped his head, hand going to his blade. You were a threat, one that he needed to take care of. Only, you weren’t a threat, not to him. But you had too much pride to tell him that. You held your tongue, waiting for death to drag you down in its tight grip, a tear slipping from your eye no matter how hard you tried to hold it in. You never thought it would end like this.

47. (Haytham Kenway)

You were careful to avoid any particularly small branches, knowing that should you hit one, he’d be more than aware of your presence. No, you couldn’t have that, so you continued forward, leaping gracefully to another, studier branch. You’d been following Haytham for a little under an hour, his deep blue cloak almost seeming natural against the solid white snow now. Just a few more minutes and you could strike; you could end this. A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips, nearly losing your balance in your cockiness of the moment. 

So long as the cold winds were at your back, you were not out of the water yet. But, you were considerably closer to shore. Excitement twinkled in your eyes as Haytham stood exactly where you needed him to, your feet pushing you off the branch and towards him with a little more force than intended. A second of biting winds and you were on him, your hands pinning his arms on either side. For a full moment there was nothing but silence, his gray eyes betraying nothing as you stared into them. Ever slowly, your expression melted, a smile taking its place. His soon followed, adoration in his gaze.

“(Y/N),” he greeted, still sounding eloquent despite the fact that he was pinned beneath you.

“Haytham,” you breathed, wondering what it was he wanted. He’d left you a letter a few days ago, stating that he wished to speak with you. “What is it you wanted?”

“I think you know exactly what I want.” He growled huskily, eyes raking down your figure. You shivered, though it wasn’t entirely from the cold. You may have caught the Grand Master off guard, but he was the one that really surprised you.

48. (Jacob Frye)

Ever since you’d returned from America, Jacob had been acting different. You hadn’t been gone for very long, but the Brotherhood found it fitting that you spend a little more time amongst those who might be a better influence. Granted, Jacob and Evie weren’t necessarily bad, but you’d definitely gotten a little more aggressive since meeting the twins. You couldn’t complain too much, you’d only been gone for a few months. Not to mention, the trip wasn’t all that terrible. But from the day you returned to this very moment, Jacob had barely left your side. There were times when Evie needed to, quite literally, drag him away from you. Finally fed up with his incessant following, you turned to him with blazing eyes.

“What the hell is your problem? You’ve been following me like a lost puppy!” Immediately after your outburst, you felt a twinge of guilt. He looked so hurt, his head dropping in something akin to shame. He may have been annoying you the last couple of weeks, but that certainly didn’t give you a right to hurt him. He muttered something inaudible under his breath, top hot obscuring your view of him. “What?” You asked much quieter than last time, taking a step closer to the Englishman. A swallow worked its way down your throat when he looked to you, a strange look in his eye.

“I said,” he paused, sighing. “I missed you.” His stare caught yours, seriousness conveying in it. “I need you. I need you so bloody much.”

49. (Ezio Auditore)

Each breath sent a stab to your abdomen, the impending doom that had been looming above you for a while now, finally caving in. You weren’t going to last much longer. No matter how hard the doctor tried and no matter how hard Ezio begged, you were going to die. The thought made itself apparent in every scrape and bruise on your body. Time was dwindling with each passing second, the end presenting itself to you in the form of a bloodied sword and a scarlet stomach. The hand squeezing your own was pulling you from the embrace of death, steadfastly ignoring the beckoning of darkness. It was boldly keeping you from your own demise, guiding you back towards Earth. Only, despite its best efforts, it was only delaying the inevitable.

“Amore mio,” Ezio whispered, voice gravelly with emotion. His teeth were clenched, a clear effort to hold back his tears, to accept your fate. “I don’t ever want to live without you. Please, bella, please don’t do this to me.”

“Ezio.” His name came out like a sob, your body shaking in fear. You didn’t want to leave him, you wanted to stay. You weren’t ready to die. Your head fell limply in his directions, eyes attempting to memorize every detail of his face; from his brown orbs to the scar running through his lip, you wanted to remember it all. Your unoccupied hand reached out for his cheek, hoping to rub it along his familiar features one last time. The hope was snuffed out as your hand fell back to the ground, your eyes shutting out the world. With one last painful breath, everything disappeared. You weren’t there to hear his shouts, his cries, his pleas, his screams. You weren’t there to see his world shatter around him. And you sure as hell weren’t there to see him break.

50. (Ezio Auditore)

It was an accident, nothing more. One that most definitely could have been avoided, but an accident nonetheless. However, Ezio did not see it that way. He saw it as you being incompetent, perhaps even foolish, for attempting what you did. How were you supposed to know that there would be that many guards at a church? Honestly, what is with these people? It’s a church! There isn’t supposed to be enough guards to create a small army! Paranoia seemed to run deep in your enemies, some of them even going as far as refusing to leave their homes entirely. But bringing an army to a church was a little ridiculous. Besides, you were just using an opportunity presented to you, something that Ezio had taught you was important in your line of work. Unfortunately, that particular point doesn’t seem to extend to you trying to take out a leader of the Templar Order.

“Do you have any idea what could have happened, sciocca ragazza?” His voice was sharp, no humor present like usual. “Cosa diavolo stavi pensando?”

“It wasn’t that big-”

“Non era un grosso problema?” He laughed curtly. “It was foolish.”

“Ezio…” You tried, dropping your head to the ground. He may be mad, but he always had a weak spot for upsetting you. The guilt would just eat away at him until he caved and apologized. A few seconds ticked by, your eyes trained on the colorful carpet beneath. Just a few more minutes and…

“Mi dispiace, (Y/N).” He sighed heavily, his hand beneath your chin so you were forced to look into his eyes. “Just please,” he paused, adding to the effect of his tone, “Don’t ever do that again.” You nodded, smiling softly at him.


anonymous asked:

Hii Bonneyy, How are youuu?? I don't know if you are taking requests but if you are, could you maybe do a little one shot where Juvia and Gray find out that Juvia can't have childeren??? I love your work by the way, you're incredible!!!

Hello, dear! I’m fine, thank you! And yes, you can send me requests, but sometimes the muse doesn’t get inspired, sadly. Sometimes she does, though, like now! Thanks for the prompt and I hope you enjoy what I wrote. <3 


Gray kicked himself internally while he wandered over Magnolia trying to find his wife. He shouldn’t have let her walk away on her own, she was so upset and told him she needed some time and to be honest, he did too, after the news they had that day.

It was still a bit fuzzy inside his head, the doctor’s talk about intrauterine adhesions and trauma confused him. He knew their profession was dangerous but he never thought there would be such consequences.

Earlier that day they went to see a doctor; after two years of marriage they decided to try and have a child. To make sure everything was alright, they got the appointment, which turned into a nightmare not too long after. Apparently, Juvia couldn’t carry a baby because of adhesions in her uterus caused by some trauma during their jobs.

Gray couldn’t remember the last time he saw her so shaken up – Juvia had always been energetic, positive and downright happy most of the times, so happy she usually managed to bring Gray back from any downs.

If he were true to himself, Gray never thought he’d get married and have kids while growing up. It was such a foreign thought for him that he grew used of being on his own when he wasn’t with his friends. Juvia changed that: she changed everything.

Juvia made him happy, happier than he ever thought it was possible and it was enough for him. He didn’t need anything else, but she did. Her heart was so big, she had so much love inside her she just needed to shower someone else with it so, she talked to him about trying for a child.

He knew he’d love their children as much as he loved her and after a few weeks wondering if he’d make a good father, he finally told her they could try. Oh, she had been so happy. Absolutely glowing until they found out the reality of their plans.

“Come on, Juvia.” He whispered, trying to find her and walking towards the park – he had gone to Fairy Tail but she wasn’t there so he tried another places she enjoyed going.

Finally, by the kid’s playground, Gray spotted the lovely blue shade of her hair. She was seated on one of the benches, watching the children and their parents as they played.

Sighing, Gray stepped closer to the bench and even though he was certain she sensed him getting closer – she always knew when he was around – she didn’t look away from the children. Gray sat next to her, rested his elbows on his thighs and looked at her.

Juvia had clearly been crying for some time and it broke his heart, he always hated her tears. He reached for one of her hands and squeezed it, Gray saw her lower lip tremble.

“Juvia always wanted to be a mother.” She whispered, fresh tears falling. “Since she can remember, she always wanted to have a big family, she grew up alone and didn’t want that for her children.” She sobbed. “I guess I don’t have to worry about that now.”

Gray pulled her into his arms as she cried and felt his own throat close up, feeling some loss as well. He kissed the top of her head and caressed her back, holding her close and trying to help in any way he could.

“It’s alright, Juvia.” Gray whispered. “We will be fine.”

“How?” She asked and looked up, eyes shining with tears. “I can’t give you a family.”

Gray shook his head. “Don’t say that. You and I are a family. Us and the Guild are a family. We will always be a family.”

“We were going to try to have a baby.” Juvia sniffed.

“I know.” He put a hand on her cheek. “And I know how much that meant to you. I can see it now how sad you are because of what we learned today, but Juvia… we’ve been through so much together. We went to hell and back, but we always came out of it together.”

She shook her head. “This is different. Juvia saw you were getting excited about having a baby too, it took you a while but you finally wanted it and now Juvia can’t give you that-” Her eyes widened in horror and Gray frowned in confusion. “Oh. Juvia can’t give you that.” She whispered to herself and he saw how pale she was when she let go of his hand as if it burned her. Juvia got up from the bench, eyes still wide. “You- you need to be with someone who can.” Gray didn’t like the sound of that at all. He got up and reached for her, but Juvia took a step back. “No. It’s… it’s Juvia’s fault, not yours.” The blunette shook her head. “You could still get it if Juvia’s not- Juvia has to leave-”

That’s enough.” Gray said, angrily and a bit loud, he could see some of the parents look their way in curiosity. “I know that you are hurting right now, Juvia, I know, but don’t you say another word about leaving.”

Juvia cried harder. “You could still have it. Juvia wants you to have it.”

“Do you think I want any of that without you?” Gray was exasperated and he got closer to her, not being stopped that time by her taking a step back. “Damn it, Juvia, I wouldn’t care for any of it if you hadn’t showed me I could be happy.” He put a hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder. “It took me a long time to admit it to myself and then you this, but it’s you I want. In any way, I don’t care what happens.”

Juvia hugged him. “You don’t?”

“I don’t.” Gray was well aware there was people looking their way, curious, and Gray never cared for public displays of affection like Juvia but he humored enough, but that time he knew she needed him. “And… I know it’s too soon, I know we still have to get used to what we learned today and the idea, but…” He cleared his throat. “We could still have children, Juvia.” She looked up in question. “There are a lot of children who needs a family and I think we could be that family.”

“You mean… adopt?” Juvia asked. She had so much love to give and any child they welcomed to their family would never feel in want of affection, she would shower them with love like she did to him – she had saved him from himself.  Gray, of course, would give them his love as well, like she taught him to.

“Sure.” He nodded. “I was kind of adopted by Ur. If it weren’t for her, Lyon and I wouldn’t have learned magic and I would have grown up solely focused on revenge. I needed a family and she gave me one, even if it meant having Lyon too.” Gray added and Juvia rested her head on his shoulder.

She thought for a moment. “How will we know?”

“We’ll know. We found each other, didn’t we? Or rather you found me and didn’t let go. Thankfully.” She snorted and he couldn’t help it but to feel a bit lighter at the sound. “I guess we… well, I guess we just have to find the rest of our family. They are probably waiting already.”

“Do you mean that?” Juvia looked up in hope and Gray knew there was only one answer to that question. “You are not just saying that to humor me? Truly?”

“I do.” He nodded. “I still think I’ll be a crappy dad sometimes but I will try to be a good one for that big family you want.”

“We just need to find them.”

“We just need to find them.” Gray agreed. “Do you want to go home?” He asked after a few moments. “You must be exhausted.”

“I am.” Juvia agreed. “I have a lot to think of. Or better yet, we do.” She tip-toed and gave him a peck on the lips. “Juvia will probably not be in her best mood for a while yet while she gets used to the news.”

“We’ll manage. You had to put up with my moody years, I think it’s time I return the favor.” Gray caressed her back. “You never gave up on me and I’ll never give up on you. We’ll do this in whatever way you want it.”

“Thank you.” She told him and she dried her cheeks before she looked up, love clear in her eyes. “I love you.”

Gray smiled and kissed her, “I love you too” he whispered –  even after years of being together, he still found it hard to say it all the times, but at that moment he knew she needed that further assurance and he was more than happy to give it to her.

No matter what, he’d be by her side like she always had been by his.


AN: I didn’t want this story to be sad, I wanted it to transmit hope. Of course, any woman who wants to be a mother would be upset if they discovered they couldn’t carry a child, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be mothers. There are many ways of creating a family and yes, sometimes we have to look for them instead of waiting nine months to have them. Love is what makes a family and we must never forget that.

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Girls are JUST as likely as boys to be autistic!

Meltdowns (what boys do usually) get far more attention then Shutdowns (What girls usually do). Both are being caused by a lack of social understanding and sensory overload.

Wake up people!



Ed Sheeran has a message for childeren

Imagine being a slave to Ivar (part 4)

Summary: Ivar changed since he came back from his journey, since he lost his parents, since you got wounded trying to protect his mother. He cares a little more, hardly enough to call it a big change. But it’s something. But than he finds out about you and Ubbe and like usual he loves to make a point.
Warning: A tiny little bit of smut

Words: 2136

His mother died … his father died and he wanted to revenge both of their deads. It maked him more angry and frustrated that he usual was but he didn’t reacted it out on you. After days lying in bed you felt good enough to get up after a week. You shoved the fabric from your dress over your shoulder and looked down to the wound you had. You couldn’t really call that a battlewound but it would leave a mark, a mark that you could tell your childeren about … if you would have some in the future. When your fingertips scanned the wound you flinched a little by the pain it still brought. As soon as Ivar crawled in you pulled your dress back over your shoulder, trying not to get his attention while you got up to wash some clothes. ‘Where are you going?’ He asked immidiatly. You sighed in thoughts, turned around, hardly wanted to look at him. Ever since that moment you waked up and gazed in his bleu eyes something changed. He asked more of your attention, in the good and bad way. He was carefull but his sarcasme about you being utterly stupid still stayed. But the way he said it … that changed. It was like he didn’t mean it like he just to, it was like, he saw you more like an equal? If you had know that you would risk your life a little sooner. Still, his dominance had still impact on you, afraid but carefully curious, that was your current mood around him.
'Washing?’ You answered, holding up a basket with clothes, his clothes.
'Sit down.’ He pointed towards the place that you earlier sat.
'Ivar, I really need to,’
'It’s not because I was away and you took an arrow for my mother that you can think to talk back to me. Sit!’ He intterupted you. You nodded fast, placing the basket by the door and walking back to the bed, sitting on the egde. He pulled his body up next to you and you looked at him in an uncertain way. His eyes went to your shoulder, shoving that little bit of fabric away until he could see the wound you had. 'Does it hurt?’
'What do you think?’ You asked him back, he gave you a warning glance, pressing his finger against the wound a little. 'Auuwh.’ You reacted angry, he chuckled.
'It still hurts.’ He concluded. His finger stroked softly around the wound, leaving you with a little shiver down your spine. It was something that he like to do, looking at that wound, like it gave him some kind of goal for his future. His finger wandered down a little, pushing more of your dress down to just right above your breast. And you thought of Ubbe … he had touched you in so many ways that Ivar his touch remind you of that night. In a split second you looked at him, only to see that darkness in his eyes. 'You can go.’ He finally said. You jumped up, pulled your dress good and took your basket again. When you looked at him you saw him staring in thought to you. He knew … he knew what you and Ubbe had shared.

And that day came sooner than you liked when you stood aside Margrethe, serving three of the boys. It was weird, not dining in the great hall as usual. Now you were in their place, bringing around food and ale. 'You had enough with one woman so you thought to steal mine to?’ Ivar asked Ubbed. Sigurd his eyes widened and he looked over his shoulder to you.
'Did you,’ he looked back to his brother, laughing about it. You only could look down, your cheeks already flaming with heath by the thought of where this conversation was going.
'You were dead.’ Ubbe said nonchalant, drinking from his cup, keeping an close eye to his little brother. Ivar pushed his knife in the wood of the table.
'I’m not so dead, am I.’
'Mother said so.’
'Mother is the one dead now, thanks to you.’ Ivar started arguing. You carefully looked aside to Margrethe who swallowed tensed. Ivar making a scene was worse than Ivar proving himself.
'Don’t talk about mother.’ Ubbe intterupted him. Ivar grabbed his cup and held it up to you without even looking, you runned over and poured it full. You wanted to leave but he grabbed you by the waist, keeping you right aside him.
'How was she? Good, willingly?’
'Drunk, I was drunk.’ You whispered in your own defens.
'So you admit to it?’ He asked you rather harsh, his fingers creeping on the back of your knees underneath your dress, slowly moving up. You squeezed your thights together and looked to Ubbe for help.
'It wasn’t her fault Ivar.’ He defensed you.
'No, she is to stupid for that.’ It was like they were talking without you in the room. Like you weren’t there.
'She is naive , not stupid.’
'Can I go?’ You asked softly. His fingers held still and he looked up to you.
‘No.’ He simply said. Sigurd and Ubbe changed looks with each other in that moment, making Ivar probarbly more angry than he already was. ‘I told you Y/n,’
‘I know Ivar but your mother had a dream about you dying and I was upset.’ You rattled fast. His eyes changed a little and he pulled his hand back, nodding you to go. You breathed out in relief and got as fast as possible back to Margrethe.
‘So if you can have my woman, I can have yours?’ Ivar asked, looking aside towards Margrethe.
‘You had her already.’ Sigurd backed his brother up. Ivar moved his lower jaw, trying to keep his temper while he looked towards his brother.
‘Did I ask you something brother?’ He hissed. One voice shouted that you got to get away, the other said that you had to take a little control of the situation. Ivar changed a little, he was more willingly to listen to you, he cared maybe a little more.
‘I’m sick of it that people always have to dance to your expectations. Mother is dead, Ubbe slept with your slave, deal with, don’t treat her or us any different about it.’ Sigurd spitted out.
‘He doesn’t treat me differently.’ You reacted in first instinct, which maked you side with Ivar and that was a very dangerous and exciting thing to do.
‘Don’t talk.’ Ubbe advised you with a concerned look.
‘No, let her talk.’ Ivar shouted out, pointing his knife towards his brother. Not that you had much more to say but they all stared at you so you had to. But you couldn’t find the words so you looked to the ground, intensly trying to find some. ‘Go home Y/n.’ Ivar commanded, his voice didn’t sound so commanding like it just to. You looked up to him and he gave you a slow nod, was he thanking you? Keeping you away for what could follow? What does this mean? But you didn’t asked questions, you just walked out, leaving Margrethe alone in what had to come.

You really couldn’t sleep, you gazed in the darkness waiting for Ivar to crawl in. It was hours now and he didn’t came to the cabin. After another hour you stood up, got a cloak over your dress and walked out searching for him. The first place you looked was his brothers house but he wasn’t there, you only saw Sigurd sleeping. So you walked to the beach, knowing that he stared to the horizon sometimes. And it was exacly what you found, Ivar sitting in the sand and starring. ‘Ivar?’ You asked carefull. Where you used to get away from him every moment you had, you now seeks his company. He looked up a little surpriced before his eyes grew distant again.
‘What are you doing here Y/n?’ He asked you back, bored.
‘I was worried.’
‘You never been worried before.’ He murmured without looking back at you. You stood beside him before you desiced to sit down, wrapping your hands around your knees.
‘More than you think. I am maybe scared and stupid but I care sometimes to.’ You replied softly, looking at him. Something in his eyes flinched a little but he didn’t look back at you. ‘I’m sorry for what I did. If I had knew that you were still alive I would never,’ your voice fadded away on the light brease there was. You thought of that night with Ubbe while you looked to the waves hitting rolling over  the sand.
‘You still think to much of him.’ He reacted, looking at you. You flattened your face and looked back at him, how could he see that? ‘I hate it when you think of my brothers like that.’ He whispered with that slightly warning tone in his voice.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘You need to forget him, I’m back, you’re mine.’ He persisted. You swallowed, nodding fastly but it wasn’t enough for him. ‘Did you enjoyed it?’ He asked, leaning in closer to, his fingertips on your colorbone again so he could see that wound again.
‘Liar.’ He hissed low.
‘Yes, Ivar, I liked it.’ You reacted despared. He pushed you back in the sand, hovering a little over you while his dark blue eyes studies your face. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what I have to say or do to convince you of  that.’
‘I need you to forget him, I will let you forget him.’ His hand sliding underneath your clothes, fingers roaming your stomach, the curves of you breasts. You took a deep breath, looking back at him while you felt that certain warmth getting through your body again. ‘Did you forgot him already?’ He asked. You slowly shook your head … not sure why you did it, because it was the truth or because you didn’t want him to stop. His grinn darkened a little while he laid his hand around one of your breasts, giving it a squeeze. He was taunting you, a weird sweet expectation spreading through your body. You felt his warm breath against your ear, while he kissed your neck, giving it a sharp bite. You gasped out of reaction and he chuckled about it, moving his lips further while his hands traveled down over your stomach towards your tights. The longing you felt wasn’t the same as with Ubbe. He was direct, didn’t taunt you like Ivar did and you had no idea what was sweeter. You squeezed your legs strong together and he only amused himself about it. ‘Come on now Y/n, I know you want to.’ He murmured throught kissed througt. You didn’t give in so he surpriced you by placing his lips on your, forcing you to let your breath go in that kiss. You hand grabbed to his hair, trying to hold on but at the end … you felt your legs weaken under the desire and he smiled into the kiss, his hand covering up your female part.
‘Ivar.’ You breathed out, almost asking for more.
‘Did you forgot him already.’
‘If you keep asking me that,’
‘Simple yes or no Y/n.’ He interupted you.
‘No.’ You whispered, curving your body up to his, meeting the touch of his hand. Your body burned, why wasn’t it like this with Ubbe?
‘You are mine.’
‘Yes I’m yours.’ You said hastly, a little moan escaped your lips when he rubbed his hand a little faster. You maked a fist with his clothes and looked for a kiss again. And than all of the sudden he pulled back. No touch, no sensation … he left you with all that burning desire for him.
‘That’s your punishment, maybe next time I will please you with something more.’ He teased. You just laided there, still wanting all of him and not getting it.
‘Ivar please.’ You begged.
‘I like to hear you begging.’ He reacted, placing  his lips on yours, squeezing your throat right on it’s place so you couldn’t ask for more.
‘Please.’ You asked again. He pulled back and smiled down at you.
‘No, go sleep.’ He commanded. He rolled away, sitting up again, looking at the waves like nothing happened in the first place. So you stood up, the heat that burned your body hardly been able to hold your body up when you tried to walk away. ‘You forgot him right?’ He asked. You turned around, looking at the smug grinn on his face. For a moment you wanted to slap it away.
‘Imagine that this was barly half of what I can do to you.’ He pointed to the sand beside him. You looked at the flattened place and walked further. The whole way back you could think of nothing else than his touch, his fingers over your body, his kiss. This was indeed the biggest punishment he could give you.

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So what happened to Gilbert and Ludwig's mother? I mean I know canonically they said nothing about their mom, but you came up with a backstory for Romano and Feli's parents(car accident. I teared up). You don't have to answer. I was just curious. And it might help you flesh out the Germanic family.

Oh, I put the backstory of the mother in there! It’s just not as crystal clear as the Italian brothers one.

I just like to put in little hints of story, you can find them all over. If you pay attention to it though ;) But if you found it here (and speak German, that helps.. yea that helps) You can see that Germania is calling and what he is saying: “What?! You’re not coming back?! We have two childeren together! You can’t do this to me! To Ludwig and Gilbert!” And if you really pay attention well, you see that Germania is shaking from anger.

So what happened to the mother of Gilbert and Ludwig? She left. (Let the water works flow! Or be angry at the mother, I would understand that too) Should I maybe let the mom appear in the comic at some point? Let me know.

Thanks to my mother though, because I actually don’t speak any German (Or any language besides English and Dutch) So all the love to her for the translations!

iamacolor  asked:

Elias truly is super

lmao i accidently sent it too early to you privately but you were talking about elias and his relationship with his mom and what i was going to say was that elias is super close with his mom especially during high school

  • I think is pretty clear that the bakkoush childeren are all overachievers like not being in the top of their class is not an option ????
  • elias was the type who had amazing grades without doing anything but when he was in his second year in Bakka he realised that it won’t always be like this because you actually need to study
  • he can’t really handle stress well and school turns out to be very stressfull and not to mention the even thing 
  • you know elias in’t the same type of smart as sana and their dad or his brother and he kind of felt left out because of it 
  • he wasn’t really exact science smart
  • so when school was getting really hard he would always say everything was fine even though it wasn’t 
  • and his mom noticed that elias was little by little losing his confidence and starting to worry about his abilities
  • so she sat him down and was like “elias you can fall how many times you just have to remember to get up okay”and elias was already crying when she started her speech ™  “you are my son right, you can do anything you set your mind even if you take longer we will all support you” 
  • his mom was super supportive of him taking a gap year (she wants him to destress and find something he is passionate enough to go to college for)
    • one of the reason of his stress right now
  • another reason why she always let the boys come over is to make sure that elias wont isolate himself and have people talk to (especially since sana is the type to isolate herself)
  • they actually talk a lot together about school, life , islam and girls
  • he loves hearing about his mother’s past in Morroc like I think they have so many discussion especially with culture vs islam
  • they dicussed the the current politics in their region for like 4 hours they end up involving sana, their dad and their cousin from Tanger let’s say it was wild
  • he actually loves talking to his mom in their dialect because she totally has a diferent tone in norwegian he loves it
  • elias can talk his way out of anything with his mom which is honestly legendary

anyways elias is total mama’s boy ,,,, i luv him

yall send me your favourite elias bakkoush headcanons like i’m begging i need more elias content 

Imagine you and Ivar love to raid and battle together

This proberly is gonna be a new series! I depents if you all like it or not. :-)

Summary: You have to save reckless Ivar again and it makes you agry, like usual. He makes it up to you by giving you one of his “tricks” … what leads to the fact you have to say him you’re pregnant. 
Note: Voilence
Words: 1687

You pulled your axe out of the body from your enemie, turning right to the next one. You felt the blood of them dripping down your face while the adrenalin rushed through your body. The battlefield was complete chaos, everywhere there where vikings fighting, the enemies piling up fast. Horses ran, boots sunk in the mud under you feet. Your eyes covered the surroundings when you saw his white horse and chariot galloping by, without Ivar. “Ubbe!” You yelled out while pointing towards Ivar’s horse and chariot. He wasn’t on it what meant that he was somewhere on the ground. You and Ubbe started to run, your axe in your right hand and sword in left. You threw you sword towards Ubbe while catching a horse that stood nearby ready to take of.
“Find him!” Ubbe said. You gaze felt over the bodies, vikings and soldiers. You pushed your heels in the animal and it took off. There wasn’t time to think over the condition in witch you would find Ivar, the adrenalin kept you busy. Your horse had a hard time getting through the mud on this speed. And then you find him, killing a soldier while he tried to get a distant from the other one. You took your axe in your other hand and chopped his head clear of. You turned your horse around and looked down at Ivar, covered in mud and blood you barely recognized him.
“I had him!” Ivar pointed towards the man that you decapitated.
“I saved your life.” You responded. He gave you an angry glare before you were distracted by an other soldier. You jumped of the horse, standing beside Ivar who just sat there in full rage.
“I could handled it. I don’t need your protection.”
“I hate you when we are in battle, you know that?” You looked down at him, he chuckled. There weren’t many soldiers left, the one who came for you and Ivar didn’t get really far.
“Are we arguing again Y/n?” He asked while trowing his axe in a other soldier. “We’re always fighting during raids or battles.” You replied a little out of breath. You stepped forward, tackeling a soldier to the ground before putting your axe against his throat. You looked sideways to Ivar who gave you a seductive smile before you killed the man.

You found Ivar his horse and chariot a couple miles to the west. You brought the animal back to the camp, held still beside the brothers and jumped of the chariot. “Next time you can crawl after it yourself.” You said to Ivar who sat, already cleaned up, next to Hvitserk. You were still angry, Ivar his recklessness would cost some day everybody their lives.
“Are we still mad?” He smiled. Ubbe gave him a warning glance.
“Yes I’m mad Ivar. You can’t always think that your not a cripple, you have the mind of a genius but in battle you need protection.” 
“I agree with Y/n for once.” Hvitserk nodded.
“Shut up you fool.” Bited Ivar towards his brother.
“Don’t start.” You warned him. Ivar had always a way of work things out against his brothers if he was in a fight with you. He narrowed his eyes while his brothers wisely walked away from this.
“You don’t have a say in what I can do and can’t.” He protested. You took a large breath, closing your eyes while you tried to put some sence in the man. “I’m not going on raids again, not with you. If you want to put yourself in that kind of danger than be my guest, I will stay home praying to the gods that there will be somebody else to protect you.” You turned around and started walking.
“Y/n!” He yelled. You knew he liked it, to have you on raids, in battles, thats the reason he loved you. You weren’t like the other woman, you had no childeren, no skills in making things beautifull. You were born for this and you did it together for as long as you knew each other. So this was as hard a punishment for him as it was for you. You walked over to the creek, splashed some water into your face before drinking some of it. You looked to your own reflexion. You carefully swept the blood of your face, there was a large cut on your forehead.
“Let me take care of you.”
“Don’t start again Ivar.” You wispered while looking to the cut in your reflexion. “I’m sorry.” He said. You turned around and looked at him, his body leaning against a tree.
“You can act all tough and strong with your brothers around, trying to prove yourself and all of that but think for a moment that I’m here to.” You maked your point, less angry than before. He said nothing in return, just stared to the water. “I love raiding with you Ivar, I love this but I can’t do this properly if I’m always looking and worrying for you.” You kept your eyes on his face, trying to look for some connection, something where he agrees with you.
“Your right.” He comfirmed.
“Finally.” You threw your hand short in the air and walked over to him.
“But I still want you with me on raids.” He goes further.
“It is up to the Gods.” You nodded. You squatted down besides him and looked for a moment over his body, searching for wounds.
“I’m fine.” He grinned. Your eyes looked in his and you stared.
“You have a brilliant mind Ivar and I love that about you but,”
“Only my brilliant mind?” He interrupted you and you rolled your eyes.
“No.” You answered.
“What else do you like about me?” He asked cocky. You shook your head and pushed your finger against his shoulder.
“You know what I like about you. By the way, you never say what you like about me.” Your smiled wasn’t that sincere.
“I like to see you in battle, it’s quiet satisfying to see a women kill her enemies.” His eyes glared over your body and you smiled a little. You putted your fingers under his chin, forcing him to look at you again.
“Is that all Ivar?” You asked challenging. His eyes grew more intense while he stared back at you.
“I like our little games, your body,”
“Do you want some?” Now it was your turn to interrupting him.
“Is that even a question?” He asked with that devilish smile of his.
“Come and get it than.” And you stood up, walked away and left hem behind with that desire.

You didn’t knew where he gets it from, but every time he had something else that took your breath away. And even if you wanted to resist, you couldn’t, he didn’t let you. The craving, the longing for salvation builded up in your body until you couldn’t take in any longer. “Ivar.” You collapsed around him and leaned your head on his shoulder while you tried to steady your breath again.
“I’m a pretty good fighter in here, isn’t it y/n.” He laughed. He pulled your lips towards his and kissed you. He always wanted to prove something and every time you had to give in on the pleasure of his little games.
“Yes you are.” You barely had the breath to answer him. You rolled over to your back and he rolled over to his stomach, pressing soft kisses on your colarbone.
“I think half the camp heared you.” He smiled satisfied.
“Well, now they know you can please a woman.” You looked at him, brushing your fingers throught his hear while you enjoyed his lips roaming your skin.
“It was a good day.”
“Every day is a good day if it is with you Y/n.” He wispered.
“Don’t go all soft Ivar.” You grinned. He chuckled and puts a new hungry kiss on your lips. “Still not satisfied?” You asked slowly. You didn’t knew if you body could handle another one of his tricks.
“Never staisfied when it comes to you.” He grinned. The sensation of the battle brought you both to a whole other level with each other and you knew when you got back to Kattegat it would be different.

You stood against the mast of the boat, looking towards Kattegat when the boats sailed in. Your eyes travelled towards Ivar who sat in front, lurking over the edge. He knew you were starring because he turned his head. “Your quiet.” He observed. You nodded and looked back at Kattegat. You body felt different, not heavy from battle of traveling but just different. You knew what that meant and had processed that fact since you were on the boat. “Y/n.” Ivar clapped in his hands to get your attention.
“What?” You asked right away. He rolled his eyes and crawled towards you. You looked to his movements while thinking of the worsed.
“What is it with you? Are you so sad we are home again?” He joked. You grinned a little and shook your head.
“Don’t know what it is.”
“You sick?” He looked concerned and that was not something he showed often with others around.
“No, maybe.” You shook your head and looked how the boat laid dock. You jumped out of it and waited until the rest of the men were out. Ivar hadn’t moved, he was still watching you. “Oke.” You nodded, jumping back in the boat. “I’m pregnant. At least I think I am.” You announced. Ivar looked at you as if you just said his mother died … again. “That bad news?” You asked. He opended his month but shutted it right after again.
“Ivar, you now how, if two people love each other they make love and have childeren. Not necessarily in that order.” You explained as if you were talking to a child. He gave you an angry glance. “You asked for it.” You said defensly. He stared at the water, still shokked by the news you gave him. It was that bad news … obvious.