—And in the end im tryna show a vivid bigger picture,
Notice all the issues,
Can you tell im smilin different,
Jaws locked up from the frowning in my mental,
Im taking private classes on how to settle all my issues,
The perfect person enters only once every million,
If theres a god,
Id like to think he made you in the mirror,
A portrait of the baddest chick to ever enter physics,
The one to hold the throne if the kings out of commission,
To have, to hold, to tell you that i love you more than living,
Time passes with you,
Im no longer feelin livid,
I might just quit this rappin shit and find the time for childeren,
For my age thats a limit,
With you happiness cant finish….
—  Svpreme Nyan “her”

herlick  asked:

What do like to do everyday!?

God… Every morning is the same for me. Wake up, clean myself up, go to work, then when night falls… that just seems to be where my life goes downhill. I go out to the bar to meet up with my old jail mates and get wasted off our asses just to forget the pain, then we head to my place and get higher then cloud 9 to feel happy for a slight moment. I stumble to bed and listen to these childeren in my head until I pass out every fucking night and god I don’t know If I can take this anymore…