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Father’s Day.
We all have seen the posts swarming through out social media.
“Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever!”
Some more detailed then that.
We’ve also seen the Father’s Day posts addressing peoples mothers who were single parents.
The most typical… The dead beat dad.
Well I’m here to say… Father’s Day is not just difficult for kids with dead best fathers.
In fact some kids would have much rather had a dead beat dad. Perhaps then they could fantasize about what a real father they could have had.
Some peoples “dad’s” should have never been in their life. Some stuck around to make their child’s life a living hell.
Some were abused.
Some are STILL being abused.
Life isn’t black and white.
It’s not just
“Be grateful to have your dad in your life mine was a dead beat.”
“Be grateful because mine died.”
Just stop.
Abusers come in all shapes and sizes… And sometimes it would be better if their dad wasn’t around. Even dead. Because then you’d have more of a “valid” reason to be miserable on “Father’s Day.”
—  Jade
10th Circuit in Rocky Flats case: After 25 years, give plaintiffs justice
It took Colorado homeowners 15 years to get to trial against Dow Chemical Company and Rockwell International with claims the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant contaminated their land. Then their $726 million verdict was overturned. Now it has been restored in a stirring appellate decision.

Alison Frankel

10th Circuit in Rocky Flats case: After 25 years, give plaintiffs justice

By Alison Frankel June 24, 2015



(Reuters) – More than 25 years ago, eight Coloradoans agreed to serve as the representatives for a class of about 13,000 property owners who believed the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant had contaminated their land with radioactive plutonium. In late 2005, after 15 years of pre-trial motions practice against the federal contractors Dow Chemical and Rockwell International, the case finally went to a four-month trial. Jurors deliberated for 17 days, answering a 30-page jury form, before returning a verdict of $177 million in compensatory damages and $200 million in punitive. With pre-trial interest, the compensatory damages alone topped $700 million.

In 2011, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wiped out the jury verdict, holding that the trial judge was too expansive in instructing the jury about what constitutes a nuclear incident.

On Tuesday, a different 10th Circuit panel gave back what the appeals court took away in 2011. The 38-page majority opinion by Judge Neil Gorsuch is worth reading for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a surprisingly gripping story of legal strategy. The judge, who clerked for two different U.S. Supreme Court justices and is often mentioned as a possible Republican Supreme Court nominee, shows how lawyers’ decisions can reverberate in unexpected ways. Here, a big risk by plaintiffs’ lawyers at Berger & Montague paid off, but the argument that worked so well for Dow and Rockwell in their first trip to the 10th Circuit ended up backfiring badly.

Gorsuch also steps back to address the consequence of the gamesmanship that has kept this case unresolved for so many years – through the deaths, though the judge doesn’t mention this, of four of the original class representatives. Splitting with Judge Nancy Moritz, who called for a retrial of the class claims, Judges Gorsuch and Gregory Phillips instructed the trial court to enter judgment for the plaintiffs.

“We can imagine only injustice flowing from any effort to gin up the machinery of trial for a second pass over terrain it took fifteen years for the first trial to mow through,” Judge Gorsuch wrote. “Injustice not only in the needless financial expense and the waste of judicial resources, but injustice in the human costs associated with trying to piece together faded memories and long since filed away evidence, the emotional ordeal parties and witnesses must endure in any retrial, the waste of the work already performed by a diligent and properly instructed jury, and the waiting – the waiting everyone would have to endure for a final result in a case where everyone’s already waited too long.”

That’s pretty stirring stuff, especially for lead plaintiffs’ lawyer Merrill Davidoff of Berger & Montague, who has been with the case since the beginning. (His wife was six months’ pregnant with his youngest son when the class action was filed; that son is now 25, he said.) “It’s been a real ordeal,” Davidoff said. “We’ve got a lot of people in the class who are, thank God, still alive and looking forward to a judgment.”

Judge Gorsuch’s opinion credited plaintiffs’ lawyers with performing “a little judicial jiu-jitsu” by turning the defendants’ 2011 appellate win against them. That win was based on what the judge called “a curious tactical decision” by defense lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis.

As the opinion explained, a federal statute called the Price-Anderson Act governs tort suits involving claims against nuclear facilities. The law limits defendants’ liability for “nuclear incidents” (and requires the federal government to pay damages not covered by insurance), so, Gorsuch wrote, “defendants often have as much incentive as plaintiffs to accept that any harm they caused stemmed from a nuclear incident.”

But Kirkland & Ellis told the 10th Circuit in the 2011 appeal that the jury misunderstood the definition of a nuclear incident – effectively denying such an incident occurred. That argument persuaded the first 10th Circuit panel to vacate the jury verdict and remand the case.

It also, however, left an opening for the plaintiffs – who elected to renounce any attempt to approve a nuclear incident under the Price-Anderson Act and proceed only with their state-law nuisance allegations. Plaintiffs’ lawyers furthermore told the trial judge that they didn’t need to retry the nuisance claims because the jury had already reached a nuisance verdict with instructions the 10th Circuit deemed proper. It was a gamble for the class, but, according to Davidoff, it would have been nearly impossible to try the case a second time, decades after the suit was filed and more than 50 years since some of the events at issue.

The trial judge, U.S. District Judge John Kane, sided with Dow, Rockwell and Kirkland, finding both that Price-Anderson preempted the state-law claim and that the 2011 panel’s mandate precluded recovery on it.

The 2015 10th Circuit panel, however, said the federal law does not bar a nuisance claim when a nuclear incident is alleged but unproven. Essentially, the Gorsuch opinion said, the defendants were stuck with the results of their own tactics. “In the end, Dow and Rockwell appear to have persuaded even the plaintiffs that this case does not involve a nuclear incident with the meaning of the Price Anderson Act – at least in the light of the statutory construction the defendants urged and this court adopted in the first appeal,” the opinion said. “In this light, we can well understand why the plaintiffs on remand renounced a new trial and sought entry of a judgment based on the existing nuisance verdict.”

A Dow representative told Reuters Tuesday that the company is considering an en banc petition to the entire 10th Circuit or a petition for certiorari at the Supreme Court. The company also said it is indemnified by the Department of Energy for Rocky Flats liability. Lead defense counsel Christopher Landau of Kirkland didn’t respond to a phone message.

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This beautiful princess was out in the market selling at 8pm. Her mum who had another set of mangoes on a tray had no idea what the problem was, keeping her little one occupied with a night job instead of resting or studying in preparation for school the next day. According to the 2010 census, 623,500 children of primary school age are not enrolled. #ChildAbuse comes in different forms.

Community 1 market, Tema

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The whole spanking post reminded me of how my mom told me that she only spanked me once and regretted immediately afterwards by locking herself in the bathroom and crying for laying a hand on me. even a now 59 year old mother consider that childabuse


#Childabuse in the UK (I’d say globally) at epidemic levels #Hampstead #EllaDraper

It comes from senior levels The childrens’ Mother who has not once been maligned in the childrens’ testimony did EVERYTHING by the book, responsibly and thoroughly to report the most DISTURBING, corroborated, good faith and CONVINCING disclosures by her two beautiful children of SEVERE SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL ABUSE at the hands of an alleged paedophile ring headed by their FATHER operating in Hampstead London UK. READ MORE AND SIGN THE PETITION


Ora, regà, i bambini ce n'hanno già tante; devono combatte co la gente che je dice che la famiglia non è fatta da chi ti vuole bene ma da maschio e femmina se no sei ‘no stronzo, se sorbiscono le pubblicità dei pannolini co la voce fuori campo che sostiene che pe esse donna te devi fa corre dietro e pe esse omo invece devi pensà a fa goal, non c'hanno Dragonball, subiscono violenze da genitori che je dicono che la lazio è la prima squadra di Roma, se si avvicinano ad internet vengono ricoperti di post dove si sostiene che negli anni '90 se tajavamo davvero perché riavvolgevamo le cassette con la matita e quelle foto con la grafica orrenda con Vin Diesel e le frasi fatte sull'onore e il rispetto condivisi dalle loro mamme, insomma, non fanno una vita facile, sò seria.

“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul. ”

#AChildCalledIt by #DavePelzer

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Children In Chains Israel’s Evil Exposed

תופעה שלא מדברים עליה מספיק בחדשות ולא מגייסים מספיק כוחות בשביל לעצור אותה- ילדים חיילים. במדינות שהעולם זונח, אלו שאנחנו מכירים בתור “מדינות עולם שלישי”, מגייסים *ילדים*, אפילו בני 5, לרצוח משפחות חפות פשע, להחזיק רובה ולהצמיד אותו לראשים של אנשים תמימים. לילדים האלה מזריקים סמים לווריד עוד לפני שהם סיימו כיתה ו’. במקום לצאת החוצה ולשחק כדורגל, לצחוק, לחוות את הילדות, הם נחטפים ע"י ארגונים אלימים במדינות החלשות שלהם, המשפחות שלהן נרצחות או מוכרות אותם תמורת כלום כסף, הם מחונכים וגדלים להיות מכונות רצחניות ואלימות, מנותקים רגשית לגמרי, תלויים ומתמכרים לאלכוהול, סמים, עישון וצוברים אינסוף טראומות בגיל כל כך תמים. הבעיה היא שהעולם עסוק מידי בלפתח אייפון חדש, במקום לעזור לדור האבוד הזה. ילדים בלי הווה ובלי עתיד. פה יזדעזעו או ישמעו על ילד בן 12 שמעשן סיגריות. מה יגידו על ילד בן 10 שמשתמש בהרואין ומחסל כפרים שלמים? #savechildsoldiers #childsoldiers #vietnam #thailand #africa #3rdworld #childabuse #drugaddiction #ישראל #ילדים #חיילים #מודעותחברתית