the q’tn luge (and its sibling sites around nz) are a veritable institution.  it would not have been right to leave the country without riding.  child2 was SUPER excited that he was tall enough to ride alone.  which meant that after a training/supervisor ride with the boys, they were off on their own.


kids like holding bunnies.

this seems to be a generalisable truth.  not all of them enjoy it once said bunny is in lap, but they all believe that it is something they want to do.  the boys are big enough now that this is not an ordeal, partic as they can now catch the rabbits on their own.  

it was amusing to watch the younger kids there who were doing this for the first time.  there are some benefits for having spent the first handful of their lives closer to working farms

up at the top there is railing.

oh, we made the ascent via ropes that help you up the steep parts.  and they were quite steep.  i would not have taken child2 last year up this thing.

child1 made it w/o any probs.  he is now big enough that we are putting actual weight into the backpacks and he does not notice.  (1L water, brick of cheese, candy/snacks, and whatever other sticks and rocks he finds along the way)


i was quite tempted to push him in the water

(that said, there have been small and big sharks in that area) (and lots of rays) (and urchins and starfish) (and small fish) (and snails) (the snails are not dangerous) (mostly)


after ten years, three continents, countless countries, walks/bikes/hikes, hugs, cuddles, pats and pets… these are the last photos with Maui that we took.  i comfort myself into thinking that he was with the boys, being touched by us. but in the end, those are rationalisations for me.