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I think it’s crap, that my name was not my choice

I just remember being a very young child and people calling me by my name and thinking

I hate my name, that’s a crappy name, who the fuck picked that? why that? fuck off mum and dad

why didn’t you just call me Eddie?

Niska and Sophie’s e7 scenes, though.

The learning curve, or rather lack thereof - from no imaginative investment at all, to engaging and saving the day, with no real transition period. Once she understood what Sophie wanted from her, she could do it. She’s just…never played in that way before.

Before she left the Elster household 5 weeks before episode 1, Niska had probably never even seen a child as young as Sophie before. They couldn’t leave that house. Leo has to have been 13 less than nine years ago, with 22 being the absolute limit if Max was built the same year as Niska, which seems doubtful from his “little brother” comment. So if we say the youngest he’s credible at is 19 (and even that’s pushing it, Colin Morgan’s nearly 30), then Niska has never seen a child younger then ten. Or interacted with one, at least. So talk about culture shock. It’s no wonder she’s baffled into coldness at first.

And when Niska says that just because Synths can’t cry doesn’t mean they don’t get sad… She’d just told somebody her deepest, darkest secret - for the first time ever she’d had the chance to share it with someone - only to have them immediately taken away from her. And on top of that, George stepped in front of a bullet meant for her. It’s her first encounter with the death of someone who couldn’t come back (like Leo did) and who’d never meant her any harm (like David & Brothel Guy did). Who went totally in the other direction to them, and died to save her.


Also, Sophie’s innocence and black-and-white view of happiness v. sadness represents everything Niska wanted for her own siblings when she kept the truth of David’s treatment of her from them. Sophie has no clue what Joe did. She doesn’t resent Laura’s absences once she’s back - she’s just happy to see her. She never thinks about whether or not her parents are deserving of her love and trust. And though the other Elsters recognise David’s plentiful faults, as Fred said, they can’t help but love him. Would they, still, if they knew Niska’s secret? She can’t be sure. And even though he’s gone and can’t be hurt by their rejection, she still doesn’t take that ounce of simplicity from them.

Niska is everything and those scenes with Sophie were a gift.

I was aiming for the roof

Original Prompt: “i want to blame my young child from accidentally breaking your window with a baseball, but it was actually in fact me, and I was aiming for your roof I am sorry” for H2OVanoss

The resounding crash made Evan flinch. Fuck.

“Dad!” His son looked up at him in shock.

“I was aiming for the roof…” Evan mumbled, eyes glued to the shattered window of his new neighbor’s upstairs window. His hot new neighbor’s window. All he wanted was an excuse to talk to the man. Well he got that…plus damages.


As if on cue, blue eyes and shaggy brown hair appeared at the window, eyebrow raised and a baseball in his hand.

Fuck his life.

He ushered his son inside of their own home amid his protests. It certainly didn’t stop the young boy from taking a perch beside the window and curiously looking out.

Evan rolled his eyes and sheepishly walked to the neighbor’s house. He knocked, and the man answered automatically.

Evan immediately panicked. The blue eyes were drawing him in and not letting go. “My son…his aim. I mean…kids, right? I’m real sorry and of course I’ll pay for everything.” He was babbling. Why was he babbling?

The other man laughed and Evan was enraptured. He’d never heard anything like it.

The man extended his hand. “I’m Jonathan. Just moved in. But I’m sure you know that, seeing as how you’re always staring at me.”

Evan blushed lightly but shook his hand. “Um, yeah. Well it’s nice to finally meet you. Sorry for the staring. Curiosity and what not. I’m Evan.”

“Well, Evan, what do you say we discuss damages over dinner tonight?” Jonathan grinned confidently.

“Dinner? Yes. Sure. Sound great. I’ll just have to get a sitter for my son, Michael. My son is Michael…” He was doing it again. He closed his eyes in embarrassment.

Jonathan chuckled. “I’ll see you tonight at 7 then.”

Evan nodded, afraid to open his mouth in case another spout of word vomit decided to leave his lips. Jonathan waved lightly and closed the door.

Evan felt like he was walking on air.

Later that night in the dark of Evan’s bedroom, long after the sitter had gone and Michael had fallen fast asleep in his bed, did Evan tell Jonathan the truth.

Jonathan kissed him long and slow. “I know.”

“I was aiming for the roof.”

I just really want to write a book (in fact, I think that I’m going to) where the protagonist is in a wheelchair. And they live in a city where there’s a group of superheroes. And there’s a big, magical, villain because of course there is.

And since they were a young child, this protagonist has wanted nothing more than to join the group of superheroes. Like they’re a huge fan of the group and they just know that it’s their destiny to join.

And one day, when wheeling through the city, they see the group of heroes fighting the villain. And they quickly wheel over and cry, “Let me help!”

But the ‘heroes’ laugh and instead make a whole bunch of ableist remarks.

And so the protagonist has to prove themselves.

And the villain is trying to warn them to stop.

But the protagonist ends up taking their footrest off of their wheelchair and they swing it. And it hits the villain in the side of the face and the villain collapses and groans in pain.

And so the protagonist proudly smiles and turns to the group of heroes.

Because they just proved that they are strong and worthy enough.

But the group of ‘heroes’ still keeps making ableist remarks.

And the protagonist is shocked.

And meanwhile, the 'villain’ staggers to their feet and is standing next to the protagonist’ wheelchair.

And one of the 'heroes’ goes too far when calling the protagonist the R word.

And the protagonist and the 'villain’ just sort of glance at one another.

And the 'villain’ is just like, “You know…I can zap them for you…if you want.”

And the protagonist hesitates and says, “Yeah, alright!”

One fried group of heroes later, the 'villain’ says, “Why do you think that I’m always fighting them? They’re all a bunch of assholes.”

And the protagonist sadly nods and starts to wheel away.


“Hey, do you want a job?”

The protagonist turns at the villain’s remark. And the protagonist mumbles something like, “Oh, come on. I don’t need your pity.”

And the 'villain’ is like, “Pity!? Do I look like someone who hands out pity!? I don’t pity you! I’m kind of afraid of you, to be honest! I mean…I’m going to have a giant bruise on my face because of you.”


“Water under the bridge! So, what do you say? Do you want a job?”

And the protagonist thinks about it for a minute before shrugging.

And the 'villain’ is all excited because they’ve wanted someone to work with them for years but no mortal is allowed to 'step into’ their lair.

And then the 'villain’ stops and is like, “Hang on…you can’t work with me in that.”

And they gesture to the protagonist’s wheelchair.

And the protagonist is all embarrassed.

And then the villain goes, “Because we can get you a much better wheelchair! It’ll look great! And it’ll be indestructible! And it’ll have all sorts of weapons and gadgets! Hey, how do you feel about flying…?”

And all of that is literally in the first chapter and then the rest of the story follows the two going around the city like BAMFs, forcing people to stop being ableist, one way or another. And maybe it’ll have some commentary on the scale of morality and what it truly means to be a hero and what it truly means to be a villain.

Would anyone be interested in this!?

Because I really want to write it!?

Tbh this Jude storyline is disgusting. It insinuates that this kid is ready at 13 years old to make a major decision about his lifestyle. Even worse, the other characters act like what he’s doing is okay. And people can say all they want that if you don’t like the show don’t watch it, but what about the children who don’t know any better and are horribly affected by watching it? I think the worst part is that the show treats it like the stuff he does is actually normal, that it encourages that kind of behavior in children. Its a perfect example of a perverted agenda being pushed on children. No child that young has the mental capability to say that they actually like ketchup on tacos, and I’m utterly ashamed that ABC Family has given in to the ketchup corporations’ disgusting agenda.

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Printed on verso: An Apple for the Deer “This little girl is seen offering an apple to a Deer in the Marselisborg Forest at Aarhus, Jutland.” Marselisborg Forests, Denmark, date unknown