The Most Lovable Thing About Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Their easy laugh. Their rebellious streak. The way they adapt to any situation seamlessly. The way they charm others around them. The way they geek out on everyday events. Their relaxed presence. Their adventurous nature. Their competence and practicality when something goes unexpectedly wrong. The force of nature that is their protectiveness.


The whirring, restless nature of their minds. Their busy hands. The way they tap on floors and surfaces to remind you that their thoughts are always flowing. Their open-minded attitude. Their decisiveness in moments of panic. The undercurrent of competence and ability that surfaces when others are uncertain. Their laid-back nature. Their easy smile. The way their hearts open completely to the people they love and feel protective toward, despite the stony attitude they put on for the world.


Their quick, analytical mind. The enthusiasm they pour into a story. Their refusal to stop before a task is done or relax when something needs fixing. Their perseverance. Their steadfast competence. The way they devote themselves fully to the communities they invest in. The way they demonstrate care within the realm of healthy boundaries. The rules they sometimes break. The confident decisions they make. The way others can always put their trust behind them. The sheer force of nature that is their love.


The diligence they bring to their commitments. The firm, decisive nature of their speech. Their quiet competence. Their community-mindedness. The warm look they get in their eyes when they’re surrounded by people they love. The determined look they get when they’re up against a challenge. The practical nature of their decisions. Their refusal to demand recognition. The energy they pour into improvement on a steady, unwavering basis.


The honesty they bring to each encounter. The soft and calming presence of their minds. The virtues they can pull from any vices, and the artwork they can make from any pain. The fierceness they apply to their convictions. The way they live and die by their beliefs. Their ability to weave the chaos and the suffering of humanity into an intricate tapestry of understanding. The shame they alleviate through sharing their own.


The thoughtfulness they bring to each encounter. The depths their minds dive into with ease. The way their eyes light up when they’re discussing a new theory that excites them. Their interest in debating every side. Their boundless compassion. Their timeless joie-de-vivre. The way they can pull strength out of the greatest destruction. The way they see the best in themselves and others. The way they never stop fighting to help it prevail.


The careful thought they give each passing question. The whirring, reeling look inside their eye. The raw and childlike energy they exude when the people who they love are truly thriving. The way they let their weirdness out in bursts. The measured nature with which they plan the future. The hurried nature in which they share their thoughts. The way their eyes light up when they’re engaging with their passion. The even, tempered consideration they give to each new perspective that comes their way.


The presence they bring to every room they enter. The glimmer of joy behind their eyes. The way they engage their full bodies when they talk, like every sentence is telling its own story. The way they don’t avoid eye contact when they laugh. The interest that they take in the obscure. The confidence with which they share their visions. The inspiration they never want to stop distributing. The way they smile when they are saying someone’s name.


The sunshine that they bring to every moment. The joy inside their laugh. The way they’ll answer their phone at 2am because the people in their lives are worth every effort. The honesty they dole out when it’s time. The way they talk about dreams like possibilities. The damper that they never put on hope. The way they bring people together. The way they never stop trying to help you shine.


The way that they sit with you in silence. Their vastness of their compassion. The tiny details they take in and remember. The space they make for others to shine. The practicality they exercise through bad times, and the humility they exercise in good. The way they live their lives with both feet on the ground. The care and love they pour into every new place until they turn it into a home.


Their sudden and unexpected wittiness. The easy, soothing lull of their voice. The offbeat nature of their interests. The gentleness with which they share their thoughts. The deep consideration they give to moral quandaries. The careful nature with which they express concern. Their spontaneous joy. The way they turn ordinary objects into masterpieces.


The way they love so loudly. The commitments that they’re happy to keep. The way their stress is centered on happiness and the fear that someone else will miss out. The thoughtfulness they put into every action. The joy and warmth they bring to every room. The way they’re never afraid to break a silence when it needs to be broken. The proactive attitude they take toward making the world a better, more harmonious place.


The measured, thoughtful nature of their speech. The wild, unstructured pattern of their thoughts. The way they break down every pre-determined concept. The way they question and cast doubt onto themselves. The curiosity that fuels their every action. The open-mindedness with which they approach people. The patience they apply to deep complexities. The biases they recognize within themselves.


The structure they can implement on chaos. The way they push themselves to reach great heights. Their decisive attitudes. Their emotional intelligence. The autonomy they promote for both themselves and other people. The way they lift the people they love up. Their commitment to questioning everything. Their ability to see their visions through.


Their acceptance of unconventional theories. The enthusiasm with which they tackle each new school of thought. Their unwavering competence. Their firm moral code. The deep and patient analysis they apply to the people and topics they love. Their willingness to always learn more. The passion they apply to sharing their intricate worldview. Their commitment to never cease questioning.


The way their eyes light up with every new idea. The way they pace excitedly around a room forming a plan. The communities they bring together seamlessly. The awareness that they bring to every thought. The devilish grin they get when trying to win your thoughts over. The piercing insights they unveil about mankind. The unexpected childishness within them. The unexpected wisdom that child can possess.

mind fantasy

aries mercury: explosive mind; the roars of supernovas, vibrations of earthquakes, visionary warrior of light. Battle cry of the Will 

taurus mercury: wistful memories and soul words of wisdom coming from a mind as solid as the ancient wood and as sweet as blossoms. the voice of an angels melody 

gemini mercury: butterfly child dancing in the wind. mind filled with cerebral surges and conveying messages through curious chatter and child-like wisdom. breathless voice, sounds of wind chimes and bells 

cancer mercury: lunar illumination casting imaginative dreams and nostalgic comfort, lunar waters rinse the mind with moonlight mood and psychic sense, voice of the Soul 

leo mercury: lantern of light bearing solar rays, mind shining with creative cerebral vision, the proud and royal voice of Spirit 

virgo mercury: the earthbound angel, with roots and blossoms sprouting from her wings. the voice of bittersweet whispers, cleansing words. 

libra mercury: the bearer of two lights upon each hand glowing at different intervals, covered in golden blossoms. the weigher and moral voice of Reason

scorpio mercury: keeper of the celestial gates, protective voice of the deceived, icy and fiery eyes alike. a mind that knows the unknown. the angel of death and her silent scream of the soul. 

sagittarius mercury: voyager of the universe, traversing the sea of stars from which they were born. starlight shines through their eyes, creating a celestial vision. the laughter of twinkling stars, the whizzing of asteroids 

capricorn mercury: guardian of wisdom high atop the mountains that reach towards the skies, universe and beyond. all are under the watchful gaze of the guardian. the low-wind of the earth and hum of the universe is their voice

aquarius mercury: electrical storms brewing in the skies, manifesting in the mind and articulating through every odd expression of speech. lightning strikes bring about visions of the future, the mad scientist creates mechanisms, mother of knowledge 

pisces mercury: the singing of the cosmos, the crash of the waves, the sound of a heart beating underwater. the divine source from which the voice of angels ascends, whispering over the shoulder of innocents and guiding them to sanctuary 

Why yes I’m salty

Give me Luna, still shell-shocked, sitting at the piano in her room with the lock bolted from the outside, her injured brother curled with his head between his knees at the foot of her bench. She’s playing a mechanical tune with one hand while the other pets his hair, the same as she’s been doing for hours since the world crashed down around their ears and the forests of Tenebrae turned to fire. They used to play duets for their mother and her guests - Luna on the keys, Ravus on the violin. They’ll never do so again. Give me Luna too stunned and too sad to cry, and Ravus too tired from having done nothing but… until an imperial guard comes in to separate them. Luna breaks a lamp over his head before she’s taken away.

Give me Luna before the seat of the Emperor, curious because she remembers him differently. In the blur of a childhood memory they were in Altissia together and he gave her a windup dragon he crafted himself, then let her hold his hand while Sylva walked with the secretary. It’s cold around him now as if he brought the frosts of Gralea along, and she asks him if he still makes toys even as she trembles. Aside, the Chancellor snickers, and the Emperor can’t seem to meet her eyes.

Give me Luna being the only one able to see a man underneath Glauca’s amour - a stern girl with too much wisdom forced upon her by circumstance gazing up into the eyeless glow of the monster who killed her mother and telling him whatever happened to you was wrong. I hope you have the strength to make it right. Wherever she goes, she makes the military uncomfortable, and in time she works this to her advantage. There are often guns pointed at her; she pushes them aside and does what she wants. No one has ever fired on her and she’ll keep taking her chances.

And Noctis- sure Luna loves him, as much as anyone can love a sweet coddled thing raised as fodder for the maws of fate. He writes her notes from a different world, sends her pictures that remind her what peace looks like, what she still wishes for the entire world, and she appreciates that more than she can say. A stub of an arcade ticket, a glossy school picture- Luna loves the child she met, who promised her he will do his best to save the world despite having no idea what that means. She looks forward to properly meeting the man he’s grown into.

Give me Luna whose destiny is her own. The Oracle must support the Chosen King, yes- but the Chosen King is likewise powerless without the Oracle - let it be known. Give me Luna worn in her duties, who sometimes screams into the field of perfect Sylblossoms at the resentment she’s not allowed to feel. Luna sweet-talking a member of the Niflheim infantry into teaching her how to fly an airship. Luna laughing at a joke whispered to her during a solemn Imperial meeting. Luna never hesitating to speak her mind. Luna being gentle, proud and strong, despite life being so cruel, despite always being expected to do so much for so little.

In the end, Luna was the only one who ever disarmed Ardyn, whereas everyone else played into his hands. Give me the unseen pieces of Luna growing up into this - an amazing woman, the youngest, most powerful Oracle Eos has ever known.

Give me a Luna who is the heroine of her own story.

A Luna who lives after Noctis dies, to tell his.

Forgive me father, for I am still small. Learning to live, and barely striving beyond a crawl. My wings are still so tender, yet so damaged to say the least. I’ve seen more already, than most people would believe. “Don’t step on that fish” I heard, I know, but will it ever learn to love? Will it have the privilege to grow? I have too many questions, father, and I’d like to know the response. Yet everytime I ask of you, the answer mimics itself down to the spot. “Be patient, my child, for wisdom comes the price of time. You’ll get there one day, you’ll see. When you grow up you will become a leader, a leader even better than me.”

Forgive me father, for I have let the Angels fall. I’ve snapped my wings, I’ve risked it all. I have done some good things, at least, but I’m not the Angel you promised I’d grow up to be. I am broken, hated, nothing but a disappointment hiding in a shell. I don’t belong up here in heaven, I’d be better off in Hell. I’ve disobeyed rules, I’ve broken everyone’s trust, now it only seems fair that I get left in the dust. I tried to treat my wings, bandages and all. They don’t really help much, though, when all my wings do is go limp and fall. I’m sorry I let you down, father, though all I’ve ever done is care. I’ve put humanity before everything else, I must be hard to bare. I want to be new again, so pure and full of dreams, not the angst ridden angel that has too much heart, bursting at the seams. 
Please, forgive me, father. 
Forgive me…

☿ mind
  • Aries mercury: explosively comical, reactive, pioneering mind
  • Taurus mercury: flowery, artistic, serenely-meloncholic mind
  • Gemini mercury: fluttering, breathless, child-like wisdom mind
  • Cancer mercury: nocturnal, receptive, nostalgic mind
  • Leo mercury: passionate, idealistic, vividly-theatrical mind
  • Virgo mercury: synthesizing, intricate, cleverly-detailed mind
  • Libra mercury: dreamy-idealism, aesthetic, impartial mind
  • Scorpio mercury: psychologist, sixth-sense, investigative mind
  • Sagittarius mercury: dreamy-pilgrimage, cosmic, moralistic mind
  • Capricorn mercury: dignified, heavenly-like wisdom, methodical mind
  • Aquarius mercury: odd, universally-orientated, lighting-bolt mind
  • Pisces mercury: surreal, poetical, psychic-visionary mind
Japanese names and meanings.

1.AI meaning “love” (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.
2.AIKA meaning “love song” (愛佳) - Japanese girl name.
3.AIKO meaning “child of love” (愛子) - Japanese girl name.
4.AIMI meaning “love beautiful” (愛美) - Japanese girl name.
5.AINA meaning “love vegetables” (愛菜) - Japanese girl name.
6.AIRI meaning “love jasmine” (愛莉) - Japanese girl name.
7.AKANE meaning “brilliant red” (茜) - Japanese girl name.
8.AKEMI meaning “bright beautiful” (明美) - Japanese girl name.
9.AKI meaning “bright / autumn” (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.
10.AKIHIRO meaning “great brightness” (明宏) - Japanese boy name.
11.AKIKO meaning “bright child” (明子) - Japanese girl name.
12.AKIO meaning “bright man” (昭夫) - Japanese boy name.
13.AKIRA meaning “bright / clear” (明 / 亮) - Japanese unisex name.
14.AMATERASU meaning “shining heaven” (天照) - Japanese girl name.
15.AMI meaning “asia beautiful” (亜美) - Japanese girl name.
16.AOI meaning “blue” (碧) - Japanese unisex name.
17.ARATA meaning “new, fresh” (新) - Japanese boy name.
18.ASAMI meaning “morning beauty” (麻美) - Japanese girl name.
19.ASUKA meaning “tomorrow perfume, fragrance” (明日香) - Japanese girl name.
20.ATSUKO meaning “kind child” (篤子) - Japanese girl name.
21.ATSUSHI meaning “industrious director” (敦司) - Japanese boy name.
22.AYA meaning “color” (彩) - Japanese girl name.
23.AYAKA meaning “colorful flower” (彩花) - Japanese girl name.
24.AYAKO meaning “colorful child” (彩子) - Japanese girl name.
25.AYAME meaning “iris” (菖蒲) - Japanese girl name.
26.AYANE meaning “colorful sound” (彩音) - Japanese girl name.
27.AYANO meaning “my color” (彩乃) - Japanese girl name.
28.AYUMU meaning “walk dream, vision” (歩夢) - Japanese boy name.
29.CHIE meaning “wisdom, intellect” (恵) - Japanese girl name.
30.CHIEKO meaning “child of intelligence, wisdom” (恵子) - Japanese girl name.
31.CHIHARU meaning “one thousand springs (as in season)” (千春) - Japanese girl name.
32.CHIKA meaning “scatter flowers” (散花) - Japanese girl name.
33.CHIKAKO meaning “child of a thousand perfumes” (千香子) - Japanese girl name.
34.CHINATSU meaning “one thousand summers” (千夏) - Japanese girl name.
35.CHIYO meaning “one thousand generations” (千代) - Japanese girl name.
36.CHIYOKO meaning “child of a thousand generations” (千代子) - Japanese girl name.
37.CHO meaning “butterfly” (蝶) - Japanese girl name.
38.CHOUKO meaning “butterfly child” (蝶子) - Japanese girl name.
39.DAI meaning “great, large” (大) - Japanese boy name.
40.DAICHI meaning “great land” (大地) - Japanese boy name.
41.DAIKI meaning “great glory / great nobility” (大輝 / 大貴) - Japanese boy name.
42.DAISUKE meaning “great help” (大輔) - Japanese boy name.
43.EIJI meaning “eternity order” (永次) - Japanese boy name.
44.EIKO meaning “child of splendor” (栄子) - Japanese girl name.
45.EMI meaning “beautiful blessing” (恵美) - Japanese girl name.
46.EMIKO meaning “beautiful blessing child” (恵美子) - Japanese girl name.
47.ERI meaning “blessed prize” (絵理) - Japanese girl name.
48.ETSUKO meaning “child of joy” (悦子) - Japanese girl name.
49.FUMIKO meaning “child of abundant beauty” (富美子) - Japanese girl name.
50.FUMIO meaning “literature, scholarly hero” (文雄) - Japanese boy name.
51.GORO meaning “fifth son” (五郎) - Japanese boy name.
52.HACHIRO meaning “eighth son” (八郎) - Japanese boy name.
53.HAJIME meaning “beginning” (肇) - Japanese boy name.
54.HANA meaning “flower” (花) - Japanese girl name.
55.HANAKO meaning “flower child” (花子) - Japanese girl name.
56.HARU meaning “spring (as in season)” (春) - Japanese unisex name.
57.HARUKA meaning “spring flower” (春花) - Japanese girl name.
58.HARUKI meaning “shining sun” (陽輝) - Japanese boy name.
59.HARUKO meaning “spring child” (春子) - Japanese girl name.
60.HARUMI meaning “beautiful spring” (春美) - Japanese girl name.
61.HARUNA meaning “spring vegetables” (春菜) - Japanese girl name.
62.HARUO meaning “man of spring” (春男) - Japanese boy name.
63.HARUTO meaning “sun flying” (陽斗) - Japanese boy name.
64.HAYATE meaning “smooth” (颯) - Japanese boy name.
65.HAYATO meaning “falcon person” (隼人) - Japanese boy name.
66.HIBIKI meaning “sound, echo” (響) - Japanese boy name.
67.HIDEAKI meaning “excellent bright, shining” (英明) - Japanese boy name.
68.HIDEKI meaning “excellent timber trees” (英樹) - Japanese boy name.
69.HIDEKO meaning “child of excellence” (秀子) - Japanese girl name.
70.HIDEO meaning “excellent husband, man” (英夫) - Japanese boy name.
71.HIDEYOSHI meaning “excellence good” (秀良) - Japanese boy name.
72.HIKARI meaning “light, radiance” (光) - Japanese girl name.
73.HIKARU meaning “light, radiance” (光) - Japanese unisex name.
74.HINA meaning “sun vegetables” (陽菜) - Japanese girl name.
75.HINATA meaning “sunflower / facing towards the sun” (向日葵 / 陽向) - Japanese unisex name.
76.HIRAKU meaning “open, expand” (拓) - Japanese boy name.
77.HIRO meaning “generous” (寛) - Japanese unisex name.
78.HIROAKI meaning “wide, spacious light” (広明) - Japanese boy name.
79.HIROKI meaning “vast timber trees” (弘樹) - Japanese boy name.
80.HIROKO meaning “generous child” (寛子) - Japanese girl name.
81.HIROMI meaning “generous beauty” (寛美) - Japanese girl name.
82.HIRONORI meaning “chronical of command, esteem” (博紀) - Japanese boy name.
83.HIROSHI meaning “generous” (寛) - Japanese boy name.
84.HIROTO meaning “great,large flying” (大斗) - Japanese boy name.
85.HIROYUKI meaning “great journey” (宏行) - Japanese boy name.
86.HISAKO meaning “child of long life” (久子) - Japanese girl name.
87.HISAO meaning “long living man, husband” (寿夫) - Japanese boy name.
88.HISASHI meaning “long time director, ruler” (久司) - Japanese boy name.
89.HISOKA meaning “cautious, reserved” (密) - Japanese unisex name.
90.HITOMI meaning “pupil of the eye” (瞳) - Japanese girl name.
91.HITOSHI meaning “motivated person” (人志) - Japanese boy name.
92.HONOKA meaning “harmony flower” (和花) - Japanese girl name.
93.HOSHI meaning “star” (星) - Japanese girl name.
94.HOSHIKO meaning “star child” (星子) - Japanese girl name.
95.HOTAKA meaning “tall grain” (穂高) - Japanese boy name.
96.HOTARU meaning “firefly” (蛍) - Japanese girl name.
97.ICHIRO meaning “first son” (一郎) - Japanese boy name.
98.ISAMU meaning “brave, courageous” (勇) - Japanese boy name.
99.ISAO meaning “merit” (勲) - Japanese boy name.
100.ITSUKI meaning “timber trees” (樹) - Japanese boy name.
101.IZUMI meaning “spring, fountain” (泉) - Japanese girl name.
102.JIRO meaning “second son” (二郎) - Japanese boy name.
103.JUN meaning “obedient” (順) - Japanese unisex name.
104.JUNICHI meaning “obedient first (son)” (順一) - Japanese boy name.
105.JUNKO meaning “pure, genuine child” (純子) - Japanese girl name.
106.JURO meaning “tenth son” (十郎) - Japanese boy name.
107.KAEDE meaning “maple” (楓) - Japanese unisex name.
108.KAITO meaning “ocean flying” (海斗) - Japanese boy name.
109.KAMIKO meaning “superior child” (上子) - Japanese girl name.
110.KANAKO meaning “fragrant Nara(city in japan) child” (香奈子) - Japanese girl name.
111.KANOKO meaning “Flower Melody Child” (花音子) - Japanese girl name.
112.KANON meaning “flower sound” (花音) - Japanese girl name.
113.KAORI meaning “perfume, fragrance” (香) - Japanese girl name.
114.KAORU meaning “fragrance” (薫) - Japanese unisex name.
115.KASUMI meaning “mist” (霞) - Japanese girl name.
116.KATASHI meaning “firm” (堅) - Japanese boy name.
117.KATSU meaning “victory” (勝) - Japanese boy name.
118.KATSUMI meaning “victorious beauty” (勝美) - Japanese girl name.
119.KATSUO meaning “victorious, heroic man” (勝雄) - Japanese boy name.
120.KATSURO meaning “victorious son” (勝郎) - Japanese boy name.
121.KAZUE meaning “first blessing” (一恵) - Japanese girl name.
122.KAZUHIKO meaning “harmonious boy” (和彦) - Japanese boy name.
123.KAZUHIRO meaning “great harmony” (和宏) - Japanese boy name.
124.KAZUKI meaning “harmony hope” (和希) - Japanese boy name.
125.KAZUKO meaning “child of harmony” (和子) - Japanese girl name.
126.KAZUMI meaning “harmonious beauty” (和美) - Japanese girl name.
127.KAZUO meaning “man of harmony” (和夫) - Japanese boy name.
128.KEI meaning “respectful” (敬) - Japanese girl name.
129.KEIKO meaning “blessed child / respectful child” (恵子 / 敬子) - Japanese girl name.
130.KEN meaning “strong, healthy” (健) - Japanese boy name.
131.KENICHI meaning “strong, healthy first (son)” (健一) - Japanese boy name.
132.KENJI meaning “strong, healthy second (son)” (健二) - Japanese boy name.
133.KENSHIN meaning “modest truthful” (謙信) - Japanese boy name.
134.KENTA meaning “large strong, healthy” (健太) - Japanese boy name.
135.KICHIRO meaning “lucky son” (吉郎) - Japanese boy name.
136.KIKO meaning “chronical child” (紀子) - Japanese girl name.
137.KIKU meaning “chrysanthemum” (菊) - Japanese girl name.
138.KIMI meaning “noble” (君) - Japanese girl name.
139.KIMIKO meaning “empress child” (后子) - Japanese girl name.
140.KIN meaning “gold” (金) - Japanese unisex name.
141.KIYOKO meaning “pure child” (清子) - Japanese girl name.
142.KIYOMI meaning “pure beauty” (清美) - Japanese girl name.
143.KIYOSHI meaning “purity” (淳) - Japanese boy name.
144.KOHAKU meaning “amber” (琥珀) - Japanese unisex name.
145.KOKORO meaning “soul, heart” (心) - Japanese girl name.
146.KOTONE meaning “sound of the koto (Japanese harp)” (琴音) - Japanese girl name.
147.KOUKI meaning “light hope” (光希) - Japanese boy name.
148.KOUTA meaning “great peace” (康太) - Japanese boy name.
149.KUMIKO meaning “long-time beautiful child” (久美子) - Japanese girl name.
150.KUNIO meaning “country man” (國男) - Japanese boy name.
151.KURO meaning “ninth son” (九郎) - Japanese boy name.
152.KYO meaning “cooperation” (協) - Japanese unisex name.
153.KYOKO meaning “respectful child” (恭子) - Japanese girl name.
154.MADOKA meaning “circle, round” (円) - Japanese unisex name.
155.MAI meaning “dance” (舞) - Japanese girl name.
156.MAIKO meaning “child of dance” (舞子) - Japanese girl name.
157.MAKI meaning “true hope” (真希) - Japanese girl name.
158.MAKOTO meaning “sincere” (誠) - Japanese unisex name.
159.MAMI meaning “true beauty” (真美) - Japanese girl name.
160.MAMORU meaning “protector, guard” (守) - Japanese boy name.
161.MANA meaning “love” (愛) - Japanese girl name.
162.MANABU meaning “study, learn” (学) - Japanese boy name.
163.MANAMI meaning “loving beautiful” (愛美) - Japanese girl name.
164.MAO meaning “dance cherry blossom” (舞桜) - Japanese girl name.
165.MARIKO meaning “true village child” (真里子) - Japanese girl name.
166.MASA meaning “just / true” (正 / 真) - Japanese unisex name.
167.MASAAKI meaning “pleasing brightness” (良昭) - Japanese boy name.
168.MASAHIKO meaning “righteous boy” (正彦) - Japanese boy name.
169.MASAHIRO meaning “great prosperity” (昌宏) - Japanese boy name.
170.MASAKI meaning “great timber tree” (昌樹) - Japanese boy name.
171.MASAMI meaning “become beautiful” (成美) - Japanese girl name.
172.MASANORI meaning “model of righteousness, justice” (正則) - Japanese boy name.
173.MASAO meaning “righteous man” (正男) - Japanese boy name.
174.MASARU meaning “victory” (勝) - Japanese boy name.
175.MASASHI meaning “righteous aspiration” (正志) - Japanese boy name.
176.MASATO meaning “righteous person” (正人) - Japanese boy name.
177.MASAYOSHI meaning “righteous, honorable” (正義) - Japanese boy name.
178.MASAYUKI meaning “righteous blessing” (正幸) - Japanese boy name.
179.MASUMI meaning “true clarity” (真澄) - Japanese unisex name.
180.MASUYO meaning “benefits the world” (益世) - Japanese girl name.
181.MAYU meaning “true gentle” (真優) - Japanese girl name.
182.MAYUMI meaning “true gentle beauty” (真優美) - Japanese girl name.
183.MEGUMI meaning “blessing” (恵) - Japanese girl name.
184.MEI meaning “sprouting life” (芽生) - Japanese girl name.
185.MI meaning “beautiful” (美) - Japanese girl name.
186.MICHI meaning “pathway” (道) - Japanese unisex name.
187.MICHIKO meaning “beautiful wise child” (美智子) - Japanese girl name.
188.MICHIO meaning “man on a journey” (道夫) - Japanese boy name.
189.MIDORI meaning “green” (緑) - Japanese girl name.
190.MIEKO meaning “beautiful blessing child” (美枝子) - Japanese girl name.
191.MIHO meaning “protected, guaranteed beauty” (美保) - Japanese girl name.
192.MIKA meaning “beautiful fragrance” (美香) - Japanese girl name.
193.MIKI meaning “beautiful princess” (美姫) - Japanese girl name.
194.MIKIO meaning “tree trunk man” (幹夫) - Japanese boy name.
195.MIKU meaning “beautiful sky” (美空) - Japanese girl name.
196.MINAKO meaning “beautiful child” (美奈子) - Japanese girl name.
197.MINORI meaning “truth” (実) - Japanese unisex name.
198.MINORU meaning “truth” (実) - Japanese boy name.
199.MIO meaning “beautiful cherry blossom” (美桜) - Japanese girl name.
200.MISAKI meaning “beautiful blossom” (美咲) - Japanese girl name.
201.MITSUKO meaning “child of light” (光子) - Japanese girl name.
202.MITSUO meaning “shining hero” (光雄) - Japanese boy name.
203.MITSURU meaning “satisfy, full” (満) - Japanese unisex name.
204.MIU meaning “beautiful feather” (美羽) - Japanese girl name.
205.MIWA meaning “beautiful hamony, peace” (美和) - Japanese girl name.
206.MIYAKO meaning “beautiful night child” (美夜子) - Japanese girl name.
207.MIYOKO meaning “beautiful child of the generations” (美代子) - Japanese girl name.
208.MIYU meaning “beautiful gentle” (美優) - Japanese girl name.
209.MIYUKI meaning “beautiful blessing” (美幸) - Japanese girl name.
210.MIZUKI meaning “beautiful moon” (美月) - Japanese girl name.
211.MOE meaning “sprouting” (萌) - Japanese girl name.
212.MOMOE meaning “one hundred blessings” (百恵) - Japanese girl name.
213.MOMOKA meaning “peach tree flower” (桃花) - Japanese girl name.
214.MOMOKO meaning “peach tree child” (桃子) - Japanese girl name.
215.MORIKO meaning “child of the forest” (森子) - Japanese girl name.
216.NANA meaning “seven” (七) - Japanese girl name.
217.NANAMI meaning “seven seas” (七海) - Japanese girl name.
218.NAO meaning “honest” (直) - Japanese unisex name.
219.NAOKI meaning “honest timber tree” (直樹) - Japanese boy name.
220.NAOKO meaning “honest child” (直子) - Japanese girl name.
221.NAOMI meaning “honest beautiful” (直美) - Japanese girl name.
222.NATSUKI meaning “summer hope” (夏希) - Japanese girl name.
223.NATSUKO meaning “summer child” (夏子) - Japanese girl name.
224.NATSUMI meaning “beautiful summer” (夏美) - Japanese girl name.
225.NOA meaning “my love” (乃愛) - Japanese girl name.
226.NOBORU meaning “ascend, rise” (翔) - Japanese boy name.
227.NOBU meaning “prolong” (延) - Japanese boy name.
228.NOBUKO meaning “faithful, trustworthy child” (信子) - Japanese girl name.
229.NOBUO meaning “faithful, trustworthy man” (信夫) - Japanese boy name.
230.NOBURU meaning “expand” (伸) - Japanese boy name.
231.NOBUYUKI meaning “truth joy” (信幸) - Japanese boy name.
232.NORI meaning “to rule” (儀) - Japanese boy name.
233.NORIKO meaning “lawful child” (典子) - Japanese girl name.
234.NORIO meaning “lawful man” (法男) - Japanese boy name.
235.OSAMU meaning “disciplined, studious” (修) - Japanese boy name.
236.RAN meaning “orchid” (蘭) - Japanese girl name.
237.REI meaning “lovely” (麗) - Japanese girl name.
238.REIKO meaning “lovely child” (麗子) - Japanese girl name.
239.REN meaning “lotus / love” (蓮 / 恋) - Japanese unisex name.
240.RIE meaning “true blessing” (理恵) - Japanese girl name.
241.RIKA meaning “true fragrance” (理香) - Japanese girl name.
242.RIKO meaning “child of truth” (理子) - Japanese girl name.
243.RIKU meaning “land” (陸) - Japanese boy name.
244.RIKUTO meaning “person of land” (陸人) - Japanese boy name.
245.RIN meaning “dignified” (凛) - Japanese girl name.
246.RINA meaning “jasmine” (莉奈) - Japanese girl name.
247.RIO meaning “village cherry blossom” (里桜) - Japanese girl name.
248.ROKURO meaning “sixth son” (六郎) - Japanese boy name.
249.RYO meaning “refreshing, cool” (涼) - Japanese boy name.
250.RYOICHI meaning “good first (son)” (良一) - Japanese boy name.
251.RYOKO meaning “refreshing child” (涼子) - Japanese girl name.
252.RYOTA meaning “great refreshment” (涼太) - Japanese boy name.
253.RYUU meaning “dragon, imperial” (龍) - Japanese boy name.
254.RYUUNOSUKE meaning “nobleman’s predecessor” (隆之介) - Japanese boy name.
255.SABURO meaning “third son” (三郎) - Japanese boy name.
256.SACHIKO meaning “joyful, happy child” (幸子) - Japanese girl name.
257.SADAO meaning “righteous hero” (貞雄) - Japanese boy name.
258.SAKI meaning “blossom of hope” (咲希) - Japanese girl name.
259.SAKURA meaning “cherry blossom” (桜 / さくら) - Japanese girl name.
260.SAKURAKO meaning “cherry blossom child” (桜子) - Japanese girl name.
261.SATOKO meaning “wise child” (聡子) - Japanese girl name.
262.SATOMI meaning “beautiful and wise” (聡美) - Japanese girl name.
263.SATORU meaning “wise, fast learner” (聡) - Japanese boy name.
264.SATOSHI meaning “wise, fast learner” (聡) - Japanese boy name.
265.SAYURI meaning “small lily” (小百合) - Japanese girl name.
266.SEIICHI meaning “refined, pure first (son)” (精一) - Japanese boy name.
267.SEIJI meaning “refined, pure second (son)” (精二) - Japanese boy name.
268.SETSUKO meaning “melody child” (節子) - Japanese girl name.
269.SHICHIRO meaning “seventh son” (七郎) - Japanese boy name.
270.SHIGEKO meaning “growing child” (成子) - Japanese girl name.
271.SHIGEO meaning “heavy man” (重夫) - Japanese boy name.
272.SHIGERU meaning “luxuriant, well grown” (茂) - Japanese boy name.
273.SHIKA meaning “deer” (鹿) - Japanese girl name.
274.SHIN meaning “truth” (真) - Japanese boy name.
275.SHINICHI meaning “true first (son)” (真一) - Japanese boy name.
276.SHINJI meaning “true second (son)” (真二) - Japanese boy name.
277.SHINJU meaning “pearl” (真珠) - Japanese girl name.
278.SHINOBU meaning “endurance” (忍) - Japanese unisex name.
279.SHIORI meaning “poem” (詩織) - Japanese girl name.
280.SHIRO meaning “fourth son” (四郎) - Japanese boy name.
281.SHIZUKA meaning “quiet summer” (静夏) - Japanese girl name.
282.SHIZUKO meaning “quiet child” (静子) - Japanese girl name.
283.SHO meaning “to fly” (翔) - Japanese boy name.
284.SHOICHI meaning “flying son (first)” (翔一) - Japanese boy name.
285.SHOJI meaning “flying son (second)” (翔二) - Japanese boy name.
286.SHOUTA meaning “big flying” (翔太) - Japanese boy name.
287.SHUICHI meaning “disciplined, studious first (son)” (修一) - Japanese boy name.
288.SHUJI meaning “disciplined, studious second (son)” (修二) - Japanese boy name.
289.SHUN meaning “speed, quick” (駿) - Japanese girl name.
290.SORA meaning “sky” (昊 / 空) - Japanese unisex name.
291.SOUTA meaning “large sudden” (颯太) - Japanese boy name.
292.SUMIKO meaning “child of clarity” (澄子) - Japanese girl name.
293.SUSUMU meaning “to advance, proceed” (進) - Japanese boy name.
294.SUZU meaning “bell” (鈴) - Japanese girl name.
295.SUZUME meaning “sparrow” (雀) - Japanese girl name.
296.TADAO meaning “loyal, faithful man” (忠夫) - Japanese boy name.
297.TADASHI meaning “loyal, faithful” (忠) - Japanese boy name.
298.TAICHI meaning “large first (son)” (太一) - Japanese boy name.
299.TAIKI meaning “great radiance, shine” (大輝) - Japanese boy name.
300.TAKAHIRO meaning “of great value, nobility” (貴大) - Japanese boy name.
301.TAKAKO meaning “noble child” (貴子) - Japanese girl name.
302.TAKAO meaning “nobleman” (貴夫) - Japanese boy name.
303.TAKARA meaning “treasure” (宝) - Japanese girl name.
304.TAKASHI meaning “prosperous, noble” (隆) - Japanese boy name.
305.TAKAYUKI meaning “noble journey” (隆行) - Japanese boy name.
306.TAKEHIKO meaning “bamboo prince” (竹彦) - Japanese boy name.
307.TAKEO meaning “warrior hero” (武雄) - Japanese boy name.
308.TAKESHI meaning “fierce warrior” (武) - Japanese boy name.
309.TAKUMA meaning “opening truth” (拓真) - Japanese boy name.
310.TAKUMI meaning “artisan” (匠) - Japanese boy name.
311.TAMIKO meaning “child of many beauties” (多美子) - Japanese girl name.
312.TAMOTSU meaning “protector, keeper” (保) - Japanese boy name.
313.TARO meaning “large son” (太郎) - Japanese boy name.
314.TATSUO meaning “dragon, imperial hero” (竜雄) - Japanese boy name.
315.TATSUYA meaning “to be imperial, dragon” (竜也) - Japanese boy name.
316.TERUKO meaning “shining child” (照子) - Japanese girl name.
317.TETSUYA meaning “philosophy, clear” (哲也) - Japanese boy name.
318.TOMIKO meaning “child of wealth, fortune” (富子) - Japanese girl name.
319.TOMIO meaning “wealth, fortune” (富) - Japanese boy name.
320.TOMOHIRO meaning “west village” (西村) - Japanese boy name.
321.TOMOKO meaning “child of wisdom, intellect” (智子) - Japanese girl name.
322.TOMOMI meaning “beautiful friend” (朋美) - Japanese girl name.
323.TORU meaning “penetrate, make clear” (徹) - Japanese boy name.
324.TOSHI meaning “wise” (慧) - Japanese boy name.
325.TOSHIAKI meaning “advantageous light” (利明) - Japanese boy name.
326.TOSHIKO meaning “clever child” (敏子) - Japanese girl name.
327.TOSHIO meaning “genious leader, hero” (俊雄) - Japanese boy name.
328.TOSHIYUKI meaning “of wisdom” (智之) - Japanese boy name.
329.TSUBAKI meaning “camellia flower” (椿) - Japanese girl name.
330.TSUBAME meaning “swallow (bird)” (燕) - Japanese girl name.
331.TSUKIKO meaning “moon child” (月子) - Japanese girl name.
332.TSUNEO meaning “consistant hero” (恒雄) - Japanese boy name.
333.TSUTOMU meaning “diligence” (勤) - Japanese boy name.
334.TSUYOSHI meaning “strong” (剛) - Japanese boy name.
335.UME meaning “plum” (梅) - Japanese girl name.
336.UMEKO meaning “plum child” (梅子) - Japanese girl name.
337.USAGI meaning “rabbit” (兎) - Japanese girl name.
338.WAKANA meaning “harmonious music” (和奏) - Japanese girl name.
339.YAMATO meaning “great harmony” (大和) - Japanese boy name.
340.YASU meaning “peace” (康) - Japanese unisex name.
341.YASUKO meaning “child of peace” (康子) - Japanese girl name.
342.YASUO meaning “man of peace” (康夫) - Japanese boy name.
343.YASUSHI meaning “peaceful” (靖) - Japanese boy name.
344.YOICHI meaning “sunshine, positive first (son)” (陽一) - Japanese boy name.
345.YOKO meaning “child of sunlight” (陽子) - Japanese girl name.
346.YORI meaning “trust” (頼) - Japanese boy name.
347.YOSHI meaning “lucky / righteous” (吉 / 義) - Japanese unisex name.
348.YOSHIAKI meaning “righteousness shining” (義昭) - Japanese boy name.
349.YOSHIE meaning “beautiful stream” (佳江) - Japanese girl name.
350.YOSHIKAZU meaning “good peace, Japan” (良和) - Japanese boy name.
351.YOSHIKO meaning “child of goodness” (良子) - Japanese girl name.
352.YOSHINORI meaning “excellent model” (佳範) - Japanese boy name.
353.YOSHIO meaning “joyful life” (吉生) - Japanese boy name.
354.YOSHIRO meaning “righteous son” (義郎) - Japanese boy name.
355.YOSHITO meaning “ceremonial, correct person” (儀人) - Japanese boy name.
356.YOSHIYUKI meaning “righteous journey” (義行) - Japanese boy name.
357.YOUTA meaning “great sunlight” (陽太) - Japanese boy name.
358.YUA meaning “binding love” (結愛) - Japanese girl name.
359.YUI meaning “bind clothing ” (結衣) - Japanese girl name.
360.YUICHI meaning “heroic first (son)” (雄一) - Japanese boy name.
361.YUINA meaning “bind together” (結奈) - Japanese girl name.
362.YUJI meaning “heroic second (son)” (雄二) - Japanese boy name.
363.YUKA meaning “gentle flower” (優花) - Japanese girl name.
364.YUKARI meaning “beautiful pear tree” (佳梨) - Japanese girl name.
365.YUKI meaning “happiness / snow” (幸 / 雪) - Japanese unisex name.
366.YUKIKO meaning “child of snow / child of happiness” (幸子 / 雪子) - Japanese girl name.
367.YUKIO meaning “blessed hero” (幸雄) - Japanese boy name.
368.YUKO meaning “gentle child” (優子) - Japanese girl name.
369.YUMI meaning “reason beautiful” (由美) - Japanese girl name.
370.YUMIKO meaning “reason beautiful child” (由美子) - Japanese girl name.
371.YURI meaning “lily” (百合) - Japanese girl name.
372.YURIKO meaning “lily child” (百合子) - Japanese girl name.
373.YUTAKA meaning “bountiful, rich” (豊) - Japanese boy name.
374.YUU meaning “gentle” (優) - Japanese unisex name.
375.YUUDAI meaning “great hero” (雄大) - Japanese boy name.
376.YUUKI meaning “gentle, superior hope” (優希) - Japanese unisex name.
377.YUUMA meaning “gentle, superior truth” (優真) - Japanese boy name.
378.YUUNA meaning “gentle” (優奈) - Japanese girl name.
379.YUUTA meaning “great bravery” (勇太) - Japanese boy name.
380.YUUTO meaning “gentle person” (悠人) - Japanese boy name.
381.YUZUKI meaning “gentle moon” (優月) - Japanese girl name.

There’s no such thing as what you ‘should’ be doing with your life. If you’re not holding yourself back from something you really want to try, and you enjoy the way you spend your day, then you’re a smashing success.
—  Lori Deschene
The Hesitant Zones

“I want to ask you something.” Trench told her roommate. Not-Chad sat on his bed, contorted beyond human limits, his shining eyes (green and blue like stormy arctic sea, without pupils or irises) unblinking,producing sounds that should be impossible for any type of  mouth (or machine) to produce. He was holding flowers and cookies Joshua from second floor brought him, so she supposed that was cooing.

Chad was gone for half year already, which was honestly all well by Trench. He never cleaned the room, and always brought his loud, annoying friends over. She had no idea why he was taken, and didn’t care. Not-Chad was clean, great help with homework and even since he moved in, Joshua, who was one of best chemistry majors on whole campus ever started helping her with her projects- she thought he would bail out once he learnt what Not-Chad was, or Not-Chad would curse him, but changeling lavished in pathetic romantic wooing and Joshua stopped wearing iron, so Trench counted herself lucky.

“I guessed so. You brought me thirteen raspberry tarts yesterday.So what zones do you want to talk about?” Again, luck had rained upon her. Trench was forbidden major, as were many biologists, but smart one. She didn’t try to figure out how fae worked-she doubted something like that was even possible with magic. Instead, she gathered information about their world and customs, by giving fae treats in exchange for stories.

Fae saw nothing wrong with that. They got presents in exchange for talking about their favorite subject-themselves. They would talk, and Trench would separate pearls from useless chatting. Not-Chad happened to be quite talkative fae (some sort of shape shifting merman, she found out) who didn’t waste words on useless information. In exchange for cakes, he would tell her about structure of his universe, The Elsewhere itself. For sake of metaphor, and because she was marine biologist and he sea fae, they called different regions of Elsewhere zones.

“About hadopelagic, demersal and benthic.” Not-Chad froze, and turned towards her, his glamour flickering so she could see his toned chest, silver skin, gills and long  bioluminescent hair.


“You heard me. Spit it out..”

“What are you talking about?”

“You said that Elsewhere is like ocean. That it has just as many zones. That each zone contains stronger powers, that each one is less defined and more deadly to lesser beings. But abyssopelagic zone isn’t bottom of ocean. There are three more. So what dwells there?” Mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones contained things that didn’t bow to Courts, creatures best described as sentient archetypes and natural personifications, godlike fae who could freeze and burn and shatter the whole world. Abyssopelagic zone contained True Royalty.

She couldn’t imagine what horrible, mad things existed beyond them. But she had to know.

“No.  All food in world wouldn’t be enough for such information. You could bring me everything edible in world and it wouldn’t be enough.” He wasn’t joking, Trench knew and paled. Fae considered many things edible. Cakes, infants, diamonds,dreams, radiation.

“What would be?”

“No.” He trembled as he whispered that word, too caught in imagining what he knew and wouldn’t give her. That information would bring her fame, and more importantly, save so many lives. If they knew more about fae, they could protect themselves better.

“You will tell me.” Not- Chad’s teeth became those of shark, and mist surrounded him as glow of his eyes intensified.


“Nor will you harm me, Innglu-Sakkan.” She spoke, and  Not-Chad fell on floor upon sound of his Name.


“A birdie gave me that name for a price.” He snarled, his spit red like corals.

“ Sentry-Mary!” He spat out.

“Yes.” Trench confirmed with smile upon her face. “They gave me this sweet name in exchange for my hesitation. Such a bargain.” Fool, Not-Chad thought.Hesitation gives conscience, holds base instincts in check, brings terror and caution. It is child of fear and wisdom, and you need to lose both to lose hesitation. It saves lives. And souls.

“Now, if you don’t tell me what I need to know, I will have you kill your pretty boy toy.” Old Trench would have never demanded that. But Trench had no fear, no doubt anymore that she was right.

“His roommate is very embittered knight. Hates your people. And so gullible. But big iron mace. I will just need to sob, and order you not to properly defend yourself, and I won’t even need to order you to keep your mouth shut. You could spill all beans and she wouldn’t believe you. Your friends won’t protect you because you broke Treaty.”

Fool, he thought. Giving names of their rivals to humans was discouraged and frowned upon, but not forbidden. Sentry-mary would keep quiet, but once word got out that he was gone, they would connect dots and go to Court. Trench and Joshua’s knight would be nothing but petals on wind.

“How do I know you won’t get rid of me either way?”

“You don’t. But I have no need to dispose of you. You are far more useful as source of information. Now free.’‘ 

’'This information won’t come free. There are laws even power of Name cannot overrule. You need to give up something to know about Great Ones.”

“Very well. What?” She said with frown. Old Trench would have considered it.

“There is somebody I want to protect.They are my… ..” He spoke some word her ears couldn’t process. He sometimes did that, when word couldn’t be explained by any human language. “ That child is very dear to me. Promise me they will always have place withing your family, as equal as yours.” You will be gone, forgotten by world, and creature of myth and dream will take your place, and none will know.

“That is all? I accept. Now speak.” Old Trench would have understood, would have gotten meaning of words.

“There are indeed three more zones, or layers as some call them.‘He cried as he spoke. Whisper released power that rattled Trench’s bones and echoed across all fae in world. Silence deeper than that of space filled room, and all light was extinguished, and Trench could feel water pour down her throat as hundred fae rattled door and windows ( it wasn’t salt and iron that stopped them. None may interrupt until information about Royalty was given out. After…). had Trench still any hesitation left, ounce of fear and wisdom, her heart would have been filled with such dread that it would have given out (yet she could feel shadow of horror, but ignored it).

’'They too are inhabited by the Great Ones. they aren’t nobles as you know that word, or we for that matter. They are  enormous, and unreal, and too powerful for your reality to contain. They play no games and fear  no charm. They are predators, and like ocean, they take what they want when they want how they want.  They swim and devour, and only beware of those  who are bigger, stronger than they. All of us bow to them, and only time they join with each other is when they form packs to tear stronger foe to pieces.

But for sake of metaphor, think of it like this. Abyssal zone is for princes, and archdukes, and despots. Hadal is for high kings,devarajas and pharaohs. The demersal zone is for emperors, tsars and great chiefs.” His kinsmen break through, army of shadow too many of them to fit in room yet they all do.

“And benthic? What creatures dwell there?” Trench asks, uncaring of cold fingers that grasp her limbs.

“A creature, or perhaps the creature. You have your God. We have our Queen, the Queen of Queens, She Who Dreams.”  He says as strong jaws bite down on his shoulders.

“What does she dream?” Trench asks, not even noticing claws that rip beneath her ribs (but she notices alien, uncaring light streaming in through window, stronger than that of Sun, and her blood knows fear again).

“Stars and oceans. Life and death. Destiny and desire. You and me.” Changeling speaks as shadows devour him.

“She dreams everything.”


  • [Damian and Maps have discovered a candle of Neron and, not realizing what it was, made the mistake of lighting it]
  • Maps Mizoguchi(Watching Neron materialize): …What is that?
  • Damian Wayne(Grimly): Trouble.
  • Neron(Finally taking shape): Thou speakest truly, O Child of Wisdom. For I am the demon Neron-
  • Maps Mizoguchi(Wrinkling her nose): Why are you talking like that? Is that a demon thing? Because it’s not very intimidating, it’s just… kind of annoying.
  • Neron(Ignoring her): …and I have been summoned either to fulfill your greatest desires or to be the instrument of thy death and that of thy paramour.
  • Damian Wayne(Outraged): My what?!
  • Neron(Indicating Maps): Thy lover. The woman who stands beside thee.
  • Maps Mizoguchi: Lover? We’re thirteen!
  • Damian Wayne(Also ignoring Maps): I know what you meant, but she isn’t my lover or my fiancee or my girlfriend or anything and I refuse to be killed with her!
  • Maps Mizoguchi(Indignant): What is THAT supposed to mean?!
  • Damian Wayne(Scowling): Be quiet. You’re the one who lit the candle, you’ve made enough of a mess already.
  • Maps Mizoguchi: IT WAS YOUR IDEA!
  • Neron(Suspiciously): If she is not thy paramour, nor any of those other things, then what is she?
  • Damian Wayne: A nuisance.
  • [Maps kicks him.]

Long post, so buckle up.

Blackwall mentions that he’s making the rocking horse for kids taking refuge within Skyhold and it got me thinking; what would others do for the refugee children in the Inquisition?

  • Leliana teaches them how messenger Ravens work and how they are trained. When she’s feeling especially kind she lets them write letters to their deceased parents and sends a raven to where some of her less busy scouts can reply to the children’s letters. She talks to them about how she trains and works with her scouts to keep everyone safe, sound, and updated on all of the current events. She may even sneak a song in there for them, but if you tell anyone you’ll lose your tongue.
  • Dorian teaches children all about the history of mages and performs magic for them so they can see that mages aren’t a thing to be feared in fact, mages can do a lot to help society. While he reminds them people who use magic don’t always use it well he tells the children most use it for the betterment of the lives around them. He also talks to them about the importance of knowing history and to never repeat the bad and learn from the good. Also, to always be true to yourself and anyone who doesn’t support your happiness doesn’t deserve your time. 
  • Josephine teaches the children manners while interacting with other people, she teaches them how to properly eat in Orlais, but she also might be guilty of starting a couple of food fights… Maybe. Don’t tell anyone. Manners aren’t everything, but watching the kids try to sit up straight and not giggle when Dorian, Ironbull and Sera make funny jokes is always of great amusement. 
  • Solas teaches children all about the fade and why it’s not scary (he leaves certain things out). He tells them about how he visits the fade in his dreams and tells them all about the good things he sees there, some of the stories may be a little… adapted for children. He teaches them about where their family members are in the fade, how it all works and how their parents are always there watching over them and they see how brave the children are being and are very, very proud.
  • Varric writes stories and teaches the younger children to read with them. He writes about the brave young child who’s parents were lost in the midst of a war, but the child used the wisdom they gained from reading and became a hero to all of Thedas because everyone is a hero. He also teaches them how to write their own stories and their own heroes, when the children give their stories for Varric to read it makes him feel amazing and some of these kids might surpass him soon… better tone down the lessons, can’t have any competition!
  • Sera shows the children archery and reminds the children never to take everything too seriously. She teaches the children that while there is suffering in life you can always look at the problems with a different perspective. It’s okay to be different, and it’s okay to be sad, but why change the past when you can own this day? Sera also tells the kids to be confident in who they are and no matter your background or your trauma you can always be strong and be a hero, even in a small way. She tells the kids that they don’t always have to stick to the tradition of whatever and it’s actually pretty cool to be unique and to question things in life instead of blindly following the masses.
  • Cassandra shows the kids how to fence and take care of their weapons. Reminding them that swords are not toys and to always be very careful, but they’re really fun to hit the dummies with. Cassandra also tells kids it’s okay to be tough, but also have a soft side, to want love and family, even being a warrior. Everyone loves poetry after all. She has attempted to teach the kids to write and while she may not be good at it, that’s part of the charm, her silly poems always bring a smile to the children’s faces and in turn, hers.
  • Cullen tells stories of the Templars and how they are not all bad people, it’s just the bad ones are the loudest. He tries to let the children know that he understands what they are going through is scary and it’s makes them angry that the war took their families from them, but to NEVER let it corrupt their morals, to instead let this pain make them stronger and to never be like the bad guys. Cullen talks to them about how he trains the forces and how anyone can be a soldier. He loves to do some (easy) drills with the kids because they always have so much fun and it’s a good distraction for them and him, too.
  • Vivienne works to clothe and groom the children, appearances are not everything after all (though, she’d never say it out loud), but when you are clean and in clean clothing, you feel better. She knows this. She works to remind the children to try and remain dignified, you can never let them see the hurt because it only pushes the bad guys further because they got the reaction they wanted… but it’s always okay to talk to her if you are struggling and sad, you are children lost in this war and no one should ever feel alone. Plus… they are really cute in their tailored outfits and when the little boys and girls feel awesome in their clothes, she feels awesome with them.
  • Ironbull teaches the children about diversity and why it’s so important to never be biased, unless they’re from Tevinter… Wait… What? But seriously, people fear what is different and change is always automatically evil, when in reality what makes the world amazing and what makes society better is that everyone is so different. Before we are anything (our sexuality, our race, our religion, our power) we are people, and that in and of itself demands respect. He also shows them some of the Qunari ways to control stress, but don’t worry he doesn’t hit them with the bat… thank the Maker.
  • Cole helps ease the painful memories the children have, not forget them, but make it easier to cope. He teaches them little ways to help people feel better. Like burning turnips to help someone feel at home as they pass through to the fade. Allowing spiders to spin their silk to heal wounds. We must always help those who need it, but we also mustn’t forget to help ourselves, too. Also, he reminds the children that when someone has done you wrong to forgive them because if you let that anger fester it can change who you truly are, forgiveness in times are hurt is not a weakness, but a great strength, not one everyone has.
  • The Inquisitor teaches children that even when you are scared, alone, and your life has changed entirely that you are still strong and you can make a difference. Always try to do the right thing and never be afraid of change. Befriend people who are different and always welcome help, no one can do everything alone. Always tell the truth (especially when accused of murder), and always, always be strong.

In short, I believe the children of the Inquisition are well loved, well taken care of, and are having some good fun. 

Please feel free to add what you think everyone would do! I didn’t want to make the post too long, but maybe Scout Harding gives the children some dance lessons, maybe Dennent teaches them to ride and properly care for the animals, maybe Adan teaches them how to make poultices, maybe Krem de le Krem teaches them about being true to yourself and to be the warrior you need and want to be… maybe….?

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olbas006  asked:

I really like your OC Cassandra, and her relationships with Jim! But I must admit, I'd give a lot to see the faces of Jim and Strickler, when Barbara has announced that she is pregnant. LOL

Ah, thank you so much! I love Cassandra and it makes me so happy how the fandom has showed her such affection! 

God, can you imagine?! You know how Barbra chugs that jug of water after finding out about the trolls? I’m torn between Strickler doing the exact same thing (except maybe with some scotch) or…

He very calmly hears Barbara deliver the happy news, very calmly gives a very stoic “…Ah”, very calmly rises, and then - very calmly - faints. 

Once he recovers while Barbara sighs and rubs her temples at this man Changeling whom her heart has decided to love and whom she is having a baby with, oh God what they hell are they getting into, they give Jim the news over some tea. 

To his credit, Jim does not faint. But Strickler does not appreciate having tea sprayed all over him do to Jim’s spit take of shock. “You’re WHAT?!” 

“Pregnant, sweetie.” 

“But – how – is that even possible?!” 

“…Well, Young Atlas, when a Human female and a Changeling male decide to –” 

Barbara swats his arm. “Not. Helping. Honey.” 

But secretly she’s relieved - if Walter can recover enough to indulge in sarcasm, he’ll be fine.

After all of the shock wears off for both of her boys, Jim and Strickler’s main concern is Barbara’s (and the baby’s) safety, seeing as she’s the first Human to carry a Changeling’s child. But with the wisdom of a doctor and the ferocity and feeling of a mother, Barbara manages to calm their fears, though Strickler will still end up countless nights before the actual birth staring up at the ceiling, thinking of EVERYTHING that could go wrong, it will go wrong, how could this be anything but wrong, unnatural, impure

It doesn’t. 

And it isn’t.  

In fact, when the small, gently squirming bundle is settled into his arms, and Strickler looks down into the face that stills his soul and steals his heart in the smallest matter of seconds, a face that has his eyes, green and watchful and wide as he presses a shaking hand to the damp beginnings of red curls, a gesture that makes that tiny little rosebud of a mouth purse before she - his daughter their daughter their child their baby his world - looks at him once more with the whole world that is in those eyes and she


up at him…

When that happens…Strickler can only think that nothing has ever been more right. 


It was an endless peach orchard summer; every tree blossoming all at once.

The world was alive with color. Light shades of linen sheets and cicadas turned into endless dusks that brought myths to life. It was such a time to be alive. It was such a time for dreaming darker and deeper than we have ever imagined. 

The earth cracked beneath our bare feet, as thirsty as our lips were. Dark soil found ways to put smudges in even the whitest of cotton dresses.

Our fingertips were sticky with want, mouths quivering and hungry: pour ice cold water on your wrists, dip your fingers into the peaches cooling in the sink, forget that you are becoming ancient again.

Summer will do that to you – it will put crazy ideas in your head, but don’t listen to them.
When cicadas sing for you to come closer, just dip your toes into the swamp, it’ll be alright (the pretty white dress soaked in mud, your mother will cry) - just don’t listen to them.

Put your wrists under the tap and marvel at how blue your veins are.

Do not dream of kingdoms and swords and old things. You are young and new and there is a price on what you hold in your chest.

Take a step too far and they’ll snatch it; they’ll cut your hope right out.

The water is cold, doesn’t it feel good, hmm? Come back home in time for dinner, forget what you’ve heard. Persephone is just a girl who strayed too far from home, Artemis is just a wolf child. Wisdom erases the possibility of a happy ending.

Now run, run with your heartbeat pounding in your ears. The world is burning up, it’s red and your skin is already blistering. Your mother was right but cold water doesn’t help boiling blood, does it?

Run, you stupid child. Run for your life because winter is quiet and autumn is dying, spring is life but summer is deadly.

Someone should have already told you that.

There is a fine line between linen-and-cold-nights summer, and the one that turns very dark very early, like a rotting apple. It’s feral, it’s decomposing, it’s catching fire and it does not know when to stop burning.

Didn’t you hear birds in June?

In August, all there ever is is the silence.

So run. Run for your life, here, where this world seeps into the Other, the ancient borderline of reality and magic, the kind that is content to just exist – unless you dare it. And your feet did sound like a war drum.

No one has outrun summer yet. But you can try.

Good luck.

anonymous asked:

What do you think will be Mutsuki’s reaction when he returns to the CCG and finds Touka there working alongside Urie, Saiko, the Qs, and the CCG?

Probably….. not very pretty. But since the Quinx and Juuzou are there too, hopefully it will be an opportunity for Mutsuki to finally move off this downward spiral he’s been on. 

They’ve all stood by, hesitating to confront Mutsuki about his actions recently or refusing to believe there’s anything wrong. What Mutsuki went through was a horrifying ordeal and I can see how they would just have absolutely no idea how to broach this topic. Urie, who knows Mucchan is in love with Haise, saw hundreds of photos of Touka stabbed by knives, and didn’t think to go stop Mutsuki. Saiko tried to open discussion about Mucchan smelling like blood but when he diverted off that topic she dropped it. Juuzou was Mutsuki’s mentor and even commented that he was in the position of Shinohara as mentor to a wild child, yet the only wisdom he has passed onto his protege was using knives.

None of them have seen first hand though just how far gone down this destructive path Mutsuki is, so seeing a confrontation between Mutsuki and Touka would definitely open their eyes, giving them a chance to nip that issue in the bud and support him towards a healthier path.

That is, if Mucchan and Aura even go back to the CCG and don’t go off and do their own thing of course! :’)