Bat boys taking their s/o on holiday Snapchat edition: Bruce Wayne

S/o - significant others
[ ] - captions

Picture of the private plane [plane emojis]

Picture of his s/o in the plane reading up on the place they’re going

Picture of him looking out the window smiling [Much needed break]

Video of him following his s/o down the steps onto the private runway they landed on.

More videos of them on their way to the hotel, Bruce is speaking their native language fluently.

Selfie of s/o holding his phone [confiscated ;)]

Selfie with Bruce looking stern [Damian get off Snapchat & sleep!]

Videos of the nightlife and the people there

Photo of Bruce talking to a child [Do we have room for one more tho Bruce?]

Selfie of s/o pointing at the moon [Damian we know the time 4 u. SLEEP!]

Picture of Bruce sleeping the next morning with the sheet showing off his abs [ heart eyed emojis.]

Lots of pictures of them at the pool; Both of them reading next to each other.

Video of Bruce pushing his s/o into the pool and then a video of s/o trying to convince him to come near the edge  ‘for a kiss’ [not falling for this.]

Picture of s/o pouting that they haven’t gotten revenge yet.

Picture of the view from their day on a boat

He asks the crew (who he later tips very generously) to take their Snapchat pictures for them. So there are lots of cuddly pictures of them.

There’s a video of them dancing too.

And the food.

A video of s/o motioning the camera holder to follow them as they sneak up on Bruce and push him into the water. [S/o yelling “REVENGE!!!”]

Video of s/o jumping in with him and swimming up to him

Picture of them kissing in the water.

Selfies with the crew [So much fun!]

Pictures back on the plane, Bruce is on his phone but smiling. [Mini break over but well worth it]

It ends with them with Damian taking a selfie with them curled up on the couch watching a movie together [This counts right?]

People Like Us

People like us speak a secret language

Of flinches and twitches, jumping at the slightest sound

There are different dialects; you are fluent in anger, 

I am versed in complacency and fear

The language of going blank as unpainted canvas

Whenever someone raises their voice, and you pray

“Dear God, please don’t let it be at me, not at me”

And even when it’s not, it’s always directed at you.

We speak the language of the lonely child shut in his room,

The foreign tongue of a bride in fear of her groom,

A pet that hides under the couch and wonders “Why me?”

Our language is universal, and through this we know

Who among us has been learned in pain and sorrow

Scorpius: We’re throwing a halloween party at our common room. It’s going to be the greatest thing ever.
Albus: Someone will die.
Scorpius: Of fun.
Albus: And of murder.
Scorpius: There’s gonna be butterbeer, pumpkins.
Albus: Bloody goblins.
Scorpius: Fake ones. It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll have decorations.
Albus: Dead people that we just murdered.
Scorpius: Not murder but pictures of dead people from tv.
Albus: Mutilated bodies.
Scorpius: But fake ones.