childofdrought  asked:

Hey Patho I meant to tell you this earlier but before I went under anesthesia recently I remember contemplating all the nurses around me and thinking about you being a nurse and all and this stuck with me when I woke up because I kept asking the nurses how THEY where and how their day was going because PATHO IS A NURSE and some of them started quietly laughing because of it and I just thought you should know /flees

I hope you don’t mind me posting this to my blog (and if you do mind let me know and I’ll set it to private right away!), but this is one of those messages that I want to keep tucked away in my pocket so I can take it out whenever I feel down because it is the cuTEST THING OH MY GOD

You are adorable, and this story is adorable, and I bet you any amount of money that you were totally their favorite patient of the day, because it’s just the nicest thing when we work with folks who are adorable and friendly and considerate. ♥