“I’m not letting my kids watch TV. Too much gay shit.”

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“Seeing gay couples on TV confuses kids.”

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Yo……. Do people realize how dumb they sound when they talk about things like this? If you think your kid will get confused by seeing a gay couple on TV, then:

Don’t take your kid to church, because they might see a gay couple.

Don’t take your kid to school because they might see a gay couple.

Don’t take your kid to the park because they might see a gay couple.

Keep your child locked up in the house for the rest of their lives because… they might see a gay couple.

 Kids don’t know what “being gay” is, they don’t even know what “being straight” is. Kids don’t know anything about sexuality. Your child knowing about different sexualities will not make them gay. Avoiding the topic of “being gay”, will not ensure that they will end up straight. Your child is going to be growing up in a much different world than you did. Information is way more accessible, more things are tolerated, and younger kids be knowing way more than they should about things like sex.“They’ll have questions”… AND? ANSWER THEM. “That’s not normal”… oh, but talking cars, talking dogs, talking trucks, and little kids roaming around in jungles by themselves with monkeys, riding in hot air balloons flown by purple bulls, is normal? The gay couples on kids shows aren’t even talking about sex, they’re literally just there. They haven’t even been kissing! Overall, the things you should be teaching your kids about gay couples, are tolerance and respect. Don’t raise your child to be a homophobic jerk. Idk what the right age is for these things to be discussed but, if you feel they’re too young to be taught, then they are more than likely, not even paying these gay couples on TV too much attention. 

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I don't even watch the loud house but I still greatly appreciate your blog and what you're doing!

You’re welcome, friend! I highly recommend The Loud House, it’s a great show about life in a big family, has lots of diverse female characters, and there’s a canon married gay couple who are raising a child together (first canon gay parents on Nickelodeon!). There’s just so many good things about this show, and I hate to see gross people doing what they always do and ruining it for everyone else.

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Same anon who made a long bloody explanation on why I don't see your theory. I still can't see it, but the idea of Sarada being an ItaSaku child appeals me after reading some of your thoughts more heavily. But what about her being a ItaSasu child? You know, same sex reproduction with stem cells? To make it possible for gay couples to have their own child relate to them. It just recently being discovered and maybe Kishi played with the idea? Sakura could be a surrogate...

Kishimoto has always pushed the envelope with Itachi and Sasuke’s relationship , so who knows, he might give a crappy reason about wanting the genes of two strongest uchiha  shinobi and just make it sound “normal”. LOL I will laugh my head off , If Sarada does turn out to be an ItaSasu kid. I think that would make ItaSasu pretty canon.

However , I doubt it .. He won’t make it so blatantly obvious that ItaSasu is the stuff of his wet dreams LOL!! 

And secondly ,   he will probably not do that to sakura . I mean it would be a pretty big shock to sakura stans  to know that she is the third wheel to an ongoing ItaSasu relationship and is basically only a glorified nanny to the ItaSasu child ? 

I have to think that since the umbilical cord was a match, that  the child carries Sakura’s DNA too. So I feel sarada is an ItaSaku spawn and sakura does have legal right to her. 

[ if she was just a surrogate , with no involvement in making the embryo, she will not have legal rights to the kid –  that would make her a glorified nanny , maybe that’s why sasuke married her, who knows?]

Yeah, so I saw Star Trek Beyond yesterday and HOLY HELL! I effing love this movie. In my (not-so-humble) opinion, it’s the best reboot movie so far. It was so good!

With the amount of diversity it had, five (five!) female characters (two of whom were WOC and one of those was a woman over forty) who were important to the plot, and absolutely great representation of a (married!) gay couple with a child (I demand a backstory), it is so damn great. Representation matters, folks, and STB gave it to us in spades. Plus any time Spock and McCoy get riff off of one another is perfect.

And, dear God, Spock’s musings on death hit me in the feels and hard. Something tells me the death of Leonard Nimoy played heavily into ZQ’s performance. It was teary and so perfect.

List of children’s tv shows with LGBT+ characters and couples:

Due to recent controversy of an interracial, gay couple being the parents of a child in a Nickelodeon tv show, I decided to name a few characters from different children’s tv series’ that are part of the LGBT+ community: 

Gargoyles (1994-1997): Lexington: According to the creator of the series, Greg Weisman, Lexington is gay, but he was never allowed to explore that aspect of the character. 

Hey Arnold! (1996-2004): Mr. Simmons and Eugene Horowitz: Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett confirmed that the 4th grade teacher Mr. Simmons is gay, and also said that: “Eugene Horowitz is "proto-gay, so he’s uncomfortable to getting close to any girl”.

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002): Kitty and Bunny: There was an episode called “The Mask” which portrays a loving relationship between two female characters named Kitty and Bunny; Bunny was in an abusive relationship with her husband, and decides to runs off with her girlfriend, Kitty, in order to be safe and happy. I also read that parents were so angry at the portrayal of a lesbian couple, that the show was cancelled after that. 

Adventure Time (2010-present): Princess Bubblegum and Marceline: In August of 2014, the voice actress of Marceline, Olivia Olson, said that according to the creator of the show, Pendleton Ward, Marceline and Bubblegum had dated in the past, but since the show airs in countries where homosexual relationships are illegal, they are unable to make it clear (which is why there’s a lot of flirting and teasing between them, etc). 

The Legend of Korra (2012-2014): Korra and Asami: In the series finale, both girls are seen holding hands, and looking into each other’s eyes, while traveling through a portal, right before it cuts to the credits. It wasn’t explicitly stated, but later on the creators confirmed that, yes, Korra and Asami are in a romantic relationship. 

Gravity Falls (2012-2016): Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland: In the series finale, the two men publicly expressed their love for each other. 

Steven Universe (2013-present): Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl: Ruby and Sapphire are non-binary characters, but present themselves femeninely, which can be interpreted as a lesbian relationship. Garnet is their form of showing their love for one another. Pearl was in love with Rose Quartz, which is why there’s a whole episode about it, called “Rose’s Scabbard”. 

Clarence (2014-present): EJ and Sue Randell: They are the two mothers of Jeff, Clarence’s best friend on the show.

You may keep adding to the list if you like!!