That's how adoption works, right?

Barbarian named Gurgeh happens upon the Halfing Bard (me, guest playing for the month) running towards danger.

Barbarian: Baby-man! What are you doing here? Where is your Dad?

Bard: I… I’m not a child.

Barbarian: -fails Int check to tell she’s an adult Halfling- No. No. Where your Dad?

Bard: (irritated and in a hurry) He’s not here!

Barbarian: Oh. Okay. Gurgeh your Dad now!

From what I’ve seen of the spoilers, the absolute worst part of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is that a ton of people shipped Albus with Scorpius and the play looks like it’s heading in that direction at first like it could actually give us a canonical gay couple instead of stating someone’s sexuality after the fact, it could show how far we’ve come as a society, it could show how far Jo has come, it could show a main character who is part of the MOGII community, and instead, they have to have the obviously evil girl in disguise kiss him and make him blush because that trope never gets old. I mean really!?

So weird thing I remembered from my childhood

In my neighborhood there is a street called Insey Street right? In Chris Brown’s song “Run It” there’s a line that goes “You the hottest thing that’s in these streets so baby won’t you run me”
Me, (being what, 7 or 8?) heard: “you the hottest thing on Insey street so baby won’t you run me” and I went WIILLDD I was like OMG Chris Brown knows MY neighborhood and gave us a shoutout, what the freak, who he runnin with from my hood 👀👀 y'all I was PRESSED til my sis told me what he actually said and I felt SOOO dumb……..


@winterchim Heyyyy Mimi~ ;) just a lil birthday present from me (aka Grace)





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ok so people are arguing over who was the abuser and the victim. Both Lapis and Jasper are the abusers and the victims. Lap isn’t completely innocent. But that’s just how I see it. 

Can we all just agree that ‘Lil Lappy’ is the cutest boat name ever though 

Day 4: Promises or Lies

After his death duel with Aladdin, enveloped in the darkness of nothingness, Judal remembered Hakuryuu. Child Hakuryuu to be exact. They were in the garden, watching Hakuyuu and Hakuren train with their swords. Everything was bright. The chirp of birds, the chatter of rukh, and the warmth of the sun. Since it was spring, there were flowers – some red, some blue – around them. All in full bloom. Judal grinned as Hakuryuu’s tiny hands balled up into fists. Tiny fists, compared to his older self. 

He watched as Hakuryuu smiled, his eyes glittering with every movement his brothers made– every flashy technique that Hakuren performed, and every time Hakuyuu gracefully, effortlessly countered them. The two were putting on a show specially for them. As Hakuryuu was completely mesmerised, Judal found himself saying, “I’ll make you as strong as them, Hakuryuu. Stronger even.”

Like an innocent owl, Hakuryuu turned to him. He was almost frowning, as though the concept of being stronger than his brothers was foreign– if not impossible. So Judal continued, smiling from ear to ear, although his heart wasn’t in it. “When you’re older, we’ll go conquer a dungeon together! I’ll give you the best djinn in the whole world!”

There was a spark in Hakuryuu’s eye, and he smiled without stretching his scarred face. His tiny arm lift up toward Judal, pinky extended. He didn’t say anything, but Judal knew. He did this that day. They made a pinky promise, this time without any word. Judal couldn’t remember what happens next. His memories were mixing together, while tears threatened to fall down his cheeks. He couldn’t remember what Hakuryuu said in reply, although he could clearly see his smile, and feel the gentle strength of their fingers. Judal only remembered his promise. The promise he now failed to live up too. The promise that became a lie.

“Then, I’ll always be by your side, Hakuryuu! No matter what, I’ll never leave you alone.”

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Hello your blog is amazing!I was wondering if you could do dazai, atsushi, and chuuya teaching their child how to walk thank u!^ - ^

Atsushi Nakajima:

- Atsushi would try to encourage them from a bit distance, kneeling down and holding out his hands for his child to come to him

- when his child failes, he is instantly at it’s side, hugging his child and telling them that everythings alright

- he even transforms into a halftiger to wave with his tail and making his child excited to run to him

Osamu Dazai:

- this guy is a JERK. He would make his child fall down on purpose and then laughing his ass when he begans to cry

- after you hit his head - hard, he helps his child with both hands and walks with him. However he let go every now and then when you don’t pay attention..

- he is the proudest shit when his child walks, telling everyone what an awesome dad he is

Chuuya Nakahara

- he would totally cheat with his ability to carry his child instead of walking.

- Chuuya is a loving dad but also strict. He would be a bit like Dazai with letting go of his child that he walks alone

- he would use his hat to give his child something to hold on, saying things like: ‘Lets try together, Don’t let go of daddys hat.’

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Do you think Yoshimura knew or suspected Hide was awake during his conversation with Kaneki in Anteiku early in the series? It gives me that impression

You know, Anon, I never considered this option but since it sounded like something Yoshimura would do, I re-read that chapter to see if it was possible. It definitely was. 

We know that Yoshimura is an idealistic person, and we know that since he met Ukina he started believing in a pacific coexistence between ghouls and humans, because he was proven right in his belief that love and acceptance could bridge whichever distance and resentment between the two races. We know that -while still believing in all of the above- he gave birth to his child, a natural half ghoul, but we also know that he ultimately failed. His child, who was the proof that love can really work miracles and who should’ve been a sign of hope for both species, ended up succumbing to her own hatred, and now direspects life and love of both species equally. That’s the opposite of what Yoshimura believed in. But he still thinks that such coexistence is possible, and that people like Kaneki are key figures to make that dream come true. 

So why is this little recap relevant to your point? Well, because if you see it in this light, you can read this scene a bit differently:

Look at that. First, he tells him not to despise or reject his dual nature (which, if you consider his experience with Eto, says a lot). Then, as if realizing that Hide was indeed listening in, he gets closer to his bed as if to check if he was indeed asleep. And Hide turns to face the other side to make it less obvious that he’s in fact awake.

[As a side note, I’d like to add that if you are attentive enough, you can tell immediately when a person is faking sleep: the breathing pattern is different and if you’re dreaming your eyelids don’t stay immobile. That’s also my reason to believe that Hide turned around on purpose]

If that’s not enough of a proof, look at this: 

Kaneki: I don’t have a place to belong in either world.

Yoshimura *while staring at Hide who is awake and very interested in this conversation* Yes you do

If you think that Ukina and Hide parallel each other in more than one way, then it’s not all that much of a stretch, thinking that Yoshimura here realized that Hide cared about Kaneki inconditionally, like Ukina had cared for him. Accepting this as a fact, then it’s only natural that he entrusted Kaneki to carry out his will. 

He saw a human and a ghoul who treasured each other enough to risk their life to save the other. He saw that hope to bridge distances again, and maybe that’s also why he’s telling Kaneki that he’s the only person who can live in both worlds. He can succeed where he and Ukina failed. Kaneki won’t become like Eto as long as he doesn’t deny himself one of his homes to come back to.

I don’t know, this looks a lot like the kind of manipulation Yoshimura usually adopts. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I can really see it happening.
Child Welfare programs failing Indigenous children in Alberta: report
New report from Child and Youth Advocate finds systemic issues that keep more kids in care.

Indigenous children are hugely overrepresented in Alberta’s child welfare system according to a new report from the province’s Child and Youth Advocate.

The special report, called Voices for Change, points out that only one in 10 children in Alberta has Indigenous heritage, yet they make up 69 per cent of those in the child welfare system.

Indigenous children are more than 30 times more likely to be in care than non-Indigenous kids, and Métis children are about six times as likely.

“The over representation of Aboriginal children in the child welfare system in Alberta is among the highest in Canada,” said Provincial Child and Youth Advocate Del Graff, in a release.

“Significant reforms are needed, and should be based on a renewed partnership between Government and Aboriginal people. The voices of Aboriginal people must be heard.”

The report makes eight recommendations, including establishing a better relationship with Indigenous groups, support those groups in delivering child welfare services and improve the effectiveness of programs.

While there are legitimate concerns that lead to kids being taken into care, Graf also points to systemic issues that have made the problem worse, including socioeconomic issues, the legacy of residential schools and a history of distrust between the government and Indigenous people.

The report was created by collecting information from more than 700 stakeholders over the course of a year ending in January 2016. Children, youth, Elders and other groups all shared their perspectives on the child welfare system.

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So please help with this question. Has anyone considered that Brianna was a surrogate for the boys? She has green eyes. Maybe overthinking. I am relatively new to this but it is so obvious those boys loved each other. I am only hoping they still do. They are perfect together. Thanks for any insight!

Hi there. This possibility was discussed countless times and there’s legal requirements like.. it cannot be the first child.. and since she failed on all kinds of levels to convince me she ever carried a baby or ever had any knowledge about babies, this can be easily considered off to table.

Also this trash family was chosen deliberately (because they’re trash) and HL would NEVER in a million years choose them. Ever.