when I was a kid we were making clay figures of our favorite animals. I made a dinosaur. One of the one’s with the long neck right? I now understand why my teacher wanted me to start over, but I refused to, so she at least wanted me to make it colorful.

I’ve had people think this was some weird ass sex toy O.o

In 2000, the Department of Human Services of Maine decided to remove little Logan Marr (5) and her sister Bailey (2) from their home. The girls’ mother, Christy Marr, had them as a teenager and had a complicated situation at home, including a boyfriend addicted to drugs and a step-father who was a convicted sex offender. The state saw the potential danger for Logan and Bailey and decided to turn them into the care of Sally Schofield.

Schofield had been a well respected caseworker in the Human Services for many years. She and her husband had two boys and longed for a girl, so she was delighted to welcome them in their home. She prided herself of her motherly talents and claimed no children was too out of control for her.

Logan, however, proved to be more than she could handle. The little girl had anger episodes, according to Schofield, and had trouble adapting to her new life. In a supervised visit with her biological mother, she told her about being handled roughly, but Christy was told not to pry further by the caseworker overseeing the visit.

A month after that, Logan was dead. She was found in the Schofield’s basement, tied to a highchair with 42 feet of duct tape. She was also gagged, and died of suffocation. Apparently, it had been some sort of punishment to keep her under control that went too far.

Sally Schofield was sentenced to 20 years in jail for manslaughter and the Maine’s foster care system had to be deeply revised after the tragedy.

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It hadn’t been long since Master Luke had come back to the manor, but according to Pere, he had forgotten everything – even how to speak and how to walk. It was something that Tear couldn’t seem to get her head around. How could someone forget such important things? But she didn’t understand the much of the situation, and because of her age, was often kept in the dark.

She couldn’t do much in terms of working, but she had always tried her best to help Guy with Master Luke, even calmly brushing off whenever it was blatant that he didn’t want her to help, and to help Pere with the gardening. As much as she found the flowers pretty, the selenia garden back home still remained her favourite. And as much as she didn’t see her brother often, at least she got to see him from time to time, whenever he was training with Master Luke.

Helping Pere outside, her job was to help him water the flowers – and that’s what she was doing until she saw Guy and the princess try and teach Master Luke how to walk. Of what she heard, Master Luke was already starting to talk again, but he seemed nothing like before he’d gone missing. She gently put down the watering can, and looked towards Pere, who merely nodded at her request.

Wandering across the courtyard, she bowed towards the redhead, just like she was told to. “Good day, Master Luke, Princess Natalia,” she hesitantly greeted, before looking at the blond for his approval. “T-the weather is nice today, isn’t it?”

Cracked is extremely hit or miss but one of my favorite things ever written in one of their articles was talking about Alfred and they were like “Look, Alfred is a great guy, but if the child you are raising grows up to become Batman, you have failed that child.