cool concept: demons and monsters being defeated by disabilities

-a demon waits to scare a woman as she opens her eyes she doesn’t notice because she’s blind

-the boogeyman grabs the child’s ankle as they climb put of bed, it’s prosthetic the child doesn’t notice

-sirens fail to lure the deaf sailor for obvious reasons

-the schizophrenic doesn’t pay any attention to the demons telling them to do things because it’s the same shit as always

-the demon screams in frustration as the guy with ADHD he’s possessed keeps forgetting that he came into the kitchen to kill his family not wash the dishes

-the devil tries to create an unholy union to give birth to the anti-christ he is thwarted by the man’s severe anxiety disorder

-demons try to torture a person with chronic pain who just thinks they’re having a bad pain day


Texas lawmaker Jessica Farrar is proposing a bill that would fine men $100 every time they masturbate

  • Texas tries very hard to legislate reproduction, generating a crushing volume of bills aimed at regulating the uterus. 
  • But what about the other side? Shouldn’t those without uteri be bound by the same measure of genital legalese?
  • One Texas state lawmaker, Democratic Rep. Jessica Farrar, thinks so. On Friday, fed up with targeted abortion restrictions, Farrar filed House Bill 4260, a bill “relating to the regulation of men’s health and safety.”
  • HB 4260, aka “the Man’s Right to Know Act,” would impose a $100 fine on male masturbation or, as Farrar’s legislation puts it, “emissions outside of a woman’s vagina.”
  • If not properly stored for future use, ejaculation would qualify as ‘an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life,’ the bill reads. Men interested in extravaginal emission would be welcome to visit hospitals and private masturbatoriums that would help with the special storage requirements. Read more (3/13/17 2:07 PM)

dunce caps are a kind of staple in cartoons and art, and they have a near global recognition rate, but have you ever thought about how fucked up the concept of a dunce cap is?

like, publicly humiliating a child in front of their peers because they’re not learning. its ur job to teach them, dumbass, you are wasting the school board’s money by failing the child in question and then blaming them for not doing a good job.

i know that they have been worked out of the system and most schools have become a lot more progressive with handling different learning styles, but still.


It’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I am haunted by how things might have turned out differently if I had been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I’ve always loved you and always will. 

  • Fire Lord Ozai: Here is my perfect daughter, Azula. She's prodigy in Firebending and has high abilities in war strategies and battlefield beside her unquestionably loyalty to me. She achieves anything I want her to accomplish even if I don't oreder her to. She was at the top of her class in the Fire Nation Academy for girls. But I don't have a room in my heart for her. And if she disappointed me, there'd be consequences just like the other child who failed me.
  • Uncle Iroh: Here is my nephew, Zuko. I love him. He's angry and cute.
You Were The One

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Amara (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury (mentioned), Charlie (OMC), Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fear of loss, abandonment, pregnancy - I don’t know SPNish stuff.  

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: The Fall

Thanks so much to @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.

Frozen. Everything around you was completely still, and you saw nothing but the man standing in the doorway to your bedroom. The world around you stopped. The smell of death and blood hanging in the air wasn’t apparent to you any longer. You didn’t feel the cold night air biting your skin. You barely heard the voice roaring through the room asking if you were okay, if you were all okay.

A sharp cry sounded through the house, and you snapped back to reality. You broke away from his gaze, sprinting through the room past the tall brown haired man in the doorway. Sam. The man that had been like a brother to you. The man you had confided everything in, everything except the thing that had mattered the most. You ran down the hallway with his voice ringing after you, insuring you your son was okay. You knew that Sam had checked on him before coming to see you. Of course you knew that, but you still had to see him with your own eyes. You had almost lost your heart tonight, what was left of it anyway. It was held by your son, Charles Dean Y/L/N. Charlie for short. Named after your late best friend and his father.

The man you had never thought you’d see again stood in the doorway when you turned around with your son in your arms. You knew he was coming, but seeing him stand merely feet away from you still  made your heart leap out of your chest. You had no idea what to do or say. This was your decision, and now you were going to have to face the consequences of it. His eyes weren’t on you. They were fixated on the baby in your arms. This had not been the way it was suppose to happen. This was not the way you had wanted him to find out.

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The Art of Falling in Love

Originally posted by minhyunq

Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, highschool!au, badgirl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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greek gods legacy challenge.

also known as the ggc (greek gods challenge).

You know Olympus right? the really big mountain in Greece? the one where gods and goddesses lived and Zeus basically had kids left and right (even out of his forehead?) yeah. that one. 

I, alyscha, am presenting you with a 12 generation legacy challenge based off of the gods & goddesses I worship.  Alright, here’s what ya’ll need to have to start.


  1. You must have the same name as the god/goddess you are representing. (there will be a name that’s the other gender if you have a different heir than the original gender of the god
  2. The spouse of the sim can be anyone, but the main focus must be the founder. (ie, the looks of the spouse don’t matter, they can be alien, or vampire, literally anything goes for the spouse.)
  3. You may use cheats, but you CANNOT cheat the offspring. 
  4. The lifespan must be set to normal.
  5. They all must start with 20.000 simoleons as the game does. 
  6. Make sure to tag me & use the tag #ggc or #greekgodschallenge for me to see!

generation one

generation one can have a male or a female founder, but they MUST be either based on of Zeus (male) or Hera (female). 

Zeus traits: hot-headed, romantic, non-commital
Zeus aspiration: Successful lineage

Hera traits: jealous, family oriented, insane
Hera aspiration: big happy family


  • must have 2 kids, at least.
  • one of them cannot be human.
  • must complete the gardening and fishing skill.

generation two

generation two must be based on Poseidon, whether it’s blue clothes, blue hair, just think of water basically. (Amphitrite is the female name you will use.)

Poseidon/Amphitrite traits: loves the outdoors, materialistic, mean
Poseidon/Amphitrite aspiration: Angling ace


  • must have 3 kids.
  • must fish twice a day.
  • must complete fish collection

generation three

generation three must be based on Demeter, goddess of the harvest. (fall colors are a must.)

Demeter/Iasion traits: ambitious, outgoing, clumsy
Demeter/Iasion aspiration: freelance botanist 


  • must have 4 kids.
  • must complete the plant collection
  • needs to spend 10 days in a tent/cot outside of their home

generation four

generation 4 must be based on Athena, the goddess that was born from zeus. Goddess of war tactics & wisdom.

Athena/Ethan traits: mean, geek, bookworm
Athena/Ethan aspiration: friend of the world


  • must despise 4 sims
  • read one book a day
  • must adopt two kids, and have a set of twins

generation five

Apollo, generation 5. god of light & inspiration. 

Apollo/Daphne traits: art lover, music lover, hot headed
Apollo/Daphne aspiration: painter extraordinaire


  • must have 4 kids
  • must have blonde hair
  • must be an astronaut

generation six

Twin of Apollo, Artemis, goddess of virginity, the moon, and the hunt.

Artemis/Orion traits: good, loves outdoors, hates children
Artemis/Orion aspiration: the curator


  • must adopt 3 children
  • cannot woohoo
  • spouse and founder need to sleep in different beds

generation seven

ares — the biggest douche of them all.

ares/aerope traits: hot-headed, mean, evil
ares/aerope aspiration: public enemy


  • must have an affair (needs to have children with different spouses)
  • needs to kill another sim

generation eight 

aphrodite, goddess of everything beauty and all that good jazz.

aphordite/adonis traits: perfectionist, neat, childish
aphordite/adonis aspiration: soulmate


  • must have at least 4 children
  • must witness a death
  • needs to be married as a young adult

generation nine

it’s like, 4 am and I’m still typing this. think of fire and blacksmithing.

Hephaestus/Aglaea traits: hot-headed, perfectionist, romantic
Hephaestus/Aglaea aspiration: big happy family


  • at least 6 kids
  • needs to have black or red hair
  • needs to get angry 3 times a week, for life.

generation ten


hermes/merope traits: good, bro, clumsy
hermes/merope aspiration: friend of the world


  • needs to have 5 best friends
  • needs to adopt 1 child
  • needs to have a best friend living with them

generation eleven

hestia, yo. 

hestia/heath traits: outgoing, loves outdoors, geek
hestia/heath aspiration: social butterfly


  • cannot get married
  • needs to have 2 sets of twins (4 children in total, if failed, delete child sim and try until twins) 

generation twelve

Dionysus, the drunken god.

Dionysus/Ariadne traits: foodie, mean, lazy
Dionysus/Ariadne aspiration: mixologist


  • must master cooking, baking, and mixologist skill.

Most importantly, have fun guys. 

— Alyscha


My ever so precious Shamisen passed away in my arms yesterday morning (10 March 2017, at 06:00 PST). RIP 😿

I loved and cared for her as my own feline child.  And, she never failed to show her special care for me, as my trusted and faithful companion, over the years: by always having a cute greeting for me after a long day; by comforting me when I may not have realised that I needed it; and by always seeming to provide a precious, purring fluffball, within arm’s reach. 💔

She was so very brave and dignified throughout this horrible week, and it was heartbreaking to be unable to do anything but keep her comfortable and free of pain.  But, it was time for her to finally be at rest, with no further discomfort or difficulty.  It was time for me to let her go, peacefully and gracefully.

I’m not particularly religious, but I’d like to hope that Shami’s unique life-energy is now freed and at-play, amongst the tendrils of ethereal stardust - stardust alive with the potential to become something beautiful once again, such stardust to which we all must eventually return. 🌟


“Elena, it’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I’m haunted by how things might have played out differently if I’d been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this. Whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same. As I’ve always loved you, and always will.” - John

anonymous asked:

i like asking jason stan's this q because no answer is the same, they are unique and there is no wrong answer and since your a dceu fan i can ask you this about the films too: what does your ideal jason book entail and/or what's your ideal kind of narrative for a dceu jason--like how would you intro him? what's he here (in the film) to do?

if a red hood plotline was important for comics bruce and his narrative, a red hood plotline for dceu batman is nearly necessary. i’ve talked about this before, about how jason’s death had a huge impact on dceu’s bruce’s psyche, on a much higher percentage than his comic equivalent, but to me, and setting aside my interest in jason todd as a character and just that, plainly taking the time to look at the narrative and the way element A (jason todd) could substantially add to element B (bruce wayne’s emotional state and the causation of his current characterization), his introduction’s a required factor to resolve this batman’s need to do what he does

clark went was able to heal part of bruce’s damage by sacrificing himself despite the world never doing him any favors. the justice league and the team values and bonds that will form in face of a greater evil will very likely heal another part of bruce’s emotional damage. but there will still be a kind of darkness bruce in the comics doesn’t have to the extent dceu bruce does (like i’ve explained here). how can that be addressed? i mean, ultimately, maybe it won’t. maybe the people responsible for batman’s overall journey in the extended universe will decide to not touch that narration with a ten-foot pole. if they do? bring the reason dceu batman doesn’t mind not paying strict homage to the no-kill rule. why he’s hell-bent on obsessively protecting everyone he considers family. it’s not the waynes’ death, not anymore. bring jason todd in the scene. and make bruce face him

how i’d introduce jason in the dceu? i wouldn’t. i wouldn’t take the time to gradually build him up, i wouldn’t give you the chance to get used to the tragedy. the audience needs to feel the blow of jason todd, the child bruce wayne failed to protect, reappearing and insisting not to stay burried (well… figuratively and literally in this case, i imagine), refusing to stay safely concealed in the back of batman’s mind. jason’s character is supposed to be a sharp punch in your gut and remind you that pain, loss, death, tragedy; they’re not poetic qualities. they shouldn’t be poetic qualities. a robin, a very young boy, dies and in turn builds up batman’s character to be reckless, dangerous, the right pawn for the BvS backstory drop to play just right. and that’s wrong. it was wrong in the comics, it’s wrong now. and ironically, red hood is a reminder of exactly that: despite the comic creators causing this wrongful narration in the first place, jason todd, robin, red hood, a sarcastic character who is able to mock his own story, exists. it’s just that. he exists. he never wanted to be in it this way in the first place. so he won’t anymore

bring jason todd to the dceu to make batman uncomfortable, to make him stop being okay in his not okay state. bruce never faces loss but rather takes is as one more burden that stays on his back. it’s heavy, it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, it’s graceful, heroic, self-sacrificing but it’s there, always behind him and he never turns around. that’s not fair to the boy that died. that’s not fair. jason todd’s suffering deserves to be acknowledged. bruce wayne owes to that little boy to turn around and face that death. red hood will be there to force that. that’s jason’s part here. no mindless revenge on a father that didn’t save him or even avenge him. just a plea to actually acknowledge him

Royal Pains: The Announcement

This will be a multi chapter fic that takes place eight months into their marriage. It will take you through the incredible journey of Emma Swan and Killian Jones pregnancy. It will be full of love, tears, joy, and of course a little smut;) Should be updating soon!

Rated M

You can find more of my work here:

Her whole body hurt. It was like Emma couldn’t get a break. Dealing with the town, being the sheriff, and handling what ever crisis had arrived in between. Being ill was not going to work for her full time schedule. But per her family and Killian’s request she has been ordered to bed, and to stay there.

Of course she didn’t go down without a fight saying that David needed help at the station. David solved that problem. Emma’s now husband is acting deputy, helping out until Emma is back on her feet. Killian argued at first saying that he needed to be there at home to take care of her. It was sweet of him, but she wasn’t ten. She could take care of herself.

Emma did love how her father and Killian were getting along again. There had been some bad blood for a while, but it seemed to have worked itself out as she thought it would. It was even David’s idea to have Hook stay on as a permanent deputy, saying that had extra money in the budget to bring him on part time.

Emma hoped that she would only be gone for only a day or so, but it had been almost a week of this shit. She could barely keep any food down, her body ached, and her temperature was elevated for the majority of the day. And then, like night and day she was better. Just like that, like nothing happened. Emma was back to work and life went on as usual.

Her father and husband were on patrol while Emma and her mother were getting weeks worth of paperwork caught up. They were carrying on normal motherly daughter conversation. Talking about married life and how Henry was doing in school when Emma sensed a familiar feeling deep in her gut. She dropped the files in her hands and booked it to the bathroom, barely making it in time.

“Emma honey, are you alright?” Snow worried through the door.

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