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Some weak shit with low pain tolerance who often gets into these nonsense fights and most likely has 85% probability of losing. He still fights. But either way, the result is always the same. He is friends with a sickly boy he calls “Mio-kun” . They’re the ultimate loser duo. He wants to become a better person in the future.

Aaaand idk his name


Doin’ some character design stuff. The one on the left is The Sorceress. She’s an evil character, but I want her to wear beautiful porcelain white and gold coloured gowns because she’s basically fooled the world into thinking she’s a good person. (Hint: she really isn’t.)

The one on the right is Neoni Maor, her right hand man, muscle, and enforcer. (That’s Ava under the mask btw.) His title essentially means Nonentity and Officer of Justice. Since this takes place in the same world as my Beauty and the Beast story, just like thousands of years in the future, I decided to base the mask on Erebos’ face. The legend of Erebos still holds up many years down the road it seems, so it’s right to have a nightmarish person wear the mask based on Erebos.

(Sketches originally posted on my Twitter)

Just a little something for @blobfishington and my revamped Hogwarts AU: Ellie and Kikoku studying for Divination. Ellie has no idea why she took the class; Kikoku, born a seer, wants to figure out his gift (but the class isn’t turning out the way he thought it would be). 

I was finishing my sketch when I found 1) there was too little going on in the scene and 2) the top of the canvass was a little too empty for my liking. And then I remembered @ohpineapples Harrpy Poopter (did I spell that right? XD) AU, so I thought, why not? Hope you don’t mind, Lychee~