concept: drawing pnat children in anime poses

but, honestly, i love ollie. he’s one of my favorite side characters along with dimitri, violet, and several others. i adore how he breaks ‘the brute’ trope and i’m always super excited to see him in panels.


i’m litterly bored so-
1)Marion and Goldie with long hair :V ( @himekopotato )

2)The first dead child A.K.A Goldie’s dead child(Garret james A.)

3)OTP!!!!!❤❤❤o(≧∇≦o) PURPLEPHONE~❤

4)PURPLEPHONE too- (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤❤

(btw thanks to my cousin for letting me borrowing ur marker~)


1rst Journal Spread- Went to see Dead Pool yesterday with the hubby for an early Valentine’s Day date. Not your usual rom com movie, but we think normal is highly overrated. ❤️

2nd Journal Spread- “Primary Colors” theme I did for an Instagram tag. In life it’s better to accept our differences, accept ourselves for who we are, and dare to “Color Outside the Lines.” 🎨

some quick doodles of my fallout OC, Mutt B) ft. @her0isms‘s ghoul OC Oskar

she got bit by a feral ghoul and although she was treated, she didn’t get help fast enough to prevent half-turning into one. now it seems like she’ll be 11 forever (she actually just ages really slowly) and is generally more accepted by ghouls than by humans, though some do offer her work out of pity

she can speak just fine, but usually chooses not to because of how ‘gross” she thinks her voice sounds now