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The post reads: ““ive lost a daughter, i miss her” no you havent, no, they transitioned, shut up, dont do that. be quiet. stop making transgender boys feel bad by doing this. “i miss my princess” fuck off. no. shut up. this is disgusting and awful and you need to be quiet.” ]]

Steven Stayner was 7 years old when he was abducted on the 4th of December 1972. Steven was walking home one day after school when Ervin Murphy , who had been sent by Kenneth Parnell to get him a young boy to raise , asked him if he wanted to donate to the church. Steven said yes and told him his mother would be willing to donate. Parnell pulled up along side the two and offered a ride to Stevens house. But Steven never went home , instead he went to Kenneth Parnell’s cabin. Kenneth’s cabin , unbeknownst to Steven , was only a few hundred feet away from his paternal Grandfather’s house. Steven was molested for the first of many times the next morning by Parnell. Throughout the following weeks Steven stated over and over that he wanted to go home , but Kenneth insisted that he had been given legal custody of Steven. When asked he said the reason for this was that , Stayner’s parents didn’t want him anymore as they had too many children. Parnell changed Stevens name to Dennis Gregory Parnell. Leaving his middle name as it was. He enrolled him in schools and stated himself as Stevens father. He gave Steven many gifts through out the years including a puppy. Steven began drinking at an early age and was allowed to come and go as he pleased from the cabin. But the sexual abuse continued When Steven reached puberty Kenneth grew bored of him and wanted a younger boy. So he kidnapped 5 year old Timothy White. When Timothy was brought into the residence, Steven knew what was happening. Motivated partly by the young boys distress and new found information they escaped together. They went to the police station and revealed everything. With Steven revealing his true identity. Parnell was arrested and charged with 7 years in prison , for both of the kidnaps and assaults on numerous other boys , but he only served 5. Steven went on to marry and have 2 children but died in 1989 at age 24 when his motorcycle collided with a car. Timothy became a deputy police officer , he also got married and had two children. Him and Steven remained in contact. He died at age 35 in 2010. Stevens brother Cary , who claimed he felt pushed out when Steven was missing, grew up to be the Yosemite serial killer.

Things that are not ok to do to children

-tell them they are going to fail in life

-keep them from following their dream

-be so strict so that they never want to tell you anything

-value good grades over their personality

-not believe them when they are telling you the truth

-ignore or brush off their problems

-make them give some of their hard earned money to you

-make them feel personally responsible for what you go through

-beat them

-starve them

-break your promises to them

-make them stay in the house when they want to go out

-tell them that being antisocial is a problem

-threaten/scare off their friends

-get horribly drunk in front of them

-complain about their generation

A lot of these were done to me as a child (by my father) and I just want to make sure that nobody has to go through that kind of abuse again because your parents (if you have no siblings) are supposed to be the most understanding people in your life and they are supposed to help you grow. Making you scared of them only makes them want to lie to you and disobey and it definitely can cause depression, anxiety, ODD, (source: me) and many other problems. Be good to your kids because one day the world will be theirs. If anyone has anything to add to this please do because this is actually a really important thing

Fucking P fucking S fucking A


  • Don’t fucking hit your children.
  • Don’t fucking scream to your children.
  • Don’t fucking lead your children to think that it’s all their fault.
  • Don’t fucking remove essential contact methods and coping resources from your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to force a path on your children.
  • Don’t fucking misgender your children.
  • Don’t fucking be ableist towards your children.
  • Don’t fucking threat your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to control everything your children do.
  • Don’t fucking try to make your children a copy of yourself.
  • Don’t fucking sexually abuse your children.
  • Don’t fucking be homophobic/transphobic/etc towards your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to change your children’s world views to match yours because.
  • Don’t fucking try to kill your children to create a traumatized robot.
  • Don’t fucking judge your children for being themselves.


  • Don’t fucking have children
  • Period.


it’s genuinely really distressing to me that the model of parent-child relationships doesn’t seem to match up with the agreed-upon model for healthy relationships in general.


any healthy relationship should be based on mutual consent and a degree of equality. honesty and trust are key. abuse should never be present, and if it is, the abused party should be able to leave the relationship.

but so often, parent-child relationships aren’t like this at all. no consent is involved, not ever on the part of the child and sometimes not even on the part of the parent. children who run away from home are, more often than not, returned back home by law enforcement to whatever godawful home situation was worse than living on the run/being homeless.

equality is completely lacking in most parent-child relationships, with the parent having almost total autonomy over their child. same goes for honesty and trust: parents rarely trust their children, and can (ab)use their power to keep important information from their children as well. kids, in turn, don’t trust their parents not to abuse their power, and will often lie to their parents in order to avoid punishment.

lastly, child abuse is still largely normalized in many western societies. parents on facebook trade tips on how to punish and humiliate their children as they might trade cooking tips. spanking is still legal (and often encouraged) for parents in America across the board, and for teachers/school officials it’s legal in 19 states. there are apps and devices used to monitor and control children (the mosquito, tattletype) which would be considered infringement of basic rights were they used on any other group of people.

basically, i’m just becoming more and more opposed to the way parent-child relationships currently work, because the potential for abuse is so frighteningly huge

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The Duggar's molestation scandal is disgusting but seriously do not mock someone's religion. If they really believe that Josh Duggar will be forgiven for what he has done just let them have that. It's not right and they won't be forgiven but don't pin this on the Christian religion, please.

I’m not pinning it on the Christian religion or mocking individual Christians who are not involved in this scandal.  I AM pointing out how hypocritical it is that the Christian right wing claims they are against gay/trans rights and sexual freedom and contraception because of “family values” but actively protects and covers up pedophilia and child abuse and incest in their own community.  

I’m not going to keep silent about the fact that a religious institution is deeply culpable for the mass abuse of children because I’m supposed to respect all religions.  I don’t respect child abusers and those who enable child abuse.  I’m not going to stand idly by while these people say we should forget about this issue because they and their god have “forgiven” a child rapist when they offer no mention of the wellbeing of the children who were abused and no evidence that this is an issue they take seriously or have taken steps to prevent in the future.  Fuck them.

And if you are a member of the Christian church and don’t want to be associated with the child abusers in your midst, push the church to hold them accountable.  Don’t come after people like me and other bloggers and news outlets for simply SHARING information about the case in the hopes that it never happens again.

Social workers, doctors, nurses, teachers and humanitarian staff who have worked inside Australia’s detention centres have united in an unprecedented show of defiance against new laws that could see workers in detention centres jailed [a 2 year jail sentence] for speaking out about abuses.

“If we witness child abuse in Australia we are legally obliged to report it to child protection authorities. If we witness child abuse in detention centres, we can go to prison for attempting to advocate for them effectively.

I guess these poor children don’t deserve our protection. There are no words to describe how foul and devastating this is. The doctors, healthcare workers and other staff standing against this act are absolutely incredible. 

When I was about 7 was the first time I remembered being physically abused, I never lived with my mum or met my dad because their consumption of hundreds of drugs, drinking non stop and smoking. so I was adopted by my grandma. She is a very angry person but I remember now that I made the mistake of never standing up for myself. I would do something wrong and she’d come thump her fist hard into my back multiple times, I would cry and run into my room and hide under the blankets and she’d yell “When I cried my mother just hit me harder", she ripped the blankets off and hit me with a wooden rod, right across the fingers as I tried to protect parts of my body, I would yell and cry for her to stop but she never did. If I ever stood up for myself she’d yank my hair back and yell right into my face then slap my face until i’d pull away. She’d try get any bit of skin, she knew the weak parts like my ears, fingers, backbone, knees and she’d hit me about 20 times with a metal cote hanger. I went to school for years bruised and broken not saying a word. I’m 17 now and I’m taller so she can’t hit me but even when I was 14 I still held back every tear as I got hit and accepted it, that was how life was to me. But it wasn’t. I don’t want young boys/girls thinking that it has to be this way, if you’re a victim of any type of abuse reading this PLEASE, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, BE STRONG, LOOK THE PERSON ABUSING YOU RIGHT IN THE EYE, TELL THEM THEY CAN NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO LEAVE ANY MARKS ON YOUR SKIN. TELL A FRIEND, A SCHOOL TEACHER, A FAMILY MEMBER, TELL SOMEONE. MAKE YOURSELF SAFE, CHILD ABUSE IS NOT OKAY.

Reminder that someone can love you and be abusive to you.
Someone can be nice to you sometimes or a lot of the time and still be abusive to you.
Someone can not mean to be abusive to you, and be abusive to you.
It still counts. Your experiences are real and your feelings are valid.


I don’t normally post trigger warnings or shit like that, but this video contains physical, emotional, and mental child abuse. If you’re hypersensitive to that stuff do not watch this video.

Basically a father is trying to leave his exwife and (for whatever reason) he has her phone so, out of nothing but pure spite, she decides to hit his kids, threaten to kill all of them, and say even more horrible things including telling the kids that their mother left them because she didn’t love them and blaming them for the fiasco taking place in the video.

What’s killing me is that people are getting pissed off at the father. Which I understood when I first saw it. He doesn’t intervene when the abuse happens, he just records it. I was pissed too, but that was before I found out that the courts did not believe him when he tried to report his exwife for child abuse.

He didn’t step in because he had to get evidence that these things were going on. And physically trying to intervene, escalating the situation even further could have landed the dad in jail, not the exwife. How in the hell was he supposed to get justice for his kids if he beat the shit out of her? He wouldn’t. He would have gotten arrested. And if their biological mother wasn’t involved, where are his kids supposed to go? That just leaves them in a vulnerable position with their abuser.

There is an undeniable bias against men in the legal system. The situation should not have had to resort to this, but unfortuately it had to. He did what was necessary to get her in jail, keep himself out of it, and protect his kids.

Also: Real life Satan in walmart pajamas only recieved a 1600 dollar fine, 1 month of jail time, and 2 years of probation for this.

Attention all non-Asian peeps

Stop joking about how abusive and controlling Asian parents are.

1. Why are you even joking about child abuse in the first place??? Why

2. You are contributing to the stereotype of all Asian parents as abusers, the stereotype that every Asian kid is struggling under the iron grip of their parents over grades.

What does that create? The assumption that abuse is “normal” for Asian kids and that Asian abuse victims are just whining. Abuse is NOT normal in any culture, regardless of how barbaric you want them to be. 

It also creates a situation where kids don’t want to report abuse because they don’t want to contribute to the stereotype. When I was sent to the counselor I had to choose between trying to get help and not drilling the idea of every Asian kid being grade slaves into her head. We shouldn’t have to convince people that mistreating us is abnormal.

Please stop. Those jokes hurt people and help perpetuate abuse within the Asian community.


If your kid feels uncomfortable eating veal, lamb or wild game because it disagrees with their morals, do not try to force them.

If your kid feels uncomfortable eating ANY kind of meat because it disagrees with their morals, do not force them.

And god damn it, if eating meat makes your kid sick take them to a fucking doctor and do not force them to eat it just because you don’t feel like altering your eating habits.

I’ve been forced to do all three and it makes me have panic attacks, and I really need parents to realize how these things can harm their kids. I never see tumblr talking about it, so I figured I would.


Mary Ellen Wilson was an American girl whose child abuse inflicted at the hands of her foster parents, led to the creation of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She was beat and locked in a cupboard by her foster parents. Note the cuts and bruising on the photo above. The other image also shows the small, messy, apartment she was confined to.

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warnings: implied past child abuse

“Tony. Tony come on, this is a terrible idea,” Rhodey says a little later.

Ignoring him, Tony says, “Okay, who can tell me what a robot is? Steve, I think you know a little something about this, huh?”

“A robot’s a big metal man!”

“Metal is common, yes; man, not always, although we do tend to love making them in our image.”

“It is a creation to do things for us,” Thor says and Tony points at him.

“Hey, that’s good Thor, nice,” Rhodey says and Thor beams.

“Transformers are robots,” Sam says, leaning back out of Tony’s grip so he can look back at Rhodey. Tony catches him before he slides over his arm and onto his head with a hand around his waist.

Rhodey grins at Sam. “That’s right, too.”

“Now, see, I make robots,” Tony says and keys in his access code to the workshop.

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