Things it is NOT OK for a parent to do

List them…

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#SHOCKING: 3,000 Vietnamese children enslaved by criminal gangs in the UK.

30 Vietnamese children are smuggled into the UK every month to work for criminal gangs. Most end up in cannabis farms. They suffer high levels of neglect, emotional abuse, and are highly vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse.

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A control tactic the severely narcissistic mother uses.

Source: Mothers Who Can’t Love by Susan Forward

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Post it for abused children.

It took me a while to take this picture, so sorry if it’s a little late, but this is the message that I wanted to send to others, because I’m an abused child myself.

So, if you’re reading this, and you’re facing domestic abuse, or bullying, or someone’s just being very physically violent with you – I want to tell you that you’re strong. I want to give you a hug and tell you that you’ve been amazing so far, and that if you’re bearing it, I’m so proud of you.

I’m not happy that these are the circumstances that we have to live with, but I am so fiercely proud of you because you’re still here. Even if you’ve aleady moved out of the house, even if you did something about it, like called someone or talked to someone about it – I’m so glad that you did that. You stood for yourself, you did something about it. I’m still trying to find the courage to do that myself.

But stay strong. If you’re reading this, and you’re sad or you’re suffering, and you can’t do anything about it – please, fight for your life. You deserve this life, no matter what they say. You deserve to see a brighter future. So don’t let them beat you down on the inside. I know sometimes things get hard. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but I’ve thought about running away or committing suicide so many times. The only thing that keeps me going is that I’ll be moving out in a few years.

It might not be over that quickly for you. And it might never be over, sometimes. But please. I love you guys so much. And it hurts me that every day, someone could be walking past me, hiding their scars and bruises and smiling, and you’d never know a thing about what they’re facing at home.

This life is yours. At the end of the day, you are living it, and no one else. You do not deserve this. It is not your fault – none of it is. No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you think about yourself, no one ever deserves to be beaten and called stupid or a monster or an abdomination.

Below, I’ve listed some numbers you can call & other resources if you need someone to talk to:

If you guys have any resources or numbers you’d like to add, go ahead and do so – I tried my best to look around the Internet for resources and hotlines, but I couldn’t cover alot of the international side of things, sorry.

Stay strong. ♥

Fucking P fucking S fucking A


  • Don’t fucking hit your children.
  • Don’t fucking scream to your children.
  • Don’t fucking lead your children to think that it’s all their fault.
  • Don’t fucking remove essential contact methods and coping resources from your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to force a path on your children.
  • Don’t fucking misgender your children.
  • Don’t fucking be ableist towards your children.
  • Don’t fucking threat your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to control everything your children do.
  • Don’t fucking try to make your children a copy of yourself.
  • Don’t fucking sexually abuse your children.
  • Don’t fucking be homophobic/transphobic/etc towards your children.
  • Don’t fucking try to change your children’s world views to match yours because.
  • Don’t fucking try to kill your children to create a traumatized robot.
  • Don’t fucking judge your children for being themselves.


  • Don’t fucking have children
  • Period.


PLEASE spread this

I reblogged a post yesterday about a dentist who physically assaulted his child patient and added a comment on the post about my own experience with an abusive pediatric dentist, but I wanted to make a post of my own warning people about him.

When I was a child, my younger brother and I went to a dentist called Dr. David Moore. In front of our parents, Dr. Moore acted professional and nice, but once I was alone with him, his behavior completely changed. I had a tendency to talk too much sometimes as a kid, and if it started to annoy him, he would clamp his hand over my mouth and yell at me to “shut the fuck up”. If I accidentally bit him, he would scream at me, calling me a “bitch” and a “cunt”. I didn’t understand what those words meant at the time, but I do now, and I know that calling a little girl those names is inexcusable. When he got really angry, he would grab my upper jaw with his hand while I was lying down and violently yank me up into a seating position, pull me down into the chair by my hair, pinch me, or slam my head against the chair. Sometimes, he would also hold me down or strap me to the chair so that I couldn’t move and stick this painful mouth prop thing into my mouth.

The scariest thing of all, though, is something that at the time, I didn’t even think anything of. Dr. Moore would give me an injection that he called “fairy dust” that would “help me go to sleep”. Like most kids, I was scared of needles, but he would get angry if I said anything or even whimpered or flinched slightly when he stuck me with the needle, and start shouting at me that there was no needle and that I was lying, even though I could clearly see and feel the needle that he was sticking into my face. Then he would put a mask over my face and tell me to take deep breaths, and I would lose consciousness.

At the time, I assumed this was just something he was supposed to be doing, but I recently read an article in a local magazine describing how Dr. Moore would unnecessarily put his patients under general anesthesia (which he did not have a permit for) and leave them unattended.

Dr. Moore physically abused me and many other children without facing consequences until 2006, when he had his license suspended after choking a patient–for a mere 6 months. He is now back and practicing pediatric dentistry in Charlotte, and it terrifies me to think that parents are leaving their children alone with this man.

I found this article detailing some of the things he did to other children, many of which were all too familiar to me.

In one case described in a report by the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners, Moore pulled a girl “off of the dental chair by her head and neck and slammed her against the window in the operatory.” In another, he choked a boy and left marks on the child’s neck and face. A third child also emerged from his office with marks on his cheeks and arms after Moore strapped him to a chair and used a mouth prop that caused unnecessary bleeding.

His name is Dr. David Moore and he is at Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina. PLEASE, DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO SEE THIS MAN OR LEAVE THEM ALONE WITH HIM, and please reblog this to get the word out about this dangerous man.

Funny how all the White people on this post say spanking your child is abuse and how horrible it is but pepper spraying peaceful protestors and murdering unarmed Black people is well, deserved for not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, there’s no abuse of power or anything, the people aren’t being abused at all… but woah, kids with belts man, that’s the serious issue!

On this episode of “What The Huck Did Huck Say?!?” —-

“Josh was a mere teenager which makes his predatory actions totally ok and if there weren’t laws against it, he would probably have been married to all his sisters by now! So what’s the big deal?!? And all the girls were almost teenagers too even the 4 year old. I mean, at least he was just molesting children and not being in a consensual same sex relationship, because that shit is inexcusable.”

Josh Duggar says he’s sorry. So what?

Josh Duggar is doing damage control. He can’t stop the truth that he’s a serial child molester from getting out, the police reports made sure of that.

What he can do is change the focus.

Josh doesn’t want you talking about his victims, he doesn’t want you focusing on the five prepubescent children he molested. No, he wants you to talk about how sorry he is.

Don’t let him change the focus. Josh Duggar’s apology is not the story. Josh can apologize until he’s blue in the face, but that’s never going to undo the trauma that he put his victims through.

Josh, and Jim Bob and Michelle alongside him, have shifted the burden onto the victims, painting Josh as a child who made mistakes, apologized and should be forgiven. They’ve tried to shift the narrative so that it’s just a short hop to viewing Josh as the victim.

This isn’t penitence, it’s not repentance, it’s what child molesters do. Rewrite the narrative so that in the end the audience feels sorry for them and forgets about their victims. 

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On the facebook page Destroying Cissexism in Feminist Discourse, the owner of the page has admitted to not only being a proud paedophile but is actively grooming a 15yr old child for personal and sexual gains. you can read their full status on this link here

Right now, they are using their childhood trauma to guilt people into accepting their current abuse of a child, and are warning people to stay away from their page if they “don’t condone paedophilia’’. 

if you are on facebook, please PLEASE report this disgusting piece of shit. I am SICK of abusers entering activist spaces and using activist jargon to get away with their behavior. 

people want abuse survivors to behave A Certain Way, like it’s always their business why you never told anyone and if you refuse to forgive the person who ruined ur life then ur not Being the Bigger Person or some shit when like i’m already the bigger person because i never fucking kicked a child in the ribs till she was unconscious

I have heard from a lot of survivors who are, understandably, confused about how responsible their parents are for the abuse because they were also abused by their parents. So let me clarify…

They are 100% responsible. Abuse is 100% wrong and it is 100% their responsibility that they are doing it. Just as it will be 100% wrong and your responsibility if you do it to your children.

It is the abusive parent’s duty to deal with their emotional wounds so that they do not abuse you. Repeatedly saying, “sorry, I was abused too,” is not good enough. They need to change their behavior and not abuse you anymore. That is the only thing that means anything. Bringing up past abuse instead of being accountable and changing their behavior is just another way of manipulating you into accepting the abuse. Maybe you are underage and cannot yet stop them from abusing you, but you can at least know in your mind that it is not acceptable behavior, that they are at fault and responsible for their abuse of you.