Equality Golbat: “Abuse culture is calling it ‘discipline’ instead of abuse.”

Like any apologist culture, abuse culture relies on refusing to use the word abuse. Setting time limits on leisure activities is discipline. Cooking balanced meals instead of supplying unlimited candy is discipline. Teaching someone to self-advocate is discipline. Physically attacking someone is not discipline.


What New Stats Show About The School To Prison Pipeline For Black Girls Is Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined 

Judging by the statistics, the national focus on the troubled plight of Black boys with initiatives like President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper may be missing a real crisis that’s hidden in plain sight: Black girls are treated even more harshly in American schools than Black boys when compared to their white counterparts—leading to them now being the fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system.

The numbers are jarring: Black girls across the country were suspended six times more often than white girls, compared to Black boys being suspended three times more often than white boys, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s analysis of the 2011-2012 school year.

Only 2 percent of white females were subjected to exclusionary suspensions, compared to 12 percent of Black girls.

Because males are suspended in greater numbers than females, the harsh treatment of Black boys tends to draw all the attention. But a new report by the African American Policy Forum and Columbia Law School called “Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected” shines a spotlight on Black girls in public school, playing particular attention to what happens to them in the New York City and Boston school systems.



Judith Barsi was the voice of Ducky in “The Land Before Time”. She and her mother died in a tragic murder when she was 10 years old. She was murdered by her father.  As Judith gained more fame with the help of her devoted mother, her father became increasingly abusive, jealous and paranoid. 

Judith was last seen riding her bike on the morning of July 25, 1988. That evening, her father shot Judith in the head while she was sleeping in her room, then shot her mother. He incinerated the bodies and eventually went into the garage and shot himself in the head with a  pistol. 


In regards to this video where the little girl tries to explain that her mother tied her arms up and hung her in a closet. The mother said it was from rubber bands, but the girl has marks on her ankle and stomach too. 

This little girl is most likely living with an abusive mother and her mothers boyfriend. The person that posted this has a brother who is the little girls father which is why he is able to see her still after these videos have been blown up. You can go on her page and see more videos and other posts about the girl. After this blowing up you can’t imagine what this little girl is going through!

Kanye just said on the Breakfast Club that Tyga was smart for “getting in early” by daying Kylie Jenner while she’s still young…young meaning underage. We spent too much time laughing about how Khole had her behind handed to her by Amber Rose, that many of us FORGOT how problematic this is. I don’t care how Kylie acts or dresses, she IS A CHILD. Why is no one protecting her??? That family is sick. And Kanye, you are dead to me for calling a predator “smart”.

Malawi has passed a law banning child marriage, raising the minimum age to 18 in a country where half of girls end up as child brides.
Women rights campaigners hailed the move as “a great day for Malawian girls” and said the law would help boost development in one of the world’s poorest countries.
But they warned Malawi would not end child marriage without concerted efforts to tackle poverty and end harmful traditional practices like early sexual initiations.
"This law is extremely crucial because child marriage is a big, big problem in our country,"said parliamentarian Jessie Kabwila who helped push for the new legislation.
"The country will for the first time clearly articulate that we are saying ‘No’ to childmarriage."
Malawi has one of the world’s highest rates of child marriage. Half of girls wed before their 18th birthday and nearly one in eight is married by 15.
Early marriage not only deprives girls of education and opportunities, but also increases the risk of death or serious childbirth injuries if they have babies before their bodies are ready.  Child brides are also at greater risk of domestic and sexual violence.
"This law is very important because of the number of girls who drop out of school because they are going to get married, and because of the high numbers of girls who are dying when they are giving birth," Kabwila told Thomson Reuters Foundation in a phone interview.
"We cannot talk about development if we have child marriage. Women’s empowerment is a crucial player in development and women cannot be empowered if they are not educated."


Mary Ellen Wilson or sometimes Mary Ellen McCormack was an American whose case of child abuse led to the creation of the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. As an eight-year old, she was severely abused by her foster parents, Francis and Mary Connolly.

His name was Zander. He was a transboy. He commited suicide as a result of abuse from his family. He is not the first, nor the last. Many hundreds of trans people are murdered and abused every year as a result of transphobia. 1/5 of transgender people attempt suicide. The rate of mental illness is much, much higher than that. We as a society _cannot_ ignore this. We can´t forget those we have lost. I will light a candle for those we have lost, and a fire for those still fighting!


When I first explained the project, Jennifer teared up and told me that she couldn’t believe I stopped to ask about her life, because no one had ever done that before. She proceeded to share the experience of her childhood in the DFCS system in Atlanta, GA.

Jennifer: I went into DFCS custody when I was five and I didn’t get out until a few days before my 18th birthday. I was in a number of DFCS facilities. I was literally raised by the state. When they released me from custody, they put me in handcuffs and called the police. They put me in the back of the police car and took me to Georgia Regional.

BW: Why?

Jennifer: I became defiant. I was over DFCS. I was pissed off because they would never get punished for the stuff they did to us and those people did a lot of stuff to those kids. At the end of the day these kids are still human beings. 90% of the time, kids in DFCS facilities are ignored. They don’t have foster families or any family at all. I was one of them.

Growing up as a kid sometimes you would get into fights here and there. Well if two kids got in a fight while they were in a DFCS facility, they get abused all over again. They’re restrained by four or five heavy-set adults. Sometimes they would be put into safety coats which were like full body straight jackets. Most of the time they’re tied to beds by nonambulatory restraints. There are restraints on both ankles, on both wrists, and across the waist. Once they restrained you they would inject you in the buttocks with either Thorazine or Vistaril. If you’re too out of control then they give you a high dosage and you’ll be knocked out within 10-15 minutes. 

Once you wake up, you have to be quiet for a certain amount of time in regards to the restraints coming off. After you’re quiet for that specific amount of time, they only unlock one of your wrist restraints. Then you have to wait 15 to 30 more minutes for them to take off the second restraint, which would be one of the ankle restraints. This would continue in 15 to 30 minute intervals. Sometimes they’d take all of them off the third time, but sometimes they would be assholes and they’d make you wait another 30 minutes. 

After you come off that bed you would have to go into what they called a behavior control room, which was worse than a jail cell. There are concrete walls and a hole in the concrete floor. It is completely empty. They feed you through the door and you have to eat with your hands because you aren’t allowed any silverware. Sometimes if they felt a child was just out of control verbally, they would make the child drink the Vistaril or Thorazine. 

It’s abuse.. What if a parent did that to their child inside of a home? They’d be locked up. 

This is, quite simply, the weirdest job we’ve ever heard of.

And we’ve covered some seriously weird jobs over the last year or so here at Cracked, from used-panty vendor to pickpocket. But everyone we’ve talked to, even the pot smuggler, worked a job we’d heard of before. So when our anonymous source told us he worked as a “forensic actor,” we had absolutely no idea what those two words meant together. Well, it turns out there’s a whole industry of adult actors who pretend to be sexually abused children.

No, don’t go away — there’s a good reason for what he does. We’ll just let him explain…

5 Things I Learned Pretending to Be a Molested Kid for Cops

Mary Bell, 11, was a British girl found guilty of murdering two young boys. Mary’s mother was a prostitute who forced her daughter into sexual acts with her clients. In May of 1968, Mary strangled four year old Martin Brown in an empty house. In July that same year she murdered a second boy, Brian Howe, and carved ‘M’ into his stomach with some scissors. Mary was put away “at Her Majesty’s pleasure,” a prison sentence without an official end date, but was eventually released in 1980 and has since raised a family.