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I saw your "abuse game" post and while I have never been abused and have two loving parents who never laid a hand on me or my sisters, it scares me how some people will look at the list and say, "spanking isn't abuse, it's discipline, kids need the shit beat out of them." If everything on that list was directed towards a spouse or partner, it would be deemed domestic abuse. I can't understand why it's not okay to hit another adult but fine to hit a small child in the name of "discipline."

yeahh because nobody gives a shit about children, their rights are the least known or protected and when children get hurt everyone gets away with it all the time, they can easily be used and most of the time they’re considered property, have you ever met a parent that didn’t have a strong feeling of “ownership” over their child? as a society we treat children as property that is only allowed to behave in a specific way so if they’re behaving like humans they need to be “disciplined back into order” meaning, they need to be objects we decided they are

i literally got a reply on “don’t hit your kids” post from an abuser saying “hell yeah i’m going to hit my kid if the little shit yells and doesn’t listen, i want a child, not a monster.”

fucking. horrifying. just the idea that if the child doesn’t act like “designated child behaviour set by adults which is basically expected behaviour of slaves” it is considered to be a monster and hurting it is justified.

as a society we take out our shit on the most vulnerable and unprotected ones and of course children are going to be the first target, their bodies are small, they can’t defend, they only know what you tell them, you can even have them shut up about being abused, you can even make them feel guilty for being abused! heaven for abusers. they can get away with it every time. nobody will come save the child or even believe the child about what’s happened. and abusers want to keep it that way, they want to feel justified in abusing children and they don’t want laws or any kind of opinions to make it harder for them to do it, or to feel less justified doing it, they don’t see children as humans, just objects and property and slaves. 

I feel like only people who are talking about children’s status in society and children’s rights are people who’ve been heavily abused and realized something’s wrong with it, and how impossible it is to escape abusive family after you’ve been born in one, how devastating are the consequences for society as whole, because all these children will grow up (unless they get killed by the abuse or commit suicide because they’re all at very high risk of suicide) and form the future and all they’ve learned is how to tolerate abuse and take on responsibility for things they don’t have any control over, and how to struggle for survival while suicidal, depressed, anxious and suffering from trauma, and of course you have entitled ones who will grow to be narcissists, and so the trauma goes on and on and society is forming into a bunch of victims and abusers and this is currently only getting worse. I think for any improvement in society we need to raise children’s status, women’s status, to reach a level of actual functioning society where everyone is considered human and we can actually get something done and stop destroying ourselves and everything else.

Hello children, listen please, it’s time you understood
Just why you must all be behaved and always do what’s good
Like brush your hair and tie your shoes and keep all your nails filed
To please adults enough to call you a Delightful Child
Yes that’s right, you will be good and do what Father wishes
Unlike the Kids Next Door who just refuse to wash the dishes
So follow us, do what we say
You must submit, you must obey
For all the children know the words

~The Delightful Mantra

Individual Pictures
Bruce/Numbuh 0.1
David/Numbuh 0.2
Ashley/Numbuh 0.3
Lenny/Numbuh 0.4
Constance/Numbuh 0.5

So… um…. Yeah, I love all of these kids~.. I love broken children. I love broken characters, obviously. It’s a thing with me. But these guys are well, a special case of interest with me. Psychological horror and… some subtle body horror, even. Just… these kids.

Design wise, each will have their individual breakdown, but for the majority, there is one thing they all share; their eyes. I deliberately gave them all eyes that cut through the darkness each has under their eyes, or over their whole face, in Lenny’s case. As well as the fact that they have eyes similar to how I draw dead character’s eyes. Without a highlight and a gradient running down their irises that makes their eyes almost the same color as their outlines at the top. This is because, obviously…. well, they’re kind of dead inside.

The Delightful Children From Down The Lane are five ex-Kids Next Door operatives permanently brainwashed and fused together in a manner after a malfunction in Father’s Delightfulization chamber increased the power to absurd levels when a fuse blew, permanently erasing their individual identities and creating their ambiguously defined hive mind and… hive body. I mentioned body horror, I meant mainly the fact that they’re… ambiguously connected physically, and mentally. They talk in unison, occasionally even forgetting to use plural pronouns and refer to themselves as one singular being.
Keeping in mind that they are in fact five different children who once had individuality and their own minds, their consciousness was so destroyed that they don’t always see themselves as people, just one person… The loss of individuality is terrifying, even if they had simply were fused and kept their personalities, but they didn’t. They’re parodies of the idea of what perfect children should be, as dictated by Father.
As I said, they’re not just mentally connected, they’re also physically connected in some intangible way. While they objectively can separate, we see that they are pulled back together again, forcefully or not. When they were transformed back into the Delightful Children when they were Sector Z, they were unable to prevent themselves from being sucked back into each other, and during ‘Operation U.N.D.E.R.C.O.V.E.R.’, when one of them, Lenny, separated from the group, when he returned, he… slid back into place with a squelching noise, moving without doing anything, like being pulled back in. So while they technically can function as individuals for a period of time, it seems like they can’t do it forever, or mentally refuse to do so. One of the only things that can drive the five out of sync is fear, like in Operation 'G.R.O.W.-U.P.’, when threatened by Father to destroy the Kids Next Door, or ELSE, they separate voices, repeating 'yes sir, we promise sir, yes sir, we promise’ out of sync with one another, but still saying the same words as one another in sentiment.

The Delighfulization process is never described, or at least, the process that caused the the unusual effects on the five of them. But that mantra I linked at the top is starting to make me think. I spent… far too much time collecting every image that flashed on the screen and I have it here.
I think it might be what they saw and heard in the Delightfulization Chamber when it blew a fuse, repeated over and over rapidly and overwhelmingly loud, in a 'A Clockwork Orange’ style situation, forced to watch images and hear indoctrination against your will. The images include stereotypical 'perfect’ images interwoven with random imagery, disturbing imagery, a picture of Father, symbolic images and one image of kids being thrown into a monster’s mouth. The mantra, well,you can read and hear it above. A reverberating voice similar to the Delightful Children’s own impressing the importance of obeying adults, the necessity of doing what they want, you must submit to adults, you must please adults, you must obey them,you must do as Father wishes you to do, you must never let your opinions be known, you are to be seen and never heard. I think that they were strapped down in the chamber and forced to hear and see nothing but the images and the words that Father wanted when it blew a fuse, burning these images and words into their mind, overloading.

It also surprisingly would explain one of what might seem like a personality quirk of the Delightful Children seen in 'Operation F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.’ where apparently they collect toenail clippings. Remember, you must do what’s good. You must brush your hair and tie your shoes “and keep all of your nails filed.” It might be a personal desire to prove that they’ve been obeying their Father’s words, physical proof of the adherence to his every word.

I just adore these poor children who have been turned into perfect models of what Father thinks a child should be, even if it makes them social pariahs and mentally ruined, the implications of what Father believes to be a perfect child is… rife with unfortunate implications. While the design and actions of the Delightful Children are inspired and mirror the children in 'The Village of The Damned/The Children Of The Damned’, one thing they all share that is rather… symbolically interesting and distressing is the fact that every Delightful Child has bright sky blue eyes, even the ones turned from their original color, like David, who originally had green eyes, and two out of the five have blonde hair, Bruce and Ashley. Three out of five are white, Bruce, Ashley and David, while Constance is significantly lighter skinned as a Delightful Child than she was as Numbuh 0.5, as well as being forced into gender conforming clothes that she never wore as an individual, being androgynous to the point that not everyone would recognize her as a female without knowing her as a Delightful Child, while she wears pigtails and a schoolgirl outfit as a Delightful Child. Lenny is the only black kid in the group, and his might be the most telling. As Numbuh 0.4, he wore standard KND higher up armor, but as a Delightful Child, his entire face is covered up, the only thing showing being his bright blue eyes shining through the helmet that obscures all of his facial features. The only black child of the group’s features are always obscured, and it’s shown that the braces that he wears that form the football headgear are not something he naturally wore when he was a Kids Next Door Operative, meaning Father forced him to wear the braces that form a facial covering. The only parts of him that are not obscured are his legs and hands, otherwise, he wouldn’t be recognized as black. This implies, rather disturbingly, that Father chose to cover him up the most, and his image of a perfect child includes obscuring those who aren’t white or blonde, with David’s eyes obscured by his bangs, while Ashley and Bruce are the most prominent and unobscured of the group, the only ones who have completely visible eyes, the other three having their eyes obscured by various methods.

Another thing that is extremely distressing is the fact that they were Kids Next Door Operatives, not just for the fact that they were once children who stood ideologically opposed to everything that they are now, which is already a terrible fate. Children who once fought for the freedom of their fellow kids to have fun and grow up with the friends and adventures that the KND brings, who fought against Father and everyone like him, brainwashed and mentally abused into becoming less than individuals, children who live to do exactly as adults wish them to, who hate children just as much as Father does, to do Father’s bidding and fight to force children to suffer and to force them to grow up before their time. But that? That’s not the worst part of them being former KND operatives.

It means that they had families.

They’re not siblings. Their not Father’s biological children.. well, that should be rather obvious. but the implications of that are more when you think about it. Father 'adopted’ them, which means, in reality, he kidnapped these five children. Five children with five separate families who would never, ever see them again. Five families who lost their children and would never know why. Five families who… might not be around anymore.  Because, well, it can be inferred rather heavily that Sector Z is not a KND sector that disappeared recently. Considering that there currently is a Sector Z in Japan, it’s been replaced for a while now. Along with the fact that they were considered lost forever, and that they’re considered a part of KND history to be held in the museum, the fact they’re legends that Numbuh 1 has heard of, just like he’s heard about Numbuh 0, and get fanboyed over almost as hard.. and their numbers. The closest numbers to 0. They may be a lot older than they seem, far older, but they aren’t able to grow up. Which means that their families might be old and consider them lost, they’d never recognize their little children, when they’re all old and yet the Delightful Children are just the same age as they’ve always been and always will be. Assuming their parents haven’t passed away, either, equally possible. Either way, these children don’t know they used to have family, or have lost the capability to miss them or care that they used to have family besides Father.

It even adds to the misery inherent in their situation that they can never grow up. In Operation 'F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N.’, one of their reasons for destroying the Fountain of Youth is because “The ultimate goal for every child should be to GROW UP.” …. Which is something that they… well, will never be able to do. Their ultimate goal, to be as adult-like as possible, will be all that they can do. They will always be the perfect children. And all they want to do is be adults. Adding to the evidence to their age being more than how they look, the Delightful Children kidnapped Nigel and did something horrible to him to make him lose his hair; we see him grow hair back and lose it again when he ages up, and the last time he had hair, he was about as tall as Wally or the usual 6 year old on the show, meaning it’s been about 5 years since then, and Sector Z was Delightfulized at the same age as they are in appearance as Delightful Children, meaning at the very least, they’re 5 years older than they appear, or more.

Father destroyed their everything to make them perfect, and yet he still treats them as failures. They are disappointments to him, they fail him, he punishes them. They shake in fear when an adult with a weapon, even 2x4 tech is held against them, they beg for forgiveness out of sync, shaking and quivering… Father is not a good father to them. And the Kids Next Door are… oblivious to everything, because they’re the enemy. And anyway, the Delightful Children don’t see their lives as abnormal or Father as anything but the perfect father figure. They think the way they are is the ideal, the way Father behaves is the best. You must always do as Father wishes. You exist to please adults. And there’s no evidence that Nigel ever kept his word to “Tell the Kids Next Door…. we miss them!”… the last words Sector Z will ever say. The recommissioning module is broken, their chances are gone, and anyway… it wouldn’t work forever. The Delightfulization is permanent. Even just that module would only keep them individual for less than a few hours.

They are broken, and there’s nothing that can fix them, at least, nothing easy or quick. Nothing that won’t leave them still a bit broken inside. After all, mending a body is easier than mending a mind. And we never see anyone ever take mercy or take the side of the Delightful Children, because of how they behave. And the only one who knows they were Sector Z is part of the G:KND now. No one has any reason to want to help them.

I want to help them.

just my onion but memes abt how the brad/angelina divorce is karma/her playing herself etc are wildly inappropriate considering the reason for their divorce is that he was drunk + verbally aggressive towards his wife + physically aggressive towards one of their children when he stood up for jolie so.. stop spreading that shit and stop acting as if domestic/child abuse is hilarious mayhaps

Being abused can seriously affect your ability to distinguish between “not obviously pleased” and “obviously displeased” because abusers go from Neutral to Hostile for absolutely no discernible reason, and eventually you start worrying that everyone is going to be like that and you start feeling this urge to make absolutely sure that the people you actually care about aren’t mad or upset, because to you, “there’s no evidence that they’re not angry” is the same as “there’s evidence that they are angry”

One thing that really gets me about today’s society is how emotional/psychological child abuse is normalized and even celebrated.

I’ve noticed a phenomenon of parents getting together and talking about how they’re such a Mean Mom or Mean Dad and how they’re raising their children to be respectful. They talk about destroying their children’s possessions, isolating them, humiliating them, and/or publicly shaming them.

And when these people hear about, say, a parent smashing a kid’s phone for not cleaning their room or burning their possessions or filming a punishment or embarrassing moment and putting it up on social media, they commend the parents for “teaching the kids a lesson”.

Why the fuck do we, as a society, think this is okay?

It doesn’t teach kids valuable life lessons, it teaches them to be scared of repercussions. It’s bullying and child abuse and for some reason, people think that’s commendable.

Whenever I hear people saying “haha I bet that 14 year old learned a lesson”, it instantly makes me suspicious of them. I will instantly think of you as either a potential child abuser or a child abuse enabler.

As a survivor of psychological abuse, people dismissing this behavior as “harmless life lessons” makes me wonder if it really was abuse. If I deserved it. If I really deserved to have my pet’s life threatened because I was a liar.

It’s not cute. It’s not “good parenting”. It’s intimidating, shaming, and traumatizing your child into compliance.

One of the most ludicrous things parents say is “Why aren’t you more grateful to us for feeding, clothing, and sheltering you?!”

It’s because you’re the parent. You have a duty to feed, clothe, and shelter your children. You’re not doing them a favor by making sure they don’t starve. You’re fulfilling one of the responsibilities of parenting. Your children don’t owe you for doing what you’re obligated to do.

{tw: child abuse} Please help save my baby cousin

Hey guys, so i normally don’t post things like this but my family is dealing with some serious problems right now.

my baby cousin Everett is fighting for his life in the ICU right now because of his horrible excuse for a mother 

he was barely 4 months old and had already received a broken arm, broken ribs, shaken baby syndrome, and then his mother raised him up above her head and slammed him into the wood floor causing a SEVERE brain injury. 
the doctors found new blood on top of old blood on his brain. god only knows what else this monster did to this child.

here is the police report article about the arrest of his mother HERE

There has been a facebook page set up for moral support and status updates about Everett’s condition HERE 

my family was originally just accepting money orders/checks and selling t shirts and wristbands to local friends and supporters but it isnt enough.

they finally put together a gofundme account for Everett and I am going to IMPLORE you all to PLEASE donate anything you can, if you can.
and if you can’t donate then at least signal boost this and share it with everyone you know <3  GOFUNDME CLICK HERE 

Everett was recently making a lot of progress, he was in rehab and speech therapy and was starting to be fed from a bottle again, but the other day things took a turn for the worse and he is in the ICU again with a swollen skull and more fluid on his brain

please please PLEASE boost this and keep my cousin in your thoughts <3

i seriously cannot thank you all enough in advanced for any shares or donations this may gain 

please help save this baby boy

Some rarely-mentioned signs that parents are abusive

I see a lot of lists of things that abusive parents do. But some things I have never seen in a list so far and I would like to add them, because according to the other lists, I’ve never experienced abuse from my parents. But just because it doesn’t appear on a standard list doesn’t mean it’s not abuse, so here is an addendum.

I think most of these points are specific for kids who are disabled, mentally ill or neurodivergent, and that this is the reason why they never appear on other lists. But these kids are especially vulnerable to (emotional) abuse, so I made this.

1. Shaming you for your disabilities, mental illness or neurodivergency. This includes undiagnosed conditions. If a parent sees that their child is having problems, they should try to help or, if they can’t, get external help.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for self-harming.

It is not okay for parents to shame you for having meltdowns.

It is not okay for parents to shame or punish you for things you cannot help, no matter how hard it is for them.

Yes, if parents do honestly have no clue what is happening, they might misinterpret your (re)actions. But no later than when they talk with you about it, they should eventually realize that you’re not doing it on purpose. Parents can and should get help from others and/or professionals if it’s too much for them.

2. Shaming you for mistakes. People make mistakes. Inexperienced people make more mistakes. Young people are by definition inexperienced. Especially those of us who are mentally ill, neurodivergent or intellectually disabled, (but really literally everyone) is bound to make mistakes while growing up.

You might not know that there is a difference between cleaning agents and shower gel. You might not know that lotion isn’t good for a potted plant. You might now know that there is a reason why the cat is in that cage. You might think that something is a good and harmless trick but it actually has really bad consequences.

You might not know these things even if everyone else your age does. It’s not your fault. 

It’s okay for parents to be angry, disappointed or shocked. It’s not okay for parents to let it out on you. It’s their job to teach you and if they didn’t do it correctly, it’s not your fault. 

(For example, I didn’t know that cleaning agents and shower gel are different things until I was 18. As a little child, I was told to stay away from cleaning agents and not to touch them and I was never told otherwise, so I just accepted that until I was taught otherwise by someone else.)

3. Breaking promises. This sounds vague, I know. And I know that sometimes promises can’t be held. Sometimes they are forgotten. Sometimes even parents don’t have the energy to keep up their end of the bargain. It happens.

But if it’s a constant pattern, if you are coerced into doing things you don’t like by promises that will never be held, it’s not okay any more.

4. Threats. It’s one thing to explain to a child or teen the consequences of their actions. It’s okay to explain that you need to study or else you will fail your tests and it’s okay to explain what happens then.

It’s not okay to threaten you with grave consequences for minor failures. It’s not okay to remind you of these consequences every time you do something wrong. It’s not okay to keep threatening you when you are unable to do whatever it is they want you to do.

5. Threatening you with things that should not be threats. It’s not okay to threaten a child or teen with doctor’s appointments, hospitals, psychotherapy or psychiatry. These things are supposed to help. You should not grow up to be afraid of needing a doctor or a therapist.

Seriously, instead of a parent threatening their child with psychiatry, they should just go there and try to get help for the whole family because it’s probably desperately needed.

6. Sudden and unjustified punishments. It’s not okay to suddenly punish you for something that has previously been okay. 

If parents are fed up with their children’s behaviour, they should establish rules and explain and justify punishments, and give their children a chance to actually comply (while also considering their children’s abilities).

(For example, as a teen I never helped with housework. I didn’t have the executive functioning and I never got taught how to do it. But suddenly I was punished for not helping with housework.)

7. Unpredictability. It’s not okay to suddenly change the rules without warning.

It’s not okay if it’s “You should go out more often” one day and “No you are not allowed to go out” the next.

Some parents have trouble offering a constant reliability due to their own illness/disability/neurodivergence. It happens. 

But the moment it makes you as their child afraid of their reactions, afraid that they might have a sudden change of heart, it’s not okay any more.

8. Assuming bad intentions where there are none. As I already said, people make mistakes. People even make stupid mistakes. People misjudge, miscalculate, people lose their temper. This happens to parents as well as to their children and everyone else. 

What is not okay is for parents to see you doing something wrong and immediately assuming you’re doing it to harm them.

(For example, I always stayed up late. My parent had trouble sleeping. When I made too much noise, they assumed it was intentional in order to deny them their sleep.)

9. “I want you to do the thing but I also want you to want to do the thing.” This is a tricky one, but I have heard this from so many people that I’m including it as an extra point. I think it’s actually some sort of double bind, because you can only do it wrong or do it wrong in a different way.

It’s okay for parents to demand their children do things they do not like, for example doing chores, doing homework and similar things. (However, it’s not okay to demand more than you can actually do.)

It’s okay for parents to ask their children to do them a favour, for example sometimes do a little more housework, helping them with other stuff, going to the store and so on.

It’s okay for you to not want to do something. It’s okay to do something even if you don’t want to. Actually, most favours work that way, you rarely ever like them but you do them anyway because you want to do something for someone else. Most chores work that way. Almost nobody likes doing the dishes.

However, it’s not okay to make you feel bad for doing something anyway. If you don’t like doing something, you don’t like it, and nobody has the right to demand you to feel differently about it. 

10. Making you feel bad for opening up to them. If you tell a parent about your experiences, your feelings, your problems and your secrets, they should be accepting and loving.

Punishing you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. Shaming you for things they would have never known if you hadn’t told them is wrong. It’s a parent’s job to offer their child emotional support. It’s wrong for them to show you that you can’t trust them.

trauma processing information ahead: you doubt your feelings relating to a certain event because when it happened you don’t remember as if it hurt you, you remember it as it maybe it wasn’t that traumatic, maybe it didn’t affect you so much, you feel like you handled it just fine and you weren’t so scared or pained by it back then and you don’t feel you can call that traumatic but then in present you suddenly get overwhelmed with pain and fear and grief and even anger and you try to stuff it down because NO IT WASN’T THAT BAD and you keep convincing yourself you’re overreacting because you can remember that it was not that bad and you keep thinking it didn’t even matter

So now try to remember when it first happened, it could be that you were still really small, or you were directly faced with the abuser/danger, or you were in unsafe environment where you couldn’t freely express, but the thing is, it didn’t hurt so bad the first time because you were unable to both survive and feel that amount of pain. Children’s bodies are not capable of withstanding traumatic amount of pain and survive, that pain is repressed and dissociated for later when bodies are big and strong and able to survive it. You cannot allow yourself to experience pain and fear that would make you extremely vulnerable and thus less likely to survive in traumatic situation so in that case too, your body represses the emotions and settles on dissociation until you’re safe enough and strong enough for these to be properly processed. 

Only reason it “didn’t feel so bad” back then is because your body repressed the pain and fear to save you. But the amount of pain and terror and anger you’re feeling now is exactly how bad it was. You’re only now experiencing on your own skin how actually bad it was! That’s how badly you were hurt. You’re not overreacting or making a big deal out of it now, you were unable to feel how bad it was before. Your feelings are always there for a reason, they’re generated inside you by harm that was done to you and you can trust them. Your reactions are not wrong, your feelings are not wrong, it was exactly that bad.

I know this is going to be unpalatable to parents, but “abusive parents” aren’t scary anomalies that exist only on the news, broadcast solely to make you feel better about your own faults. There are abusive parents in your neighborhood. There are probably abusive parents in your workplace, friend circle, and even among your family. If you want to be a good parent, then it’s your duty to learn what behaviors are abusive, learn the warning signs of abuse, and do the work to help when you learn that a child in your social sphere is being abused.

If you have a complicated relationship with your mother because of abuse or neglect, you don’t have to feel guilty regardless of how much or how little you choose to interact with her.

I know there’s a lot of pressure to acknowledge her even if she’s hurt you badly. If you choose to (or wish you could) keep your distance or even end your relationship with her, you’re not a bad child or ungrateful or mean.

If for any reason you do something nice for her, that doesn’t mean you give up your right to be angry or hurt by what she did before that. It doesn’t mean you give up your right to keep your distance or even end your relationship with her later on.

You don’t owe her. But it’s complicated sometimes, I understand. Just do your best to be gentle with yourself, and try to remember that you didn’t deserve what happened. You have always deserved care and respect.


Police posted shocking photos of two adults — who police believe had overdosed on heroin — passed out in a car with a 4-year-old boy in the backseat, according to WJW. The city of East Liverpool, Ohio shared the photos on their Facebook page on Thursday after responding to a call of an incapacitated driver. Police said they hope the photos send a message to drug users to think twice before abusing drugs. The child is in the custody of Columbiana County Children’s Services. (Source)

VIDEO: Cop Pepper Sprays School Kids as they Express Outrage Over Officer Assaulting 8th-Grader

In a blatant abuse of authority, a Las Vegas cop was recently caught on cell phone video pepper-spraying a group of high school students. Instead of committing a crime or threatening the officer’s safety, the teens were simply asking why he was physically assaulting an 8th grader when he suddenly fired pepper spray into their eyes.

On Friday, a student recorded a cell phone video of a Las Vegas police officer slamming an eighth-grade student’s head against the hood of his patrol car while pulling the kid’s hair. The 8th grader had been taken into custody after he allegedly trespassed onto the campus of Eldorado High School and refused to leave. According to police, a crowd of students gathered around the officer when the boy’s sister asked the aggressive cop to leave her brother alone.
“What the f**k are you doing to him?” a girl asks the cop a moment before he shoots her and nearly half the students in their faces with pepper spray.


The way police treat kids is just amazing. An adult man surrounded by children beats a boy and then sprays the rest kids - is it a demonstration of power or what? Fuck that! Cops are not humans.

A long-term study of children raised by lesbians found that these children were less likely to suffer from physical and sexual abuse than were their peers who were raised by heterosexuals. This is thought to be due to the absence of adult heterosexual men in the households (Gartrell, Bos, & Goldberg, 2010). Girls raised by lesbians tend to have higher self-esteem, show more maturity and tolerance than their peers, and are older when they have their first heterosexual contact (Gartrell et al., 2005, 2010). Children raised by same-sex parents seem to be less constrained by traditional gender roles; boys are less aggressive, and girls are more inclined to consider nontraditional careers, such as doctor, lawyer, or engineer (Gartrell et al., 2005; Stacey & Biblarz, 2001). Over the course of more than 20 years, scientists studied the psychological adjustment of 78 teenagers who were raised by lesbian mothers. Compared to age-matched counterparts raised by heterosexual parents, these adolescents were rated higher in social, academic, and total competence, and lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggression, and externalizing problem behavior (Gartrell & Bos, 2010). There are fewer studies of children raised by two men, but gay fathers are more likely than straight fathers to put their children before their career, to make big changes in their lives to accommodate a child, and to strengthen bonds with their extended families after becoming fathers (Bergman, Rubio, Green, & Padrone, 2010).
—  Martha Rosenthal, Human Sexuality: From Cells to Society, p.247.

It’s fun having to walk on eggshells at home

It’s fun staying in one room all the time.

It’s fun not being able to do what you want at home.

It’s fun always looking over your shoulder.

It’s fun being hyper-aware of where your parent is at all times.

It’s fun getting yelled at over anything and everything.

It’s fun having no energy to do basic cleaning.

It’s fun getting yelled at for not doing said cleaning.

It’s fun having to spend all your energy just to minimally function and deal with all the yelling.

It’s fun always weighing whether doing something (or not doing something) is better or worse than getting yelled at.

It’s fun always wondering if you forgot something and if you’ll get in trouble for it.

It’s fun always holding your breath when you’re in the same room or area as your parent.

It’s fun not being able to say you have a mental illness.

It’s fun knowing either they suspect or just don’t care and continue to yell at you for things you can’t do.

It’s fun never feeling truly safe or truly at home.

It’s fun having nowhere else to go.

It’s fun not being able to get any help.

It’s fun being isolated and alone.