child reading


Avid reader in La Habana by tommpouce, 2016

Me, a 12 year old child reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events” 14 years ago: What a fascinating but terribly upsetting journey these kids are on! I’m sure they can handle it though, Violet is 15 and therefor very Old and Mature. She got this.

Me, now 26, watching these small children be tortured: what the fuck what the fuck what the f—


the vibes smeyer clearly wanted renesmee to give off 


the vibes I was getting the whole time I was reading breaking dawn 


Oscar’s new outift…


…sure does look a lot like…


I realized both Ruto and Zelda gave up something very precious to them at a whim to someone they barely know.


Infinity War Audio Commentary:
MCFEELY: Steve’s the only one who gets a round two there. 
ANTHONY: Yeah. That’s right. 
MARKUS: Well if it’s a movie about strong wills, he’s got one. 

JOE: Which gives him the opportunity to do this. But remember it’s in slow motion, so this is seconds that he’s able to…
ANTHONY: Thanos taking him in. 
JOE: Thanos is amused by this. And also admires will in others. 
ANTHONY: I wonder if Thanos would have tried to make Cap a child of Thanos?