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Another Rant

No, this one is not BTS related, but I can’t help myself from making this one.

I think I’m PMSing and about to start my period and that’s why I’ve been so annoyed and making rants lately.

Now, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and I’m not directing this towards any one specific person except Stephanie Meyer since this pet peeve started with Twilight

If you are going to write about a certain topic, or include something in your writing, please do at least a minimal amount of research.

The amount of people who will write about something they know nothing about, and refuse to google it saddens me.

This goes for multiple topics.


As a child development major, this irks me more than it does most people, and as I said, I know things can’t be 100% accurate, and that since not everyone studies child development, there are things they can’t know, but there are somethings that’s just common sense.

Like it’s common sense that a 4 year old will not still be teething.

It’s common sense that a 2 month old will not be sitting up on their own.

It’s common sense that a 1 and a half year old will not be speaking in full grammatically correct sentences.

Onto pregnancy, why does everyone seem to think that you find out the sex of the baby on the first doctor’s appointment? Like, no. The genitalia begin to form at 6 weeks and aren’t finished until 14 weeks. The majority of people have their first appointment during that time frame, meaning it’s impossible to know anyway.

Also, morning sickness does not only happen in the morning, it’s just more common. The amount of times I’ve seen people writing fics about pregnancy, only for something to be wrong with the girl, and when someone questions her she says it’s just morning sickness, “but it’s not the morning”, please stop that.

Also, people will write about a bump at 2 months. If it’s the first pregnancy, like how it is in most fics, a bump usually won’t form until the 2nd trimester, which is 4 or 5 months. Maybe 3 months in some women, but not 2 months.


Okay, say it with me: the butt hole is not a vagina

The amount of gay smut where they talk about how “wet” the hole is getting when there is no lube or saliva involved, or the amount that says it’s painless without any lubrication. I’m a heterosexual female and even I know that’s not how it works.

Second, girls do not orgasm the same way guys do

A female orgasm is an overwhelming feeling of pleasure followed by sensitivity. There is no “flow of juices” and certainly no “white substance dripping down her thighs”. When “juices” do come out of her, that is called squirting, and only happens very rarely, some women never being able to at all. And after a women squirts, she can be very dehydrated and exhausted, and definitely not ready to go a second round, like described in quite a few fics. There are some women who can squirt quite often, however, they are in the vast minority, and therefore it should not be included in every. single. fanfic. Rarely do I see a fic that accurately describes a female orgasm.

Mental Health

This one really hits home to me, and quite a few others, as I suffer from mental illness, and have for years.

I would really appreciate if the people who don’t have a mental illness, but choose to write about it would do adequate research about the mental illness they have chosen.

I could go on about all the mistakes people have made about many mental illnesses, but I’ll focus on anxiety right now as that’s what I have and is the most common mental illness since it comes in many varieties.

The one that I notice the most is the misrepresentation of Social Anxiety.

In most of the fics I have read that have incorporated Social Anxiety, they always describe it as feeling uncomfortable around strangers, but it is way more than that.

Social Anxiety is:

constantly feeling like everyone in the room is watching you and scrutinizing your every movement

not being able to eat at someone’s house or at a party because your stomach hurts so much that the thought of food makes you want to throw up

wanting to cry when you’re forced to sit close to people you don’t know

being almost 20 years old and not being able to order for yourself at a restaurant

thinking that sitting alone in the car is a better option than having to go inside a place you’ve never been

It is so much more than being uncomfortable around people you don’t know. The feeling I get can’t even be described using the word “uncomfortable”. If you are not actually having anxiety over the situation, it is not anxiety.

Another thing that people don’t research with this is how you get diagnosed. I always see it described as they went to their normal doctor the second they started to have issues, told them they had it, and they automatically get a prescription for medication, and they’re done in 10 minutes. That is not how it happens.

I had been living with anxiety for at least 5 years before ever even going to be formally diagnosed. I didn’t bother with telling my mom I thought I needed more help than just her, who also has anxiety, until after I was tempted to remove the blades from my razor and slit my wrist to where they couldn’t sew it back up.

I had to have suicidal thoughts before realizing “woah I need help”. After that, my mom had to make an appointment at a psychological assessment center, not my regular doctor. That first appointment, it was me, my mom, and a therapist. There was no official diagnosis of that. All it was was the three of us talking, with me and my mom telling her about the struggles I had been having, how long it had been happening, how it gradually got worse, and so on. Then she gave my mom a questionnaire to fill out about what she has observed about me, and gave me one to give to one of my teachers at school to fill out.

A week later, I went back and spent two hours being tested in different ways. They varied from “what do you see when you look at this picture” to testing my memory skills. Two hours. And that wasn’t even the day I was diagnosed.

My mom and I went back a week after that to meet with the therapist, and that’s where she gave me the official diagnosis, the degree it was to, and then discussed treatment options. Then she had to send my regular doctor the results so that she could write a prescription.

It was two more weeks before my doctor got around to it and I was able to start on medication.

It is way more than “oh I’ve been feeling this way”, “okay, here’s some pills to pop”.

If you’re going to write about a mental illness without having it, then at least have the courtesy to research it.

Then comes to the idea that it can be cured and one day they won’t have it anymore. I don’t know how many fics I’ve read where it ends with a completely happy ending in the main character no longer has the mental illness.

That is complete and utter bullshit. Mental illnesses are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, and those can’t be fixed easily. There is no “cure”, you just get to the point where you can handle it better. There are people with depression who can go years without and episode, then wake up one day with no motivation to even roll over in bed. My mom has some of the worst social anxiety, yet she’s a hair stylist, meaning she has to constantly be around and talk to people she doesn’t know. She has overcome her illness enough that it doesn’t get in the way of her job, but she’s still on medication and she almost had a panic attack when she had to walk me up on stage for the Senior Walk at my final orchestra concert.

Mental illnesses do not have a cure. You just get better at being able to live without them getting in your way.

There are a few authors and works out there that do a great job of trying to be accurate in the topics they write about, but they are sadly outnumbered by the people who just do not care.

So please, if you read this and want to write a fanfic or regular fic about a topic you’re not to sure about, please do at least a minimal amount of research before rather than bullshitting it like Stephanie Meyer did when she decided to write about vampires.

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Hello! Could you do a DK angst (ft. Hoshi) scenario where you like DK (your best friend) and when you go to confess to him he rejects you and he says things like "why would I like someone like you?!" And when he goes to confess to the girl he likes, it goes the same way which causes him to realize he actually likes you but you end up being with Hosh (other best friend) when he goes to apologize and yeahh. Thank you!

((This was a long time coming! I know that! It was a challenge for me to get into this and I don’t think I made it angsty enough, I’m sorry. I tried my hardest to stick to the request, but I may have tweaked a few things here and there, otherwise it would have had a really jilted ending. Um…yeah, sorry for the wait! That was terrible of me!)) 

Pairing: DKxReader Ft. Hoshi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 7,956 (Holy shIT!)

Summary: It’s a difficult thing, being infatuated with the sun. He shines so bright for everyone, but you’re selfish enough to want him only for yourself. You think you have a chance of having him…until you get burned. 

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2ps in College

2p Italy: Snarky little shit who thinks he knows more than the professor. (Major: International Business)

2p Germany: Undeclared major who parties 25/8 and probably got suspended for shit. (Major: undeclared)

2p Japan: Always arrives late and is a general jerk to everyone but gets his shit done in an organized manner. (Major: Psychology)

2p Romano: Has the most lit af room that all the girls are jealous of and gives better personal advice that the counselors. (Major: Art)

2p Spain: Only leaves his room to eat and attend class and mostly takes online classes. (Major: Computer engineering)

2p Prussia: Poor shy kid who sits in the corner and is always the last to be in a group or works alone. (Major: Child Development)

2p America: The guy who everyone thinks is hot and makes the whole class lit af; also likes to joke around. (Major: American Studies or Art)

2p England: Sits in front of the class, answers all the questions and has a unicorn pencil bag. (Major: Theatre)

2p France: Undeclared major who dropped out after a month. (Major: French then undeclared)

2p Russia: Doesn’t attend any of the lectures but somehow gets an A on everything. (Major: Sociology)

2p China: Comes to class high as a fucking kite and is a huge flirt with everyone (including the graduate professors). (Major: Philosophy)

2p Canada: Guy in the back of the class away from everyone else who doesn’t take notes and just listens. (Major: Liberal studies)

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What do toi study ? Art ?

I’m a child development major. i help teach kids art. And sometimes they get messy and draw on me instead. 

The kids once covered me with colors and talked about it for weeks. The sweet part was they noticed how many scars i have and purposely colored all of them in to “fix” them. Looking at my scars colored with random colors actually made me feel a bit better. After one girl finished coloring a scar she was just “ YOU’RE HEALED!”and patted it, that honestly made me laugh.

If you’re asking in general then on the side i draw a lot and teach myself. the only art class I’ve taken in this college was one on how to teach children art.

After I binge watch Hulu instead of doing my report

When multiple assignments are due at once. #goneinsane #drunkonstress