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dyke-jonze  asked:

A concept: Kaz reaches into his pocket for his wallet and instead pulls out a child’s toy. Very startling when he realizes his and Inej’s small child has managed to not only sneak up behind him, but pickpocket him as well, making him feel like the biggest has-been the universe has ever known.


Honestly, Kanej daughter would play pranks kn her parents like this ALL the time and Inej would be the one to tell her not to steal things, even if she were doing it playfully, but Kaz is just there in the corner trying not to smile because wow his daughter takes after them so much??? And he’s so in love????

“You shouldn’t laugh when she steals, Kaz.”

Inej would be fighting a smile too though, especially as Kaz would pull her close and whispers, “I’m not sure who she takes after - me or you.”

“I have never stole once in my life,” she lied, looking up at him.

Kaz’s smile softened, and he would touch his lips to her forehead, guiding her hand towards his heart. “Yes you have.”

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Hello! Any suggestions for DIY paper doll houses?

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What if Andrew went to sleep respectably big-spooning Neil, but wakes up before dawn to find he has Neil flat on his back, Neil’s shirt rucked up, Andrew’s arms wrapped tight around Neil’s waist, and snuggling into his scarred tummy like a child with a stuffed toy?

What if in that bleary, tense moment before he fully realizes what he’s doing and jerks away, Neil sifts a hand into his hair and mumbles “stay”, so he relaxes after a minute and plants his face back where it was?

What if when they wake up together a few hours later, he has impressions of Neil’s scars on his cheek like lines from a rumpled pillowcase, and Neil’s smile at having Andrew so close is vulnerable and soft and open and makes Andrew’s heart clench?

What if he stopped wearing armbands to bed a long time ago, and this is what makes Neil comfortable enough to stop wearing a shirt to bed too?