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Link and Link by the fire

I had this idea in my mind since forever but now @lozarts is hosting a thing so I thought why not do it now :D

painting this was tons of fun :3

Comission info :)

Something I was thinking about recently; I wonder how many parents in Hyrule name their child Link hoping they’ll grow up to do great things, only for them to live an average life and for the rest of their life they (the child) feel at least a mild amount of depression/anxiety over the fact that they don’t live up to their name

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The history of the royal family of Hyrule is also the history of the Calamity Ganon, a primal evil that has endured over the ages.

Open Your Eyes

Zelink Head Canon

-Zelda approaches Bolson to manage the rebuilding of the castle, but let’s him know she will need more people on his team for time management and some of the workers will not have “son” in their name.

 -Bolson is very hesitant to entertain the idea. Finally agrees with the condition that Zelda names her first born and heir to the throne child a “-son” name.

 -Zelda wants to refuse, Link steps in to save the day offering to name his first TWO children a “-son” name.

 -Bolson, eagerly agrees. 

 -Link thinks he’s clever because he’s convinced he, as the princesses attendant, will never marry or have children. 

 -Zelda is frustrated beyond words because Link is who she wants to have a family with and NOW SHE WOULD AHVE TO NAME TWO OF THEIR KIDS A “SON” NAME.