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Disney Descendants + Text Posts: Evie and Mal feat. Prince Ben

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I was looking at that gif set of Kaito and his doves and it occurred to me that out of context it looks sort of hilarious. Strange young man standing on the street, covered in doves and looking strangely calm about that. "Hello child I am the dove man"

(The gifset in question)

There is very little about Detective Conan and Magic Kaito that is not either hilarious or vaguely horrifying out of context.  Especially the movies.

Really, though, you have to wonder if Kaito hasn’t done this before, only without the disappearing act at the end.  He clearly loves his birds and has no sense of shame or propriety whatsoever.  He probably has, at least once, wandered around Ekoda with upwards of thirty doves on his person, completely unbothered, probably disturbing a few passerby and ending up on some people’s social media as he went.


Fandom Advent Day #1 - Nageki Fujishiro, Hatoful Boyfriend

Starting the Christmas countdown by lighting a candle for the poor dear mourning dove child - cinnamon roll, burnt to ash ;^; Every time I replay the game I love him so much more!

Do you understand how absolutely traumatizing fire drills must have been for little Clive while he was in secondary school? Maybe only a few months before his enrollment he had experienced the loss of his parents. And what took his parents’ lives? A fire. Not only that, but a fire caused by an explosion, which involves sudden, extremely loud noise and chaos that follows. Obviously fire drills involve fire, but they’re also sudden, loud, and everyone must evacuate. Though not as chaotic as an explosion, Clive’s recent tragedy probably caused these drills to seem 1000 times more intense. Could you imagine everyone leaving, laughing and chatting with their friends while Clive staggers around the room in terror as his head floods with flashbacks of the day his parents died? 

Please, everyone realize how precious this kid is.

My apartment smells like rancid dog farts, my tyrant dove child is screaming, and my pigeon son won’t stop biting the shit out of my hands. I love these animals but seriously, y'all.

Little Penguin's kindergarten memories

(all the credits to @little-penguin-ozzie for the drawing - check out her different blogs <3)

No warnings at all, of course, there wouldn’t be any - it’s pure fluff ^^

Thank you @queencobblefreezestuff for editing 

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(please tell me if I should continue with this story line)

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a devils child with dove wings

I wanted to do something from Peter’s pov for the orpahnage au and a bit of backstory, I suppose. I might just have the main story told by Wendy and the inbetweens told by Peter?

Prequel to:  you confused your butcher for your shepherd, we never broke each others hearts, I’ll digest you one kiss at a time

Peter remembered the first time he had met his Wendy. In fact, he remembered hating her from the moment he had first laid eyes on her. She had been such a tiny thing – pretty even, but far prettier now, slender but not weak, silent but not pathetic – but she was a bore. Wendy was always snivelling and whining, always begging for parents she’d never see and looking for comfort no one seemed to be able to give her. But then, he supposed that’s what eight year olds with dead parents did.

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