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I think the reason the kids in Awakening are better written then the ones in Fates is because the second gen fit into the plot of awakening and had a bit of focus because of it.

Yep, definitely. I was just saying to someone else how I’d be curious to read an article/developer’s notes about the kids, because they feel like they were added later on when the story had already been really fleshed out. I feel the only really interesting child characters plot-wise are Kana (shows dragon as hereditary), Shigure (Valla plot) and Ophelia and Soleil due to their Awakening connections. 

Friendly reminder that Artemis Fowl literally donated a hugeass amount of his money to his already richass all-boys school–anonymously–with the deal that his whole year will go on a field trip all the way to friggin Germany just so he can sneak away from the whole group to rob the most secured bank in the world undetected by his parents. 

Artemis’ passion for crime knows no boundaries. 

  • Thalia: Holy shit mate
  • Thalia: It's your DAM 23 Birthday!
  • Percy:
  • Grover:
  • Thalia:
  • *the three of them laughing*
  • Everybody else: I Still Don't Understand.....

The Kombat Kids + their names.

ENFP - Living Contradictions

Enthusiastic as a child - Wise as an old soul

Acts like the happiest person on earth - Thinks the most depressing things

Seems to give no fuck about intelligence - Is intelligent and actually values it

Seems to love everyone - Actually hold some grudges (Sometimes. I mean. most of the times I TRY to be mad with people but I just forget :l)

Has tons of friend - Is lonely at soul :l

Seems to be a 100% party person - Always looking for the meaning of life

Is an extrovert - The most introverted extrovert

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hello there lovely maiden! i, as your fairy godmother, am making you a gift! for five asks, you will become the mythical creature of your choice! good luck my dear child, and choose wisely.

(finally!! the last M!A before I can start answering my asks I got ages ago! This event will not affect the holiday event)

No fucking apologies. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what cowardly, weak, inhuman abusers say. Your life isn’t theirs; it’s YOURS.

Can I just take a minute to talk about how important Morrigan and Kieran are to me?  That in this game there exists a child who is wise and strange and childish and complex even in his few small moments.  That there exists a mother whose character does not revolve around her motherhood, whose story is still being told, who is still at the center of big events.  Think for a moment about how vanishingly rare that is.  She’s a mother, and yet that isn’t what her story is about at all.  She’s difficult, she’s flawed, she’s frankly kind of an asshole still.  She loves and craves knowledge.  She’s a work in progress, but we’re never invited to question her fitness as a mother because of it.   She’s shown as a loving, concerned, strict mother, a woman who would sacrifice everything for her child in a heartbeat, without ever seeming to subsume her life to his needs.

That’s….rarer than gems in the Korcari Wilds, and very precious to me.

This happened a while ago
  • <p> <b>My little child brother was talking with me about Pokemon legendaries. ON HIS OWN he said:</b> "Well they have no gender."<p/><b></b> Then he told me about his favorite legendary Keldeo. He started calling Keldeo "he" but caught himself and there was a moment where he just seemed to fish around for what pronoun to use.<p/><b>Without missing a beat he said:</b> "Gender is awesome." (He didn't know which pronoun to use.)<p/><b></b> I told him to use "they". HE USED THEY TO DESCRIBE KELDEO AND OTHER LEGENDARIES FOR THE REST OF THE CONVERSATION!!!!<p/><b>I was so proud. :</b> ')<p/><b></b> He also remarked that legendaries being genderless makes sense to him. He understands the concept of having no gender.<p/></p>