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Flower Ask
  • DAISY: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  • CARNATION: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
  • JASMINE: What color looks best on you?
  • FOXGLOVE: Name three facts about your family?
  • ALLIUM: What’s the best thing you can cook?
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM: If you could pick the gender and appearance of your child, would you?
  • CALLA LILY: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
  • POINSETTIA: Favorite holiday dish?
  • OXLIP: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?
  • PRIMROSE: Favorite kind of soup?
  • DAFFODIL: What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received?
  • ROSE: Are you currently in love with someone?
  • AMSONIA: Would you ever become a vegan?
  • PEONY: What’s your favorite hot beverage?
  • TULIP: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?
  • MYRTLE: Do you like going on airplanes?
  • HIBISCUS: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?
  • ZINNIA: Who was your best friend when you were six years old?
  • POPPY: What color was your childhood home?
  • HYDRANGEA: Starbucks order?
  • VIOLET: Do you like where you’re from?
  • LOCUST: What was your favorite book as a child?
  • RHODODENDRON: What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
  • QUEEN ANNE’S LACE: Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?
  • MAGNOLIA: Favorite kind of candy?
  • ASTER: Would you rather be cold or hot?
  • MARIGOLD: Do you listen to what’s on the radio?
  • HELICONIA: Do you like when it rains?
  • AZALEA: What’s a movie you cried while watching?
  • DANDELION: Do you think you’re important?

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What made you pick Susan to test out toddlers?

If you had the opportunity to make your worst enemy have a tiny demon child that she named after herself wouldn’t you?

Really it was because none of the Huntleys/any of my LPs could have toddlers yet and I wanted my first one to be ‘special’, so little Susie was born.

the ea conference was a thing of nightmares though

this lanky skin man, standing in front of a bright red screen with his hands clasped in front of himself as no human being has ever done

bill trinen, trapped behind this lanky skin man, standing in the dark. i see him, i know his face there, masked by shadows still. why is he trapped there, in the darkness. why is bill being sacrificed to this presence.

“i love the nintendo products and innovations.” this skin man says. “my first born is- my first born son.” he clarifies, far too slow in his words for you. the words first born are already playing through your head over and over again, inviting you to finish the sentence. the child’s middle name is luigi, but it does not matter. you already know what you must do. the instructions were set with a snap.

fifa is there.

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Jason runs into his first (in everything) and found out he has a child with her

I had fun writing this! sorry if it wasn’t what you had expected at all! Hope you still enjoy reading this anyways~ 

Jason calls out your name and he furrows his eyebrows when you flinched before slowly turning around. Your face blanches, eyes widening slowly and he can hear your gasp when he steps forward, taking the chance to take a good long look at you.

It has been years since he has last seen you – the last time he had seen you had been one of the best nights, it had been your one-year anniversary then but apparently, it was probably one-sided. After that night, you had vanished without a trace even putting his detective skills to use also became moot after a while because it was just as if you had disappeared from the face of the earth entirely and it had angered him to no ends. Although now, finally seeing you after so many years, Jason doesn’t know how to feel.

He wants to feel angry and wants to shout at you but he just couldn’t bring himself. He couldn’t even bring himself to open his fucking mouth and shout at you. You are still standing there looking at him – he used to hate it when you do that, really look at him because he could never manage to hide anything from you, ever and Jason thinks even now he still hates it.

You had changed over the years but you still look the same to him. You still look like the person he fell in love with years ago. Obviously there were some changes – you look more mature, there is an air to you that Jason couldn’t really put a finger on. He is still taller than you though so some things didn’t change and Jason kinda feels good about that.

“Hi, Jason.”

The moment Jason hears your voice, he frowns. Your name left his mouth and you give him a small smile – one that used to make you really happy because that smile is for him and only him. Though if Jason is honest with himself, it made him feel smug that you still have that smile just for him.

Jason is about to open his mouth when he hears the sound of feet quickly approaching and just as he is about to step forward to push you aside, two small arms wrap themselves around your calves and he stares. Just stares because staring right back at him is almost a carbon copy of his face staring back right at him. No, Jason shakes his head, not a carbon copy. His eyes aren’t like his nor is the shape of his mouth and the shade of his hair isn’t the same as his.

“What?” He says smartly.

You sigh, running a hand through the kid’s hair. “There’s something I should have told you long ago, Jason.” You sound apologetic but Jason’s still stuck staring at the kid.

“It’s rude to stare at someone, mister.” The kid tells him before shyly hiding his face from Jason’s view and Jason can only stare for a bit before narrowing his eyes at you.

“You have some explaining to do.” He grits out because now not only he wants to get mad and punch something, he also wants to hug the living shit out of you because where the hell have you been and is this kid really his? Jason has a million of questions running in his mind but he also has some suspicions for almost half of them.

Just what the hell is going on?

  • Daisy: Robbie, what should we name our first child?
  • Robbie: Car.
  • Daisy: NO! Take this seriously!
  • Robbie: Charger then. Charger Reyes-Johnson.
  • Daisy: I swear to god, I'll quake your face off if you don't give me a better answer.
  • Robbie: Alright, alright chica. Hmm...if it's a boy, Horace or John.
  • Daisy: Oh? You actually came up with a name. (pauses) Okay, how are they related to your car?
  • Robbie: ...they were the names of the founders of Dodge, which designed the Charger. *awkward smile*
  • Daisy: Get out.
send me your initials!
  • A: a name you have always liked
  • B: something that appeared lots in your childhood
  • C: an earliest memory
  • D: ever nearly died?
  • E: first thing you notice in new people
  • F: a sound you like to hear
  • G: something you've been meaning to try but haven't yet
  • H: in 'truth or dare' games, which do you pick most?
  • I: have you ever bullied or spread rumours?
  • J: have you ever been a victim of bullying or rumours at school?
  • K: what did you want to be as a child?
  • L: do you prefer soft or silky materials?
  • M: an animal you think could represent you
  • N: a tv/movie character you resonate well with
  • O: when did you find out Santa wasn't real and how?
  • P: what do you own too many of?
  • Q: an annoying habit
  • R: most awkward situation you've been in
  • S: when was the last time you were sick and why?
  • T: been to detention? Suspended? Expelled from school?
  • U: book series you own
  • V: movie series you own
  • W: is your pet well behaved?
  • X: had any reoccurring dreams?
  • Y: what's on your mind most often?
  • Z: when you try to be happy, what do you think of?

@the-dc-clan I hope you like this

Since he was a child Simon knew there was one way he could beat the bullies, not by talking his way out of things or going head first into a fight, nope. It was blackmail. His tactics were simple really, find out your bullies darkest secret and use it as leverage.

So naturally when he became a vampire and your clan leader is an asshole that calls you names in Spanish, you simply don’t tell him you know what he’s saying.

Simon gritted his teeth and took the insults in with fake confusion, one day Raphael would say something he wasn’t supposed to and Simon was ready to use it against him.

And he did. The sun had finally set and Simon was filling up on blood before he left for the night when Raphael walked into the kitchen.

“Te ves como pedacito de cielo” Simon almost choked on the blood he was drinking when he turned around and saw Raphael casually leaning on the door frame, an annoyed look on his face.

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I need help. I'm 330 lbs. I want to lose weight. I want to live to see my now 2 year old child grow up. Where do I start?

Hey dear!

Since this will involve quite a lifestyle change, you will want to go talk to your doctor about it first before really starting anything. Once you’ve talked to your doctor it’s always good to do a bit of extra research on what they’ve told you. 

The largest component to weight loss is a healthy diet. By this I don’t mean a diet like paleo, low carb, high fat, gluten free, high protein or anything with a specific name. When I say a healthy diet, I really just mean that you should be eating healthy. I like to break a healthy diet down into four components

  • Carbohydrates: People usually think that these are the devil and that they make you fat. This isn’t exactly true (yes, you will gain weight if you over eat something like simple carbs). Carbs can also be broken down in to two subgroups
    • Simple Carbs: These are sugars. Do your best to reduce intake of these. Ultimately, we should only be consuming sugars from sources like fruits and veggies.
    • Complex Carbs: These are your sources of fibre. Things like whole grains, veggies, legumes. This is what the majority of your diet should consist of. 
  • Fats: Again, people like to think that fats make you fat. Again, this isn’t exactly true. The tricky part about fats is that they are more than twice as dense in calories compared to carbs and protein. This means you shouldn’t be consuming a lot of it. Fats can be broken down into three categories:
    • Unsaturated: These are the good fats. These are things such as avocados, olive oil, peanuts, and fish. These help raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.
    • Saturated: These fats are the neutral ones. We used to think that they were bad for you, but now research is suggesting that worst case scenario they are neutral. Examples of these are animal products such as meat and dairy but there are some plant based ones such as palm oil and coconut oil.
    • Tans fats: These are the bad fats. These are made from healthy fats through a process called hydrogenation which is extremely difficult for your body to break down. It also lowers good cholesterol and raises bad cholesterol. These fats are oil products in solid form (like margarine) but can also be found in animal fat (like chicken skin or the fat on a steak). 
  • Protein: This is the building Despite it’s importance, the average person doesn’t need too much of it. (Multiply your body weight in kg by 1.7 to determine how much protein you should get).

Now that we’ve discussed health eating, the next step is really creating a healthy lifestyle. Find ways to get yourself moving. When you start this journey, you will have a lot of triggers that will make you want to give up and go back to how things were. When this happens you need to learn how to deal with those triggers. For example, you’re stressed at work and your boss is being a complete jerk. Instead of coming home and sulking on the couch and eating comfort food, go for a walk and work that bad energy out! 

I hope this is enough information to help get you started. If you are interested in doing a bit more reading, here are some of my blog posts related to starting this journey:

If you ever need any help with anything or want any suggestions, please feel free to message me at any point, I’d love to help and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Best of luck on your journey dear! You can do this :)

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I saw you talking about a HP course and I was wondering if you could explain what it involves (or at least what your first lesson involved) if you don't mind!

alrighty! so first and foremost my professor has our orientation titled ‘the hogwarts express’ and all of our lessons are named after classes at hogwarts lol my teacher is going all out y’all

we will be reading the series, fantastic beasts and where to find them (the book not the script), and cursed child (which i’m kinda salty about tbh) throughout the whole semester; one book each week pretty much. we will also do a reading response/quiz at the end of each week regarding what book we’re reading and/or the notes provided in the lecture. this week in lesson one titled ‘history of magic’, it’s all about jo! so i’m going to be (re)learning stuff about her and her ‘impact and interpretation,’ as my professor calls it.

i have some major written assignments (that will count towards exams) which will consist of a creative assignment (where ‘each student may feel free to write in any style they wish, however, the creative work must in some way relate to inspiration or techniques the student has learned from reading and studying the Harry Potter series’), a literature review (where i am to write ‘500 words review of a narrative–short fiction, novel, stage drama, film, television show, video game–inspired by or in some other way connected to the works of J.K. Rowling’), then lastly, do a presentation of the review and post it to youtube (i had to do this for my scifi/fantasy course with him this past summer and i hated it omg it took me 3+ hours to record a decent copy lol).

like i mentioned before we are going to meet up 4 times during the semester, like 3 months from now, and i honestly have no clue what they will consist of but each meeting is titled, ‘defense against the dark arts part 1’, ‘defense against the dark arts part 2′, etc. lol so it should be interesting. overall i’m pretty excited and it’s awesome that so many of you are interested in the class as well!! if i find any new and/or interesting information throughout the course i will naturally share it with you all! :)

Betrayal Part 2

Originally posted by besidethewall

Part 1 is here

Part 3 is here

Pairing - Robb Stark X Reader

Wordcount - 2735

Warnings - Swearing, mature themes. 

Author’s Note - Not my gif credit goes to the creator. (Y/F/S/N) - Your first son’s name. (Y/S/S/N) - Your second son’s name. (Y/C/H) - Your color hair There can be a part three to this if you guys want it. 

“Robb I am with child” Talisa screamed at the top of her lungs, Robb looked up from (Y/S/S/N). (Y/N) stood frozen like a block of ice. She is with a child. Robb’s child. Jon burst through the tent opening, (Y/N) remaining completely still, tears silently falling down her face. Jon saw the heartbreak shining in her eyes. 

“What have you done? Brother, do you have any idea to how lucky you are? You have a wife, a queen that worships the ground you walk on, that barred you, two incredible sons, that will one day make great kings who will be remembered throughout time. Is this how you treat your wife and children? By fucking a noble whore. (Y/N) deserves better! You’re a failure of a husband and a father!” Jon wrapped a fur around (Y/N) shoulders before wrapping her in a tight embrace. (Y/N) couldn’t move, frozen in place. Jon’s heart broke at the sight. He called for one of the men, they appeared immediately. 

“Prepare the Queen’s tent. Make sure her bed is prepared as well as the Prince’s” The man left immediately. No matter what Jon tried, (Y/N) wouldn’t respond until Saphire moved to her side rubbing her body against her leg. (Y/N) gripped her fur, when a sound of thundering little feet came ever closer towards the tent. (Y/N) snapped out of her trance, as she hastily wiped her tears away, pulling away from Jon’s embrace. The arrival of (Y/F/S/N) had planted a smile on her face, it seemed genuine, but Jon noticed the pain behind it all. 

“Momma, you never said we were going to see Daddy” (Y/F/S/N) exclaimed, (Y/N) crouched down ruffling her son’s dark brown locks. 

“I told you, you would like the surprise. Why don’t you spend some time with your father, while I go write a letter” (Y/F/S/N) didn’t need to be told twice before running over to his father. (Y/N) refused to look at Robb instead made her way over to Talisa. 

“You are not permitted to be in this tent with my sons present, so leave” (Y/N) walked out of the tent, with Jon following behind her. Sapphire turned, a growl irrupting from her throat, (Y/N) smirking in response to her loyal companion’s hatred for the women. 

As one of the guards lead (Y/N) in the direction of the tent. She noticed Catelyn walking in her direction? Did Catelyn know about Robb’s affair? When Catelyn noticed (Y/N) she looked surprised. 

“(Y/N), my dear. What are you doing here? Your shivering. Let’s get you inside” Catelyn wrapped her arms around the young women, moving her towards the tent that had quickly been put up for the Queen. Even the men thought it was strange that their Queen had her own tent. But they respected their Queen so they never questioned it. As (Y/N) walked into the tent, she found a chair before taking it, moving her head in her hands as sobs surged through her body, unable to control it anymore. Jon crouched beside her immediately, rubbing her back. Catelyn gave Jon a look of disgust, but Jon was too concerned with (Y/N)’s well-being.

“My dear, what is wrong?” Catelyn asked, (Y/N) looked up shaking with emotion. Had Catelyn known? Had Catelyn known about Robb’s affair? 

“Did you know Did you know that Robb was fucking a noble whore” (Y/N) asked completely composed. Jon took (Y/N)’s hand in his rubbing small circles on the back of her hand. 

“You were never supposed to find out. Since you and Robb were children, there was an agreement that you and Robb were to wed. Nobody could have expected you to fall in love. I knew that the information of Robb’s affair, you’d be destroyed” The answer given by Catelyn infuriated (Y/N) 

“So how were you going to explain when Robb came home with a bastard child? You look surprised. Talisa is with a child. My husband’s child. I thought of all people you would understand! Am I not enough? Does Robb not love me. What am I supposed to do?” (Y/N) stood up her heart visibly shattering into a thousand of pieces. Catelyn had never seen (Y/N) look this way. 

“You have to accept it!” Catelyn replied. 

“Like you did so graciously. You never accepted Jon. In fact, you advised me that putting Jon in my counsel would destroy Winterfell. After everything he has done, he’s protected me and your grandchildren.So how do you expect me to accept it” (Y/N) looked at Jon remorsefully, but Jon understood. Rob was lucky he was king otherwise, Robb would be getting a beating right now. 

“(Y/N) it’s something you have to do” Catelyn advised. 

“Get out! Don’t you and dare try and give me advice that you can’t follow yourself” Catelyn agreed, leaving her with Jon alone. Her thoughts full of imagines of Robb and the noble whore together, did Robb not love her anymore? 

“It’s going to be okay (Y/N) Your get through this. I’ll help you, whatever you need” Jon wrapped his arms around (Y/N) kissing her forehead, rubbing her back as the tears flooded through her once more. She didn’t want to cry anymore, but she couldn’t help it. 

That night she cried until she fell asleep on Jon’s chest as he whispered soothingly into her ear, running his hand through (Y/C/H). 

But as soon as the sun rose, he was going to have words with his brother. He was going to make sure Robb was aware of truly how special his wife was. 

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New York at Night




Word Count: 1,427 Words

Trigger Warnings: Cat Calling, Basically Drunken Men being Dicks, Cursing 

John Laurens x Reader

[ Name ] had grown up in New York City. Ever since she was a child she knew that New York City had cat callers. It was a terrible thing to know but she didn’t mind it. At first, she felt fear strike her but then she realized it was some drunken men who didn’t really know what they were doing. Alexander and Eliza were walking behind them and John was walking next to [ Name ]. His arm gently draped around her neck as he was peppering her neck with kisses. 

“Tonight was fun,” John whispered giving a slight smile as [ Name ] giggled as well. It seemed that New York at night brought out a more protective side o John, and she wasn’t complaining. 

“We should do it again,” Eliza chirped from behind giving Alexander a sweet smile in which Alexander easily returned and swooped down to kiss her cheek again. Eliza giggled trying to shove Alexander off him he was strong. [ Name ] gave a smile at their antics shaking her head as John gave her a suggestive grin. 

John leaned in to kiss her as [ Name ] felt her heart speed up. She had done this countless times before, but she always felt a little light headed whenever John leaned in to kiss her. It was almost as if she couldn’t think straight. Before their lips got to meet she heard someone scream something, “I WOULDN’T MIND THAT PIECE OF ASS,” Instantly [ Name ] felt fear strike her. Her spine had straightened out and she reached for the inside of her purse. Eliza was also on edge. The two women had experienced this before. They had been walking alone and men had followed them, men had harassed them, taunting names at them as they simply tried to get to work. It was dangerous being a woman. 

“What did you say?” John yelled out his eyes flashing with anger as Alexander as well scoffed at their attitudes. They were getting riled up for a fight. There was a moment’s pause and then laughter boomed from the other side of the street. They clumsily entered the light. Just by the way they walked anyone could tell they were intoxicated. But that didn’t excuse their actions. 

The man who [ Name ] assumed had yelled it before hollered back, “I SAID I WOULDN’T MIND THAT PIECE OF ASS SITTING WITH ME,” A look of disgust crossed Alexander’s face as he glared at the group of men who were simply drunkenly high fiving the one asshole in the group.

“Go fuck yourselves,” John snarled back his arm protectively around [ Name’s ] waist as she gently touched his hair in an effort to soothe him. She didn’t really know how to reply to comments like these. She usually kept going and ignored them. It was pointless to fight back against cat callers. [ Name ] had tried to do it but they were usually too drunk or ignorant to even get a word out. She hated being seen as an object but she felt as though she had to get over it. 

“AND IF YOU WANT TO SHARE,” another man yelled whistling at Eliza who basically jumped back. A look of sheer panic on her face. That was when Alexander jumped into the fight. “I’LL LOVE TO SHOW YOU A REAL MAN SWEETHEART.” 

“YOU TOO, IF YOU WANT I CAN SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL MAN CAN DO,” he slurred out thrusting at the two women. That was when John ran across the street to clock the man right in the face. Alexander soon joined him jumping on top of the man who had called Eliza a sweetheart. All John saw was red. How could someone be so rude? He had grown up in South Carolina. There wasn’t that much cat calling there and this was actually his first interaction with catcallers and cat calling in general. His fist was throbbing with pain as he punched the drunken man in the face again. The two were on the ground. John on top of the male as he brought his fist back to punch him again. The catcaller already had a bloody nose. He felt a punch against the back of his head to see another man had thrown a punch at him. John stood up on his feet and easily punched him right in the gut. That was when he felt a stinging pain on his cheek. He had been punched but this guy had worn a ring. What man wears rings to a fist fight? When the man drunkenly tried to swing at him again John kicked him right where it hurt. He doubled down in pain as John kicked him again in the stomach. Alexander was doing a better job at not getting hurt. He only had a split lip. When all was said and done John slid against the wall his chest rising and falling quickly. 

[ Name ] came up to him gently touching his cheek, “What in God’s name were you fucking thinking?!” She asked her jaw dropping open as she avidly dove into her purse to attempt to find something that could patch him up. Eliza was doing the same with Alexander but in a nicer tone. [ Name ] was angry because John had gotten hurt because of her. 

“You could have been sent to the hospital John!” she exclaimed kneeling down to look at the rest of his injuries. But he just had a look of sheer pride on his face. He didn’t look beaten down at all. 

“[ Name ], I’m fine, and I would do it again,” he said giving her one of his classic smiles that melted her heart with such ease. “They were being assholes, and I showed them their place, in all honesty, they’re lucky that they weren’t sent to the hospital,” John chided as he chuckled at the rather enraged yet touched look on his girlfriend’s face. 

“That doesn’t excuse you from being a total fucking idiot,” [ Name ] chimed in frowning as she gently touched the cut on his face. 

John chuckled his eyes lighting up, “I’m always a total idiot no?” he asked winking as [ Name ] couldn’t help but crack a smile and a look of relief surged across John. [ Name ] couldn’t be that angry with him. Though John did have to admit when [ Name ] was angry she was a little bit cute as well as a little bit hot. He wasn’t quite sure. 

“Now where were we before that guy rudely interrupted?” [ Name ] asked leaning in slightly as John gave a slight smile and he pressed his lips against hers. She closed her feels feeling satisfied. His warm hands touched her back pushing her closer against him. His back was braced against the wall a slight smirk curving on his face. He pushed back when Alexander whistled loudly at the two of them. 

A look of annoyance crossed both of their faces, “If you want to continue making out in the middle of an abandoned street at 1 in the morning that’s your business but Eliza and I want to get home,” Alexander said as Eliza smiled and rolled her eyes. The male leaned in to kiss her temple as she giggled again. 

“Your just jealous,” John prodded putting his arm around [ Name’s ] waist and giving a childlike grin at Alexander. 

Alexander seemed to take the bait, “I am not, Eliza is the best after all!” [ Name ] and Eliza both groaned at their boyfriend’s quite childlike and argumentive attitudes. The two of them could easily start a fight without even realizing it. Both of them were on the debate team in high school and now in college. They just started fights like normal people started conversations. 

“ [ Name ] is the best because—”

“I know I’m the best can we just move it along?” [ Name ] asked tapping her foot impatiently. John leaned in to kiss her neck as the female smiled at his advances. 

John chuckled and leaned in for a kiss, “Why don’t we continue where we left off when we get home?” He asked his lips curled up in a slight grin. John looked smug as [ Name ] rolled her eyes but she did not have objections. 


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Y/N: I want to stay here…

Doctor: With him?

Y/N: Yeah…

Doctor: Okay…just remember to name your first child after me?

Y/N: I am not naming any of my future children Doctor!

Doctor: See that’s what you say now!

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So to join in on discourse: a really good friend of mine was killed about a year ago. If I ever do have kids (and I may not), I don't want to give her my friend's first name, but like her middle name, which I almost never used. And maybe make it my kids middle name???? What's your opinion on that???? (I don't mean to be rude or anything, just asking because I'm a curious little shit)

i’m really sorry about your friend, i hope you’re doing okay

no, see, i think that’s really tasteful. that’s a lovely way to honour them and remember them without it being glaring and.. dare i say it… tacky

you’re allowing the child their own identity from the very beginning  and that’s what is most important to me 


McWhorter Household - Curtis & Dana

“You heard me.”

“Dana, have you lost your mind? You can’t make such a decision without consulting me first.”

“It’s my boy, Curtis. Mine.”

“What if I wanted another child?”

“Then that’s your problem, Curtis. Not mine. You must be seriously delusional if you think I’ll ever let you lay a hand on me. What do you take me for - a baby-breeding machine?”

“I’d like a daughter too. One of each, you always said.”

“Did you suddenly forget how long it took for this pregnancy to come to fruition? How much you despised touching me? How many times did you call me by her name when we made love? I refuse to put myself through the humiliating ordeal of conceiving another child with you.”

“Whatever happened to you loving me enough for the both of us?”

His throwing her own words back at her hurt a lot more than she cared to let on. “This conversation is over,” she told him as she wobbled to her feet. “Sign the papers, Curtis.”

Something New - Draco x Reader

I worked really hard on this and I tried my best! I’m really sorry if this isn’t very good. I haven’t read Cursed Child yet so I’m sorry if anything is wrong! I went off of spoilers that I knew. Let me know what you guys think! Enjoy! :)

Request - @maxiverse Request: reader is 21 (repeating the last few years of hogwarts) and is friends with Scorpius (who is 16) and Draco meets her and asks her over for Christmas and when Scorpius is round Albus’ one weekend they talk and it ends in fluff xxxx

Y/N - Your name
Y/F/N - Your first name
Y/L/N - Your last name
E/C - Eye color
Y/F/C- Your favorite color

Warnings - Cursed Child spoilers, Crappy family, she’s 21 and Draco’s who knows ??? but they’re both adults soooo? Idk if that’s a warning or not.. if there’s more, as always, please let me know! :)

This was the fourth time that Y/N had had to repeat her seventh year of Hogwarts. She was miserable. Seventh years constantly taunted her for having to repeat so many times. Thankfully, she’d made friends with a certain platinum blond this year. Scorpius Malfoy had made her life a lot easier. He was kind, gentle, and the exact opposite of what she’d heard his father was like.

It was winter break and Y/N was dreading going home. Her parents and the rest of her family were very disappointed in her. Repeating her seventh year wasn’t exactly normal for a Y/L/N. They were smart - usually at the top of their class and ahead of everyone else. Y/N did not fit into that category at all. She’d be lucky if she passed this year.

Scorpius, Y/N, and their friend, Albus, were on the train ride back home when the Y/L/N family owl pecked on the window. Y/N opened the large window, fed the owl a treat, and watched as it took off again. She ripped open the letter and her eyes roamed over the words.

Don’t bother coming home. You’re a disgrace to the family name and we’ve had enough.

Tears sprang to her eyes. She knew this was coming, but she’d assumed it wouldn’t be until the year was over. Scorpius looked away from the window in alarm when he heard a sob.

“Y/N? Are you okay? What’d that letter say?” he asked.

“I-I-I can’t go home. They s-s-said don’t bother coming h-home. What am I gonna do? I don’t h-have any p-p-p-place to stay.”

Her hands covered her face. This was embarrassing. She was twenty one and crying in front of two sixteen year olds. She didn’t have a home to go to when the train stopped. Maybe she could catch the train back to Hogwarts. Was that possible?

“Maybe I can ask my dad if he’ll let you stay with us. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Scorpius offered. His hand rubbed her back. She was more of a mother figure to him than a best friend and it killed him to see her cry.

“I could ask my dad if his dad says no. We’ll figure something out. It’ll be okay, Y/N!” Albus said and stretched in the small compartment.

Y/N’s tears slowed and she smiled at the two kind boys. She nodded her head and excused herself to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she cleaned up her makeup smudges and fixed them. There was a plan and if both of their fathers said no, she’d figure it out. It wasn’t like she had no money. She had plenty thanks to her last name. If she could get to Gringotts in time, she’d be able to pull money out before she was banned from their family vault. As the train slowed, she made her way back to the compartment to gather her things.

“Scorpius, I think I’m just going to head to Diagon Alley. I don’t want to intrude.” Y/N mumbled. Scorpius clung to Y/N.

“Wait! Just meet my father first, please. I promise he’s not as bad as everyone says he is. That’s why you don’t want to stay, isn’t it? Just meet him first!” Scorpius pleaded. Y/N hesitated but before she could speak, Draco Malfoy approached the two. Scorpius hugged his dad and Y/N felt awkward.

“Dad, I have someone I’d like you to meet.” Scorpius boasted. Draco raised an eyebrow towards the girl. He noticed her teeth tugging at her lip and the red color creeping up her cheeks.  Draco stuck his hand out.

“Draco Malfoy.” She caught his hand with hers for a moment before quickly letting go.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.” she replied and looked around the crowded station.

“Ah. Wise choice, Scorpius.” Draco laughed. Scorpius shook his head back and forth violently.

“It’s not like that! We’re just friends! She’s more of a mother figure to me than anything. She’s twenty one, Dad.” Scorpius explained.

Oh.” Draco mumbled.

“Yeah, well, I should be going-“ she tried to escape but Scorpius interrupted.

“She doesn’t have a place to stay over the break. She didn’t know before we left. Can she stay with us please?”

“What about your family? Won’t they miss you? Why aren’t you staying with them?”

“They disowned her.”

“Ah, well, Malfoy Manor is always open. You’re welcome to stay.” Draco suggested. What did she have to lose? At least this way, she would have a place to sleep and food in her stomach. She nodded and took off for a long winter break with the Malfoys.

The first week went by in a blur. She stayed in the guest room for the most of it. She didn’t eat much and she rarely saw Draco or Scorpius. The day of Christmas Eve, she’d decided she’d had enough of being depressed.

As she walked through the Manor, she was sure she would get lost. She made her way through the twists and turns of the house, noting how many windows there were and how it didn’t seem as dark as some people had described it. As she rounded a corner, she ran into Scorpius.

“Oh, hey Y/N! I’m headed to Albus’ for the day, would you like to come?” he asked and she shook her head.

“No, I’m alright. Tell him I said hello though.” she replied and hugged the boy goodbye.

“Okay, I will! Would you mind spending time with my dad tonight? He seems to be a little sad lately and I think it would do him good to have some adult company. I think he needs another person to talk to besides me.”

Y/N nodded reluctantly. She could see that it meant a lot to Scorpius. Maybe she could get to know the Draco Malfoy better. He did raise a decent son. He couldn’t be half as bad as everyone said he was.

As she made her way down for dinner, she couldn’t help but be nervous. She was alone with Draco. Draco didn’t have the best reputation and she was anxious as to what she could possibly talk about with a former Death Eater.

The two sat in silence as they ate. Draco watched as she stole glances at him every few seconds. She was nervous and Draco could understand why. He wasn’t known for his niceness. He was known for who he was as a boy - a misunderstood boy. He had no choice and not many people could recognize that.

She finished before he did and he was prepared to stop her before she left, but she never did. Instead, she sat across from him fidgeting in her seat.

“When’s Scorpius coming back?” Y/N asked. Her voice sounded quiet in the large space.

“Later on tonight, I believe.” he answered. His blue-grey eyes locked with her E/C ones.

“Oh. Well, I could stay down here and maybe we could get to know each other better? Scorpius is great and all, but I am an adult. I should have some adult friends.” she laughed. Draco smiled. Her laugh sounded like a melody he wanted to hear for the rest of his life.

“I understand. I don’t have many adult friends myself.” he smirked. Getting up from his chair, he made the long journey to her. He held out a hand and she gladly took it. She followed him to their sitting room.

As the night dragged on, Y/N got to know Draco as more than the boy who became a Death Eater. She found out his favorite color was green. He didn’t like his tea too hot, but he couldn’t drink it cold either. His favorite smell was vanilla or peppermint.  When Astoria passed, he had trouble getting over it, but decided that she wouldn’t die in vain. He became a changed man and he raised Scorpius the exact opposite of how he was raised. She learned that Scorpius and Draco were very close.

She opened up to Draco. He found out that her favorite color was Y/F/C. She had just met Scorpius this year when he defended her against a few seventh years. She told him that she had always had trouble with school. He found out that she had a habit of playing with her hair or biting her nails when she was nervous. When she felt overwhelmed, she liked to sit in the quiet and remind herself that everything was temporary. And finally, she opened up about her family and how they were disappointed that a Y/L/N had to repeat her seventh year of Hogwarts four times. Draco found out that the only reason she wasn’t passing was because of her struggle with Potions. She could never get anything just quite right.

“If you ever need help, I’m always available. I was a master at Potions back in my day, you know.” he smirked at the girl sitting next to him on the couch. She laughed.

“So I’ve heard. Scorpius isn’t too bad either. I should just ask him.” she yawned.

“He is only sixteen, Y/N. I guarantee I know more than my son does.”

“Oh, really? Interesting point, Draco.”

Draco hesitantly threw his around around the back of the couch while he chuckled. Y/N stiffened, noticing the arm behind her. Yawning again, her eyes drifted shut. She leaned into Draco as she drifted off to sleep. Draco’s head rested on top of the twenty one year old’s as he too fell asleep.

As Scorpius Malfoy snuck quietly back into Malfoy Manor, he rounded the corner to let his father know he was home. He crept towards the fireplace, but froze when he saw the two adults asleep on the couch. Grinning, he backed out of the room. His plan had worked. Maybe they wouldn’t have to be a broken family for much longer.

Dear Rosie Watson (”Dear Theodosia”)

I wrote an adaptation of the first part of “Dear Theodosia” from Hamilton, as sung by Sherlock:

Dear Rosie Watson, what to say to you?

You’re my John’s child,

You have your mother’s name,

When your rattle hit my face, you laughed and it broke my heart…

I’m dedicating every day to you

Domestic life was never quite my style

But you’re John’s child – he knocks me out, I fall apart

And I thought I was so smart!


Your mum was bad but here’s salvation –

We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you…

If your dad lets go of his frustration,

We’re gonna make it through, we’ll give the world to you

And you’ll blow us all away

(not like Mar-ay)

Yeah, you’ll blow us all away

(in a good way)



Kaplan: It was excruciating to watch you mourn Elizabeth’s death, to know that I was making you endure that. Yes, I betrayed you, but only after you had betrayed her. Raymond, you have to change…you have to let her go.


Kaplan:  He loves them deeply. Enough to blind him to the reality that his very presence in their lives constitutes a threat.

Kirk in front of Reddington: I should have let go of you… years ago, but you were my child.


Cooper: Dwell on this– the loss of her badge was a stain on Elizabeth’s name and reputation, which you are ultimately responsible for. Your presence in her life has turned it into what it is today. You’ve brought her nothing but pain, grief, and regret, which you seem utterly oblivious to, and surprisingly powerless to rectify.   

I think Red still might leave. He might try to put her life back together first. 

After years of surgery, new Bacta and Rylca experiments, cloned organs transplants and a tense first time at trying out his brand new functioning lungs, Vader, now again using his birth name of Anakin Skywalker, is still getting accostumed of actually being able to just…be…without his mask and the paraphernalia of his old suit…

Sometimes he forgets some ‘small’ details…

   “Well, what did you expect? Your son is 25 and you were treating him like a child!” Mia chided her friend. The fact that over the years of having Luke with her family, she actually managed to become friends with Vader…well…Anakin. The man that had been Vader, was completely in the past!

   But Anakin could be frustrating!

   Specially trying to compensate for all the lost years with his son and daughter…

   “All I said was that going out into Wild Space all alone might not be such a good idea!” Anakin groaned. 

   “You treated him like a hopeless kid!” She squinted at him.

   “ All I asked was for him to at least take his husband with him!” He pointed out. “It’s not like I told him to take extra socks or something…” He growled.

  “Wedge has more to do than babysit his husband, just because his father his reluctant to let a grown man…a Jedi…go into Wild Space alone!”

   Anakin huffed, crossing his arms…like hell was giving Mia the satisfaction of saying she was right!

   “Are you rolling your eyes at me?” Mia asked, half annoyed, half amused.

   “I was not!”

   “Yes you were!” She scoffed. “You do remember everyone can see your expressions now, don’t you? I mean…” She gestured at his face, reminding him that his old customary mask was absent.

  “Awesome! Not only do I look like a horror holomovie, but now I can’t even roll my eyes anymore…”

   “You don’t look like a horror holomovie!” She smirked at him. “The doctors said it would start looking a bit more…normal…after some exposition to the air. The scars aren’t that deep anymore. You need to be patient…” Mia shook her head. “ I swear, you and Max have more similarities than you care to admit! You both make lousy patients! Men are so…ugh..”


I need a new calendar…since in this AU there’s no Battle of Yavin…





I think it’s about time we had a nice discussion about my favorite team leader and son, Spark.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Spark is the leader of Team Instinct, and a scientist who studies how Pokémon hatch and how it relates to said Pokémon’s intuition. Spark is often depicted as the fun-loving, egg-obsessed meme of the trio of team leaders, which I can’t exactly disagree with.

However, what I do disagree with is that some people seem to think that this is all Spark is. They erase everything that I believe Spark truly is and depict him almost like a child in an adult man’s body. And I will not name any names, but I have seen my fair share of posts claiming that the only reason Spark is Team Instinct’s leader because he is related to one of the other leaders or even Professor Willow, that he did not earn the title and position based on merit alone.

First of all… No.

I understand having your headcanons about who’s related to who and whatnot, and that’s not the issue I have. My problem is that they erase the fact that Spark needs to show a certain amount of merit in order to be a team leader. It’s not exactly a small task.

Spark is the leader of a very large team. Perhaps not as large as Valor or Mystic, but large nonetheless. Managing a team requires a certain amount of skill, not to mention one of decent size. And not only that, but he leads a team of Pokémon trainers. That means that he has had to set himself apart as a Pokémon trainer, prove that he has the capability to successfully lead his own team of Pokémon, before he could try leading a large group of people and heir own Pokémon as well. It’s not a position that you can drop a random idiot into because ‘they’re family’. It requires a serious amount of hard work and dedication to even build your own team, let alone aid several Pokémon trainers through their journey as well.

And let’s not forget that Spark is a scientist. He is a canon scientist studying the hatching and intuition of Pokémon. He has spent years studying and creating theories, dedicating his time to hatching eggs and raising Pokémon, studying them and training with them, watching them grow. He is not an idiot.

And this is no way saying that he isn’t a jokester, that he isn’t basically a meme and probably spends more time with eggs than he does with people. But I’m saying that that is not all that he is. He is an intelligent, dedicated man who has decided to spend his life studying Pokémon, passing on his studies and theories to other scientists and trainers, and guiding young trainers down a hopefully successful path. He has worked hard to get to where he is, and he is just as much of a trainer and a leader as Candela and Blanche. And I feel that he deserves to be represented that way.