child teeth

(sees a child) they have teeth under their teeth they have teeth under their teeth they have teeth under their teeth up in their gums theres hidden teeth up there and under their teeth


Can we talk about how this precious Rubybun smiles the entire ride down his arm? And how his hand just uncurls to let her slip on by X’D

vero-valzer  asked:

Aliens reacting to human children losing their baby teeth and then their permanent teeth coming in. Maybe also being introduced to the concept of the Tooth Fairy and trying to figure out how that whole thing works?!

Most days Kadew could deal with human weirdness. He could handle the high levels of emotion, the contradicting traits of extreme survival skills and a complete lack of self preservation that many of the species had. So when his crew mate, Human-Tom, invited him to visit earth and experience his culture, Kadew had thought he could handle it and agreed.

It wasn’t the dangerous flora or fauna that sent him screaming from the planets surface.

Human-Tom had introduced Kadew to his son, Tiny-Human-Jon, who was no more than an infant. Kadew found the tiny pink creature repulsive, but he’d smiled and cooed about how cute the infant was for the sake of their interpersonal relationship. The baby took one look at the bright pink skin and luminous antennae, and erupted into a delighted fit of laughter. Everyone around grinned fondly, but Kadew’s pink skin shifted to a pale green.

Human-Tom cast a concerned glance to his crew mate. “You don’t look so good mate, what’s up?”

Kadew could barely bring himself to speak, but through no small amount of effort, he choked out, “someone appears to have removed your childs teeth, who would torture an infant?” 

Kadew nearly fainted as Human-Tom started laughing. 

He placed a comforting hand on Kadew’s shoulder hinge. “Jon is fine. There was no torture, he just hasn’t grown his baby teeth yet.”

Kadew blinked twice. “Baby…teeth?” 

Human-Tom nodded easily. “Yeah, he’s just started teething.” Kadew offered only a blank stare in repsonse. Human-Tom ran a hand along the back of his neck. “Ok, well, humans are born with teeth. They first form when we’re babies, then when we’re prepubsescent they fall out and a re replaced with a permanent set.”

Kadew squealed in alarm. “Your teeth fall out??”

Another easy nod, as if it was the natural thing in the univrse. “For sure, we– hold on, Kelly just lost one, she’ll show you.”

Human-Tom’s daughter came at her fathers call, watching Kadew curiously. Human-Tom gestured her forward. “Wanna show him your gap?” Kadew’s skin pulsed blue in fear as the young female opened her mouth. A set of normal, gleaming white teeth occupied her mouth, just as others of her species and–

Kadew screeched at the gaping black hole where her two front teeth should have been, the gum bright red and inflammed. 

Human-Kelly grinned. “I got six bucks from the tooth fairy for ‘em!” Her words were shapeless, her consonants drawn out and lispy.

“Tooth fairy?” Kadew was almost afraid to ask.

Human-kelly grinned again, clearly enjoying this. “The tiny winged being that gives us money for teeth while we sleep.”

Kadew fainted and vowed to never return to earth. 

Mini au where a closeted Scorpius had his wisdom teeth removed, and Albus is with him.


“Hey Al.. You are actually really cute, like really cute” He laughs with the most dazed face.

He continues to laugh, having no control whatever what he is even saying, “I don’t think I ever told you that I’M gay–”

“Heyy Al- did I ever tell you that I have like a massive crush on you like since first year?” He giggles, “But I never wanted to tell you cause your straight, ya know?”


For shinjiminbaby ; Here, pigglet ♡

♡ Note: None of the small things lower in the post are meant in a sexual way. At all. So, before you blow up my inbox, know my intentions were nothing more than innocent. [ REPOST because my phone is an asshole. ]

▪ Honestly pretty sweet
▪ One of the youngest of the pack
▪ But, not really new
▪ Don’t underestimate him
▪ Keeps to himself
▪ Listens to the Alpha
▪ Good boy generally
▪ Likes being out in nature
▪ ☆ Human
▪ Everyone wants to touch his hair itssofluffythough
▪ Smile that kills
▪ Avoids the urge to bite
▪ Oral fixation, tbh
▪ Likes music
▪ Often wears headphones to block out the noises from miles away
▪ Grade spikes
▪ It’s your fault
▪ He’s been in love with you since kindergarten
▪ Turns a lot of girls down
▪ Sensitive about hurting people
▪ Draws a lot
▪ Mostly that girl from kindergarten
▪ Aka you
▪ Aka the one he can’t stop staring at
▪ Donghyuck is sick of hearing about you honestly
▪ ‘How does this look..?’
▪ ‘Looks like the last fifty drawings of her, Mark.’
▪ Eventually goes to the Alpha like a lost puppy
▪ ‘Is it possible to find your soulmate at a really young age..?’
▪ ‘Anythings possible.’
▪ He basically confirms you’re his soulmate sodoeseveryoneelse
▪ Approaches s h y l y
▪ With flowers
▪ ‘I know we don’t talk..and you..don’t really know me but..let’s—’
▪ You take the flowers, and chuckle
▪ ‘Took you long enough’
▪ He dies a little on the inside
▪ Over time, you obviously find out
▪ Hey I’m dating a wolf (’:
Wait is that why you growl a lot
▪ You love it
▪ He’s so soft to you
▪ [ We’ll get back to that ]
▪ ☆ Wolf
▪ Protective, and defensive of his people
▪ aka You, and the pack
▪ Likes to run
▪ Generally found under a tree
▪ Loves food
▪ Likes nuzzling your hand
▪ Head
▪ Thigh
▪ Side
▪ Basically anywhere
▪ He really just likes nuzzling you
▪ L i c k s your face just like a puppy
▪ Is really a pup honestly
▪ Likes collars
▪ Many collar jokes
▪ ‘You gross, kinky so—’ -Donghyuck
▪ ‘Don’t make me throw you in a river, Hyuck.’
▪ Yes he likes fetch
▪ Likes to be active
▪ ‘Mark, give it-’
▪ Grr-
▪ ‘Mark Lee, give me that ball right now, or no petting for a week’
▪ Whimpers
▪ Drops said ball
▪ ☆ Little things
▪ Bite marks
▪ Mark just likes biting, and gnawing on things
▪ Almost like a teething child
▪ So, he tends to nibble on you
▪ Hand
▪ Shoulder
▪ Arm
▪ Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to leave marks
▪ ‘I have SCHOOL, Mark.’
▪ ‘At least other boys don’t bother you’
▪ Innocent smile
▪ You can’t help but melt, and let him continue
▪ He’s a rather innocent minded kid
▪ So he avoids the others teasing, and remarks
▪ When it comes to his mate, aka, you
▪ You, are his world
▪ Just you
▪ Goddess
▪ You heal him
▪ Expect him to always be connected to you
▪ Hand holding
▪ Arm around waist
▪ Holding your shirt
▪ He n e e d s to be holding onto you
▪ He aches to be in your arms
▪ Can not go one day without you
▪ Very affectionate
▪ Only towards you
▪ Protective
▪ He is not afraid to rip someone to pieces for breathing in your direction
▪ ‘Couple bracelets!’
▪ Frown
▪ ‘It would break when I change..’
▪ Pouts from you
▪ ‘….Tattoos?’
▪ You both beam
▪ Hng
▪ You eventually get SMALL matching tattoos
▪ Something innocent
▪ That really stands for you
▪ Like he has a tiny lamb on the side of his wrist
▪ You have a wolf
▪ Cause, you’re his fragile little lamb
▪ He’s your guardian wolf
▪ Years later?
▪ Wedding bells and puppies


just another lil something as I need to move my butt and start posting more! This is a tad drunk / sleepy Harry. 


“I’m s’not drunk.” Harry amusingly giggled like a child, showing you his teeth as he thought of what to say next. His eyes were on you, and they made you feel good inside. His glances were like no one else’s.

“Snot?” You asked, his smile slightly vanished, he looked at you not understanding your words.

“S’what?” Harry asked you again. He sat up straight on the padded chair and rubbed his eyes like a child wanting sleep. He focused on you again. His soft pink lips went to open, but quickly shut again as he lost his train of thought.

“Why are you speaking like that?” You asked with a smile, putting the straw in your mouth and drinking from your pitcher. God you loved him, the pair of you loved nothing more than taking the piss out of each other.

“Don’t laff, it’s ‘m accent. I’m not from ‘round ‘ere ya’now.” He said looking down, he acted embarrassed but the smile on his face said completely different. He really didn’t know what he was saying by this time, he had the same amount of drinks as you did, but when he eventually hurried off to the toilet, not wanting to break the seal. You switched his G&T for Tequila, Harry’s demon of all alcoholic drinks.

“Where you from then baby?” You asked him. Of course you knew where he was from. You were girlfriend, but it was fun to mess with him when he was drunk. His hand held yours, fiddling with a ring on your tiny index finger. Harry loved your hands, they were tiny, which he loved, and they were dainty, which always made him laugh, he found it funny how every time he held your had it reminded him of when he hold hands with Lola, his 3 year old niece.

He’d been gone a month and a half, and you were missing him horribly. Face-times and text’s were not enough make either of you feel better. You were craving him, you’d wake up aching for him, your entire body needed his touch, you deserved it. Two days, he promised, two days left and he’d be home and he’d make it up by going to the bar where you first met, sit at the same table, order the exact same drinks, and have the exact same conversation you had that night.

It was a shit conversation. You both knew it. You wanted each other, and that was before you started ordering numerous concoctions. The heat, the passion, the eagerness was there, but neither of you admitted it, you both remained calm, no eagerness shown. You laughed hard at his really shit dad jokes, and he acted really interested in the degree you were studying although he didn’t know what astrobiology was.

And you didn’t know that he was secretly throbbing under his black ripped skinny jeans, and he didn’t know that you were soaking from the thought of that tongue being inside you tonight.

The night carried on, and more drinks were poured. You both over thanked the waitress each time she brought the drinks over, embarrassing fits of giggles escaped your mouths as you tried to reenact voices of television characters you used to watch when you were both little. The night was ending soon and there was nothing you could both do to stop time, neither of you wanted to go home and you both definitely didn’t want to go home alone…

“I’m from, ‘uh.. I’m from Scot - ta - fornia.” He said to you. He said it again to himself and nodded. “I’m from Scottafornia.” He smiled, and took another sip of his ‘G&T’. He struggled to find the straw, his eyes were located on the straw, yet his mouth was having trouble and couldn’t find it.

You cleared your throat. Scotland and California maybe?

“Are you now?” You asked, very amused at his answer. “What’s it like there? Sounds like it’s hot but also cold?” He watched you speak, he couldn’t quite understand why you had such a smile on your face.

“S’nice. Real nice.” He said proudly, so unaware of his mistake.

“Baby, take ‘meh shoes off’t.” Harry whined.

You looked at him and put your hands on your hips. “Harry I’m your girlfriend not your bloody mother.” You barked at him. He looked at you and gave you the pout he knew would win you over, it did, you leant across and took his shoes off.

“Not my socks Y/N!”

His voice shrieked. You looked up at him ands eyes were wide. You couldn’t help but laugh, but he frowned at you and mumbled to himself.

“No socks to be worn in the bed, you know the rules.”

He did know the rules, time and time again you’d get into bed and find numerous amount of socks just rolled up under the covers. You thought you were going mad, but you weren’t. You’d sit up and throw the socks out of the bed, lay back down and still find some. Harry loved to wear his socks to bed. You though, you hated it.

He got under the covers of your bed and scowled at you, while mumbling something that sounded similar to what you’d just said, but you decided to ignore it. You got undressed and put some pyjamas on. You went downstairs to get a glass of water for Harry, who was a lot more drunker than you.

You placed his glass of water on his bedside table and crawled into bed next to him. He immediately turned over to face you. “Got you something, for your feet.” You said with a little smile playing at your lips.

“Hope it’s ‘ma socks.” He said bluntly. You could see him rubbing his legs together under the duvet. You let out a little laugh again. Not like Harry to be dramatic.

You move the hot water bottle from your stomach to his hands so he could feel what you were on about. “Here.” You watched him. His face relaxing to the warmth. He smiled at you and ever so quickly got under the covers to place it under his feet.

You smiled and got comfortable, pulling the duvet that smelt of Harry up to your neck and letting out a little sigh of relief that neither of you have been sick yet.

“Y/N, baby.” Harry started.

“’Fanks for the hot water bottle,” He said slowly. He moved closer to you wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his head in your neck. He left little kisses, and let out a little sigh.

“Can’t wait to move to Scottafornia with ‘yeh.”

You see this child? He is a forbidden child-

he’s probably not gonna be born, aka he isn’t gonna live but idk yet