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Scenario for the dragon slayers having to deal with a little crying children

He’s surprisingly good with children. Maybe it’s his kind of childish, careless nature that helps him to deal with children a lot better than we’d expect. He’d be such a cute and caring father.

Ahm no. Just no. He would not be able to deal with a crying child whatsoever. He’d be overwhelmed and absolutely clueless how to make that tiny human being stop crying

Not as worse as Laxus but still pretty bad. The difference is that Gajeel would be able to learn how to deal with a crying child after a few weeks. He’d get a hang of it and not freak out when the crying machine starts again.

Is that even a question? She’d perfectly get along with crying children. She knows how to handle them and how to make them stop. So Laxus and Gajeel would probably call for her when they’re in need of help.

He’d have no idea how to deal with a crying child but somehow he’d be able to make them laugh with his sunny personality. He’s literally a ray of light so children would just naturally be happy around him.

He’d try his best… and that’s all that counts right? I don’t think he’d handle a crying baby well and I also doubt that children would like him… at all. He’s the dragon slayer of darkness and children simply despise anything dark. He’d be pretty sad about it though.

That poor guy… a dragon slayer whose hearing is so good that he can hear thoughts needs to stick around a loud, crying baby. I honestly think he’d try, he really would… but after a few hours he’d quit while covering his eats with pillows.

i'm bored so

imma give you y'all some grown stinge headcanons

- He becomes a successful business man when he’s older. He was originally supposed to take on his father’s business, but before his father passed, the business went straight into the ground. He sorted out that mess and started his own which turned out well. (originally i wanted him to be really bad at math but i feel as if that wouldn’t make much sense considering how much i love this successful businessman hc???? idk)

- moves to the big city. He needed to expand his business so he relocated himself somewhere busier

- He has almost 100 pairs of those really fancy pointy shoes. Just stacked in his closet. He wears a different pair everyday.

-He never grows out of his pig phase. Even when he’s an adult, there’s still a piggy somewhere. Like whenever i draw him he has a piggy brooch. He still cherishes his piggy bank and keeps it on display.

- When he grows older he gets a full-sized, completely functional replica made of his small little car with the pig on the hood.

- Switches between contact lenses and his glasses

- develops a bit of a potty mouth in the future

- doesn’t end up marrying/ having kids because he’s afraid he’ll become neglectful like his father was to him. He’s too busy!!!!!!

- feels the need to smell nice all the time. There are bottles of cologne all over his house.

- wears brown or black eyeliner cuz it makes his eyes appear larger. he usually doesn’t wing them because it takes a lot of time and he’s always rushin. he only wings it when he feeling spi cy

- Keeps random objects from everyone because they hold good memories.

-silky undies

- takes bubble baths constantly. has a rubber piggy that acts as a rubber ducky

-Eventually grows out of his ‘mine’ phase but still occasionally nabs things when no one looky (blus he still wants the US stock market lowkey soooo)

- tried to run for mayor in lazytown but no one let him lol stinge n o

- still wears his signature red polka-dotted bow.

Fairy Tail Chapter 526 Review

Wow. This chapter.

So looks like “FT memories” is going to be a running theme of covers. On the one hand, I kinda like since the series is ending. On the other hand, you probably should remind people “Hey remember back this was really good”

So picking up from last chapter, we have tons of fighting.

Little side note, the spell Gildarts is using is called “All-Crush” which is also the name of the dark bring from Rave Master which was the inspiration for Gildarts’ powers

August impales Gildarts on his staff (that I didn’t know had such a sharp edge) and talks about love between parent and child (again)

Okay. I get this whole importance of parent and child, and it’s an okay message. The problem is when you put it on infinite repeat. All the dialogue is just prose on this theme and it’s so annoying. I mean, isn’t the theme of fairy tail family as in family that isn’t blood related to you?

So Gildarts rushes forward at August. then we cut away.

Yeah Zeref keep making that hole bigger why don’t you.

And bomb shell, Larcade is a demon. Honestly I’m not surprised but I’m impressed with how he said that he was the best experimental boy for Natsu because when we saw END for the first time people referenced that there were these destroyed containers meaning there was possibly of failed ENDs. But I guess that Larcade had the demon programing like all of Zeref’s demons to want zeref so maybe Larcade’s manifested as, “he’s my father”.

“Look failure Natsu, I have real Natsu to pay attention to so piss off”

Umm before I go into this, no Hades she’s not a grown woman, she’s in her mid teens at best. Mentally fine she’s an adult but she’s not fully grown. Also how did you deliver the baby?

So Hades doesn’t know what to do with the child and I really like the call back to Hades arguing over light and dark because his whole thing was on the true nature and origin of magic. That was what his philosophy was.

Okay let’s go through this panel by panel, first, WOW Hades you are crappy elder. I mean you were guildmaster, you basically were in charge of being the father figure of the guild, good to know you improved.

Next, So wait your magic involves memories, how?

And finally, looks like Zeref is randomly wandering, again.

That’s… Really clever. Like when August ot shot with Crash he made a comment on Gildarts having “an interesting magic”. Meaning he didn’t have knowledge of it before.

Again really clever idea and way of beating him. I just have a few questions, what about the heat pillar he used on Natsu, or the sleep magic on brandish, or the bullet magic on Mirajane? Do you naturally know that magic because no one who knows those magic were in the area.

okay I don’t like this joke of Cana being tsundere-like about her dad it’s really not funny for me.

I’ll break this down panel by panel. So this flashback is interspersed through the action. Again just talking about Zeref.

Also, Gildarts I get what your saying, I just didn’t think that the prosthetic was a magic item I assumed you just could use crash without it breaking.

Oh I so hope August isn’t beaten by this. Mainly because the faces they are making is not the face of the final blow being struck.

Dun Dun Dah, August is Mavis and Zeref’s kid! Oh boy how do I feel about this well I wanted to say this was a stupid twist because it faked us out but the whole point of a twist is to fake you out. Thinking about how the clues have been laid out: August when talking to Jellal never said Larcade he just said “his majesty’s child, also he says how Mavis was the only one who can beat the child and we saw Sting beat Larcade so that would make what august said pointless, August is an old man meaning he’s probably lived those hundred years that pass from the flash backs to the present, also the why didn’t his majesty not love his child at first seemed rhetorical but then became literal possibly due to his memory and living this long. So all the the things laid out was this a good twist I would objectively say yes. My problem kinda comes from Larcade having the color scheme that makes him look like Mavis which if he was a clone of Natsu, why didn’t he look like him? So yeah, the twist is good, however, what will come from it is what needs to be good as well.

Post Chapter follow up: This was a mixed bag. For the cons the repetitive dialogue is annoying. I’m sorry but this parent child thing is just so droning. Also a lot of the facial expressions do not match of the fight they seem reallt cartoonish.

On the plus side, Very good idea with the copy magic. It’s like a magic version of perfect copy from Kuroko no Basket. Really the solution of using only an item type of magic is also clever. I gotta give props to Hiro on that.

The stuff with Larcade does need a little more explanation but I do like that he was the closest to Natsu that Zeref created before END.

The twist may be hit or miss for some people but I guess I have to say I think it’s good I just don’t know how much I like it. Hopefully what comes from it is good.

Final Verdict: 7/10

  • Good ideas
  • Good twist
  • Little bit of annoying dialogue

I actually do love the idea of Natsu and Lucy being Sting’s parents, it’s a fun theory.

Haha, I’ve never heard of that one before! Mirajane is very motherly, I especially love the bond between Yukino and Mirajane. I imagine Laxus would be a hardass to Sting for being “too nice” to ’his daughter’, Yukino. Another thing I noticed is Sting looks like Yukino’s ’father’, Laxus. It reminds me of that old saying about girls try to find a man like their father, I suppose it works out like that in this case. XD

The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 6

Cannot believe I’ve been writing this for six weeks

This one is very, very angsty, so consider this your warning. As always, a huge huge thanks to @minky-for-short @childofdustandashes @oversaturated-ocean @purearcticfire and @lookatvanessasface

I’ve met so many lovely, lovely people through posting and writing this fic and I love you all, @brainypaperbullets @hollywoodx4 @arya-durin-51 and the ever complimentary @kilocurican

I really hope you guys like this

“See? I told you he’d have your eyes.”

“Damn. Thought fate would have given the poor kid a break after he got my nose too.”

“Oh, shut up! It looks so sweet, don’t give the little guy a complex.”

“Yeah well, he’s been saved, he’s got your face. Handsome devil.”

“I’d be slightly more worried about the fact he’s got your appetite. And your sleep schedule. And your blabbermouth.”

“God help us all.”

Alex and Eliza loved to play this game, in the early mornings or late evenings or whatever time they found themselves lying side by side on their bed with little Philip on his back and encircled by his parents’ bodies. The conventions of normal time, words like breakfast and noon and dinner and bedtime, had kind of blurred into meaningless ever since they’d had their baby. To the point where Eliza had found Alex putting a pizza in the oven (he’d been given his kitchen privileges back and was actually turning into a very good cook) at two in the morning and had thought nothing of it. It was kind of fun, actually, to not have any ties to structure or schedule, to just float in their own little bubble, them and their little treasure, beholden to nothing and no one but themselves.

“I don’t quite know where these came from though,” Eliza hummed, gently ruffling Philip’s head of tight, dark brown curls that stuck up after a good night’s sleep and after he’d been doing his favourite activity of rolling around on the floor of his father’s writing room while he worked, and bounced adorably when he got excited or happy or fidgety. Right now, they were fluffed up around his sweet, attentive face as he yawned and fought against his impending nap, to not much avail. But he had his mama and pops right by him, he was warm and smelling all soft and soapy from his recent bath, the room was illuminated with the orange glow that was only ever found in the early evening as day slipped to night. He wasn’t fighting too hard, it was mostly for show.

“I do,” Alex murmured after a few moment’s pause, his eyes fixed on his wife’s fingers gently combing through their baby’s curls in such a gentle and protective gesture.

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I like to think Sting has a small habit of brushing Rogue’s bangs out of his face as he sleeps and just gently resting his hand on his cheek for a moment and just looking at his sleeping boyfriend like ‘god damn you are gorgeous’.

fairy tail headcanon #69

Sting is NaLu’s child, Rogue is Gajevy’s child, and Wendy is Jerza’s child.


you were a child, abandoned;

they made a tool of you,

a dagger

in the night; the breath of poison

a weapon wielded by a king

a weapon misused

by a prideful prince.

you were a thundercloud

chasing after death;

a powder keg

that would take one spark to ignite.

they did not know

what they made, when they made you -

they did not know

they could not control you.

feral child,

who could love you?

who would care for a broken bastard,

a crownless king?

a boy kept with beasts

raised in resentment

a killer; a monster

heart tempered by the wolf,

hands softened by a fool,

soul mended by a girl,

in red skirts;

your child with a stinging name

and gentle nature -

what did you do to deserve this?

you gave your life

to your king, your country;

your memories to a dragon,

your love freely,

despite your fears

despite the pain

they did not break you, though they tried

your heart remained

your soul returned;

a second chance with a kiss.

you gave your life;

your love gave it back

take joy, wolf child,

for you are loved;

not owned;

‏not abandoned;

not forgotten;

you are loved.

Before the End, A New Beginning

In which a lapse in judgement changes everything.

Solavellan unexpected pregnancy/kidfic-to-be. Spoilers for Trespasser.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8

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The pause gives her the opening she needs.

At any other time she’d preach mercy – would measure the weight of a life with care, however corrupt the core, and find it worth saving. Weak of heart, they’ve called her. Kind, others have countered, but whichever is true, fury is what drives her now, a reckless, mindless thing that remembers the knife angled towards her stomach, and the callous bartering of the life of her child. Scalp stinging and the acrid taste of bile still on her tongue, she can’t tell which emotion burns the hottest – shame, at her own ineptitude, her own pathetic helplessness in the face of danger; or anger, at herself and at the fate that seems to deem it fit to land her in these blasted situations.

She hadn’t been given much chance to use her magic, and with her reserves still full she draws on them now, pulls and pulls and with a physical tug – yanks a bolt of lightning from the sky with every ounce of strength she’s got.

It strikes its target head-on, and Laertes goes down with a thud that tells her he’s dead even before she catches sight of his wide-sprung, bloodshot eyes.

“That’s for the rabbit comment,” she spits the lie, voice trembling with anger and something else, and shaking the tingle of magic from her fingers, Ellana turns towards the newcomers.

The woman with the daggers looks impressed. “Well. Saves me the trouble.” She makes to take a step forward, but Ellana positions herself in front of the others, hands still raised, and sparks leaping between her fingertips in a clear show of warning.

“One more step, and there’ll be a repeat performance,” she says. “I don’t care that you saved us – if you’ve got the same idea in mind as this one, I’ll tear open a rift right here and toss you both through.” Nevermind the fact that she’s never actually attempted such a feat, but they don’t know that, and she’s so angry right now she doesn’t even think about whether or not they can tell she’s the worst liar in all of Thedas.

The pirate – because she can’t be anything else, Ellana thinks – sighs. “The price of selflessness.” Then, under her breath, “I don’t know how Hawke puts up with this.”

Ellana blinks, but before she can ask, finds her surprise echoed by Cassandra at her back. “What?”

She still hasn’t relaxed her stance, but some of her anger has given way to wariness. And curiosity. “You know Hawke?”

She’s awarded with a snort. “Everyone knows Hawke.” And she’s about to elaborate, when her words are cut off by the groan of the ship as it tilts to the side. But she’s quick to regain her footing, and Ellana doesn’t stumble this time, though she catches Dorian’s startled oath somewhere behind her.

The pirate inclines her head, casually, as though the ship isn’t one broken plank away from taking them all down to the sea’s bottom. “Kitten, be a dear and uproot your pretty plant before it sinks us all.”

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Hindsight:  An Adoption Day drabble...of sorts

So this is my first belated offering for OQ week. I hope you all enjoy it even though technically OQ week is over. I do have another adoption day idea as well as plans for a “Teach Me” drabble. But I think I’ll finish the next intalment of “Her” first. 

For the precious and talented starscythe who inspired this train of thought. 


It’s his scent she first notices. Clean. Woodsy. A mixture of pine and earth muted by the sweat of physical work and dirt beneath the fingernails. It’s a scent she likes, one she finds appealing and soft, not soft in the sense of cotton or silk, but rather in the manner of moss, or grass, or piles of freshly fallen leaves left alone for the enjoyment of children and the occasional spontaneous adult.

He moves towards her then.

His warmth approaches in steady strides, not to fast, not too slow. He stops a comfortable distance from her, allowing soft billows of air brushed by human breath and skin to tickle her senses, giving her a moment to size him up as best she can at a first meeting.

“Miss Mills?”

His voice is deep, but not overly so, a bit rough around the edges yet plump with gentleness. It’s a texture that reminds her of a broken in quilt, one that’s been hand-stitched and pieced together with care, one capable of warding off the chills of life by its mere presence and pliability. A good sign, she thinks, especially for a man who does what he does, and she allows herself to take a step forward, extending her hand with what she hopes is a confident smile. 

“Regina,” she clarifies. The hand that greets hers is neither soft nor rough, but one of a working man who takes care of himself but doesn’t bother with niceties. “And you’re Mr. Locksley?”

His grip is firm, not painful, and his hands smell of Irish Spring soap. She scrunches her nose without thinking as fragments of clover and mint dust through her nostrils and into her sinuses, simultaneously noting a coarseness to his skin she rather likes. 

“Robin,” he states. His grin gives his voice a melodic lilt. “Please—just Robin.” 

He’s closer now, and her pores react as if on cue. He’s taller than she is, she realizes, feeling his breath feather across top of her hair, and although she’s not sure why that should matter, she finds that she is pleased by the fact. 

“Robin,” she echoes, noting that he steps in just hair nearer as she utters his name. He clears his throat as he shifts slightly on his feet, and she hears him rub the back of his neck with the hand that isn’t clutching hers.

“You’re here to meet Miss Belle, then?” he asks, releasing her hand, exposing it to the coolness of empty air. She misses the warmth immediately and clutches the stick she holds in her other hand even tighter.

“Miss Belle?” she questions, hearing Henry’s hurried approach from behind. He’s breathing somewhat heavily as he moves to her side, the keys dangling noisily from his fingers, and she makes a mental note to discuss with him just how much is too much after-shave for a sixteen year old to wear.

“Short for the name my son bestowed upon her,” Robin explains, his attention now divided between mother and son. “Tinkerbelle.” 

“Strange name for a Labrador,” Henry muses with a laugh, piping down rather quickly when she shoots him a reprimanding look. “Sounds more like a name for a little dog.”

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Pediatrician won't treat baby with 2 moms

A Michigan pediatrician has refused to treat a newborn baby girl because the child has two moms. And though the incident happened months ago, the parents are only now ready to speak up about what happened to them in hopes that it won’t happen to anyone else again. 

Jami and Krista Contreras hand-picked their daughter’s pediatrician, Dr. Vesna Roi, months before the child was born. They interviewed her. They liked her approach to medicine. They say she knew ahead of time that they were lesbians and didn’t seem to have any problems with it. But when they arrived at the doctor’s office with their then-six-day-old child, another pediatrician came into the room and told them that after “much prayer,” Dr. Roi had decided that she couldn’t treat the baby because the women are gay. 

There’s no law in Michigan protecting LGBT people from this kind of discrimination, nor a federal law, so the couple are not suing the doctor.

Roi, meanwhile, has apologized to Jami and Krista Contreras in a handwritten letter, which was obtained by the Detroit Free Press. It states:

“Dear Jami & Krista, I am writing this letter of apology as I feel that it is important and necessary. I never meant to hurt either of you. After much prayer following your prenatal (visit), I felt that I would not be able to develop the personal patient doctor relationship that I normally do with my patients.”

The letter, dated Feb. 9, did not explain why Roi felt that way, nor did it mention anything about the two women being lesbians. It did, however, state that the Contrerases were “always welcome in our office” and that they could still get care from another pediatrician who was on staff.
Roi also apologized for not telling the Contrerases about her decision in person.

“I felt that it was an exciting time for the two of you and I felt that if I came in and shared my decision, it would take away much of the excitement. That was my mistake,” the letter stated. “I should have spoken with you that day.”

The letter concluded:

“Please know that I believe that God gives us free choice and I would never judge anyone based on what they do with that free choice. Again, I am very sorry for the hurt and angry feelings that were created by this. I hope that you can accept my apology.”

I want to cry for this child, who faced the sting of homophobia before she was old enough to see or recognize or comprehend it. I want to cry for these parents, whose joy at bringing a child into their family was tainted immediately by a supposed caregiver who should have been one of the first to help them in their journey. I want to cry.