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Name: Antonia
Age: 22
Country: Australia

I’m a 22 year old, assistant nurse who’s looking for inspiration and friendship in life. I have desires to travel, to do things for others and to do mission trips to third world countries. I have a sponsor child and I’m a Christian. I just want someone I can email and talk to!

Preferences: Preferably over 18, and female. I will happily talk to anyone from anywhere but I’m sorry I don’t want any males.

I have been sponsoring a little girl in Zambia since the first season of The Riches. I went through some tough years when I first moved to Los Angeles, and The Riches was my first major success. After we shot season one, I decided I wanted to share some of that success with whomever I could. I wanted to pay it forward. Sponsoring a child has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. It feeds the soul in a way not much else can, and it requires so little— Noel Fisher (2012)

greerian  asked:

How much good does donating to non-profit organizations with the aim of reaching people in poverty in foreign countries actually do? How much money reaches them? What is the most efficient/cost-effective way to ensure people in poverty get what they need?

Hey there! I’m Judith, and this is #AnswerTime!

Everyone, regardless of where you live, can make an impact. In my personal time, I sponsor a child in Senegal through World Vision. I am also very proud to donate money to organizations that are supporting refugees here in America and abroad. 

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What if SO want to adopt a child; because it is an honourable and generous act, or they would sponsor a hungry child, it is always a great gesture. And they are little afraid to get pregnant, they’re not ready and they’re unsure. What do Tale!Bros + Fell!Sans + Swap!Pap think about this decision?

I’m back in action!

♥UT Sans: He respects your decision and is totally fine with you adopting a kid, he’ll love them no matter what. He’d would prefer that you adopt a baby though, because it won’t be as awkward as trying to raising kid who used to have parents, but he’ll do his best and treat them as his own either way.

♥UT Papyrus: He is just the tinniest bit disappointed when you first tell him, but he gets over it quickly. Papyrus would love a child no matter what age and he (Rather loudly) vows that he will be the beat parent he can possibly be and once you get the child, and there is no difference than if they actually were yours.

♥UF Sans: Don’t even worry about it, he’s not ready either. When you begin to once a child he just kind of let’s you to it and is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. He does secretly enjoy it when you show him pictures that you’ve received of the kid and he eventually finds himself helping you sponsor them, and is still confused as to how he can care so much about some kid he never even met.

♥US Papyrus: That’s alright, he won’t push. When you begin to sponsor a child he pitches in right away and even writes them a few letters. If it’s possible, after a while, he may suggest adopting the kid you’ve been sponsoring.
Stop shaming poor kids

We have a few people every year that are appalled that a foster child would ask for a video game, a pair of Jordan sneakers, an American Girl, etc. This year is no different. You can see on the comments of one of our posts. I can only explain it from my point of view. These are “wishes” that the foster children have. We never said they were needs. Although we occasionally have folks agree to sponsor a child and then ignore their wishes and give them books and underwear.

Some of these kids go their whole life getting clothing only from Salvation Army. Nothing wrong with that…at least they have clothes, right? But they go to school with YOUR kids and they want what YOUR kids want. They wonder why Santa brought YOUR kids the video games and XBoxes but not to them. Sometimes getting second hand items your whole life makes you feel, well, second hand.

When I was young, we adopted a child from the Angel tree and a friend of my mother’s made a comment about she couldn’t believe they would ask for such expensive items. But her kids were asking for the same thing. So its okay for a kid from rich parents to ask for an Xbox but not a kid from a poor parent? What did either do to “deserve” an xBox? Nothing.

So let us be totally transparent and say yes, we allow the kids to ask for crazy things. This may be the only time in their life they get something extravagant. This may be the first time in their life they felt like someone cared for them. Imagine that!

And we do actually provide clothing for the children throughout the year as well. Many of them do come into care with only the clothing on their backs. WE also provide school supplies and activity funds to help them stay interested in school.

And my name is Jennifer Reynolds and I am a volunteer for this board and the opinions above are my personal opinions. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope buying some “not necessary” gifts for these kids blesses you this year!

I am crying right now.

I am a Christian who sponsors a child named Kerene in the Congo through a child sponsorship organization called World Vision. I’ve watched her grow up. I’ve seen the pictures she sends. I’ve bought her goats for birthday presents and watched her get schooling and medical care for her six-person family that she would never get otherwise.

World Vision made the decision to hire married gay people last week.

Within two days, they lost 10,000 child sponsorships.

10,000. Ten freaking thousand. Ten THOUSAND children, tan, yellow, white, and black, who won’t any longer HAVE schooling and medical care thanks to these hateful bigots.

After those debilitating two days, WV reversed its decision, at which point the sponsorship-cancelling stopped “like magic”.

As a gay-loving, liberal, Democratic Christian, I have to say to you other “Christians” who would dare punish an innocent third party over a piece of doctrinal dogma:

Kindly fuck off my religion. I know that’s not Christly to say, but I’m not feeling very Christly right now, and not very loving, either. Fuck off my religion and stop using it as an excuse to hurt the people that Jesus loved, that he told US to love. He told us for our hearts to break for what breaks his, so seeing all these kids being thrown away, tossed like garbage? I hate you for it. I hate you. I hate you for being so callous and closed-hearted that you find yourself responsible for being the judge and jury of a charity organization, using children as the bargaining chips.

There are tears running down my face. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. But one thing you’ve done for me, you hatred-filled, homophobic bigots: I will not ever abandon Kerene. I will not.

"You dirty lil’ fuckin prick.“

My thoughts on why Chester King, who has been the embodiment of upper-class snobbery up to that point, loses his upper class accent and speaks in much coarser manner.

Chester King was not born into the upper class, but came from humble origins much like Eggsy. Some way or another, he obtained an opportunity to rise above his station and become a “gentleman”, possibly on the charity of someone else (who may be affiliated with Kingsman). He attended public schools on this sponsorship and pretended to be the same as all the other rich kids there. Much like Pip from Great Expectations, he was ashamed of his origins and concealed them from his peers.

His talents at deception also made him suitable to become a Kingsman agent. The name “Chester King” may not even be his original name, but a false one he created as part of his pretence. It is a bit of a coincidence that the leader of Kingsman, whose code name is Arthur, just happens to have the family name of King. Of course, it’s also possible that he was adopted into the actual King family, or perhaps even an illegitimate child sponsored in secret - which would explain why someone from high society would choose to sponsor a seemingly random working class kid.

Coming from such a background, Chester King would most likely be resentful of two kinds of people: 1. the kind of people from his youth who would’ve scorned him if they knew of his true origins, and 2. people who are jobless, commit petty crime, get involved with drug, etc. He considers them inferior and offensive because he thinks they’re the reason he was once looked down upon, and that he’s so much better than them for having “risen above”.

It’s also very possible that Chester King pretends - not only to everyone, but also to himself - that he has always been a upper class gentleman, instead of someone who once hung onto bottom rung of the social ladder. He believes that what he has now is definitely the most superior, and condemns his past as something shameful. This internalised classism causes him to be even more of a “snob” than the others, because he’s always overcompensating for lowly origins.

In other words, Chester King’s snobbery is more due to spite than an actual belief in his superiority. His holds those opinions in spite of those he despises and those who would have despised him. It’s also a form of hypocrisy, because he condemns Lee and Eggsy who come from similar backgrounds to himself while insisting that he is superior. This is part of his own self-delusion that he is better than everyone around him, because it’s hard to believe that when other people can also achieve the same things he has achieved.

Chester King’s reason for allying with Valentine: what better way to prove your own superiority than to make yourself one of the “chosen people”, one of the elite minority that will survive a cull of the human race?

He lets Harry walk into a death trap in Kentucky because he most likely resents Harry for being something he cannot be. Harry Hart, who is undoubtably a gentleman without having to act it, who carelessly discards the superficial aspects of gentility for his own interpretation of what being a gentleman means, who scoffs at things like classism and calls him a snob to his face.

Harry Hart, who is everything Chester King pretends to be and more, but doesn’t even care for such things. Harry Hart, who gives no fucks about what other people think about him, yet commandeers their respect and admiration like it’s effortless. Harry Hart, who would never agree to Valentine’s plan despite being someone from the same elite group that would have been “saved”.

Chester King knows Harry Hart is better than him, and he hates it.

Another thing that should be considered is this: since he hates Eggsy so much, why would he still offer him a chance to join Valentine’s side?

Firstly, what he says to Eggsy can hardly be considered an “offer”, since it’s a “join us or die” threat rather than a choice between two viable options. Chester King has seen Eggsy’s loyalty to those he cares about, and his refusal to harm an innocent for a larger gain. Eggsy’s rejection of his “offer” is hardly a surprise, and it would’ve been a lot more straightforward if he had Eggsy killed or locked up instead of giving him a farce of a choice. So, why does he do it?

It’s because, ultimately, Chester King’s notion of being a gentleman is about maintaining the appearance of gentility. He makes Eggsy an offer because it makes him seem magnanimous, because it gives him the same feeling of power and superiority that Valentine gets from simultaneously playing God and playing Noah.

If you’ve seen some of the rhetoric from the colonial period, much of the colonisers’ actions were self-justified as being something “good” - about “improving” and “taming” the “savages”, about “enlightening” them to “civilisation”. The colonisers claim that their actions are really for the good of the colonised, because it makes them feel better about themselves. It’s also why voluntourism is so popular in some countries - people like to do things that make them feel better about themselves, and better than other people.

Similarly, Chester King’s “offer” is actually more for his own sake rather than out of some kind of guilt over Harry’s death. He wants to feel like he’s standing above this person he resents, quite literally holding Eggsy’s life in his hands, but also to feel like he’s being a generous god by “offering” a lifeline. He wants to feel vindicated when he kills Galahad’s protégé, because it would be further proof that Harry Hart isn’t better than him - after all, he would be the one to survive, while Harry and his aggravating boy would be dead.

Chester King is so caught up in this desire to feel superior that he doesn’t even notice the trick Eggsy pulls off under his nose - quite literally, too. In fact, the only person in the entire film who notices Eggsy’s light-fingered activities is Harry, even though he had his back turned at the time. Harry knows what Eggsy is doing because he expected it, and his reaction is one of exasperated amusement. Harry treats Eggsy with respect, which is why he is the only one to notice when Eggsy tries to pilfer the lighter-grenade. The other two people we see Eggsy trying to trick, Rottweiler and Chester King, both consider themselves superior to Eggsy and disrespect his abilities, which is why they both fail to see through what Eggsy is doing.

In conclusion, Chester King’s hyprocrisy and superiority complex are the reasons for his downfall.

I’m gonna try really hard to stay consistent with my pendants, updating my shop once a month even if it’s a small update, because I really want to sponsor a child but I don’t make much money so if I can at least make an extra bit from my pendants I can make that dream finally happen



P-Goon- ISTJ

Despite P-Goon’s kind smile, he has been cited by various sources (AKA his members) as being “unfriendly” and “serious”. It’s not that he is unfriendly but it’s just that he doesn’t express himself by words but rather chooses to do so by his actions. He asks the members when they’re having a hard time because underneath that tough exterior, he’s a soft marshmallow. And how dare you have that sweet smile. Seogoong has said that:

“He always smiles and listens to his dongsaengs’ words well. If there’s something wrong (if the members have any complaints) he’ll speak up about it.” (Te)

He’s also said that P-Goon has never once complained about things getting too hard. This is a typical IxTJ trait because despite being labeled as “bossy” or “dogmatic”, Te-users are actually very fair. If they tell you to do something, they will do it too and without making any fuss. Typically among ISTJs, it is taken as a part of their “responsibility” to not go back on their word. They see to it as their duty that promises are kept and that there is no dishonesty on their part. How funny is it then that when P-Goon introduces himself in interviews he says “My name is P-Goon. The leader with a strong sense of responsibility and who is full of sense.”

The members have said countless times that he takes his responsibilities seriously. They say that he tends to lose his patience whenever the members don’t listen to him and that his temper explodes once his patience is gone (Si-Te).

Jenissi- INFP

He is gentle and has excellent speaking skills. Gohn said that although it’s awkward with him at first, the atmosphere with him is always relaxed and laid-back and he is deeper once you get to know him.  The members say that he is like a mom that looks after them preciously. He also says that he only look sat the good sides of a person and has a firm understanding of each member.

He describes himself as being bold and honest. He’s a very strong-willed person and is clear about what he likes and dislikes. When he gets into an argument he expresses how he feels a lot and the members say that he doesn’t have much to say to strangers but once he starts talking comfortably, he can be quite narrow-minded (Fi).

I’m always trying to show a natural image. I actually wanted to show my personality and image just like how it is. My raps express what I want fans to know [about me]. (Fi)

He finds it easy to see things from different points of views such as when he said about Yano, “If I were his fan, watching him grow up would be a great thing”. He is really poetic in his thoughts and his speech such as when he compares Yano’s face with the moon. He once complained that Yano’s lyrics don’t have any deep meaning and he just spreads his stress around. His infatuation with Yano is getting out of hand. He says stuff like “When I’m 20 I’ll do something that no one can even imagine.” He is described as having a big mouth and often twisting facts to support his argument. Jenissi himself says that he is very witty when he writes (Ne).

Gohn- ISFJ

Gohn has that typical Fe smile and his fellow members all say that he is very sweet. He is SO considerate like how on his birthday he took the time to answer all the questions the fans had sent in because he wanted to. Who would take time out of their special day to the something special for others? A Fe-user. The way he thanks his fans and really takes the time to communicate with them and tell them how much they mean to him reminds me a lot of Daehyun (ISFJ). He seems very genuine and sincere. Also did I mention how he’s always smiling? A member once said that:

“He’s very understanding and warm towards the younger members. To us hyungs, he’s a very good friend who has wonderful interpersonal skills. Talking with him about all kinds of things is really easy. Once I even discussed piercings with him. He’s at the same time cheeky and kind in his own way.” (Fe)

The members say that he holds a lot of grudges and that even with short speeches he makes them super long. In one video, he was answering questions the fans had asked him about achieving their dreams and he seemed to pull out specific memories and tell them that “this was the way I experienced it and therefore this is how life goes” not in a narrow-minded way but in a way that believes that accumulated experiences makes way for knowledge.  When answering questions he uses his own personal experiences as guides. He has very vivid memories that include the atmosphere and what it looked like as well as how he felt back then as if he is re-living his memories.

I typed him as being introverted because he’s described as not being a good speaker. I was really shocked when I found out that he has Aux-Fe because it just comes so naturally to him but he did say himself that he likes to seclude himself every once in a while. Also he pauses and thinks answers through before answering questions.

Hojoon- INTP

Hojoon kept his real name because it means “to have many talents and abilities”. This is a big indicator of Ne because its users are known to have many various interests (fan of everything but of nothing in particular and likewise they want to know everything and not dwell too deep into something). He likes talking about his dreams a lot. He has no Se at all; just compare how he looks in interviews to A-tom. If he were a Se-user he would be more attentive and focused on the present rather than zoned out. I think this quote wraps up his Ne nicely:

“{If I only had a day to live} I’ll take all the people who are precious to me and to go NASA. If not, I want to go to space. I want to try how to live in space. I want to leave and find the second Earth.”

People often mistake him as being cold because he’s so blunt. He himself has said that he “lacks formality”. He prepares in advance for everything (a typical Ti trait). He also responds well to others in conversation. I was watching a video in which the members surprised Hojoon on his birthday by hiding presents throughout the building and that revealed a lot of his Ti. When some members gave him questionable gifts *cough*B-JOO*cough* his first response was to straight out say how displeased he was (”What the heck is this? Who gave me this?”). But in the end he did thank all of them and whether that was due to a sense of accountability or out of a slight sense of empathy so that his fellow members’ feelings wouldn’t get hurt, his inferior Fe made its appearance.

Kidoh- INFP

He was the toughest one for me to type, but I feel satisfied with how I typed him. I saw many people type him as INxJ but that doesn’t make any sense. He isn’t an INTJ because he’s WAY too affectionate; we are talking about a guy who isn’t afraid to kiss his fellow members. He also doesn’t have Fe, he doesn’t reflect the feelings of others around him but rather shows his own authentic emotions. 

Interestingly, he seems to have a switch of how he acts given the situation which hints his introversion. In interviews, he has his emotions under a veil and he often looks lost in his own thoughts. Whereas, with his members he’s a HUGE goofball and this is where his Ne shines through. He, too, acknowledges this when he said “I’ll be well-behaved one minute then suddenly change into a different person.”

He becomes extremely sarcastic and witty. His comments cut through the room to make room for endless laughter over how he always manages to make the perfect remarks.  He also lives in his dreams and his uniqueness comes through in his sense of humor. Inspiration is more important for him than technicality. 

“I think fans would describe me as a bit crazy”, Kidoh says “But I would rather describe myself as a very open-minded person. I’m very accepting in most regards to other people.” (Fi-Ne)

The members say that he is the best with self-management and understand himself the best. He’s described by fans as being a total sweetheart for those who have met him in person. He is very affectionate is not afraid to show skinship. The members say that he constantly has mood swings. There have been times when Kidoh couldn’t keep himself calm and exploded. He believes in sincerity and originality than winning 1st place; he said he would rather come in 2nd if that were the case. 

Sangdo- ISFJ

Sangdo is describes as being a calm and gentle. He’s also described as being perfect, silent, and a gentleman. How much more ISFJ can one get According to the other members, Sangdo is quietly helping out the other members in the background without garnering attention for himself. He helps them with day-to-day chores constantly. So much so, in fact, that he once said that because Jenissi never seems to notice how much he helps around the dorm, he won’t be helping Jenissi any more. ISFJs are sadly taken advantage of and no one really even notices their worth until they are no longer blessed with their presence.

His favorite words are “like” and “I love you”. He says sorry for  things that aren’t even a big deal. He’s very neat and gives loads of considerate advice. He even sponsors a child in Myanmar… need I say more? He seems to know what kind of impression he makes on others when he says:

I think my charm is being able to show a number of different external impressions. The image I show on stage is more towards the powerful side. But if I stay put at one place without moving, people tend to think that I’m scary. But if they continue having conversations with me they’ll no longer find me that scary. I think it’s charming to have such twists (in my personality).(Fe)

He has mentioned countless times that whenever he hears a particular song, he time travels back into the past. He likes doing practical favors for other people and is thus very good at housekeeping. He also just seems to hang back whenever the other members are out causing mischief. Not necessarily because he feels unconformable but because he feels comfortable just watching over them. The members have no idea that a guardian angel is watching over them.

Nakta- INFP

Nakta has this dazed look 98.9% of the time that is the signature look of INxP’s. He’s even described as being 4D, 1D according to Kidoh and he doesn’t seem to take himself that seriously. He says that he is full of honesty and integrity, while the other members say that he is polite, well mannered, and deep.

He thinks in terms of multiple possibilities such as when he was asked what he would do if he knew he was going to die, he said:

“I want to ride KTX (T/N: Korea’s express train) to my hometown and be with my family. If all forms of transportation stop working, then I‘ll go to the place I used to rent and drink with the hyungs I grew up with in Daegu. If that can’t happen then I would just die peacefully.” (Ne)

Gohn said that whenever Nakta is hurt, it’s hard to tell because he keeps it all to himself and he has to suffer alone (a typical Fi giveaway). His Si also comes to play when he starts comparing the past to the present like how he analyzed how life was when they started out living in a dorm together and then now.

He has a very causal, nonchalant vibe that comes from not taking himself too seriously. What I find interesting is that both him and Jenissi pride themselves on being honest and giving straightforward comments (note to future self when typing INFPs). He’s 50% kind and 50% absentminded which is basically the formula to make an INFP.

Hansol- ESFP

Hansol is a cutie; he’s described as being very social and befriending people quickly and also giving compliments easily. He can be pretty flirtatious at times. According to Nakta, whenever Hansol is going through difficult times he keeps it all bottled up inside and becomes extremely quiet. He answers everything personally with his own opinions on matters. He’s said before that he thinks that he has a selfish personality (Fi).

Nakta once said that:

“Hansol-hyung is very colorful so he’s very expressive on the stage. That’s why he’s always able to make good performances. He’s also very thoughtful. He’s always the first person to ask if there’s anything wrong, so I’m very thankful for that. His weakness is that there are moments when he gets very sensitive. When he’s sensitive, if we talk too much he goes, “Can you stop making me talk?” (Se-Fi)

He’s very observant of his surroundings and is very quick to react to something. I watched this video and the way he flinches and recoils so fast whenever a member is about to hit him solidified him as having Se. He is a natural performer on stage. He’s able to give the public just what they want whether it be aegyo or sexy (I’ve noticed that it’s a trend among ESFPs to be attracted to the sexy way of performing).

He’s of the most hardworking members of the group and is dedicated in anything he puts his mind to. He likes high places without safety devices because he feels “free”. This is what most xFSP’s yearn for: freedom. Being able to do whatever they want without any limitations or restrictions. He’s very affectionate and able to make others feel comfortable. His stage personality is described as being not different from his personality in real life.


B-Joo’s described as being lively and the mood maker of the group. He has very good leadership and hosting skills as can be seen in TOPP DOGG’s pepero competition. He added commentary and had good variety sense which is a typical ExFJ trait because they can make people feel included and are good talkers.

He’s very kind and described as being feminine, sweet, and very outgoing. He also gives abundant compliments to the other members like saying “You look really good today”, etc. He’s very cheerful and optimistic, refusing to dwell on the negatives. Typical Fe smile and according to Gohn is the “source of energy for laughs/smiles”. He’s very friendly and says that he can talk to strangers easily as if he’s known them for a long time.

An interviewer he knew TOPP DOGG well had this to say about B-Joo:

“B-Joo is a gem. While he’s pretty hyped up, he puts his heart and soul into everything. He’s pretty curious but that corresponds to his age. He can also be very grown-up and gentleman-like. He’s someone who notices very quickly when someone else feels uncomfortable and he always tries to help.”

He strikes me more as an ENFJ than an ESFJ because first off, he rarely talks about the past. When recalls the past he doesn’t add his own personal experience into it (Si) but rather just states the facts (Se). He has extraordinary people skills which strikes me more as ENFJ because they have this intuitive way of noticing whenever someone is uncomfortable and being able to discern what’s wrong.

Xero- ESTJ

He is described as being cool, calm, and optimistic but he also a short tongue. He himself says that he is pretty laid-back and doesn’t cry.  The members say that he is the most celebrity-like in the group and also that he has a lot of friends. He has the typical Te stare: dogmatic and intimating….whenever he’s not laying on the aegyo.

He talks in terms of his past experiences and you can tell how much they mean to him.When he talks about his family and the memories that he’s shared it becomes really apparent that there is no such thing as a “heartless” personality type. He likes to do things one at a time. I think that Si types in general like this approach better because they prefer to go over things in detail and precision rather than just looking at the big picture. He even says that his stage name is simple; it means exactly what it says.

His inferior Fi shows in how he only does what he wants and strongly expresses his opinions instead of “jumping on the bandwagon”. For example there was one interview where the members were asked where they would go on a vacation and all of them answered places like the beach or Japan, but Xero answered by saying he would go see his family. The members teased him but he instead replied by saying that it’s his decision wherever he goes not theirs.  Yano said that Xero’s lacking point is that he doesn’t think much and depends solely on his own opinion. He has a strong greed for wanting to be in the center stage and has even stolen Yano’s part before.


He is a typical ISFP. Playful, childish, and has a unusual sense of humor. He doesn’t talk much in interviews but his real personality can be seen backstage. He is physical both in his compliments and in his sense of humor. He’s just so chill and his ISFP-ness comes from how he’s just living his life at a constant pace without stopping to look to the past or the future.

An interviewer had this to say about him:

“A-Tom is always available for a game. Even though he doesn’t approach the fans as openly as B-Joo or Hansol, he likes to talk a lot, sometimes also funny stuff. There’s always something to talk and laugh about with him.”

He’s not very descriptive with his comments and doesn’t like repeating himself once he’s already made something clear. (I’ve noticed this in a lot of ISFPS. They especially don’t like repeating compliments because they feel that they’ve already made their point clear and thus there is no reason to say it again).

He’s the messiest member and not good with details. He doesn’t think too deeply about hings and is bubbly in his own cute way. He’s said before that when he’s alone he thinks a lot about himself. He’s generally pretty easygoing and goes with the flow.

Yano- ENTP

I don’t even need to go in-depth with him like Iit’s really obvious. Not only is he super obnoxious and crazy but he’s beyond clever and witty. I mean come on, if someone is described as being a psycho what type would first come to your mind? (no offense to any ENTPs out there).

He is described as not faltering under stress and coming up with good answers when put on the spot. He’s very spontaneous and active. He does the weirdest things ever without getting embarrassed and in that sense he reminds me of V (ENTP). Just watch their pepero game video and let him bestow his quirkiness upon you. He does the most exaggerated and eccentric things that it becomes really obvious that he doesn’t really care about his image at all. He also seems to be in his own world most of the time (Ne).

Jenissi says that all of Yano’s raps just consist of him spreading his troubles or personal experiences around (Si). He has also said that Yano doesn’t listen to other people’s words that well (under-developed Fe). He listens but it just doesn’t get through to him (like he’ll say “yes, I understand” but then he won’t do it later.) The member’s say his weakness is that he sometimes tries too hard to climb the ladder (he’s trying super hard to get more popular than the others and be in the spotlight).  They’ve said that they wish that he would become more tactful (Ti).

Seogoong- ESTP

Seogoong is described as being enthusiastic in everything he does but he’s also very full of himself. He actually really reminded me of Seungri (ESTP), but a less mature one (his Fe isn’t that developed compared to Seungri’s).  The members say that he is very lively and can therefore survive anywhere he goes. He’s the loudest member and is really energetic. He’s very outgoing and likes how “I’m confident in myself, and how I’m honest”.

He has this ESxP of looking around when making a joke to see everyone else’s reactions. He gets energy from everyone’s positive reactions and that motivates him to make even more funny jokes so that he can be the center of attention.  He says what he thinks honestly without worrying about the consequences. He is very quick-witted and perfectly times his jokes/comments. Sangdo said:

“Seogoong is a little peculiar. He’s completely different on and off stage. While on stage he’s always very friendly and does a lot of fan service, off stage he’s the complete opposite, he’s often very serious.”

When asked who he would date in TOPP DOGG if he were a girl he chose Kidoh because he has financial ability which means that he’s a man of personal gain. This is why ESTPs are typically said to be players, it’s because immature ones (especially males) tend to be opportunistic and use the opposite sex for their own personal satisfaction.

***NOTE: These pictures are taken from TOPPDOGGIntl and the gifs are from toppdoggifs.

word association with the signs

inspired by wildfairys and thenatalchart. i love you guys! decided to put my own twist on this classic post.


The rose in your cheeks after a day at the beach, the warmth rushing over your skin when you light a bonfire, the thrill of the chase. Waiting in line for the scariest rollercoaster in the park. The Aries lives for the bright lights.


Burying your fingers in the earth, watering the flowers, running through the forest, softly lit cafes, Lana del Rey singing the blues in a downtown bar in LA, heated discussions with your best friend. The Taurus is eternal. The page you find yourself reading again and again. A reliable shoulder to share the burden.


Everything all at once. Water, fire, earth, air. The Gemini is the whole universe and none of it. A swirling storm, a steady trickle of honey. The world of a Gemini is lush and brimming with life, but also full of darkness and and in urgent need of repair. Full of hope and hopelessness. Chaos and excitement in its highest form. Conjunctions and exclamation marks, always something to say, something to do, somebody to love.


The first cut is the deepest. The Cancer embodies your wedding day, shining and beautiful and oh so deeply personal. They are your cautious first love, unsure of everything except how much they truly love you. First kisses under flickering streetlights, ice-cream at two in the morning.


Seeing how high you can swing on the swingset in the park, running after the train, your first line of cocaine and the night following it, refusing to sleep until your homework is finally done. The sun shining on your face first thing in the morning, wrestling with friends, freestyle rap battles in underground carparks, police sirens. The Leo is noise and its absence.


Dusty secondhand bookshops, a tattered teddy bear with one eye, medical equipment. Sterile and beautiful. Untouchable in purity, the only lust of a Virgo is perfection. To chase and be chased, it’s all a game with admirable rules and diamonds to cut. A perfect winter, days snowed in with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Reading books by the fire. Twelve candles, flames swaying idly by the bath.


Drinking games, late night television, a young couple holding hands in public for the first time, old married couples, the cry of a newborn for its mother. The Libra is the synopsis of a New York Times bestseller, your best friend’s wedding, being splashed in the face with water at the beach.


Your first time. Passionate, a little rough, a little painful, but something to be desired. It’s the craving you get at that time of the month, crying yourself to sleep, being slapped in the face by someone you love, the excitement of not getting caught. Scorpio is a melting butterscotch sweet, clinging to your teeth and the palate for months. Unforgettable.


Burning your hands on a hot teacup and not caring one bit, blind man’s bluff, the Marco to your Polo. When Rose trusts Jack, they fly. Even in love, even when they die. The Sagittarius is your dad’s awful jokes when meeting your boyfriend, hot stew in the winter, a spontaneous trip to Dubai.


Silence in the library, the morning bustle of traffic, loud voices demanding to be heard, pushing past the crowd to get some peace and quiet. The Capricorn is full of thoughts and empty of mouth, preferring to speak poignantly or not at all. The first sip of coffee on a Sunday, the business section of the newspaper, handshakes and polite nods.


Giggling when it’s entirely inappropriate. The moon shattering mirrors. Every starship and galactic battle there ever was. The Aquarius chooses to laugh at the abyss, dodging and weaving, darting through the forest, graceful as a deer. Catch me if you can, sweet iced tea on a midsummer’s day, getting home from school, childhood bubble baths.


Returning to church after a long dry spell without faith. Prayers whispered into your pillow at midnight, a bowl of fruits, family reunions. Pisces is long winding roads, travelling south for a music festival, hugging your one and only love, a fairytale ending. It’s a life fulfilled, a sponsored child in Africa, the smile that breaks across your face like dawn, the light in your eyes when you’re truly content.

Bucket List Update: December 30 2014

1. Go to Disney Land in Hong Kong - Take A One Month Trip around China to see major cities like Beijing, Shanghai. 

2. Walk on the Great Wall of China 

3. Teach English in another country

4. Go to O’Noir Restaurant 

5. See the Northern Lights (There is a resort in Northern Ontario where you can see it.)

6. Volunteer in an Animal protection organization

7. Help Build A House in another country

8. Go to Sydney Australia 

9. Watch a fireworks show live.  

10. Go see a drive in movie

11. Watch a Disney marathon (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Return to the Sea, Mulan, Mulan 2, Aladdin, Prince Turns into a Frog, Tangled, Lion King, Fox and the Hound)

12. Read all John Green Books

13. Volunteer in another country 

14. Get a tattoo on my back

15. Go to a university party

16. Go clubbing

17. Go to Karaoke in Canada

18. Make a scrapbook of all the places I visited

19. Invest in a really good camera

20. Get my undergraduate degree

21. Get my driver’s licenses

22. Ride a hot air balloon

23. Sleep onto of a blanket on a rooftop of a high building to watch the stars, then sunrise. 

24. Go to Toronto’s Central Island

25. Do the CN Tower Edge Walk (I am terrified of heights btw)

26. Watch a sunset that lights up the entire sky orange. 

27. Kiss in the rain

28. Go to Seoul, South Korea

29. Do a co-op term abroad

30. Go to Paris, France 

31. Spend New Years in New York

32. Plant yellow tulips in my garden

33. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia 

34. Create a physical album with memories in it 

35. Collect sea shells at the beach

36. fly first class on the plane

37. Be a waitress

38. Buy my own alcohol for the first time 

39. Decorate a Christmas tree

40. Build a snow man

41. Go Tubing 

42. Visit all 7 continents 

42. Go to Cuba!

43. Get married

44. Get the career I want

45. Have kids

46. Go to Vietnam with my entire family

47. Buy a house

48. Peach picking

49. Watch a live musical

50. Take a cooking class

51. Learn sign language

52. Fly a kite

53. See a symphony light show on a star ferry (Hong Kong) 

54. Camping with tents, a fire, singing, and s’mores

55. Adopt a pet

56. Prank someone

57. Sleep on a hammock outside

58. Start yoga

59. Start a letter writing relationship, by hand. - Like a pen pal

60. Take care of a flower plant, and have it survive for at least 6 months. (I somehow killed a cactus. ;/)

61. Sponsor a child

62. Enjoy a home cooked candle light dinner made by me

63. Take a bath in flower peddles

64. Go to a spa

65. Slow dance 

66. A road trip to Ottawa

67. Go to the cheesecake factory

68. learn another language

69. Paint a picture

70. Start a Vlog

71. Learn to bike

72. Learn to swim 

73. Learn to dance 

74. Start a club 

75. Knit a scarf 

76. Bake a cheesecake 

77. dance in the rain 

78. Do a Kegstand

79. Read all of City of Ashes 

80. Watch all the harry potter movies 

81. Start watching Grey’s Anatomy 

82. Start watching Once Upon A Time 

83. Watch Season 7, 8, and 9 of One Tree Hill 

84. Get laser eye surgery

85. Start keeping fit 

86. Spread love letters all over Toronto (ANYONE WANT TO DO THIS WITH ME?) 

87. Go hiking up a mountain and watch the sunset 

88. Starting from January 2014, take a selfie or with someone every single day till December 31 2014, to have exactly 365 photos. 

89.  Go to Canada’s Wonderland.  

90. Move away from home (Soon) 

91. Write a thank you letter to everyone in 2013 

92. Get over an ex 

93. Get a yellow scarf 

94. Take another family photo

95: Create a jar of happy things. 

96. Start again 

97. Grow my hair till bottom back 

98. Give someone a bouquet of flowers 

99. Finish at least 50/100 before I turn 25

100. Finish at least 95/100 before I turn 85. (30)

101. Participate in Free Hugs

102. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day

103. Ice Skating

104. Learn and Perform a Magic Trick

105. Bake Cookies/Cupcakes for neighbors

106. Take a bubble bath by sparkling cider

107. Buy a lottery ticket

108. Climb Rock Wall

109. Vote

110. Take a jumping picture

111. Learn to say hello in 26 different languages

112. Register for

113. Do a Charity Walk

114. Organize a BBQ

115. Tie a Tie

116. Write a note and leave it in a library book

117. Send a postcard to post secret

118. Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

119. Have a water balloon fight

120. Make a dream board/wall

121. Toss a coin in a fountain

122. Volunteer with Deaf Blind Ontario

123. Learn Braille

124. Volunteer at a Food Bank

125. Learn to play chess

126. Past Life Regression 

127. Sky Lanterns

128. Give a Loan on Kiva

129. Do Vow of Silence

130. Make hot chocolate that’s not instant.

131. Write a blog post about daily activities for a year

132. Do a traditional dance

133. Build a bear at Build a Bear Workshop

134. Try Five Guys Burger and Fries

135. Bake a pie

136. Take a photo with the other 8 people that I live with!

137. Fold a thousand cranes

138. Attend the tulip Festival in Ottawa

139. Learn to play one song on the piano

140. Watch 1 season of the walking dead

141. Dance with someone on ice

142. Finish writing another story

143. Be brave, and put up a singing cover, despite not being able tosing. (haha) 

144. Successfully coordinate Ignite 2014

145. Play Twister!

146. Create a soundtrack of my life playlist

147. Create a jar of stars

148. Get a map of the world poster

149. Stop being afraid to love

150. Create a will.

151. Attach a lock on a love bridge

152. Cook Steak

153. Name a street/ a star

154. Wear a guy’s dress shirt to sleep

155. Go to Halifax

156. Build something from clay/ceramics

157. At a lake, and watch the ferries at night

158. Adopt a wildlife animal

159.  Get a Henna

160.  Rewatch Hoang Chau Cat Cat 

161. Be an EXEC for UWVSA one day

162. Join another club at UW

163. Get shoe tag for work out thing

164. Get a purple scarf

165. Complete first year of University

166. Read three books by the end of 2015

167. Have a job summer of 2014

168. Volunteer/work with Vietnamese Association Toronto

169. Go to an UNAVSA conference.

170. Start an alcohol bottle collection

171. Write an English cover for a Vietnamese song

172. Eat at the Works

173. Cut down on junk food for the summer i.e. healthier diet

174. Kiss Green

175. Hsitl

176. Hsipb

177. Write an autobiography

178. Vandalize on a public property

179. Slap a guy’s ass

180. Try Chatime

181. Learn to pole dance

182. Go to red lobster

183. Make 8 Friendship Bracelets.

184. Go see cherry blossoms

185. Own a pastel yellow bikini

186. Try symposium

187. Go to the Jazz Festival

188. Go to Ripley’s Aquarium

189. Make a kite

190. Own a dream catcher

191. Own a Pandora bracelet

192. Try King Salad

193. Go to Jack Astors

194. Go to Nha Trang, Vietnam

195. Make Banh Flan

196. Go to Snakes and Lattes

197. Make a 6 floor house of cards

198. European Tour

199. Road Trip

200. Eat Breakfast with T.T.

201. Take a kissing shadow photo

202. Laser Tag

203. Get to 90 Pounds

204. Write a love letter 

205.  Create a 5 year plan 

206.  Date someone who likes to volunteer 

207.  Get an honors by the end of University. 

208.  Buy my first drink

209.  Try skateboarding 

210.  Dye my hair a really bold color 

211.  Do a 5k Run 

212.  30 Day No McDonalds Contract 

213.  Countdown for Fireworks on NYE 

214.  Try snowboarding 

215.  Gain enough weight to donate blood 

216.  Digging for clams 

217.  Roll in a huge pile of leaves

218.  Start a fire without matches

219.  Milk a cow 

220.  Pay for the TTC fee for the person behind me

221.  Create a family tree

222.  Glass blowing 

223.  Start a blog 

224.  Making Icecream

225.  Make a gingerbread house 

226.  Toss Pizza Dough 

227.  See a drag queen show

228.  Go to TIFF

Completed 76/215

Bang Bosal
  • Charismatic Yongguk: On screen
  • Big soft gummy bear Guk: Off screen
  • Role Model Bang: Promoting good habits and good deeds
  • Daddy Bang: Takes care of the members through actions
  • Child-lover: Sponsoring children from welfare organisations
  • Writer Guk: Lyricist
  • Dorky Bang: Gummy smile and awkward aegyo
  • Bang the singer: Deep raspy but extremely calming voice
  • Bang wake-up call (aegyo): AEGI AH, IREONASEYO
  • 3-set aegyo: BUING BUING BUING
  • How old is our Yonggukie~?: *deep ass voice* TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD~
  • Bullied Bang on Weekly Idol: Precious beyond words
  • Rapper Bang: Pure talent
  • Bang Family: Cool and badass
  • Yongguk on Killing Camp: *advice to other members while playing games in the mud field* The important thing is not to get hurt!
  • Patient Yongguk: Never raised his voice or grimaced
  • Art-loving Yongguk: Sharing pieces of artwork and inspirations with fans
  • Black&White: Instagram

anonymous asked:

you are too kind and pure for this world. i have been getting very distressed lately, esp bc of ppl using the word "abuse" so easily. i have been raped, i have been abused, do not insult me by saying that meihem is abusive bc evidently you dont know what going through an abusive relationship actually means. oops i got ahead of myself. anyway what im saying is: thank you for your post. seriously, thanks ❤️

You are welcomed! Don’t let others step on you and decide for you. There will always be people who say nasty things and spit fire over things they don’t approve/like. You often encounter here people screaming about things they have no idea of and use their passionate attitude in destructive ways instead of really helping the cause they are passionate about.

I’ve been pondering if “abusive Meihem” idea has something to do with people not really either liking Junkrat or seeing only the background story part of him. I mean, in official art and in promos he’s the lunatic maniac blowing things and people up and looking like this

And in the game his like

(plus showing “nyahnyah!” tongue at people, shooting himself into nuts, stealing ice cream and plush toys with Roadie, cracking jokes ect.)

Both sides are canon and I’m not sure did the Blizzard start with him as “we need some bad guys here, too, let’s make this junker with radiation messed up brain” and then somehow they ended up to a comic relief character, haha, or was it intentional thing from the beginning (I guess it was the first one, characters tend to grow during developing process). 

What bothers me most in Meihem hate is the narrow minded “bad hetero ship = bad hetero people who do and support bad things and know nothing about bad subjects”. Which isn’t true, as your case also proves it and I’m sure you aren’t alone! I’m 33 old woman with my own difficult background and I’m a sponsor in World Vision (I’ve got a sponsor child in Sri Lanka), Bikers Against Child Abuse International and Love146 which rehabilitates child prostitution victims. I work as a medium “counselor” helping people with emotional and physical matters, like what to do in a bad relationship and how to love yourself so much you won’t allow anyone to abuse you. I’m by no means hetero nor abusive, nor I support anything even slightly abusive behavior in real life. 

Skam text translation

Isak: Yo
Eskild: hey baby Jesus
isak: got a new drawing from Even. With an answer to my txt. kinda.
Eskild: what did he write?
isak: That he misses me
Eskild: mhh, your guru might be wrong?
Isak: whos my guru
Eskild: dont hurt my feelings
Isak: but should I answer? and what should I say?
Eskild: I think you should let him wait now, play his game
Isak: but he gave me a drawing
Eskild: and it took him a week
Play hard to get. I know you’ll nail that
Isak: ok
Eskild: you know you are like my little God son* now right
Isak: no Im not
Eskild: yes you are. A sweet little kitten
Isak: bye Eskild

*ETA: got that wrong at first because fadderbarn can be two things in Danish - I think he means sponsor child her …
Ok so everyone else seems to think its God son, pick whichever you like :p why am I bothering its so not important for the overall meaninng, lol

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia in a formal portrait taken in 1906

Much like her father, Olga enjoyed taking long walks in the parks of Tsarsko Selo. She often said that she would some day like to live in a small village because she liked nature much more than the city. Olga also loved to sail on the imperial yacht Standart, and greatly enjoyed the annual summer trips to the Black Sea in the Crimea, as well as other family holidays to Finland, Poland and Germany. As Olga grew older, in addition to her love for nature and the outdoors, she became and even more voracious reader of books: the classics, the history of Russia and works detailing the lives of the peasants, ancient traditions, customs, laws, and geography of her nation. According to Meriel Buchanan, she had an extraordinary memory and never forgot anything she learned or had been told. Olga also loved music and was an excellent pianist. Along with her siblings, the Grand Duchess had keen interest in the lives and problems of others. It was she who once noticed a disabled girl in one of the keeper´s cottages in the park of Tsarskoe Selo and insisted on becoming the child´s “sponsor”. She made arrangements for the little girl to be transported to a hospital , and planned on paying for her care out of her own allowance.

Helen Azar: Journal of a Russian Grand Duchess