child spock

it always makes me laugh that Spock went into a trance standing, like, he knew he was gonna fall over, and he didnt even try to sit down, he was just like “yes captain, i can go into this trance, in fact, i’ll do it right now”

the only reason i can think of with why he did that was just so his boyfriends could catch him like the Vulcan in Distress he is.

I would rather, I would rather not. Thank you.

so i’ve been thinking and thinking and i have come DISCOVERED SOMETHING, THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND IT ALL 


there is a multitude of evidence to support this

a) scotty and spock UST, clearly something going on here

b) green blood = shrek is green

c) scotty’s accent = shrek’s accent

d) scotty’s eyebrows = shrek’s eyebrows

e) Vulcan ears significantly different to human = shrek’s ears significantly different

f) the similarity in name structure of shrek/spock 

g) the significance of the number 7, further evidenced by the fact this is the seventh piece of evidence??? coincidencee ??? i think NOt


One last thing here for you to think about. 

We don’t know Sulu’s relationship status in ID, but it’s not too crazy to imagine that he might be dating or engaged to Ben here. Maybe ever married. 
And they might have discussed or been in the process of having a child together. 

And when Spock *orders* the bridge crew to abandon ship, he’s the one who says no.