child sovereign

Lux: I’m throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up.

Syndra: I’m throwing handles at people who need to get a grip.

Lissandra: I’m throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill.

Camille: I’m throwing scissors at people who need to “cut it out”.

Zilean: I’m throwing clocks at people who need to get with the times.

Annie: I’m throwing matches at people who need to get fired up.

Jhin: I’m throwing a brick at someone to kill them.

unmovable-sovereign  asked:

"Vore is when someone feels happy while being devoured, so I suppose all delvers are vore fanatics, given we are constantly engulfed by a great pit bearing the likeness of a maw and throat. You should inform your mother of this, but don't tell her I told you."

“ Oh, that makes sense!”

Riko hits the palm of her hand as if she had made a discovery. Ozen was really smart.

 “ Kind of like Delvers are urged deeper because of the mystery, and our love of finding clues about it’s history.  So we’re being eaten by the Abyss. I should write this down before I forget. Thanks Ozen!” 

Combined Q&A sessions

This is a recap of questions pertaining to just the stuff that has happened in game. There are a ton of other questions about life, personal stuff, other gaming, and all kinds of other stuff.  Check out the two Q&As after episodes 4 and 10 for the full rundown.

What’s with the troll penis?

The party snuck up on a pair of trolls by a fire.  Tiberius altered his appearance to look like a female troll, to attempt to get past them.  Instead, he was almost raped by them both.  To prevent that, Percy and Vex managed to shoot their appendages off.  Trolls, however, regenerate so they grew back.  They were later used as a distraction in another instance.

What’s with the keep?

After saving the ruling family of Taldori, a keep was built for them as a thank you.  At said keep, Percy has a workshop, Tiberius has a magical library, and they have a butler of sorts that manages the keep whole they are gone.  They team refers to the keep as Castle Greyskull, which is why they got the gift of the castle on the show.

How is Keyleth’s journey going?

It is expected to take many years.  They are supposed to meet the elders of the other elemental tribes, but also to grow as a leader through life and experience.

What’s the deal with S.H.I.T.s?

The group had to take a name to compete in an underground fight club type of thing.  The final fight was with a group of wizards.  In an attempt to intimidate them, Scanlan summoned a pony which Grog then beheaded and smeared the gore all over himself.  He did such a good job the wizards gave up on the spot without a fight.

Keylith’s child killing episode:

Children were being kidnapped from each town they went to.  The one thing that tied the disappearances together was a child with black hair and yellow eyes. Upon returning to Emon, they saw the child of the sovereign, Uriel, talking to the child they had been searching for.  The group jumped into action, and the child was pulled them all into a pocket dimension.  It was bringing children there to play with in the castle he had built, until they outgrew him and he killed them.  When they faced him, his armor was attached to four children by chains.  If he was hit, the damage would be split between him and the children. They began to attack the chains and freed three of four children, when Keyleth used a grasping vine to try and pull the child away. The vine grabbed the boy, pulling him away but the chain around his neck snapped it, killing him.

During the same battle, as the emperor was near death, Scanlan charged him with his blade, looking for his first final blow.  Instead, he rolled a 1 and got sidestepped, then crashed through a window and fell three stories.

The team’s alignments are:

Vax- CG








How did Vex get Trinket:

When she first went out into the woods on her own, she was captured by a group of poachers.  While captured, she heard a large creature being tortured. When she escaped, she killed the two poachers and went to free the bear they were taking organs from.  She couldn’t save it and put it down, but when she did she heard a sound from behind it.  The sound was the bear’s cub, which she took with her from that day forward and called him Trinket.

Would Grog kill his uncle if they found him?

Absolutely. Shortly before getting to Kraghammer, they ran into Grog’s cousin. Because of their connection, he was able to talk them out of a confrontation.  This is, to date, the only time Grog has talked the group OUT of a fight.

Worst thing Grog ever did as a character?

While trying to get through a heavily trapped hallway, Grog slapped Trinket on the butt. He tore down the hall, setting off every trap and almost dying.  (IRL this lead to Travis sleeping on the couch)

Does Percy know what happened with his family, and does he have a plan when he finds them?

He assumes his sister died when she was arrowed.  He has no plans as to what to do with his homeland.  He is “scared shitless of what’s going on in the north.”

How did the group get together?

The group had gathered in the swamp town of Stillbend.  They took the same job on the job board at the local tavern, and decided to join forces to make the job easier.  Percy joined later, after being found in prison and freed.  

How did Pike die?

When fighting a demon that had taken over the family of the sovereign of Emon, the group managed to free the family from the demonic influence, but the demon pulling the strings still had to be dealt with.  The Glabrezu, a hulking four-armed monster, managed to score a critical hit on an already wounded Pike, sending her to her death.

What is Keyleth’s favorite wild shape form?

The saber toothed tiger, Minxy.  

Are Scanlan’s feelings for Pike reciprocated?

Per Ashley- I’m not really sold on him yet.  Maybe Pike’s heart is taken by someone else.  There is a lot in her history that the group doesn’t know about.

When did Percy build Bad News?

After saving the Emon ruler and before they left for Kraghammer.  It took him a few months in his workshop at the keep.

Why is Tiberius so close to Keyleth?

Tiberius comes from a fairly powerful family, and as Keyleth comes from a family that is also of a ‘ruling’ type class he feels like he shares some bonds with her being of royal blood.  

Random facts and reveals-

  • At some point they broke Keyleth out of jail by convincing her jailers that she was crazy, had pubic lice, and Percy was her lawyer.
  • At one point Scanlan BS’d his way through the Thieves’ Guild of Emon by using a fake badge, putting his finger above his lip like a fake mustache, and telling people his name was Burt Reynolds.
  • They once put an ox, named Dork, into the bag of holding.  This is when they learned that there isn’t air in the bag, and the ox died.
  • Grog once rage looted the hoard of a dragon, which lead to a major fight with it. Vax eventually was able to land the killing blow.
  • Vax once snuck into a room where the girls were changing because he wanted to see a Gnome naked.  When Pike found out, she stomped his foot, doing one HP of damage.
  • The twins ran into their father in the city of Emon.  He had a new wife, and a child with the new wife.
  • Grog went through a portal with a nymph and may or may not have had sexual relations with her.
  • The magic carpet came when they were escaping from a crumbling tower.  Vex tried to use it as a parachute, but instead it went under her to keep her aloft.

I am nature, the universal Mother, mistress of all the elements, primordial child of time, sovereign of all things spiritual, queen of the dead, queen of the ocean, queen also of the immortals, the single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are, my nod governs the shining heights of Heavens, the wholesome sea breezes. ~~Apuleius
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