child soilder

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Hey Kat! I was just thinking over how Itachi murdered the Uchiha clan when he was 13, and then I thought how Deidara is actually younger then he was, so I went and did the math with the ages- Kat, Deidara was 11 when he joined the Akatsuki. And before that, he was in the explosion corps, which I think must've at leat made him jonin-level, and if e was the Hokage's student... Now, I don't think Deidara's part of a clan, so here is my idea- you know all those fanfics where Naruto or the 1/3

rookie 11/ konoha 9 are trained by ANBU, made into child soilders, yada yada yada? Well, Iwa actually did it. With Deidara. However, I don’t think they’d just go around picking kids off the street, so Deidara is actually a member of that one Iwa clan that can control bees or something, only he never knew because he was in that ANBU program for, like, ever, so one day, he’s just of this dangerous mission with Tobito or Sasori or something, and they’re surrounded, Deidara panics, and boom -  hundreds of bees appear out of nowhere to help them. Or this happens while he’s still in the village, and suddenly you have literally giant swarms of bees buzzing around, carrying bombs… and poor Itachi gets stung with dozens upon dozens of the little fuckers, sometimes in giant swarms and sometimes one at a time…

Really? I was under the impression that since he was one of the last recruited, he joined when he was like 16-17. 

Speaking as someone deathly allergic, though, the bee thing is terrifying.