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  • Critical Parent: i don't want my child reading rick riordan's books anymore because there's a gay couple in it and children shouldn't be exposed to that so early
  • Rick:
  • Rick: lmao anyways check out these lesbians who also happen to be raising a child

PERSON: I hate reading, books are so boring


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look ok I haven’t read the cursed child yet but I DO know it is relevant to my interests

So there have been a couple of posts about Sportacus’s book… closet (that is not a shelf) and a few of them have some decent resolution and I just have to say that Sportacus’s reading selection is… pretty specific? We’re talking like picaresque novels, bildungsromans, themes about murder, revolution, revenge, and redemption, heroes fighting against insurmountable forces, disadvantaged young/youthful heroes being shunned by society and striving to get any kind of tiny moral victory, children being the center focus of very dark situations… Kudos to the people who put that kind of thought into what he’s reading but now I can’t ever look at Sport the same way. I don’t want to make too specific a statement about his reading list because I haven’t identified most of the books and read even fewer, but. Dude. DARK.

edit- I forgot a major theme to many of these books: SLAVERY. He even has a book (The Weeping Wood) about the history of rubber production and the exploited Indian slaves!


I cut half of my hair off this morning!! Now at last I look as old as I feel (11, probably). I also finally made a couple of poster-hangers for the limited edition Harry Potter posters I bought ages ago. Eloise and I had a mini dance party/photoshoot in celebration. Although I don’t know if what Elle’s doing (sleeping) qualifies as dancing.

You can't tell me they're not in love
  • SCORPIUS: Still if I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, I'd chose you.
  • ALBUS: No offense, but I'd choose someone massive and really good at magic.