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WRITE THE ONE DIRECTION RAISES A KID TOGETHER AU PLEASE OR AT LEAST A DRABBLE i love this idea too much i apologize for the shouting love you byyyyeeeee xx

“Alright,” Liam sighs, already tired. “I’m going to ask one more time. Which one of you did this?”

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What makes Jeremy Heere Spider-Man?: An Open Analysis, a Request for Opinions

@gayradwhitedad and I concocted a BMC Spider-Man au (which I am deeply in love with), but I struggle with the question of what exactly forces Jeremy to become Spider-Man. Is it just something fundamentally different in him that Peter Parker lacked, pushing him to take the role more seriously? I’m not sure. I originally set out writing this to help myself come to my own conclusion, but I am struggling. So here it is, and I would love to here your opinions. 

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Could you write a drabble where Hanzo leaves their past s/o for whatever reason but doesn't know that she was pregnant at the time. So now it's ten years later and she believes Hanzo's dead and raises their child on her own but Hanzo has actually just been in hiding all these years. But guilt finally eats him up and he tracks her down and she's really sad, happy, and angry to see him again and Hanzo gets to meet his son and yeah. Idk, if that made any sense but thanks! 💕

(( i went a lil overboard with this lol i hope you like @thezero ))

“I need you to understand that I never loved you. What we had was a fling.” The harsh words flew out of his mouth as he faced the door. That was a lie, it couldn’t be true. You and he had dated for almost six months, that’s not- it can’t be a fling.

“Fuck you! Six months is a ‘fling’!? You’re lying! Tell me what’s really wrong Hanzo!” You shouted, words filling the empty space between you both. He stood, back towards you facing the door.

“What’s wrong is that you fell in love too easily.” The venomous words fell freely from his mouth, as simple as how he used to proclaim his love for you. A sob escaped you, and he walked out the door. He barely made it down the block before falling to his knees, a wail of despair escaping
his lips. It was drowned out by the voice in his head telling him that this is what he had to do.

You would never love a killer, much less a killer that was going to kill his own blood; his brother. He caught his quivering breath somehow, and stood back up. Yes, tonight he had to kill Genji, but he didn’t have to break up with you. No, he had to do much more. He had to make you hate him. That way, you wouldn’t have to be more hurt than you were going to be if you found out about Genji.

What he didn’t see was the pregnancy test on the counter, along with the stuff bear happily proclaiming “My First Bear!” along its soft and fuzzy tummy. All he could remember was the crushed look on your face, the sob escaping your lips as he spit his words at you with such a fury you had never had directed towards you. He had succeeded. You hated him, and that’s what hurt you the most.

Nearly a decade later, your son was playing outside. He tried to catch a cricket, but the little insect flew away just in time. You smiled at him.

“Oi, come back over here!” You called out to him. He turned to you and his eyes met yours with a smile. He had his father’s eyes….

Refusing to fall into that pity of self despair, you snapped yourself back to reality. Finishing your garden work, you called for your son. He followed you obediently, and you almost ruffled your hair before you realized there was still dirt on your gloves. He sat down at the table and started kicking around his feet. He started talking about his school day to you, and you responded.

During a lecture from your son on the difference between long division and fractions that he learned, a knock was heard at the door. You wiped your hands off, and walked to the door. Opening it you saw a face you never thought or hoped you would see again.

“…(Y/n)….” He said, looking at your face up and down. He was trying to imprint the look that you had, but he realized that you were shaking with rage. He looked worn down, as if he hadn’t slept in forever. Gray hairs were scattered in his hair giving him a wise elderly look.

“You’re not welcome here.” You stated plainly. You tried to close the door, but he stopped it with his hand. He wasn’t looking at you any more. Now, he was looking past you at his son. You gasped.

“Mom, who is that?” He asked, his eyes looking back to their twin. The older pair of eyes were wide in shock, looking at the hair and eyes that were so familiar, but different. For the first time in ten years, for the first time since your son was born, he saw his father.

“You never told me…” He said. You turned back to him.

“You never gave me the chance to tell you! I was so excited, ten years ago. I thought I could have a family, but then you ruined it!” This time the venom was spat from your lips. He reeled back, hurt. Deep inside him, he had hoped that you would forgive him. Hanzo knew now that he was wrong to even begin to think that. He nodded his head.

“Please let me explain everything. It’s a long story, but you deserve to hear it.” He said. He looked at you, and your resolve failed. You opened the door, and pointed towards the couch.

“Hanzo, meet your son. Hinata, this is your father.”

Sunny and Veil were always starcrossed lovers. From their forbidden clandestine romance to Quinn first laying his eyes on Veil and telling Sunny he didn’t want them to meet anymore. Being torn apart for six months Sunny sold as a slave outside the badlands and Veil a prisoner being held in Quinn’s possessive grip. All their trials and tribulations hoping against hope the other was alive and the dream to one day be together again and now Veil sacrificing herself so her baby wouldn’t be the little conqueror and a tyrant that Quinn had envisioned, telling Sunny she loved him and to raise their child to be a good man as she’s always believed Sunny to be. I loved their reunion so much, Daniel and Madaline put their heart and soul in that kiss and embrace especially Sunny officially meeting his baby boy. That smile god, we probably won’t see any like that again for awhile. I’ll miss Veil tho, she was a lovely woman and deserved so much better after all the abuse she’s suffered. 

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Summary: The saying goes, ‘the mafia is family, the mafia is home’…but even if ‘the mafia is home’…is it really the right place to raise a child?

A/N: For those that aren’t enjoying the beauty that is Eurovision, here is Chapter two of mafia! :D

Masterlist (including series one and two)

Chapter 3

‘Whats the matter?’

His voice echoes into the darkness as you stare blindly in front of you, your mind stuttering over your thoughts with the sudden interruption, before you process that you needed to answer him.


‘We got into bed 2 hours ago but you still haven’t fallen asleep…somethings bothering you. Tell me.’

You sigh as you shift onto your back, turning your head to the side to look at Jiyong where he’d been spooning you, the dark circles under his closed eyes making you frown in concern as you reach over to stroke them gently, and the action causes him to peel his eyelids back to look at you, his eyes slightly bloodshot as they focus on your face.


‘Mmmh?’ he murmurs in response as he closes his eyes again, simply resting them as he waits for you to tell him what was wrong.

‘What will you do when they find the child?’

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Fic Rec!!

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The 100

Clarke Griffin, Monty Green, Bellamy Blake, Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes, Wells Jaha, Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake

Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Monty Green/Nathan Miller, Raven Reyes/Wells Jaha

It’s not that Clarke forgets, exactly, that Bellamy has a sister. Though she doesn’t have that many comparison points, it seems to her it’s a major part of his personality, the fact that he’s a big brother. He’s grumpy but aggressively helpful, always lecturing but always taking care of people—Mom Bellamy, like Raven said. You have to be like that, Clarke figures, to basically raise a child while you’re still one yourself.

Second children aren’t illegal—not like they were in the past, when the Ark was terrified of running out of food and running out of oxygen and running out of space. But it wasn’t that long ago that they were, and stigma isn’t as easy to erase as a law, which took long enough to change.

So Bellamy’s mother wasn’t floated, the way she would have been if Octavia was born ten years earlier, but she was judged mercilessly, by her friends, by her neighbors, by people who didn’t even know her. The law that replaced the single-child rule mandated certain fines, the idea being that parents ought to compensate for the additional strain on the Ark’s resources. Aurora was one of the first mothers to openly have a second child, and she was the very first from Factory station, as well as the first to do it without a husband by her side.

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So one of the things I love about watching Star Wars: A New Hope after having watched all the other Star Wars movies is how… well… how normal Luke’s upbringing appears to have been.

It’s not just that he was loved. It’s clear that Breha and Bail Organa loved Leia immensely. But she was a princess functionally from birth, and then became a senator at–what? eighteen, nineteen, twenty? Something like that. She was much loved and much trusted, obviously, but her upbringing must have been… “unusual” would be putting it mildly. As a teenager she was learning statecraft and politics–and deception.

And their mother must have been the same way, queen from such a young age, raised and trained to rule. And their father–loved, yes, deeply, and I have no doubt that his mother did her best to protect Anakin from the worst parts of slavery–but he was still a slave, as was she, and there was only so much they could do.

But Luke! Luke got the gift of a perfectly normal childhood. All the jokes about Luke, the whining about wanting to go to TOSCHE station to pick up some POWER CONVERTERS–the snippy teenagery conversation he has with his uncle about waiting “a whole nother year????”–the shooting womp rats in his T-16 back home–the fact that left to his own devices, at the same age that Leia is deciding THE FATE OF HER PLANET, he’s still playing with model spaceships…..

…they’re all signs that he had a normal childhood. That he’s a normal eighteen, nineteen, twenty, whatever year old. 

I mean, he grew up in a situation where it was completely safe for him to whine to his parent figures. He knew that Lars and Beru wouldn’t make him pay for his “but I wanted to go to TOSCHE STATION” or for his “I want to go to the academy THIS year” or whatever. Unlike basically every other Skywalker ever he grew up without a ton of extra pressure, without a “oh by the way you’re going to be king of [planet]” stuff, without “also you’re the Destined Future of the Jedi.” They didn’t raise a legacy, or a scion–they just raised a child. (In point of fact, that’s why Yoda almost rejects him: he’s too old, and he was raised too normal.)  And since Owen and Beru obviously knew perfectly well who and what he was, that’s actually an astonishing accomplishment. They were delivered an infant who they knew had the approximate destructive power of a nuclear device, and they still raised him as… a kid, a child, a boy who they loved with the same mixture of exasperation and devotion as any parent-figures.

He grew up as a kid, with a gruff but loving uncle and a sweet-tempered aunt, he grew up skeet-shooting womp rats and hanging out with his friends in Anchorhead when he had an excuse to go into town–and it’s clear how safe he feels with them because he does whine and moan and have fits without any apparent worry that he’s going to pay for it later. He whines and moans in the way I did at that age: in perfect confidence that while my parents might temporarily snap at me, they would never hurt me, and they would always love me. And that all they really wanted for me was to grow up safe and happy.

tl;dr: Luke Skywalker: the last of the Jedi(?) but also maybe the first of the Jedi to grow up in a normally functional childhood.

(I also really, really want to see the story in which he grieves his aunt and uncle for more than ten seconds. Perhaps I will write it.)

  • Critical Parent: i don't want my child reading rick riordan's books anymore because there's a gay couple in it and children shouldn't be exposed to that so early
  • Rick:
  • Rick: lmao anyways check out these lesbians who also happen to be raising a child
  • Teacher: I changed the due date for that project I assigned you all, it's due tomorrow!
  • Class: *screams*
  • Teacher: Got you! April fools!
  • Rin: Haha, who needs April Fools when your entire life is one big, sick joke!
  • Rin: ...
  • Rin: ...I'm about to start crying.
  • Suguro: Shit, dude. C'mere.
  • Rin, in Suguro's arms: I was raised in a monastery, Suguro. A monastery! The son of Satan, raised in a monastery! My LAST NAME is a play on the word "demon" in Japanese!
So yesterday I was buying underwear

And this little kid, maybe about 7 or 8, wandered over and hung around shyly for a bit, glancing at me every now and then. I smiled once, then pretended not to notice them watching me.

Eventually the kid asked “Are you a boy or a girl? Cause you look kinda like a boy but you’re in the girl part of the store.”

I smiled and said “I’m nonbinary! That means I’m not a girl or a boy. Anyone can wear this kind of underwear if they want.” And they looked really confused and said “You’re not a girl or a boy?” and I shook my head and smiled and they got REALLY excited

And said “So you’re a UNICORN?!”

And I looked around quickly and then leaned in and gave them a conspiratorial look, and said “Let’s just say I’m magical and not everyone believes I exist.” And the kid’s eyes got SO WIDE and they grinned and said in a stage whisper, "I promise not to tell anyone you’re a unicorn” in this really solemn voice.

And then the kid started to run away, and stopped and looked back and said “Wait, ANYONE can wear those?”

And I said “yeah, if they want to, because whether you’re a boy or a girl or a unicorn or something else doesn’t mean you have to dress a certain way.” and they said “So it’s okay for me to like dresses?” and I was like “Yeah! You can like whatever you like!” and they smiled really big and ran off

And that interaction made my whole day better and I hope that child has a good and non-heteronormative life

  • me thru my father's eyes: undeserving, pathetic, lazy, incapable, stupid, ugly, fat, disgusting, worthless, weak, disobedient, stubborn, demanding, idiotic, foolish, just asking for punishment, deceited, not knowing my place, should be hit more often, burden, irresponsible, unworthy, lying, deceitful, manipulative, ungrateful, selfish, incapable, dumb, good for nothing, disappointment, obstacle, nuisance, worst worker ever, disgrace, should be ashamed of myself, nasty problematic vermin
  • me thru my mother's eyes: stupid, incapable, deceited, "doesn't live in the real world", not good at anything, clumsy, infuriating, irritating, wont do things "the nice way", asks for violence, hopeless, too much to deal with, unreasonable, hysterical, deceitful, pretending for attention, dramatizing, crazy, sick, disobedient, illogical, shameful, unfortunate, ugly, fat, lacking common sense, lacking tact, lacking in sense of appearance, weird, doesn't understand anything, can't achieve anything, dependent, lazy, problematic
  • me thru my own eyes: wow.. so much to choose from... after being forced to see myself thru their eyes all my life isn’t it a wonder i have trouble with self compassion and seeing myself as a human being... with this kind of support and nurturing it's really weird i never achieved much or believed in's almost like my parents didn't want me to have a good opinion of myself.