child play

Y'all can say what you want but I refuse to believe

that Harry James Potter, an orphan child, who grew up in an abusive house hold, would ever, EVER, tell his son, quote: ‘Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.’
He would never. He of all people, who felt unwanted for several years of his life, would never tell his son that. No matter what.

Things that are too pure:

•Newt Scamander
•Scorpius Malfoy
•Luna Lovegood
•Remus Lupin

{feel free to add more precious cinnamon rolls}

Meet Rose Granger-Weasley - Chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. 

So! Here is my attempt at painting the lovely Rosie as what I, personally, see her to be. 

Don’t mind the Nimbus 2019. Im really bad at math so I horribly calculated an estimation as to what year her broom would probably be.. even though it is most definately, probably, wrong.. Considering I didnt factor in the 4 years and…. too much math. I tried. :)

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