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–Feuilly headcanon I’ve had for a while: 

when he was a toddler, his parents did what Fantine did, and what so many poor working parents did, and left their smaller town –and their small child– to go try and earn enough money to Save Up in the Big City of Paris*.  They sent back the fee for his care regularly for a little over a year, then erratically, then not at all. No one knows what happened to them– did they die, did they get arrested, did they just hit poverty so bad they couldn’t leave and couldn’t send for their kid?  They weren’t literate, and news never came along the usual chains of gossip, so it’s a Mystery. 

Unlike Fantine, Feuilly’s parents were lucky enough to be from the small town where they left him, and he was left with a genuinely reliable couple who made a bit of a daycare business for themselves this way and didn’t want to trash their reputation by , you know,abandoning or abusing a charge. So Feuilly was raised competently and with decent care until he was old enough to send out to Learn a Trade around age 8 (whee 19th century!) and then hiked himself into Paris ~10-12ish to try and find work. 

He didn’t find his parents there–he knew he wouldn’t,but he was a kid, and he couldn’t help thinking maybe– but he did find a career, and a Cause, and a family. 

* I feel like there’s a real lack of acknowledgement in society generally of how common this STILL is, that parents from poor countries/ states/ cities/ neighborhoods basically have to give up their children to move to somewhere with more money to work FOR their children; I’m not going to get into it here, because this is headcanon time, but it would feel too weird to not acknowledge at all here that it’s a real ongoing issue!

(HQ Headcanons) The Boys and Their Families!


- Has very doting sister (of course, mama Oi doesn’t like about that)

- Believe it or not but mama Oi is very strict

- But, come on, mama Oi does have a huge soft spot for her children… she just hides it well

- Yes, mama Oi is a tsundere

- Travelling-business-man father who rarely comes home and has quite complicated relationship with his children, like, they don’t really talk to each other but they don’t hate each other either

- Upper middle class or somewhere around that

*In which Oikawa coming out to his family*

- Has problem coming out to his family since they are rather conservative (except for his sister), so when he comes out, the chasm it creates is inevitable but they get past it eventually.


- Only child

- Very loving and caring family

- Living in an apartment or a flat, not so big but cozy enough

- Secretly a mama’s boy and would love to go grocery for her and help her with everything

- middle class family with dad being a salary man who may come home late but will always find someone waiting for him :)

- Very loving and caring family, repeat, very loving and caring so Kuroo has no problem coming out to his family, well, he worries at first, but later finds out that they don’t really care about it because he’s their son and they will always love him.


- Also an only child

- Parents divorced

- Lives with his mother.

- Always-does-OT-and-comes-home-late mom

- Also lives in a flat or an apartment.

- Kenma actually hates being home alone. Even though he does not say it out loud, he actually wants his mom to be at home with him too.


- Oldest child with a lot of siblings, mostly sisters

- Lower middle class family

- Real workaholic dad

- They rarely have time for each other but Mr.Yaku does love his oldest son a lot and is very proud of him.

- His mom has some chronic illness and can’t do a lot of hard work.

- So Yaku is the one who does the house chore and takes care of his siblings.

- That’s why he knows how to braid hair because he always does it for his sisters and, of course, he knows how to cook and always prepares meals and lunch boxes for his family.

- His mom is very kind and probably has the most gentle heart anyone has ever had on earth.

*In which Yaku coming out to his family*

- Of course they are very shocked about it but nothing can change the fact that he has always been a good son to them and he’s probably the best thing ever happened in their lives, so, no fight, no chasm, no awkward family dinner, and they are quite eager to met their son’s significant one.


- Another only child

- Has a pretty well-off family

- Dad is a business owner.

- Bokuto’s dad is actually the opposite side from his son. He is stoic, serious, and very very quiet. He complains about Bokuto’s behavior from time to time but still no major fight between them….yet.

- His mother is way younger than his dad but they love each other well enough. Their marriage is probably arranged.

- Has very supportive and cheerful mother who will cook something special for him every time after his match day.

- Bokuto takes after his mother a lot.

*In which Bokuto coming out to his family*

- He has massive trouble coming out to his family. He is the only son, so it definitely pisses his father off. His mother, though supportive, also needs time to come to terms with her son’s sexuality and even though she can accept it at last, Bokuto knows thing will never be the same. 

- He has surprisingly conservative family.


- Also another only child

- Also comes from well-off family

- Both parents are doctor or some kind of medical personnel (I like the thought that Akaashi’s father is a surgeon and his mother is a psychiatrist)

- Mildly workaholic parents

- Since his parents work really hard, Akaashi always tries to lessen their burden by doing all the chores, preparing meals for them, study hard so they don’t have to worry about him, and etc.

- In contrast to Bokuto’s family, Akaashi’s family is surprisingly liberal and progressive.

*In which Akaashi coming out to his family*

- They take it calmly enough and apparently have no problem with that.


- The real rich kid here

- Probably an old money too

- His dad is either a politician or a CEO of a very very big company, or both.

- His mom is either a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a very very big company.

- Their family relationship is pretty much the Malfoys excluding the death eater part.

*In which Daishou coming out to his family*

- They don’t give a damn about their son’s sexuality even one bit.

Taste Testing - Malia Tate

word count: 800 even 
warnings: swearing, mention of boobs (?) i mean boobiez are cool

“Wow, I can’t believe you brought me to Europe.  I can’t believe they let me on the plane.  I can’t believe they didn’t kick me off the plane for digging my claws into the seat when we went through turbulence.  I can’t believe-”

“Mal” You giggled as you adjusted the strap of your bag on your shoulder.  I was very excited when Mom told me she had an extra ticket and thought of you” Malia grinned a big smile and wrapped an arm around you.  “And I’m glad you owned up to your actions about the whole seat ripping thing, even though the stewardess was quite baffled how a teenage girl managed to rip open the seat” You stifled another laugh as she frowned.

“Yeah… yeah she had it out for me though.  Didn’t give me a refill of my pepsi.  But to everyone else she did” You rolled your eyes and wrapped your own arm around her waist.  “Anyways, how much farther till we get to this…. What’s it called again?”

“A tasting festival” You answered.

Your mother had moved to California when she was pregnant with you from Spain about sixteen years ago.  You’d visited once to meet her family when you were five, but haven’t been back since then.  But, her Christmas present to you was two tickets to come back over the summer, with a friend.  Or girlfriend in this case, which took a lot of begging and persuading.  Your mother gave in though, because who could deny Malia’s puppy dog eyes?

You both had to promise her no funny business though.  And when you did, you crossed your fingers behind your back.  So maybe you weren’t an angel child…

Today was a big festival in Cadaques, the city where your mother had grown up.  There was all the fun stuff, like people dressed up as mimes and clowns, fire twirlers, native dancers, things for kids like face painting and mini carnival-like games where they could win cheap prizes.  But you were most excited to try all the foods.  Your mom had made some dishes at home, but nothing could compare to the real thing.  She had gotten up and arrived at the festival around seven o’clock, but you and Malia had slept in and decided to wait until noon.

It was packed.

“Wow… sure are a lot of people” Malia said, and you felt her tense next to you.

“Yeah… but that’s okay, we probably won’t split up so don’t worry about getting lost or anything” You told her with a reassuring smile.  Malia nodded, looking all over the place at tenets and booths, women selling beautiful jewelry, men cooking fish and rice.  Her senses were overloaded with the smell of amazing food.

“O-oh my god what’s that?” She dropped her arm from around you to drag you over to the tent where they were handing out samples of something you’ve never seen before.  “What is it?” Malia asked the woman who handed her the paper dish.

“Croquettes” She answered with a smile, and gave you a sample too.  “It’s a spicy dark sausage with spanish blue cheese” Malia ate hers in one bite, while you, being the modest one, finished it with three.

“It’s amazing” You told her when you finished, throwing the paper plate in the small bin.

“It is, fanks” Malia thanked her with her mouth full, making you and the woman laugh.  You walked with your girlfriend to the next booth, and again she eagerly tried a bowl of paella.  She hummed, eating spoonful after spoonful.  You weren’t sure if she swallowed once.  You didn’t have the time to thank the person who gave you the bowls, seeing that Malia dragged you off again.  But you just laughed, grasping her head and happily trying whatever she smelled next.

After an hour and a half of taste testing, you and Malia were sitting in a grassy area and enjoying the live music while munching on a bunch of goodies you’d collected.

“This is really nice y/n” Malia told you, and scooted over closer so she could rest her head on my shoulder.  She kept chewing on her treats and hummed to the catchy tune of the band playing a couple hundred feet away.  

“I’m glad I got to bring you so you could enjoy it with me” You told her, and she nuzzled her face further down.  “Mal..” You warned but couldn’t help your giggle as her nose brushed the top of your breasts.

“What?” She asked innocently.  “They’re so comfy” You laughed again, coming your fingers through her hair in a way that calmed the both of you.

“I love you, you know” Malia smiled and you felt it in your chest.

“I love you too Mal” You responded softly.

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Time to move

“Hey guys ! It’s Franca !

Robin and I decided to move again, I know it hasn’t been so much time since we started renting this appartment, but with the baby’s coming, we thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to rise our child on our small house in a big city. To be totaly honest, I didn’t really liked this place.

We decided we will be back to United Kingdom, but not on the inland.. We started searching for a calm town, with schools, parks, and places to built our house. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find something financially accessible to build a fresh new house. So we started searching for an already-built house, and we then discover the amazing town of “Eriu Fé”, located on an offshore island near to Ireland. The location was perfect ! Not to far from my mom, who lives in Wales, so we can visit her for summer and Christmas. Robin guessed I was realy happy with this town, so we virtually visited the town ; I can’t use plane everyday because of my pregnancy, I mean I don’t want to take this risk.

We found an awesome house, kind of cheap because it’s big, good-located in the town and almost entirely furnished ! Robin immediately loved it, we decided to buy it ! We’ll be taking the plane very soon to move in Eriu Fé, not too late before I give birth ; I want to birth my child in this town and not in my small flat.

We’re really excited to move in !!”

I tried to write, not really good at it but I was inspired to do it xD Sorry for the many mistakes, this user isn’t english lol :)

Lost - A Stonefaced G story

Stonefaced A-hole G (@stone-faced-asshole) is a version of Gaster!Sans by @junkpilestuff. He could be described as a glitch, who can, as such, manipulate the world to a certain extend. When Junky shared this info about him on Twitter recently I just knew I had to write something about it, even though it is a lot different from what I usually do.

This fic is a ‘What-if’ scenario in which Frisk accidentally meets G and thus, two anomalies in the system of their world are coming face to face. My headcanon for original Frisk was always that they didn’t talk much and they would prefer using signs, because their empathy comes from hearing what the monsters have to say and try to understand, instead of speaking about themselves. I finally realized this headcanon with this story!

Dedicated to @junkpilestuff , who has a rough time now and who I highly appreciate for all her recent help and for her inspiring ideas, which they share and also @liptongirl00 , who did an awesome, spontaneous job editing it. Kudos also goes to my great friend @candiedconstellations (who was beta-reading it and deemed it a worthy reading for a relaxing evening ;) and the story is indirectly inspired by ‘Lullabyes’ by the wonderful @yoralim.

I hope you enjoy it and if you are just here for ‘Kitten of the Don’ AU you can simply ignore this and look forward to another project regarding this AU, that will soon be released! :)

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I know some of you are going to read this and think I’m a big evil person, but whatever.

You know, I didn’t care about the immigration issue so much ten years ago.

Having immigrants from India, from China… that was NORMAL.  That was what I grew up with.

But then suddenly

  • Acid attacks are “a normal British tradition”
  • Bombings are “part and parcel of living in a big city”
  • Child sex trafficking at elevated rates is evil bigotry to bring up
  • Cousin marriage rates massively increasing the risk of birth defects because they have gone on for multiple generations is now a problem, even though the native groups rarely engage in it
  • Van attacks and truck attacks where people walking on the street are run over becoming a thing
  • “Honor killings” became a thing here

Now, a lot of people are going to object “but you’re in America, this hasn’t happened (much) in America!”  YET.  There is nothing different enough about America to prevent this if America adopts the same policies, except that we have guns, and so if someone tries to sex traffic our children people might find them and shoot them.

We already had an underground FGM ring busted in Michigan.  They told me that wouldn’t happen.

My standards are not especially high, here.

Now I know some of you want really absurdly high levels of immigration.  

But if you want that, then you have to accept a very different and significantly less liberal framework for criminal justice and citizenship rights.  It is possible to resolve these issues, but you must be willing to pay the ideological price.

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WELCOME TO THE FANDOM ^^• I hope your blog gains loads of sucess !!Kuroo,bokuto,kageyama and asahi with their s/o on their honeymoon! Can it be fluffy pls? Like where would they go? Hw would they spend their time?! Im sorry if its really random.

not at all! And for the large amount of time this spent in my inbox I could never fighure out if u meant a scenario or headcannons so i did the headcannons bc of the questions?? If that wasn’t what u had in mind feel free to send another request lmao


- For his honeymoon I can see him going somewhere like Spain. Someplace that they can just chill out and have fun hotel beds gotta be p comfy too bc they’ll be spending a lot of time there if u feel

- 1-2 Weeks

- Chilling out on the beach is how most of their time is spent, poor baby fell asleep in the sun his s/o rubbed in the aloe tho he’s okay

- Between being at the beach and well, in bed the hotel room, actual clothes were rarely worn and Kuroo enjoyed every minute of it

- Uses the opportunity to flex his actually up-to-par Spanish skills

- Is absolutely adorable when he speaks spanish, his accents sexy too lowkey uses it in the bedroom

- Just looking at the different houses and people is a fun activity for them, getting the opportunity to learn about other cultures firsthand

- Spanish food is now Kuroo’s favorite, and buys a cookbook while hes there, for his s/o to make of course

- His s/o falls in love with Latino music, and fills up their phone with it

- Paddleboard races happened, and his s/o lost miserably. Try and guess what the prize was

- It was sin


- Would want to go somewhere he can go hiking, like Oahu or Peru

- 2+ weeks

- Always active and doing new things with his s/o

- Though one day he surprised his s/o by sleeping in, and they spent the whole day in bed, only getting up and dressed when the room service delivered

- Taking lots of photos would almost be a priority for him, not just of the scenery either, of him and his s/o

- Because of the constant humidity he stopped styling his hair a couple days in and his s/o’s heart melted at the sight just ugh

- Would also spend quite a bit of time in the pool, splashing and floating around

- Though would also love the fact they were now married, and would also spend a lot of time in their room. Like, a lot

- Actually forreal made his s/o go to the gym with him one night Im not even joking “___ would you want me to loose these guns?”

“…..Cant argue there tbh”

- Buys cute matching couple pyjamas


- Precious child wants to go to a big city with his newlywed s/o, like New York

- 2-3 weeks

- Wouldn’t like to go sightseeing on a tour, so would try to plan everything himself. This ends up with them getting lost and just finding their own way around

- They would always try to eat at new places and try new food, but Little Italy soon became their gravitational point. Kageyama really loves garlic bread

- A good part of their time is actually spent in coffee shops that they discovered along the way, discussing anything that came to mind

- Shopping is also a big portion of their time. Like looking at all the different styles and cultures

- Actually went to the movie theater??? Like they wanted to experience an American movie despite it being identical lmao Kags just wanted some cuddles lets be real

- In their hotel room they ended up eating a lot of soup. Mostly chicken noodle. His s/o would eat the food and Kags would take the broth. What a beautiful balance in a relationship

- They had a night where they really just went into a convenience store and bought a shit ton of junk food they’ve never even heard of and tried it. Most was eaten, but they both agreed some of it was just not for them

- Lots of cuddles back at the hotel room, Kags always seemed to pull his s/o into his arms no matter the circumstance

- Wandered into Chinatown, but their mandarin is terrible so they still had to communicate through english. They had some properly cooked rice, though

- Kageyama got a really nice watch, and bought his s/o a necklace


- Disneyland resort in California. He got the big hotel suit, early admissions, tram ride, all of it. Only the best for his s/o

- A good 2+ weeks

- Despite how insanely comfortable the bed is, and how little they slept u feel, for the most part they both wake up extra early so they can walk around the park during early admissions when it’s not as crowded. They enjoy this time the most

- Watching the fireworks every night became a fond memory, whether it be standing at the castle, or from the pool at their hotel

- Cute pictures with churros and mickey-mouse-ears definitely happened

- Their favorite ride together was the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride in the french quarter, they also happened to eat at the restaurant inside there quite often

- So many pins. They each spent a good amount of money on their now ginormous collections. Asahi likes his Winnie The Pooh pins

- Not a lot of PDA happened, maybe a kiss here and there, but you can bet there were major cuddles back in the hotel room. All the time

- One night they built a fort out of the pillows and requested extra sheets so they could finish it. They tried to sleep in it but when they woke up it was all collapsed around them

- Once or twice ordered room service and absolutely pigged out, always got the triple chocolate cake

- Both Asahi and his s/o could speak a decent amount of English, but kept getting the English and Spanish mixed up so they kept asking the wrong people things they didn’t understand, and picked up words they thought were english but were actually spanish

“no frijoles please”


“He means beans”

- The space mountain ride lowkey freaked Asahi out and he ended up clutching onto his s/o like his life depended on it. The photo from the ride is now framed in their house

- Sometimes they would just go and sit on a bench together, watching other people and listening to their conversations while enjoying each others company

Had a dream that involved the Gorillaz.

I was hanging out with them and we were walking around a city just, like, hanging out. But then we lost sight of Noodle and this was smol, Phase 1 Noodle so instantly we’re like “shit, we just lost a small child in a big city where the fuck did she go” and we start running around calling for her and Murdoc’s acting like he’s not panicked about losing his daughter.

So of course it starts raining and we all get soaked and then Russel finds her on some random side street. And he just wraps her up in his sweater and we set off again.

Except then 2D gets sick?? Collapses?? And we’re like well fuck, we gotta take him to get healed. And suddenly we’re in Altissia from FFXV?? And somehow I am carrying 2D in my arms even though he is most certainly taller than me and I’m a weakingly.
But we’re determined to go find Lady Lunafreya because she’s the Oracle and she can heal 2D from whatever sickness or something that he has. Only we find out that Luna isn’t on Altissia and no one knows where she is and so we make our way to the temple where the acolytes there will apparently have enough energy to heal 2D.

And then somehow we fell into Rapture from Bioshock and things got fuzzy and I don’t remember much else. Except Murdoc had fireballs I think?? Dangerous. Please do not give Murdoc plasmids.


Child of the Big City”, 1914, by  Yevgeni Bauer

Monechka/Mary’ (Elena Smirnova ) gets tired of being a poor seamstress so setting her sights on monied men, she sees a way to climb out of poverty. As one lover is left destitute and committing suicide on the steps of the ballroom that he can no longer afford to enter, Monechka is ‘vamping’ a new money man to use.

English subtitled film here

Emma's Favorite Things head canon [with David, 2/4]
  • David: Hey, I talked to your mom.
  • Emma: Is she gonna be alright?
  • David: Yeah... eventually. But I thought, maybe, we could spend some time... not here. Just a couple of days...
  • Emma: Where would we go?
  • David: I don't know. Do you like hiking?
  • Emma: No offense, dad, I'm a big city child. Trudging around the Enchanted Forest and Neverland had me already far beyond my limit.
  • David: We could spend some time at the beach, camping.
  • Emma: And wake up with sand... everywhere?
  • David: Okay, how about... cabin in the woods. I could teach you to hunt.
  • Emma [flinches] ...
  • David [frustrated]: What would you like to do then?
  • Emma: Regina, at the mansion, with a strap-on.
  • David: ...
  • Emma: It just slipped out...
  • David: ...
  • Emma: ...
  • David: You're grounded. For a month.

      With Hope suddenly being big and not a child, Hayley still made sure the city was safe for her. She was still technically 3. The hybrid sighed as she walked, having already washed off the blood and tossed her jacket away. “This city just get’s better and better.” 

#3 telling the family (pregnancy series)



Ashton’s family came to London to visit Ashton and you. Anne Marie brought Harry and Lauren this time and they were really excited. You went out to dinner without the rest of the boys because they were also spending time with their families.

“I’m so happy to see Ash and you! I’ve missed you so much! It’s not fair to have half of my babies across the world from me. You must move back to Sydney!” Ashton’s mom ranted.

“Mum, you know I can’t do that. I missed you a lot though. We both did.”  Ashton said sadly. You could tell he really missed his family.

“You two are married now. I want grandbabies soon and they deserve to be close to their Grand-mum. They deserve to grow up the way you did. Safe and tucked away from paps.” She said matter of factly. You had never thought of that before. Did you really want to raise your child in a big city full of people who knew your whereabouts. But, you couldn’t move to Sydney! Ashton’s career was still very much alive. You already felt as though you were burdening him with this baby. As much as you wanted to raise your kids back home down under, but you couldn’t do that to Ash and the boys. Ashton might love the idea, but Ashton never really thought things through. It made you sad knowing that your baby wouldn’t be raised where you always imagined it would.

“About that Mum, the whole grandbabies thing-” He started.

“Oh my lord, Y/N are you pregnant? Am I going to have another little Irwin to raise?” Lauren and Harry started rolling their eyes at their mother’s obsession with finally getting her hands on more babies. You and Ashton nodded happily while holding a tight reassuring grip on each other’s hands. Tears started flowing from Anne Marie’s eyes and she happily started hugging both of you and dialing the number of a real estate office in Sydney.


You and Michael went to spend the day with his mum, Karen. She had been bothering the two of you for grandchildren ever since the day of your wedding. Michael was an only child so it had been a while since she had a baby around. She made the two of you tea and was catching up on your busy lives. Of course she mentioned kids.

“So, Luke and Char just had a baby, Mikey.” She started.

“Mum-” Michael tried to explain.

“No excuses! Luke AND Char are younger than you two! You are more than capable of giving me a grandbaby Michael Gordon.” She moaned exasperatedly.

“Mum, that’s actually what we wanted to talk to you about…” Mike cautiously began. Her eyes lit up immediately as she started to smile.

“Mikey, is my baby having a baby?” She asked, tears falling from her eyes.

“Yes, he is.” I answered for him. Michael groaned as Karen went crazy snuggling her “little” boy and giving him tips on being a parent.

“I know we shouldn’t have told her.” He grumbled.

“Oh yes you should have!” Karen squealed happily. She started kissing your cheeks and calling up all of Michael’s relatives to share the good news.

3.3 COLUMN (hehe)

Joy already knew about the baby, considering she was there when you delivered the news to Cal. Joy, of course, told Calum’s dad immediately after she found out. Mali had no clue and Cal was planning on telling her today. Calum was so incredibly excited about telling her. Mali loved kids and she was always talking about how she couldn’t wait to be an aunt. Mali came to your shared flat to catch up and see her little brother.

“Hi bro! I’ve miiiissssed you!” She sing-songed.

“I missed you too Mal.” He said while engulfing his big sister in a big bear hug. She smiled up at her brother and hugged him back.

“So, we have some news for you Mali!” You started, very anxious to tell her the news. She looked confused. I handed her the present we got for her. She opened the gift bag to reveal a cheesy mug that read World’s Best Aunt. She immediately broke out into a smile.

“I’m going to be an auntie?” You both nodded at the excited girl.

“You two are having a baby?” Her grin was so wide. Joy stepped into the room and corrected her.

“Babies. They are having two, babies.” Mali started jumping up and down and explaining how the two of you needed a bigger place and that Cal needed lessons on how to swaddle a baby. You two just laughed at how serious she was being. She just hugged both of you and kissed you on the sides of your cheeks repeatedly.


You both knew that as soon as Liz found out, she would take control of the whole situation. You didn’t mind of course. You really didn’t know how to be a mum and let’s face it, Liz was the best mum out there. Luke, on the other hand liked to keep his personal life private from his mother. Liz and him were close, sometimes too close, but he didn’t like talking about big boy topics with his mummy. Luke’s cheeks would turn crimson whenever his mother would mention sex, marriage, relationship advice or anything having to do with drinking. He could get so embarrassed sometimes. Liz obviously knew that you and Luke were sexually active, you were married for christ’s sake. But, Luke liked his mother to view him as innocent as possible. To make a baby, you would of had to have sex. You told Luke that this was stupid to worry about and that she would be concerned if you hadn’t had sex.

Liz had come over to see her Lukey and help you pack up your flat because you were planning on moving to a bigger place. She didn’t know why yet.

“So Lukey? What’s wrong with this flat? You just moved in a few months ago after you got married!”

“Well, it’s not big enough anymore.” Luke simply replied.

“And why’s that. It’s just the two of you! You fit just fine Lucas.” She said sternly.

“Well, it’s not just the two of us anymore mummy.” Luke smiled at his mum.

“What do you mean- Wait! Luke? Did you get your wife pregnant?” She asked excitedly.

“Yes mum, I did. I’m sorry I-”

“Lucas! Do not apologize! I love being a grandmum! This is so exciting!” She ran and hugged the two of you and then proceeded to tell you everything you shouldn’t eat or do during pregnancy.