child of clay

Headcanon prompt: Sam and Amir get their first child, how does the group react?

(I don’t know a lot about Muslim traditions, so I’m not going to cover that, I’m sorry)

- Babies can communicate in sign language before they can speak, and Hearth gives lessons

- Floor Nineteen babysat one time, but after a very close incident with an axe and the Breakfast Buffet to the Death, the child is kept out of Valhalla

- Blitzstone gifts a chain-mail onesie

- Magnus is the godfather

- Alex attempts to give the child a miniature clay-cutter (it’s confiscated)

- Sam becoming 10X as scary because of her child

- Amir is a cool dad who has no idea how to parent

- “Amir no you can’t feed our child felafel they can’t digest food yet”

- Samir not forcing gender roles on their child (Alex-approved! 👍 )

- Hearth teaching the child curse words

- Blitz makes a duck mobile


”Ask a bird how she sings and she’ll answer by singing! I know you’re The Titans because– I know! That’s my thing! That’s why I want to join you! To help!”

Lilith Clay, Teen Titans v1 #25 (1970)

Although the story has since been rewritten (more than once), originally Wonder Woman had no father — but two (or three?) mothers.

The goddess Athena guides Queen Hippolyte to sculpt the child from clay, and the goddess Aphrodite gives her life.

—Wonder Woman #1 (1942) by William Moulton Marston & H.G. Peter